Documentary: The New Zealand Scamdemic

By Neenah Payne

Jacinda Ardern was a leader of the Labour Party of New Zealand and served as the 40th prime minister from 2017 to 2023. She imposed particularly strict COVID policies. During speculation about her resignation in late 2022, the prime minister said she had no intention of resigning, but she suddenly resigned in February 2023.  Her announcement came as a surprise to many New Zealanders.

New Zealanders waking up to Jacinda Ardern’s ‘gross ineptitude’

Sky News host Rita Panahi says New Zealanders are finally waking up to the “gross ineptitude” of their “lockdown happy Prime Minister”. “After enjoying one of the longest political honeymoons in modern politics, thanks largely to adoring media coverage,” she said. “Jacinda Ardern and her Labour party are facing some ugly poll numbers and protests.”

‘She’s nothing less than dangerous’ | Neil Oliver hits out at Jacinda Ardern over ‘tyranny’

Neil Oliver speaks to Dan Wootton about whether Jacinda Ardern has become the acceptable face of tyranny.

Ardern’s resignation ‘marks a failure of woke politics’

Sky News Australia host Andrew Bolt says New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s resignation “marks a failure of woke politics”. “It’s one thing to seem good, it is a very different thing to actually do it, and that is why Ardern was leading her Labor government to defeat, according to recent polls,” he said. “However things are made to seem though, the reality will come out.”

Billy TK

Wiremu Te Kahika is a musician, guitarist, vocalist, and singer songwriter also known as Billy Te Kahika and Billy TK Senior. In the video below, Billy TK  explains that he was sentenced in March 2023 to four months in prison for publicly and peacefully opposing New Zealand’s harsh COVID policies. Billy TK asks viewers to sign the Petition linked to further below.

Media | International Covid Summit

Del Bigtree, host of The Highwire which airs online on Thursdays from 2-4 PM ET interviewed Billy.


Lockdown protest organizer Billy TK wins right to discuss case on the internet 

Covid-19 conspiracy theorist and former political hopeful Billy Te Kahika, who was sentenced last month to prison, has won the right to discuss his case online while appealing the decision. He and co-defendant Vincent Eastwood were granted bail last month immediately after Auckland District Court Judge Peter Winter ordered four months’ imprisonment for Te Kahika and three months’ imprisonment for Eastwood.

Both men were found guilty of organising and attending a protest in front of TVNZ’s central Auckland headquarters on the first day of the nationwide Covid-19 lockdown in August 2021 spurred by the arrival of the virus’ Delta variant. The two were immediately granted bail while the sentence is appealed, but among the bail conditions set by Judge Winter last month was that neither man access or use the internet for the purposes of discussing their sentencing or the upcoming appeal on social media.

Neither man – nor their many supporters who accompanied them throughout the district court process – were in attendance today as their lawyers appealed that bail condition before Justice Timothy Brewer in the High Court at Auckland.

The hearing was short, with Justice Brewer noting in his decision that the Crown accepted there was no basis for such restrictions. The condition should be quashed as it is contrary to the rights of freedom of expression outlined in the Bill of Rights, he said. A hearing date for the conviction and sentence appeal has not yet been set. “Our freedom of speech has been ‘given’ back to us,” Te Kahika, also known as Billy TK, wrote on social media a short time after today’s hearing. “Now to overturn the charges and severe prison sentence with your support – thank you whanau very much.”

Violating the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act by attending an illegal gathering carries a maximum punishment of six months’ jail and a $4000 fine, while organising such a gathering is punishable only by a fine. Te Kahika’s involvement was described by Judge Winter during his sentencing as “at the upper end if not the most serious end … of this type of offending”.

Te Kahika and Eastwood spent three days in court in August for a judge-alone trial during which they both testified. Judge Winter found them guilty in December, following a lengthy adjournment so both sides could submit written legal arguments that focused in part on whether the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act allowing freedom of assembly to protest should have superseded the lockdown order.

Trailers For Upcoming Documentary

The upcoming documentary covers the story of Billy Te Kahika who was sentenced in March 2023 to four months in prison for publicly and peacefully opposing New Zealand’s COVID policies.

See the trailers for the upcoming documentary at:

Preview of Documentary

‘River of Lies, New Zealand Scamdemic’ New Zealand Investigative Documentary Teaser. Sept 21, 2022.

Using information from the NZ Government, media and international sources, a team of Kiwi and international researchers led by former New Zealand politician, Billy Te Kahika, investigate the deep rabbit hole where a corrupt media sector in New Zealand live. This documentary will show how New Zealand media organisations have been ‘funded’ and used to manipulate and misinform New Zealanders. This is the trailer for the first episode that is scheduled for completion by November 2022. To support and or contact the producer, Billy Te Kahika, please email:


Justice for Billy TK and Vinny Eastwood

Ted Thompson

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On March 30, 2023 New Zealand Civil Liberties activist, former politician and Pastor Billy Te Kahika was sentenced to 4 months jail for breaching the New Zealand Covid-19 Health Response Act 2020 while protesting against lockdown harm and Government over reach.

He was arrested in August 2021 during a level 4 lockdown declared over just one case of Covid-19 for a small protest of around 100 people that was peaceful, outdoors with no property damaged or cases of Covid coming from it.  Black Lives Matter had approximately 20,000 people at two huge protests in Auckland and Wellington during a level 2 lockdown a year earlier with no masks or social distancing and there was not one arrest.

Mr Te Kahika’s sentence to prison is the harshest sentence of its kind given in the western world to date at a time when the Australian Government has dropped and reimbursed all fines and punishments of people who resisted Covid lockdown laws. The UK Government has a non prison punishment approach to the laws.

It is now well understood in New Zealand as it is around the world that the harm that was caused by the use of lockdowns to deal with Covid-19 far outstripped the risk of the Covid ‘virus’ for most New Zealanders and offered no benefit and only suicide, social distress and huge economic and human rights destruction.  A recent report by Johns Hopkins University Economic School confirmed that ‘lockdowns needed to be rejected’ and offered no benefit’.  There are many more such reports and articles like this.

In the past week examples of tyranny and hostility towards ‘truth defenders’ in New Zealand, such as Mr Te Kahika have been made plain to the world and at his sentencing it took another step in its evolution and sent a clear message to all New Zealanders ‘that you cannot exercise freedom of speech, speak the truth and defend civil and Human Rights if it is against the Government of New Zealand’s narrative because if you do you will be crushed’.

Mr Te Kahika has been persecuted by the New Zealand Government for almost twenty months and vilified endlessly by Government funded mainstream media in New Zealand.

We are calling for a petition to direct the world’s attention to Mr Te Kahika and Mr Eastwood’s plight and to ask the New Zealand Government for either a complete dismissal of charges or the removal the prison sentence.

Both Mr Te Kahika and Mr Eastwood are non-violent family men with Mr Te Kahika, a Pastor, a community services contributor and former member of the New Zealand Army and Police with no previous convictions.

Please help them to stay with their families and sign and share this petition.

Sign and share petition HERE

Neenah Payne writes for Activist Post

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