COVID UNMASKED Part 4: The Solution

By Neenah Payne

COVID UNMASKED is a 4-part documentary. Part I: The Problem began airing on 9/11. Part 2: COVID, INC. began airing on 9/12. Part 3: The Big Picture began broadcasting on 9/13. Part 4: The Solution became available on 9/14. The films are available in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

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NY Times: For Autocrats, and Others, Coronavirus Is a Chance to Grab Even More Power 3/30/20

Leaders around the world have passed emergency decrees and legislation expanding their reach during the pandemic. Will they ever relinquish them?

The US Constitution set up three branches of government: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. The role of the press is to serve as the Fourth Estate and speak truth to power. Unfortunately, the corporate media (much of it now “Brought to you by Pfizer”) has failed in that role. While US Presidents, many governors, and mayors have egregiously violated the US Constitution, the courts have often helped hold the line during the COVID era in a number of key cases.

Chiefs of Police are usually municipal employees who owe their allegiance to a city. A Sheriff is generally (but not always) the highest, usually elected, law-enforcement officer of a county. Sheriffs are often elected by their constituents and are freer to hold the government to account. Wikipedia says:

Of the 50 U.S. states, 48 have sheriffs. The two exceptions are Alaska, which does not have counties, and Connecticut, which replaced its county sheriff system with the state and judicial marshals in 2000. Washington, D.C.

Sheriffs Defend US and State Constitutions

Part 4: The Solution shows that in many states, sheriffs have stood up to protect the US Constitution, the state constitution, and the rights of citizens from overreach by the state and national governments.

The documentary features former Sheriff Richard Mack of Graham County, Arizona. Mack is the founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) which educates citizens, sheriffs, and other peace officers about the Constitution. In 1994, Mack and six sheriffs from across the country challenged the constitutionality of the Brady Bill which required them to run background checks. They won a landmark decision in the US Supreme Court based on the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution.

Government Has No Authority to Make Us Wear Masks! (Sheriff Richard Mack) 3/1/21

Government Has No Authority to Make Us Wear Masks! (Sheriff Richard Mack) from courtney on Vimeo.

Mack says in the documentary,

It is incumbent on the courts to ensure that decisions are made according to the rule of law. Both the Arizona and US Constitution put very strict limitations on government officials and that’s why they have to swear this allegiance to the Constitution. My dear friends, we do have a pandemic in America and in Arizona – but it’s not the coronavirus. The pandemic is one of universal corruption. The pandemic is one of the destruction of our Constitution. We destroy our Constitution, we destroy America.

Mack is the author of The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope:

Richard Mack, a former Arizona sheriff, spells out why he believes sheriffs are the last line of defense for the Constitutional rights of citizens. He believes that the sheriff is the highest governmental authority in his county. Within that jurisdiction — inside his county — the sheriff has more power than the governor of his state. Indeed, the sheriff has more power in his county than the President of the United States. The sheriff’s only duty is to the people of the county who elected him, and to the constitution which he takes an oath to uphold. Mack believes the sheriff is the county’s supreme law enforcement officer and does not need to follow laws or regulations enacted by federal and state bodies if he deems them unconstitutional.


Nationwide Constitutional Sheriffs Movement

Richard Mack says he has trained 1,000 sheriffs across the country. There are 3,081 sheriffs.

God-given rights: The nationwide spread of the ‘constitutional sheriff’ 8/21/23

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, which teaches that elected sheriffs must “protect their citizens from the overreach of an out-of-control federal government” by refusing to enforce any law they deem unconstitutional or unjust, has been expanding across the U.S., a collaborative investigation between the Howard Center for Investigative Journalism and the Arizona Center for Investigative Reporting has found.

The sheriffs group has spread its ideology to at least 30 states, becoming more mainstream in part by securing state approval for taxpayer-funded law enforcement training. It has held formal trainings on its “constitutional” curriculum for law enforcement officers in at least 13 states over the past five years. In six states, the training was approved for law enforcement officers’ continuing education credits. The group also has supporters who sit on three state boards in charge of law enforcement training standards.

In addition, reporters found, at least a dozen U.S. counties influenced by the sheriffs group have considered “constitutional county” resolutions over the past two years. The resolutions range from a simple reaffirmation of support for the constitutional rights of county residents to empowering local government, including sheriffs, to refuse to enforce state and federal laws they interpret as unconstitutional. Two Nevada counties – Lander and Elko – have become lifetime CSPOA members, a step that includes a $2,500 fee paid directly to the sheriffs group.

