The Abstract episode 30 “Why is nobody else talking about the MITRE Corporation?”

By Peter A. Kirby

Many participants in our noble anti-geoengineering movement appear to be confused as to exactly who is spraying us while answers to this question are extensively detailed in my book Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project. Among many other heavily implicated organizations, one stands out as the lowest of the low-hanging fruit: the MITRE Corporation. The evidence for their building and maintaining the many technical aspects of today’s ongoing SRM geoengineering operations is simply legion.

Evidence suggests that the MITRE Corporation has been in charge of the New Manhattan Project’s systems architecture. Systems architecture refers to the organization and harmonization of all the different scientific New Manhattan Project sub-operations such as: operation of the ionospheric heaters, control of the aircraft, collection of atmospheric data, satellite communications, etc. MITRE can make all these things work together and create an elegant end-user experience to boot.

Along with designing and building technical systems architecture, the MITRE Corporation of Bedford, Massachusetts designs and helps build military aerospace command and control centers. In fact, they have designed and helped build every major aerospace command and control center in America. From the National Military Command Center under the Pentagon to Strategic Air Command (SAC) in Nebraska to the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) facility in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, MITRE has built them all. MITRE also worked with NASA to develop the Apollo Mission Control Center in Houston (now the Johnson Space Flight Center).

The MITRE Corporation has extensive involvement in just about every sub-operation of the New Manhattan Project. From satellite communications to atmospheric monitoring to remotely controlling fleets of airplanes to supercomputing to operating ionospheric heaters, MITRE can do it all. The New Manhattan Project is operationally right up their alley – so much so that it makes one wonder if the MITRE Corporation was created specifically to be the New Manhattan Project’s development coordinator and technical manager. As far as the author can tell, the MITRE Corporation is the only American corporation with the right skill set to build the systems architecture of the New Manhattan Project – probably the only one in the world.

Much of the information recounted here is contained within the pages of a 1979 book titled MITRE: The First Twenty Years. It was written and published by the MITRE Corporation. There may not be a single book more important to the history of the New Manhattan Project.

MITRE was founded in 1958 with about 500 employees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Lincoln Laboratory to resolve a technical mess made by the previous administrators of a system called the SAGE Air Defense System. The RAND Corporation, the Ford Foundation, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were disproportionally represented on MITRE’s first board of trustees. Connections to the original Manhattan Project, Edward Teller, Rockefellers, and Rothschilds are readily found. Although they themselves do not specify exactly what their name means, the author speculates that MITRE is an acronym for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Radiation Experiment.

The SAGE system was another tremendously huge, covert effort involving radar, computers, command and control centers, and fleets of unmanned, remotely controlled missile-like jet aircraft designed by Boeing to hit enemy bomber aircraft before they could reach American cities. Originally named Project Whirlwind, it was a direct spin-off of the nascent automated missile battery systems developed at the MIT Radiation Laboratory during WWII. This was all, of course, to keep us safe from the Russian nuclear threat. This effort involved the first use of centralized computers for air traffic control. MIT and the Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories then founded the SAGE project which dates back to a 1950 committee called Project Charles headed by an MIT professor named George E. Valley (1913-1999). John von Neumann (1903-1957) was a consultant to Project Charles. The chief architect of the SAGE system was an MIT scientist by the name of Jay Forrester (1918-2016). The project was known originally as Project Lincoln and it was launched in 1951 at MIT’s former Rad Lab in Kendall Square.

Jay Forrester

The earliest official mention of something like the SAGE system is found with Theodore Von Kármán and the other authors of a report titled “Where We Stand” who wrote of, “large numbers of long-range ground-to-ground pilotless aircraft” controlled by a central location. Nikola Tesla and Vannevar Bush theorized about such things as well. For more information about all of this, please see the author’s book.

Information gathered in the field from radar and other sensors was to be fed into a central computer which was designed to streamline and automate the process of launching the missiles. The central computer of the SAGE system was known as Whirlwind and later as the IBM AN/FSQ-7. Work on the SAGE system was originally conducted at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory, which was created for the purpose. Like the MITRE Corporation, Lincoln Laboratory’s headquarters were and are in Bedford, Massachusetts.

