Is Praying A Crime In America Now?

By Neenah Payne

Communists wage war against both religion and nationhood. A co-worker who grew up in Communist Romania said her grandfather was arrested for praying. The articles below show that praying in the “wrong” place is now illegal in America.

The COVID regulations violated the First Amendment right of Freedom of Religion when many churches were closed – even for services in cars! Yet, tens of thousands of people were allowed to gather across America for weeks during the violent Black Lives Matter protests which burned down Black neighborhoods. The New York Times reported on 2/26/21 ‘They Have Lost Control’: Why Minneapolis Burned. Economist Catherin Austin Fitts showed that the BLM arson served a hidden purpose. The Legacy of Black Lives Matter Will Be Gentrification links to graphics by Fitts.

The first article below explains:

The FACE Act makes it a federal crime with potentially steep fines and jail time to use or threaten to use force to “injure, intimidate, or interfere” with a person lawfully trying to exercise the First Amendment right of religious freedom at a place of religious worship.

So, when the US government closed churches during COVID, it violated the FACE Act!

How The FACE Act Made Praying A Crime in America

Pro-life activist facing up to 11 years in prison: Peaceful protest ‘makes you a felon’ in Biden’s DOJ (video)

Paul Vaughn and five other activists could face a lengthy jail sentence.

Pro-life activist Paul Vaughn: This is an utterly ridiculous attempt by the DOJ to criminalize Christian beliefs

Paul Vaughn and his attorney Steve Crampton react to the Department of Justice allegedly targeting pro-life activists on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

A pro-life activist could face over ten years in prison after a Tennessee court found him and five other activists guilty of violating federal law for protesting at an abortion clinic in 2021. Paul Vaughn told Fox News that he and others were found guilty of felony conspiracy and violating the FACE Act by peacefully singing hymns at an abortion clinic. 

“Well, apparently, Laura, I’m guilty of talking with police officers and not getting arrested the day of the event. That makes you a felon in Joe Biden’s Department of Justice,” he said on Wednesday’s “The Ingraham Angle.

The FACE Act, signed by former President Bill Clinton in 1994, makes it a federal crime with potentially steep fines and jail time to use or threaten to use force to “injure, intimidate, or interfere” with a person seeking reproductive health services, or with a person lawfully trying to exercise the First Amendment right of religious freedom at a place of religious worship.

A Tennessee jury convicted Vaughn and five others on Tuesday of violating the federal law by blocking the entrance at an abortion clinic outside of Nashville in 2021. The DOJ also added a felony conspiracy charge that carries up to 10.5 years in prison, Vaughn’s attorney Steve Crampton said.

Crampton said there never should’ve been a federal law prohibiting peaceful protests. “[A]fter Dobbs, the whole purpose for a FACE Act, which was to support the so-called federal right to abortion, has disappeared. So really what you have now is the kind of lipstick on a pig calling them reproductive health services like birth control or ultrasound or something of that nature. But obviously these people weren’t there to protest birth control.

“They were there for one reason and it was abortion. It was a peaceful undertaking as you note. It was handled locally. They prosecuted locally. And a year and a half later the Biden DOJ comes sweeping down after Dobbs had been announced and now throws the book at them and tags on to a misdemeanor crime, the FACE Act violation, the felony conspiracy charge that carries up to 10 years in prison. Absolutely outrageous,” he said.

When Praying Became A Crime in America

Paul Vaughn, the father of 11 children, faces 11 years in prison now for praying in the halls of an abortion clinic. He was arrested at his home by a 4-man swat team armed with assault weapons.

Imagine waking up to a group of heavily armed federal agents, with their rifles drawn, banging on your front door. Surely that could only happen if you’d committed a serious and violent crime, right? Only a murderer or some sort of terrorist would be subject to that kind of treatment.

Tennessee man Paul Vaughn is neither of those things. As a regular churchgoer and father of eleven, he couldn’t be further from them. And yet the scene described above is exactly what he and his family faced on an early morning last October when the Biden administration sent its stormtroopers to Vaughn’s house to administer his arrest.

What was Vaughn’s crime? Did he secretly smuggle drugs across the border or illegally imprison an American citizen? No. Paul Vaughn was arrested for having the audacity to pray and sing hymns in the hallway of an abortion clinic. And now he’s facing over a decade in prison.

Paul Vaughn, accompanied by his lawyer, joined Tucker Carlson Uncensored to detail his rude awakening to Biden’s America. This members-only interview is exclusively available for Team Tucker. Click the image below to watch.

Uncensored: 11 Years in Prison for Praying (video)

When you start putting people in jail for praying, it’s pretty clear who you’re actually working for. Paul Vaughn is facing 11 years in Biden’s prisons.

Paul Vaughn tells Tucker:

I always thought praying for our nation is what we were instructed to do. I thought that was what was required for freedom and liberty is to beseech the favors of God on our land and to reach out to him. And, of course, you know, we were praying because our nation has allowed the sinful, atrocious action of abortion and killing unborn children. And so that’s ultimately what the Biden DOJ doesn’t like.

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Neenah Payne writes for Activist Post

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