Just Say “No” To Apeel On Your Foods!

By Neenah Payne

Note:  This article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment provided by a qualified healthcare provider.

Buying organic fruits and vegetables is no longer enough to protect your health because some organic fruits and vegetables are now being coated with “Apeel” to allow them to last longer. The articles and videos below explain why that is SUCH a BAD idea! This article links to a petition and also shows how you can help ensure that your health food store and/or grocery store does not carry organic fruits and vegetables coated with Apeel!

Dr. Joseph Mercola says in his article further below:

Personally, I won’t be buying Apeel-treated produce, and if enough of us refuse to buy it, they’ll stop using it.

Natural Grocers: Our Standards says:

We wouldn’t dream of selling produce coated with Apeel / Organipeel — not now, not ever! ApeelTM and OrganipeelTM do not meet our high standards, so, we do not allow any produce coated with it on our shelves.

Natural GrocersDriscoll’s, and The Good Earth are rejecting fruits and vegetables coated with Apeel.

Natural Grocers  put up signs telling customers they don’t sell Apeel fruits or vegetables. Tell your health food store and/or grocery store you want them to put up signs assuring customers that their fruits and vegetables are NOT coated with Apeel!

How Bill Gates Is Infiltrating Organic Food Market!

Gates-Funded ‘Edible’ Food Coating Gets Green Light From Regulators

Buyer Beware: Bill Gates-Funded “Edible Food Coating” Hits the ORGANIC Food Market 5/11/23

The coating (Apeel) has been approved for use in organic produce in the US … and it can’t be removed! Even by scrubbing the produce, you cannot get it off. The only thing that’s good… is that there is a little sticker. So, if you see even your organic avocado has an “Apeel” sticker on it, get a different avocado.

The Dangerous Chemical Bill Gates Is Coating Your Organic Produce With

It’s almost impossible to know even if your organic fruits and veggies are safe.

For an updated list of stores that SELL Apeel click here
For an updated list of stores who aren’t selling Apeel click here.


See Bill Gates Owns Synthetic Fruit Coating — What’s in It?
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola


Jane shows you why the new product coating, Apeel is a non-started from this Bill Gates Foundation created company using toxic materials to put a coating on your produce, but one that will cause more heart attacks and strokes.

Gates-Funded ‘Edible’ Food Coating Gets Green Light From Regulators 5/3/23

Edipeel, marketed as Apeel, is described as a colorless, odorless, tasteless coating for fruit and vegetables that’s composed entirely of a mixture of food-grade glycerolipids, derived from edible plant oils, that we’re assured is entirely safe to eat.

By Alliance for Natural Health International

“Particularly, as the coating has also been approved for use on organic produce in the U.S. further reducing consumer options and it can’t be removed even by scrubbing the produce. It’s not known whether any elements of the coating can be absorbed by the vegetables or fruit that have been coated.”

There’s a new kid on the block that’s garnered a huge amount of attention recently after a data sheet, allegedly detailing the toxic nature of its new product to extend the lifespan of fruit and vegetables, went viral.

The data sheet, which is for a chemical cleaner, led us to look further into what Edipeel is and what it means for consumers.

Apeel Sciences is a U.S.-based company that’s partnered with the Gates Foundation to develop a new product, Edipeel, an edible coating for fruit and vegetables, to solve the supposed food wastage “crisis.”

According to a 2019 report from the Food and Agriculture Organization, approximately 14% of all fruit and veg produced for human consumption is lost or wasted between the field and supermarket.

But is it really all down to the shelf life?

One of the biggest issues when it comes to food waste is the supermarkets exacting standards seeing masses of vegetables and fruits left to rot before they even leave the fields because it’s not pretty enough or straight enough!

Given the massive sums of money being pumped into the development of the coating, there’s an enormous amount of positive press along with the fact that there’s huge excitement over the potential to do away with a lot of plastic packaging.

Buyer Beware!

Apeel, Buyer Beware! 5.20/23

Buyer Beware! Just say no to produce with this new label on it! This coating on fruits and vegetables called “Apeel” is touted as “Plant-based protection that helps the produce you love to stay fresh for longer.”

The website claims, “It retains moisture within the produce and keeps oxygen out, thereby slowing the spoilage rate;” however, if you do a little digging, many things don’t seem right about this new planet savior “all natural” coating.

Recently, Dr. Mercola did a deep dive on Apeel.

Things he pointed out:

  • Questionable founders and investors in Apeel Sciences like the Gates Foundation; the Rockefeller Foundation; the World Bank Group; Anne Wojcicki, co-founder and CEO of 23andMe; and former CEO of YouTube. Apeel Sciences is already a 1 billion dollar company.Ask yourself – “Why are these billionaires so interested in this product?”
  • Currently, avocados, cucumbers, lemons, limes, mandarins, oranges, organic apples, grapefruit, and mangos are listed as produce currently being treated with Apeel. Apeel-treated produce can be identified by looking for the “Apeel Protected” produce sticker.
  • Toxic pesticide residues from conventional produce will be locked on top of the produce by this seal.
  • The coating, which can’t be washed off, likely contains toxic contaminants, including heavy metals and carcinogens, as well as trans fats and, potentially, harmful linoleic acid from grapeseed oil. This is all brought to you by GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) regulations by the FDA. Although these contaminant levels are low, why add to your daily toxic load when the produce you eat is supposed to provide beneficial nutrients conventional produce already contains pesticides that we need to try to wash off (pesticides are also contained inside the fruit or vegetable).
  • Does Apeel coating leak into the produce? The company claims it shouldn’t, but it’s new, so do they know this yet?

