The Growing Revolution Against Globalists

By Neenah Payne

China’s First Emperor: Role Model For Globalists Now? shows that most Americans believe that the choice each election is between Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, left and right. They don’t understand that the real choice has always been between centralization vs. decentralization, between slavery vs. freedom. The US Founding Fathers understood that choice very clearly when they broke free of the centralized government of the British monarchy. They created a republic governed by a Constitution that has a Bill of Rights with a Tenth Amendment that reserves for the states all powers not specifically given to the federal government.

Never was understanding that choice more important than now as we are on the verge of losing our national sovereignty to globalists at the United Nations, World Health Organization, World Economic Forum, and to Bill Gates, etc. The global COVID policies  facilitated a massive increase in that global takeover in the name of protecting us from “an invisible enemy”. Now, we are on the verge of losing our very humanity to “transhumanism”. According to Dr. Carrie Madej, the COVID shots initiated that transition without informed consent – in violation of the Nuremberg Code.

Historic Power Shift Now: Centralization vs Decentralization

On February 20, 2022, Joe Rogan interviewed Maajid Nawaz who explained the global takeover by Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum. It was a wakeup call to humanity and millions of people who may not have heard of The Great Reset suddenly got interested.  This is a 2-minute preview of the show: Watch Joe Rogan Get Red Pilled On The WEF, Klaus Schwab, and Digital ID’s aka The Great Reset “WATCH — Maajid Nawaz explains that people in power shut down debate to create a void where reason, logic, and truth no longer exist, but where power can define reality.”  For a 15-minute snip of the show watch: The Great Reset | Maajid Nawaz BLOWS Joe Rogan’s Mind Explaining Klaus Schwab’s Agenda.

WTF?? Great Reset Total Global Control Plan Exposed on Joe Rogan? (video) 2/22/22

At 2:15 in the 3-hour show Joe Rogan Left Speechless on WEF infiltrating Governments, The Great Reset Is Now Out In the Open on 2/20/22, Nawaz explained that we are in a pivotal moment in history because of the ways in which the internet and cryptocurrencies are decentralizing information and money — and thus power. He says this is similar in the shift in power caused by the introduction of the Gutenberg printing press. Nawaz said decentralization of the media is causing a critical shift because whoever gets to define the truth defines reality.

The Powers That Be that are losing the ability to control the narrative and the money supply need to clamp down to retain power. He says, “So, it’s an internal civil war over truth and over information.”

The conflict is not about Left or Right. It is about Centralization or Decentralization. He says that humanity is facing a crossroads now — total centralization (slavery) or decentralization (freedom).

At 2:41, Nawaz discusses Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset and his infiltration of governments with his “Young Global Leaders” like Justin Trudeau, Bill Gates, and Gov. Gavin Newsom of California.

End of Globalization

Has globalization failed us? 12/6/22

Pierre Olivier Gourinchas’ warning from the IMF’s World Economic Outlook in October 2022 underlined the significant slowdown in the global economy – and the reliance on global trade to function. It raised questions about whether the many benefits of globalization outweigh the geopolitical problems it has helped create. The latest wave of globalization has seen great resistance.

As a result of technological advances, whole industries have been wiped out, causing mass job losses. Worker exploitation and a rise in inequality have also been at least partly attributed to globalization. “You know how stock markets have bubbles? And then there’s a correction,” said Kevin Gallagher, economist and director of the Global Development Policy Center at Boston University. “I think there’s been a globalization bubble, and we’re trying to correct it.” Watch the video above to learn more about why economists think globalization is fragmenting – and what lies ahead.

Globalization Is Fracturing. So What Comes Next? 11/9/23

After the Cold War ended, globalization took hold as the world became a network of interconnected economies. But events of recent years have caused fractures along geopolitical lines, prompting both leaders and companies to reevaluate who they do business with, and how. Amid the turmoil, a group of countries are capitalizing on this new reality, and thriving.

Globalists Are Increasingly Losing Now

1 – Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands was in charge of the WEF Global Food Hub to destroy agriculture and promote famine worldwide. See Global Food Fight: Protests Spreading  and Dutch Farmers’ Surprising HUGE Victory!. The Netherlands is the world’s second largest food producer and is forcing 600 farmers off their land. Rutte  Mark Rutte who is a WEF “Young Global Leader” like Jacinda Arden of New Zealand and Justin Trudeau of Canada.