The People’s Voice: Former Arizona Sheriff, Richard Mack

Amazon Description

The Sheriff is “the ultimate authority in the land.” The Sheriff is the only elected law enforcement officer in the United States — and therefore in his County. He’s the only official who reports directly to the Source of power. He reports directly to “we the people”, on the land. He is sovereign in this regard because he reports directly to the Sovereigns. That is why the Sheriff is the ultimate authority on the land. He’s not a bureaucrat from Washington, DC.

The President of the United States cannot tell your Sheriff what to do. So certainly, none of the other auxiliary departments underneath the president can tell the Sheriff what to do, and that includes the IRS, the EPA, OSHA, the FBI, the DEA, none of those agencies can tell the Sheriff what to do. But when they are in his sovereign jurisdiction, he can tell them what to do.

New Mexico Sheriff Refuses To Enforce Governor’s Gun Ban


The video shows that Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico used her “Emergency Powers” to issue a 30-day order on 9/8/23 suspending the right to carry firearms in public in Albuquerque. She said, “No constitutional right, in my view, including my oath, is intended to be absolute”. So, the governor is saying she doesn’t feel bound by her pledge to uphold the US Constitution or state Constitution. In other words, she doesn’t respect the rule of law. She believes that when she declares “an emergency”, she can operate outside the law.

However, John Allen, Bernalille County Sheriff, refused on 9/11 to enforce the governor’s gun ban. Sheriff Allen said in a press conference,

I hold my standards high and do not – and never will – hedge on what is right. I take my oath seriously. In reference to concealed carry and open carry, the Bernalille County Sheriff’s office will NOT enforce this segment of the order.

While I understand the urgency, the temporary ban challenges the foundations of our Constitution – and most importantly, it is un-constitutional. My oath was to protect the Constitution and that is what I will do. The governor made it clear in her press conference she knew that we, as law enforcement, did not agree with the order – and as a result, this was solely her decision.

Other than this ban being unconstitutional, here are other reasons why I will not enforce the order. What many forget is that I have enough violence here in Bernalille County. I do not want to have political violence toward my deputies or here in Bernalille County. My job is to keep the peace and to make sure that the citizens of Bernalille County are safe – and I do not believe this order will help me do so. I’m a law enforcement professional. This order will not do anything to curb gun violence other than punish law-abiding citizens for their constitutional right of self-defense.

Let me give you a personal story. Last week, as I’m sitting here as a sitting sheriff, I get a phone call about my brother — also a victim of gun violence last week that many of you do not know. While he and my nephew were sitting in their car, they were shot at and their vehicle was impacted in numerous rounds. How can I, as a sheriff, tell him to put his firearms away and not be able to protect himself?

I have a fact for you. Criminals do not follow the law or a public health order. Never seen it. We will never see criminals follow the law. Once again, this only punishes law-abiding citizens. My oath was to protect the Constitution and that is what I will do.

New Mexico governor’s gun ban draws bipartisan backlash 9/11/23

Outrage intensifies over New Mexico governor’s temporary gun ban as sheriff vows not to enforce it 9/11/23

Federal lawsuits, cries for impeachment and outside protests. Democratic New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham said she would welcome a fight after announcing an emergency order to suspend the right to carry firearms in most public places around Albuquerque. That’s exactly what she’s getting. Since she issued the 30-day public health order on Friday, a furor has rained down from gun owners, state Republican lawmakers, and civil rights advocates. Even some in her own party questioned the move. The sheriff who oversees the county that includes New Mexico’s largest city, Albuquerque, vowed Monday not to enforce it, joining the county’s top prosecutor, and the Albuquerque mayor and city’s police chief.

US judge freezes New Mexico governor’s gun ban 9/13/23

Federal judge temporarily blocks portions of New Mexico governor’s gun ban 9/13/23

A federal judge blocked a temporary order from New Mexico’s governor that suspended the rights to carry guns in public, according to statements from the governor’s office and from the gun rights advocacy group that filed the lawsuit over the original order.

Many Sheriffs Are Standing Up Across America

The documentary includes videos of other sheriffs around the US who have refused to enforce tyrannical edits, including:

The documentary shows that when Sheriff Chad Bianco in Riverside County, CA said he refuses to arrest people for exercising in public or for not wearing a mask, it went viral across the nation. He points out:

At the same time they’re trying to force me to release real criminals from jail, they want me to make criminals out of a law-abiding citizens that are trying to support a family. The government should not be picking and choosing who gets to open. It doesn’t make sense. Hence, a small business can’t open, but we can all go shoulder and shoulder in Costco and Home Depot.

Sheriff Bianco said the response was overwhelmingly positive. He explains, “We can act as responsible adults. We don’t need the government being our parents.”

