COVID Crisis Summit Targets WHO Pandemic Treaty

By Neenah Payne

The Fifth International COVID Crisis Summit was held February 21-23 in Washington, DC. with many world renown speakers. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE ENTIRE ICS5. CLICK HERE TO WATCH PREVIOUS ICS VIDEOS. The conference discussed the WHO Pandemic Treaty which is scheduled to be voted on in May and the amendments to the WHO’s International Health Regulations (IHR).

In the shocking video below, David Martin, Maria Hubmer-Mogg, Meryl Nass, and Philipp Kruse present information about the World Health Organization’s plans.

WHO Pandemic Treaty and IHR Regulations

Philipp Kruse Speech

Philipp Kruse, one of the lawyers involved in the ECI Citizens Initiative, gives a speech at the European Parliament to challenge the WHO Pandemic Treaty.


WHO is going to establish a classical  totalitarian structure and wants to make sure  that the value of the national constitutions become zero and if you analyze well the International Health Regulations you will find  five elements that show that very clear.

Number One: There’s a mechanism of self-empowerment that  already exists today, but which will be enlarged to  a horrible extent. It will be even more simple than today for one person – the General Director — to declare a public health emergency of  international concern. He can simply just say the word into the  microphone.

Second Element: Everything WHO publishes under the title of “Recommendations” will  become mandatory. There are still many  officials who say the opposite, who say “No, they will just be recommendations”. No. That’s  not true. They will become mandatory.

Number Three: Fundamental rights with such a regime where you  have one person declaring emergency law having all the power to make recommendations that are  legally binding you don’t have to even discuss   about human fundamental rights and whether they  are now still crossed out in article 3 or whether they might put it back, it will not change the result. There will be no effective protection  on the country level for fundamental human  rights

Number Four: is specifically frightening   because as human beings and trying to  pursue the ideals of the Enlightenment — as very well explained by Matthias Desmet — we depend on the right information. Now, in both of these instruments — in the new Pandemic Treaty and in the amended   Health Regulations — we have both provisions  that clearly say WHO shall be the only sole   institution on the planet that will be allowed  to define what is the truth in health matters — including censorship.

Fifth Point:  There is no mechanism of correction. There is no mechanism of control vis-a-vis WHO that could  correct any wrong recommendation or a wrongly-declared Public Health Emergency of International Concern. No, they can just go on forever and forever — and all of this, of course, we know is done  in the interest not of our health, but in the interests of those sponsors who define the true strategy behind it.

Now, it doesn’t take a study of law to come to the conclusion that this will  heavily affect and reduce this ordinary structure  of our constitutions actually to a minimum. There will be no separations of powers. There will be no checks and balances. This principle of the rule of law will be abolished and replaced by the rule of emergencies — and most notably, there will be no human rights.

Now, this is something — this is so powerful and we have  seen that this message has not come across to  the public and there has literally been no debate  taking place in any parliament with very  few exceptions. I shall mention one exception — Andrew Bridgen, a member of the British Parliament, who rightfully persisted and insisted in  bringing this topic to the floor of the House in the British Parliament  and he succeeded and I’m honored that he  is here with us today Andrew Bridgen. Geralt Hauser made the case in the Austrian parliaments that WHO’s power structure should be made a topic of discussion.

Now, I come to the point it is all about. How can we engage the parliaments? How can  we engage the public in this initiative of today is a very, very valid tool of starting public awareness and starting public debate  in an international level on an international public awareness and starting public debate in an international level on an international slept in the past but if the same people would understand what is coming to them in the future they would have an informed dissent. They would be horrified and would certainly not agree into this.

Here I want to thank you again to the seven European citizens that initiated this Europeans Citizens Initiative because I think it is a very  powerful tool to initiate a public debate and to bring this where it has to be discussed to our parliaments. Thank you very much [Applause] Thank you.

Andrew Bridgen points out in his speech below that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and their GAVI organization are the biggest funders of the WHO. So, Bill Gates will be running the world! In 2020, he told the world that we couldn’t go back to normal until almost all  7 billion people got the rushed, poorly-tested, gene-altering COVID shots. He has since declared that vaccines were his most lucrative investment. Any conflict of interest?

Andrew Bridgen Exposes ‘WHO Treaty’ In Parliament 4/18/23

Austrian MP Gerald Hauser: WHO is abolishing our democracy

Member of the Austrian Parliament Gerald Hauser slammed Health Minister Johannes Rauch over the latter’s admission that health policy competencies are being handed over to the World Health Organization (WHO). “This is a clear abolition of our parliamentary democracy,” Hauser said during a recent parliament session. Hauser said in an interview with Austrian website Wochenblick that the whole thing reminded him of the 137 resolutions in the first few weeks of the lockdown that were passed without an assessment.

