Courage In The Age of COVID

By Neenah Payne

Documentary “Unwoke, Inc.”: Five Alternatives To Woke shows that Del Bigtree, Host of The Highwire and producer of the 2016 film Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe celebrated NBA star Jonathan Isaac both for his courageous stand on refusing to take the COVID shot and for refusing to kneel with his teammates as part of the Black Lives Matter campaign. Now Isaac is taking another bold stance by introducing his UNITUS line of sportswear to provide an alternative to apparel from WOKE companies. Isaac is not only an inspiring role model but is also giving people a way to invest in and display clothing from a company consistent with their value system.

Orlando Magic’s Jonathan Isaac Stood Alone In 2022

In 2020, Black and White Americans across the country and people around the world were joining in massive Black Lives Matter protests about the death of George Floyd at the hands of police on May 25, 2020. In the US Senate, Nancy Pelosi and others “took the knee” in protest against Floyd’s murder. Corporations, including Amazon, rushed to confirm their support of the Black Lives Matter protests which economist Catherine Austin Fitts explains were deliberately destructive of Black neighborhoods to facilitate “fie sales” for rich investors – as some believed happened on Maui this summer! WEF Insider Admits Maui Was Deliberately Destroyed To Rebuild Hawaii As 15 Minute Cities.

Yet, one courageous athlete stood alone on principles — both in refusing to join Black Lives Matter protests and in refusing to take the COVID shot. The videos and book below explain why Orlando Magic’s Jonathan Isaac chose the courage of his convictions over conformity under pressure.

Jonathan Isaac explains why he stood during national anthem

Jonathan Isaac for the first time in nearly seven months was back on the court for a game that counted. Despite a strong performance in the Magic’s 128-118 win over the Nets, it was what he decided to do prior to tip-off that received the most attention.

Before the opening tip of the Magic-Nets game on Friday afternoon, Isaac was the lone member from both teams to stand during the national anthem. Isaac became the first NBA player during the opening three games of the restart who did not take a knee during the anthem in protest of racial injustice and police brutality.

Why I Stand by Jonathan Isaac was published on Amazon on 5/17/22 and will be followed by a film.

Amazon Description

On July 31, 2020, the Orlando Magic starting forward Jonathan Isaac was the lone NBA player not to kneel for the national anthem amid a league-wide demonstration in support of Black Lives Matter. Standing alone, knowing the scrutiny to come, Jonathan had a peace he at one time never could have imagined possible.

In Why I Stand, Jonathan shares the journey of how—through a series of divine connections and a willingness to follow Christ—his fear and insecurity-driven life was transformed into one of confidence and purpose. From his childhood in the Bronx to his high school years in Florida, from rail-skinny freshman at FSU to top draft pick in the NBA, Jonathan uses his life story to illuminate the freedom and peace found in the love of Jesus Christ.

More than the story of an NBA player’s transformation from man on the court to man of God, Why I Stand is a testament to His love, power, and grace that extends to us all. This book is a discovery that no matter your level of confidence today, God’s strength will develop in your weakness. That courage is found in trusting that God is greater than your fears. As Jonathan takes you through the experiences that drove his decisions, he offers insight and inspiration to help you to grow to a point where standing alone is better than not standing at all.

Why Isaac Created UNITUS

NBA Star Jonathan Isaac Reveals Why He Launched Values-Based Sportswear Company, UNITUS


Megyn Kelly is joined by Jonathan Isaac, founder of values-based sports brand UNITUS and NBA player, to discuss his new leisure and sportswear brand, the importance of family, faith and patriotic values, the future of the brand, and more.

NBA Star Jonathan Isaac Launches Anti-Woke Clothing Line UNITUS 8/1/23

Orlando Magic’s Jonathan Isaac is taking the world by storm with the launch of his inspirational clothing brand, UNITUS! Giving “glory and honor to Jesus,” this event was nothing short of epic, featuring a fashion show, live performances by GRAMMY-nominated Christian artist Tauren Wells, dazzling fireworks, and much more!

Despite battling injuries, Jonathan Isaac remains steadfast in his dedication to his faith and fans. Now, with UNITUS, he’s bringing his strong belief in God to life through leisure and sportswear that resonate with his values. UNITUS stands as a beacon of hope, inspiring individuals to embrace faith, freedom, and American values in a world often dominated by “woke” culture wars. Join the movement as Jonathan Isaac’s brand breaks the mold and celebrates the essence of true greatness.

John Rich: Country Music Legend Opens Bank!

Country music star John Rich took to social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) to promote his latest album The Country Truth on August 18. The very next day, it reached an astounding milestone. His new record is the #1 album in the country.

In the video below, Rick explains why he refused to perform at venues that require the audience to show proof of having gotten the COVID shot. Rich reports that he and some allies recently established Old Glory Bank to protect Americans from having their bank accounts closed as happened in Canada during the trucking strike last year and as happened in Brazil. See Is This Why Chase Banned Dr. Joseph Mercola? and Dr. Mercola Interview – Technocratic Censorship & Financial Attacks In The Age Of The COVID Illusion.


Legendary country music superstar, John Rich, joins Del to discuss how speaking out against COVID-19 testing and vaccine mandates changed his career and how he managed to stay true to his convictions despite the overwhelming pressure to tow the line.

The HighWire welcomes country music star, John Rich, to the show! Rich joins Del to talk about his new album, The Country Truth. Art reflects his life for this truth-telling freedom fighter, whether he is taking the Nashville mayor to task over controversial COVID  policies, calling out music artists and venues over their mandates, for refusing to bend the knee on COVID vaccines. Don’t miss this highly entertaining interview.