SAGE system schematic

The SAGE system never fully attained its planned capabilities. There were many delays and cost increases during the course of SAGE’s development. On top of this, in the meantime, the enemy’s offensive capabilities changed from bombers to intercontinental ballistic missiles which created a situation of moving goalposts. Due to these factors, in the late 1950s the Department of Defense recognized the realities of the situation and cut their losses by beginning to scuttle the project before it was completed.

Nevertheless, it is this SAGE system from which large portions of today’s New Manhattan Project evolved. In fact, it is this SAGE system that has served as the nucleus of the New Manhattan Project – passed on throughout the decades. Most notably, the air traffic control systems of today’s NMP evolved from SAGE.

Over the years, MITRE has consistently developed many different air traffic control systems capable of remotely controlling large numbers of aircraft. In 1959, MITRE partnered with the Federal Aviation Agency to develop something called SAGE Air Traffic Integration (SATIN). MITRE had been developing this system since their founding. According to a book commemorating their 50th anniversary, SATIN, “…was aimed at developing a single, unified system for managing all aircraft in the nation’s airspace.”

Later, something called Position Location, Reporting, and Control of Tactical Aircraft (PLRACTA) took shape. Let us reference a passage from MITRE: The First Twenty Years:

“In the late 1960s, the activities being pursued separately under CNI [Communications, Navigation, and Identification] and CASOFF [Control and Surveillance of Friendly Forces] were combined into a single advanced development program called PLRACTA, standing for Position Location, Reporting, and Control of Tactical Aircraft, headed by C. Eric Ellingson. PLRACTA’s goal was to provide information exchange among a maximum of one thousand aircraft and other, ground elements of the control system.”

PLRACTA later became known as Seek Bus, then later still as the Joint Tactical Information Distribution System (JTIDS). JTIDS is in use today. There is a JTIDS Wikipedia page. The New Manhattan Project probably utilizes an enhanced and customized version of the JTIDS system.

The NMP’s air traffic control is most probably operated out of North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado. This location is the most dominant North American air traffic controller and the site of intense MITRE activity over the years. NORAD is a joint U.S. and Canadian operation. Word is that NORAD’s command center has actually been moved recently to underneath Denver International Airport, but at this time, this story cannot be substantiated.


Separately, MITRE did the big study that provided a scientific basis for the Environmental Protection Agency’s 1976 Toxic Controlled Substances Act. Before they produced that study, MITRE worked with the Department of the Interior’s Office of Coal Research to produce a study about possible cleaner uses of coal. For the Interior Department, MITRE investigated methods for doubling or tripling coal production as well. These facts are interesting because chemtrails usually consist of coal fly ash. Maybe MITRE and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) worked together to make sure that plenty of toxic coal fly ash was removed by government mandated coal fly ash scrubbers and therefore available as New Manhattan Project chemtrail spray.

Since their founding and throughout the production of the New Manhattan Project, MITRE Corporation’s world headquarters has been in Bedford, Massachusetts. This is interesting because Bedford is in the Boston metropolitan area. As noted in the author’s book, the Boston metropolitan area has an abnormally high concentration of organizations involved in the development of the New Manhattan Project such as: the American Meteorological Society, Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and many more. In order to produce history’s largest scientific endeavor, it would be advantageous to have a community of some of the world’s top academic, research, and development institutions located within a 15 mile radius; all answering to MITRE the coordinator. The Boston area was the New Manhattan Project’s developmental epicenter and MITRE was most probably the NMP’s late-stage development coordinator.

Once this Project became operational, it would be advantageous to retain the maintenance and support services of the people that designed and built it. It’s like buying a brand new car from the dealer and getting premium factory service. Doing it this way makes things as easy as possible. As they are an ongoing concern, the MITRE Corporation probably continues to manage the systems of the New Manhattan Project to this day. They’ve been sucking up our taxpayer dollars this whole time. Now, where is our congressional investigation?

Believe it or not, there is actually much more evidence implicating the MITRE Corporation in the pages of my book Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project. Let us wander in confusion no longer. The who, what, why, where, when and how of the New Manhattan Project has already been discovered and made available to the public in an easily accessible and concise fashion. If you have not done so already, please educate yourself and read my book. If we are to engage the enemy, it is helpful to know their ways. Thank you.

Peter A. Kirby is a San Rafael, CA researcher, author, and activist. Please buy his books Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project and The Fall of San Francisco available now exclusively at Amazon. Also please join his email list at his website

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