The Freedom Party representative does not believe that it is up to the government to outsource health policy to the WHO. “In my view, the government has no mandate to negotiate this. Who gave them legitimacy to negotiate the ceding of our rights, our state, to the WHO? And thus to a supranational institution that was not elected by the people,” he said.

The 75th World Health Assembly (WHA) took place from May 22-28 In Geneva, Switzerland. It was clear during the meeting that the WHO wants to create a world government. The national constitutions are to be overturned according to the plans of the elite around Bill Gates. “We are in the middle of negotiations without Parliament even remotely involved. The strategy seems to be that the government presents us with a ‘fait accompli,'” Hauser said. (Related: World Health Organization’s pandemic treaty spells DOOM for democracy.)

Referring to his extensively researched bestselling book “Raus aus dem Corona-Chaos,” which he wrote with Dr. Hannes Strasser, Hauser revealed who owns and finances WHO. They include: USA (14.67 percent) and Bill Gates with GAVI (18.15 percent), Great Britain (7.79 percent), Germany (5.68 percent), the United Nations (5.09 percent), European Union (3 percent), World Bank (3.42 percent) and Rotary International (3.3 percent).

“The decision-making bodies are made up of the member states. Only these are entitled to vote. In accordance with Article 56 of the WHO statutes, the WHA examines and approves the budget proposal and divides the expenditure among the members according to a key to be determined by the WHO. The key to be determined is based on the rating scale of the United Nations,” Rauch said, defending the organization.

Hauser called for the immediate decision of the Parliament on whether or not it gives power to the WHO to decide on the health policy in the future. “We want to retain national sovereignty and we don’t want Bill Gates and company to decide on health measures in Austria in the future. The legislative body must remain the Austrian Parliament,” Hauser stressed.

Brazil refuses to sign WHO pandemic treaty

Meanwhile, Brazil is also not entrusting the country’s management future health crises to the WHO by refusing to sign the pandemic treaty. “Brazil will not get into this [pandemic treaty]. Brazil is autonomous and will not get into this, you can forget that. I’ve already [spoken] to our foreign relations cabinet and if that proposal goes forward, it won’t be with Brazil,” said Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro in an interview on May 20. He said he was the only statesman that didn’t adhere to the lockdown policies.

“I said we had to take care of the elderly and people with comorbidities, and today’s studies outside of Brazil especially show that I was right,” Balsonaro stated. He cited the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo as an example of the utter failure of lockdowns to curb COVID-19.

Bolsonaro also had a confrontation with WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus last year about COVID-19 measures. The Brazilian president asked why people are still dying of COVID-19 after the second dose of the vaccine. In response, the WHO chief chuckled and said: “We are still studying it.”

Watch the below video to know more about the WHO Pandemic Treaty.

Philipp Kruse: Takeaways from the World Health Assembly & What We Can Expect Next (video)

Swiss attorney Philipp Kruse joined us from a train in Switzerland about what happened during the WHO’s World Health Assembly in Geneva last week, what to expect with the pandemic treaty in the next 6-12 months, and what we can do to stop the WHO’s centralization of power. Philipp spoke Saturday at International Alliance for Justice’s press conference entitled “Democracy at Threat by WHO’s Centralization of Power” at the Geneva Press Club to address WHO’s ambiguous procedures following their 75th World Health Assembly meeting.

The Fight Is On! – EUROPEAN CITIZENS’ INITIATIVE against WHO Power Grab

Dear fellow citizens, there is wonderful news from our fight against the planned WHO treaties! A few days ago, 7 brave citizens from 7 countries, with the support of 5 MEPs, launched a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) called “Trust & Freedom”. Thereby, EU citizens can force the European Commission to deal with a specific issue. The Commission must also make a public statement on how to proceed with the demands of the citizens’ initiative.

In addition, a hearing will be held in the EU Parliament, in which the Commission must also participate. At the end of the process, the Commission will prepare a legal opinion and a political opinion within three months and will decide whether a new legislative proposal can be made and publicly justify its decision. Watch here in the video my opening speech to the press conference in the EU Parliament and become a supporter of “Trust & Freedom” yourself.