‘Teflon Mark’ finally comes unstuck as Dutch PM says he will leave politics
Rutte: Frontrunner for NATO top job with no certainty to get it 

2 – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson suddenly resigned on June 9, 2023..
Johnson resigns, remains UK prime minister for now

3 – Jacinda Ardern was a Prime Minister of New Zealand 2017-2023. She imposed particularly strict COVID policies. In late 2022, Ardern said she had no intention of resigning, but she suddenly resigned in February 2023. Arden was a WEF Young Global Leader. She endorsed the WEF’s “Build Back Better”. See Documentary: The New Zealand Scamdemic.Good Riddance to Jacinda Ardern, Arch-Statist: “On January 19, 2023, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced her resignation, saying she “no longer has enough in the tank” to stay in the role until the coming October election.1 Many New Zealanders, who lived through some of the harshest lockdowns in the world under Ardern’s leadership, are rejoicing.”

Populist Leaders Are Winning Now

Populists leaders who focus on national sovereignty are winning now:

1 – Giorgia Meloni became Italy’s Prime Minister in September 2022.

2 – Kyriakos Mitsotakis became the Greek Prime Minister on June 26, 2023.

3 – Slovakia: Prime Minister Robert Fico: Slovakia’s new government led by populist Robert Fico wins a mandatory confidence vote (Highwire clip 11/30)

Also see EP# 348: THE $5 BILLION MAN starting at 32:00.

4 – Javier Milei: Meet Argentina’s new ‘Donald Trump’ style President 11/30/23

Javier Milei has emerged as a captivating force, challenging the status quo and redefining the political narrative after being elected as Argentina’s next President. The firebrand economist turned political maverick now takes on the most powerful role in Argentina at a time of deep unrest. Argentina currently has an inflation rate of 142.7%, a stark contrast to the United States at 3.24% and Australia at 5.4%.

The Argentine Peso has taken a nosedive, plummeting more than 90% against the almighty U.S. dollar. Milei campaigned on a radical agenda with bold policy shake-ups, hoping to address many of the challenges facing Argentina. Often compared to Donald Trump for his outspoken and unconventional approach, Milei’s presidency is closely watched for its potential impact on the nation’s future. In this Sky News Digital Original, we explore exactly who Javier Milei is and whether he is up for the task ahead.

Argentina: Javier Milei: Argentina’s far-right outsider wins presidential election (video)

Tucker Carlson Javier Milei Interview 9/21/23

In such tumultuous times, voices of reason and resistance are few and far between. This is the Tucker Carlson Interview with English voice over so it’s easier to digest while walking, running, or driving. If you find value in this information please share so I know that English voice over videos are something people enjoy/want and need!

5 – Netherlands: Geert Wilders was elected as the Dutch Prime Minister on November 22, 2023. He defeated WEF pinup boy Mark Rutte who is a WEF “Young Global Leader” like Trudeau. The Netherlands is the world’s second largest food producer and is forcing 600 farmers off their land. Rutte was in charge of the WEF Global Food Hub to destroy agriculture and promote famine worldwide. See Why Was David Icke Banned From 26 European Nations?, Global Food Fight: Protests Spreading, and Dutch Farmers’ Surprising HUGE Victory! Wilders shocked the world with his astonishing win in the Dutch elections.He blasted into first place with nearly double the vote of the next party. Wilders won on a simple but profound platform. He wants to stop immigration, especially Islamic immigration. He wants to break free of the European Union to have a Dutch version of Brexit.

Wilders’ success marks a 180-degree turn for the Netherlands. See the Rebel News interview with Wilders and Wilders explains that the West is now facing an existential crisis in which the globalists are ending freedom of speech and national sovereignty! Globalization is threatening the survival of nations and humanity. Wilders says, “We need a democratic, non-violent revolution from the people to stop the elite from doing what they are doing which is killing our country!”

Geert Wilders’ defeat of Prime Minister Mark Rutte is key because it can stop the WEF Global Food Hub and perhaps save Dutch agriculture. It also sends a huge message around the world that people are not going to put up with Klaus Schwab’s global tyranny.

Canadian Ezra Levant of Rebel News interviewed Wilders on November 29. He explains below why he interviewed Wilders:

Why do I care about Geert Wilders and the Netherlands? Because he is a courageous politician who has defied both death threats and political threats for speaking out against mass migration and Islamic extremism. And he proves that, even if the media hate you for it, the people can still support you. Don’t you think that’s a lesson that applies here, too?

Wilders told me that I am the first journalist from outside the Netherlands who has interviewed him since the election. Wow. The Netherlands is a consequential country, and Wilders’s win could be as important as the UK’s “Brexit”. I think it’s because the media hate him and want to ignore him.

No problem: at Rebel News, our motto is “telling the other side of the story”! The mainstream media is pretending that Geert Wilders’s victory didn’t even happen. They don’t want Canadians to get any big ideas! We need to break their silent treatment.“

Last week Geert Wilders surprised everyone — including himself — by winning the Dutch elections by a landslide. A week ago, the mainstream media had written him off as a fringe candidate or a radical. Apparently the Dutch people had a different opinion. I spent the day talking to ordinary people at random on the street, as they came and went from a train station. Young, old, men, women, immigrants and indigenous Dutch people, Muslims and Christians.