John Rich Discusses The “Parallel Economy”

In the video below, Rich discusses musicians like Oliver Anthony and himself who are succeeding without music companies. See Oliver Anthony: Rich Men North of Richmond.

Rich talks about the “parallel economy” that is starting to explode around the country as entrepreneurs offer options and people vote with their dollars.

Rich recommends the following firms:

  1. Patriot Mobile
  2. Armed Forces Brewery
  3. Old Glory Bank  (his bank)
  4. Redneck Riviera Whiskey (his brand)

John Rich RIPS The Woke Music Industry, Stands With Oliver Anthony 8/22/23

Oliver Anthony: Rich Men North of Richmond

Oliver Anthony: Rich Men North of Richmond explains Anthony’s song “Rich Men North of Richmond” made its debut on August 8.  The song, posted to Anthony’s X account (formerly Twitter) on August 10, became an immediate hit among conservatives, and attracted nearly 30,000 reposts and 140,000 likes. Over 9.2 million people watched the song over the first weekend and by August 17, It had gotten over 18 million views on YouTube!  Before August 8, few people had heard of Anthony. Yet his song hit #1 with no prior experience on the billboards and was listened to around the world!

The song took the internet by storm!  Over a single weekend, Anthony transformed from an artist in the shadows to a country sensation – and not just that. He might have been a voice adopted by the Conservative movement. His song – much to his amusement – was discussed at the Republican debate. How did he get so famous overnight?

His song appears to be a rallying cry for the working class. The video below explains that influential figures like John Rich, Kari Lake, and Matt Walsh played significant roles in bringing the song to the limelight. Kari Lake, the Republican who ran for governor of Arizona, said it was “the anthem of this moment in American history.RFK Jr’s Collaboration With Oliver Anthony discusses Kennedy’s plan to use some of Anthony’s 92 acres to build “Healing Farms.

The Truth About Oliver Anthony  8/21/23

HUGE crowds attended Anthony’s performances at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival in Alton, VA  9/7-9/10!


John Rich Slams “Woke” Labels Trying To Sign Oliver Anthony

By Jennifer Pernicano on August 18, 2023

John Rich / Instagram, wvradio / YouTube

“NOVAX” Novak: International Tennis Star

Novak Djokovic explains in the video interview below that he was willing to forgo participating in the tennis matches in Australia, US, and France that would have allowed him to establish himself as the greatest tennis player in history because he values his bodily autonomy more than any trophy. However, he is  now the greatest male tennis player of all time after winning the US Open last week.


Tennis phenom Novak Djokovic, stood for freedom and put his entire career on the line by missing major tournaments over his refusal to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Now, he’s making a comeback and has become the greatest male tennis player of all time after winning the US open last week to become a 24-time Grand Slam Champion.

‘Novax’ Novak Djokovic was deported from Australia and banned from the U.S. during the pandemic over his stance against the COVID vaccine. But Djokovic refused to be sidelined by unjust government edicts, having now won his 24th Grand Slam singles title, this time at the Moderna-sponsored U.S. Open.

Christine Anderson: Bold Member of European Parliament

Del Bigtree, host of The Highwire, interviewed Christine Anderson, a member of the European Parliament on August 14. The video below begins with a series of clips showing her vehement opposition to all the COVID policies and plans for The Great Reset.


Member of European Parliament, Christine Anderson Speaks Out Against The Threat of The W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty in the European Union. Del is joined by the bold, outspoken European Member of Parliament, Christine Anderson, to discuss her efforts to fight the WHO’s “pandemic emergency” power grab. She will chronicle a recent parliament event bringing together experts from around the world to stop the WHO pandemic treaty in its tracks.

Courageous New York Attorney Sues Governor

9/13 Livestream Hearing on NY Governor Hochul’s Quarantine Camps!  shows that Bobbie Anne Cox has been a New York real estate lawyer for over 20 years. When she learned that New York Governor Kathy Hochul had issued a regulation that could force New Yorker to be put in detention camps on the suspicious of having a disease, she decided to fight that in court. Cox was warned that she was risking her career, but she felt that she needed to save not only New York, but America from this injustice and violation of The Fourth Amendment.

Cox understood that what we have witnessed since 2020 is the dry run for a complete authoritarian takeover by the government. It’s not an overt military coup, but a coup nevertheless. We are seeing the complete annihilation of the Bill of Rights and the legal process. Cox won in court in July 2022. However, Gov. Hochul appealed on September 13. The court will decide in a few weeks or months. If either appeals the ruling, the Court of Appeals may hear the case.

See ‘We Are Winning’ With Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox  and Cox’s article Thunderstruck!

‘This Regulation Is Completely Tyrannical’ Despotic NY Governor Kathy Hochul wants to TAKE BACK the right to be able to isolate and quarantine anyone in ANY manner with NO evidence. “When a branch of government, or somebody who’s in power takes a power that is not theirs … that is the definition of tyranny,” @Attorney Cox @Uniting NY, who struck down the original ‘Quarantine Camp’ regulation last summer told #CHDTV.

Now, the NY governor is fighting to appeal the lawsuit with an upcoming hearing on Sep. 13. When you talk about it, [people] say “Oh, the government would never do that.” … “My response is, ‘Oh, really? The government would never? Then why on earth have they fought me tooth and nail?’”  Every single New Yorker should be up in arms + demand that Gov. Hochul BACK OFF this appeal and SHOW UP in court in Rochester on Sep. 13 at 10am ET to support our efforts.


Build A Parallel Polis

In The Power of the Powerless, Vaclav Havel  who went from being jailed dissident to president of Czechoslovakia and later of the Czech Republic, recommended building a “parallel polis” – creating an alternative society.

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