All Conference Speakers

FEBRUARY 23, 2024

MEP IVAN SINČIĆ (CROATIA) Inconvenient Truths- Mandates were Based on False Information

MEP CRISTIAN TERHEȘ (ROMANIA)The Importance of Politicians to Listen to Data

DR. DAVID MARTIN (USA) Informed Legislation Consent:  How Public Policy was Hijacked

MS. DIANE CUTLER (USA) Follow The Facts


SENATOR RAFAEL ESPINO (MEXICO) : ‘De Facto’ Loss of Rights Experienced in Mexico During Covid-19 Crisis

MS. NADINE WILSON (CANADA) The Rise and Fall of Freedom


MR. EDDIE CORNELL (CANADA) Trudeau’s Canada: From Democracy to Authoritarian Rule. ( A Warning to The United States)

DR. ROBERT MALONE (USA) Psychological and Cognitive Warfare on Citizens

MR. JASON CHRISTOFF (CANADA) Weaponized Psychology and Propaganda During COVID

MR. RODNEY PALMER (CANADA) Censorship: A Super Weapon



MR. MIKKI WILLIS (USA) The Virus is in the Mind

DR. CHRISTIAN PERRONNE (FRANCE): The Fight To Restore, Through Publication, the Voice of Science

DR. PIERRE KORY (USA): Medical Suppression


MR. DREW BARNES (CANADA) It Was Never About The Science

DR. KEVIN MCKERNAN (USA) DNA Contamination In Mrna Vaccines:What Are The Implications&Why Fact Checkers Get It Wrong

DR. RAPHAEL LATASTER (AUSTRALIA) Exaggerated Effectiveness and Safety Data of the Covid-19 Vaccines

MR. GERALD HAUSER (AUSTRIAThe Factually Incorrect Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccination And Covid Policy In Austria

DR. WILLIAM MAKIS (CANADA)  MRNA Injuries, Turbo Cancers And “Died Suddenly” Phenomenon

DR. RYAN COLE (USA) MRNA Vaccines and Turbo Cancers


DR. JESSICA ROSE (CANADA) All The Data In The World Is Not Enough: Quelling One-World Governance

MR. EDWARD DOWD (USA) Excess Deaths & Disabilities

MR. GHEORGHE PIPEREA(ROMANIA) Malpractice, Liability and Accountability for Dangerous Medication and Vaccination


MR. GEORGE SIMION (ROMANIA) How Covid Jabs Were Stopped In Romania


DR. MARIA HUBMER-MOGG (AUSTRIA)  Unelected Global Entities and their Influence on Patient/Doctor Relationship

MS. MERYL NASS (USA) The WHO Misrepresents Its Proposed Pandemic Treaty And Amendments To Its IHRs


MR. ANDREAS LICHERT (GERMANY) Weaponizing the Constitution Against Political Opposition

MEP. ROB ROOS (NETHERLAND) Climate Is The New Covid



MEP CHRISTINE ANDERSON (GERMANY) Global Attack On Western Democracies: The Role Of The EU-Institutions.

Dr. Robert Malone Reports From CPAC

Dr. Robert Malone emailed on February 25:

I am in Alexandria, Maryland today at the International Crisis Summit, having just finished up the three day CPAC conference. The theme for CPAC was “Where Globalism Goes to Die.” CPAC had many international leaders speak and it was thrilling to hear how the conservative movement is becoming an international phenomenon.

Yesterday, I was honored to speak at CPAC with my friends Dr. Brooke Miller and Jan Jekielek. The World Health Organization, the Hippocratic oath and solutions to overhaul the HHS were some of the subjects discussed. The panel was extremely well received — and Jan, Dr. Miller, and myself were humbled by the audience response.

“Is Mercenary Censorship the New Face of Warfare?” (video)

Censorship has evolved radically and, in recent years, a new industry of mercenary censorship armies has emerged, according to Mike Benz, executive director of the Foundation for Freedom Online. These armies are available for hire and compete for multi-million-dollar government contracts. Can democracies survive the rise of this censorship industrial complex? How have governments deployed hybrid warfare tactics developed for overseas combat on their own citizens? Where is the West headed?

Then I had the distinct honor of listening to President Trump speak as well as Argentina President Javier Milei. The packed conference center was standing room only — with as many people or more, who had to watch outside of the main conference room- due to lack of seating.

There were many other heroes who were at the conference — many international leaders like Nigel Farge and El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele, who received a rock-star welcome. You can watch his speech below.

Now, I am at the International Crisis Summit Day Two. The line up of speakers today is impressive and the recordings from Day One will soon be released. Tomorrow, I will be testifying in Senator Ron Johnson’s Senate hearing. It has been a heck of week, and I am honored to be a small part of the freedom movement, the sovereignty movement sweeping the globe.

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