Let me show you what they told me:

Finding out what Dutch people really think about Geert Wilders’ shocking win (video) 11/29/23

We asked people in The Hague why they thought Wilders won the most seats in last week’s election, and whether or not he will actually end up as the prime minister of the Netherlands.

In the interview below, Wilders pointed out that a revival of the patriotic movement is also happening now in France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Sweden, and Belgium. The globalists are shocked and don’t know how to deal with his election or the growing rise of patriotism around the world.

Wilders said that he longs for something like the First Amendment that the US has and says all Western nations should have something similar. Wilders founded the Freedom Party in 2004. He has long advocated for The Netherlands to withdraw from the European Union. Wilders won 37 of the 150 seats in the Dutch parliament.

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: The first foreign interview with incoming Dutch PM Geert Wilders (video) 12/2/23

The populist revolt against globalisation

2017 was declared to be the Year of Populism.‍‍[1] After Brexit and the surprising Trump-victory, nearly all commentators expected a populist tsunami taking over the Western political space. With crucial elections at stake – in the Netherlands, France, Germany – it was to be expected that the nationalist-populist revolt against the establishment would also succeed in Continental Europe, endangering both the European Union and harmonious multicultural relations. It turned out completely different. 2017 so far seems to be the year of the anti-climax of populism and the victory of the ‘non-established establishment’.

In the Netherlands, the Party for Freedom of Geert Wilders (PVV) came out as second largest party, but politically got out-manoeuvred completely. In France, Marine Le Pen’s Front National was beaten in the second round by a non-established movement of the political centre, En Marche of Emmanuel Macron, who succeeded to become the new French President on a pro-EU, pro-reform platform. In Germany in the meantime, all signals point to a continued Chancellorship of Angela Merkel (’The Forever Chancellor’‍‍[2]). The right-wing populist Alternative für Deutschland completely lost momentum because of internal leadership battles and the waning impact of the refugee crisis. Also the ’Martin Schulz Effekt’ of the new leader of the German SPD collapsed after the SPD lost three regional elections against Merkels CDU, including the crucial election in North Rhine-Westphalia, once the heartland of German social democracy.

Nevertheless, the victory against the nationalist-populist revolt of the ‘left behind’ in the globalised world might very well turn into a Pyrrhus-victory of the establishment. If the new elected leaders, such as Macron, do not acknowledge the deep causes behind this populist uprising, if they do not address the perceptions and sentiments of social injustice and political orphanage of these strata in society, things can get really problematic in the future. A come-back of the right-wing populist momentum should not be ruled out. No doubt the populist revolt is a dangerous attack on the post-war liberal order, so is bad handling of populism by the establishment.

Outgoing Netherlands PM’s party rules out Geert Wilders coalition 11/24/23

‘The party of the Netherlands’ outgoing prime minister, Mark Rutte, has ruled out forming a government with the anti-Islam populist Geert Wilders, as coalition talks began following this week’s shock general election result. Their decision removes the first building block of a potential partnership government with Wilders’ Freedom party (PVV), which caused a political earthquake after winning more seats than any other party in Wednesday’s vote. The conservatives of Rutte’s People’s party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD), led by Dilan Yeşilgöz-Zegerius, however, indicated it might support Wilders on some votes in parliament.

The election result gives Wilders the first choice in forming a coalition and the potential to succeed Rutte as prime minister. However, with 37 seats out of 150, he cannot form a government alone and will have to convince potential coalition partners that he can rule the country after declaring he would not support “Islamic schools, Qur’ans and mosques….”

Wilder’s party confounded all predictions on Wednesday by winning 37 seats out of 150, far ahead of both VVD (on 24 seats) and the joint Labour/Green alliance led by the former European environment commissioner Frans Timmermans. On Friday, Wilders said he was “very disappointed” that the VVD did not want to participate in a new cabinet but said it was a “bright spot” that Yeşilgöz might support him on some key areas.

We Need A Peaceful Revolution Now

Oliver Anthony predicts US will not last ‘more than another generation’ unless country changes course

“If we continue on the path we’re going down now, culturally, we won’t have a country very long.
Five years? Fifty years I don’t know,” Anthony said. “I mean, I don’t see our country lasting more than another generation the way we’re headed. We gotta go back to the roots of what made this country great in the first place, which was our sense of community.”

See Oliver Anthony: Rich Men North of Richmond and RFK Jr’s Collaboration With Oliver Anthony.

Neenah Payne writes for Activist Post

Top image: CNBC/YouTube

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