More on the TOXIC ‘Apeel’ 5/22/23

Avoid it at all costs!!!

Have you heard of ‘Apeel’ yet? Two weeks ago, I wrote a blog about it and I have more information to share now that will make your blood boil even more. It is a toxic substance they are putting on fruits and vegetables to give them longer shelf lives. They claim it is ‘food grade’, ‘natural’, ‘plant-based’ and ‘generally recognized as safe’.

I believe this is a very important topic and will be sharing information any way I can in my cooking classes, my blog, my LIVE’s on Facebook and YouTube, and anywhere else I can get the word out about this poisonous substance being put on our food.

And they are putting this on organic produce also!

Take Action! This is the first petition I have found to sign to boycott or take action against this toxic ‘Apeel’. (BTW, if you find any other petitions to sign to boycott this product, please send them to me.)

Gates’ Multi-Faceted Global Influence

Gates’ Plan To Control World’s Seeds, Agriculture, Food  links to a discussion of James Corbett’s 2020 four-part documentary Who Is Bill Gates? It’s a challenge to cover the extent of Gates’ global influence because his interests include Decade of Vaccines, synthetic meat, GMO foods, GMO seeds, GMO mosquitos, 5G technology, “smart cities”, media, digital IDs, and American education (Common Core), and US farmland.

Greetings, Useless Eaters: A Message From Your Global Human Health Overlord

Boycott Apeel coated produce worldwide until further testing is done


Here are some of the highlights about the poison in ‘Apeel’:

  • Contains: Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium, Palladium and Mercury
  • Contains: Citric Acid which is almost always derived from GMO corn
  • Contains: Soap, sodium oleate (yes, extra salt, sodium in your diet)
  • Contains: Ethyl acetate, a flavoring agent, used in solvents, paints, lacquers, perfumes and processed foods, which is toxic if ingested or inhaled
  • Heptane: Used in test fuels, petroleum refinements, cements and inks
  • Contains: Toluene, a highly toxic chemical with a wide range of detrimental health effects when inhaled, swallowed or when comes in contact with skin or eyes

Other Terrible Things about ‘Apeel’:

  • Countries selling produce coated with Apeel include the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Peru, Spain, Sweden, Norway, China, Australia, South Africa, Poland, and Japan.
  • It cannot be washed off
  • No information campaign or consent was ever done, they just quietly started spraying our food with this toxic substance
  • This is a creation from the crazy Gates, the same person who gave us GMO’s
  • Labeling laws vary from state to state and country to country
  • It is made from diglycerides of fatty acids, which means it contains trans fats
  • The ‘Apeel’ substance is going to be heated before putting on the produce, so if you are eating all raw, will your produce really be raw anymore? https://patents.google.com/patent/US9957215B2/en
  • The produce is also being ‘sanitized’ before the ‘Apeel’ is applied: https://patenent/US20170332650A1/ents.google.com/pat
  • Apeel describes how they apply voltage in their coating process. The goal is to turn the liquid spray into a polymer like wax or plastic: https://patents.google.com/patent/US10239069B2/en

Mom’s Across America did an extensive article about the new ‘Apeel’


Apeel has already secured the following partnerships:

  • Nature’s Pride(large importer of Europe’s avocados)
  • Sage Fruit Co.(Washington State organic apple producer)
  • Del Monte (avocados)
  • Eco Farms (avocados)
  • Del Rey (avocados)
  • Horton Fruit Company (avocados)
  • RV Aguacates (avocados)
  • Alpine Fresh (asparagus)
  • Beta (asparagus)
  • Farm Direct Supply (asparagus)
  • La Venta (asparagus)
  • SiCar Farms (limes)

Apeel is (or will be) available at the following grocers:

  • Costco
  • Trader Joes
  • Gelsons
  • Ralphs
  • Sprouts
  • Vons
  • Walmart
  • Whole Foods
  • Kroger
  • Harps Foods
  • Wakefern
  • Price Right
  • Fairway Market
  • Target
  • Bristol Farms and more

FDA approval papers about ‘Apeel’

This is the FDA document for ‘Apeel’: https://www.fda.gov/media/135999/download
New Toxic ‘Apeel’ on Our Food

Launch Your Campaign Against Apeel

After watching The Highwire’s video about Apeel, I emailed a manager at the health food store where I have been buying organic fruits and vegetables for over 20 years. I included the link to the video and the links showing the stores that are rejecting fruits and vegetables coated with Apeel. I requested that the store put up a sign saying it does not accept fruit or vegetables coated with Apeel as other stores are doing to reassure customers.

The manager responded: “I sent your email to our produce manager who has reached out to all of our distributors about it. Thank you for reaching out.”

I printed 10 copies of the handout below and gave them to customers as they entered or left the store. I started with, “Do you know about Apeel?” I explained, “It’s a possibly dangerous coating that’s being put on some organic fruits and vegetables. You can watch the video in the red text to learn more. If you don’t want Apeel on your food, email the store. They are deciding right now.”

People were very grateful for the information and said they would contact the store. On October 13, I gave out nine more copies in front of the store – and one to an employee I’ve known for years who had heard of Apeel and was eager to spread the word.

I also emailed the grocery store in my neighborhood where I buy organic foods.

I asked that they put up signs saying they don’t sell Apeel-covered foods.

Take action now if you don’t want Apeel on your organic fruits and vegetables.

Feel free to modify the flyer below to use in your area.
Neenah Payne writes for Activist Post

Top image: Krysten’s Kitchen/Substack

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