Vickie Connor/The Desert Sun

The documentary reports that Sheriff Richard K. Jones in Butler County, Ohio refuses to enforce the mask mandate. He says, “I am not the mask police. I am not going to enforce any mask wearing. That is not my responsibility, not my job. People should be able to make that choice themselves. Every week they change this – how you can catch this, how you can’t. First to wear a mask, then not to wear a mask. Then a certain kind of mask. People are confused. I don’t want the government to mandate that you have to wear a mask. Pretty soon, you’re going to have to wear a mask in your car, in your house. We’ve got to go back to work.”

Sheriff Mark Lamb of Pinal County, Arizona said:

There have been some clear Constitutional violations. As sheriffs, our responsibility is we took an oath to the Constitution of the United States. We’re here to protect the people from government overreach and we’re here to protect their rights. We’ve got to get businesses back.

We’re dealing with the public safety aspect of people being out of work, increased domestic violence, increased neighbor problems. Unfortunately, most of the decisions being made across this country  by government people are made by people who collect a paycheck every two weeks. You know, I’m here to speak up for the people who have invested their lives into their businesses, who need to go out to work to pay their bills and to put food on their table. We’ve got to start thinking of those people, people that are glad we’re standing up for thConstitution and their rights. Right now, you’re three times more likely to die in an automobile accident than you are from COVID.

Sheriff Joshua Blackwell in Douglas County, Illinois refuses to enforce the stay-at-home order in Springfield. He said, “We’re not going to enforce it. There’s a difference between public safety and public health.” The news announced:  “It’s the sheriff’s decision not to enforce it and no one in the county has authority over him in this case.”

Snohomish County, Washington Sheriff refuses to arrest residents for violating a stay-at-home order.
He says the governor offers no specifics about when people can get back to work and it’s unfair that government construction continues while private construction is halted. He said, “Not only do I think it’s appropriate to question government, I think we’re obligated to.”

Sheriff Bob Songer of Klickitat County, Washington said,

The governor’s an idiot. He’s overstepping his bounds, violating people’s constitutional rights. I understand that government always wants to say they’re doing this for your good, but when they start forcing people to do things, they’re violating their liberties and constitutional rights of the individual.

Sheriff Gary Cutler in Hays County, Texas said his county would not be using the curfew as a basis for traffic stops. A California Sheriff refuses to enforce stay-at-home orders.

The documentary explains that some New York sheriffs refused to enforce the state’s 10-person limit on gatherings. Sheriff Richard Giardino in Fulton County, NY. said,

Our goal is to keep people alive and to reduce this, but it’s got to be done in a constitutional manner and what we know is that 99% plus of people who contract it, get over it in a few weeks.

The documentary explains that five sheriff’s departments in California say they won’t enforce Governor Newsom’s new mask order. Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims won’t enforce the stay-at-home orders because she is “too busy re-arresting freed criminals.”

How You Can Help Now

Sheriff Mark Lamb of Pinal County in Arizona 9/10/23 says his country is the size of Connecticut – over 5,400 square miles! He says the border issue is the greatest threat to America now and he is running for the US Senate to address that. Members of his Citizens Posse take a 4-hour course in which they learn the basics of constitutional law, search and seizure, basic firearm safety, home safety, and the use of deadly force. People who want to do more may be able to become part of the sheriff’s “Citizens Posse” which allows residents to be deputized.

The documentary explains the US has over 3,100 counties – each of which has a sheriff except in Alaska, Connecticut, and Hawaii. Some large cities also have sheriffs – including Denver, St. Louis, Richmond, and Baltimore. The video includes a US County Map showing the number of sheriff’s offices in each state.

The documentary recommends that everyone:

  1. Look up your sheriff.
  2. Find out where the sheriff stands on the subject of your rights and the need to protect them as evidenced by actual record, not talk.
  3. If the sheriff is a puppet for those who would enslave us, initiate an immediate recall petition. Persist until the sheriff is replaced by a person of honor.
  4. Support a real sheriff any way you can.
  5. Forward a copy of this video to your sheriff to encourage full appreciation of the scope of his/her powers and responsibilities
  6. Get neighbors, friends, and family to do the same.

Sheriffs Must Enforce The Bill of Rights

The video explains that in 2020, NYC police stopped over 350 cars at random checkpoints to enforce Mayor De Blasio’s New York State quarantine orders. It says the US military has approved 11 illegal coronavirus detention camps next to US airports which can hold up to 1,000 people. See 9/13 Livestream Hearing on NY Governor Hochul’s Quarantine Camps!

The documentary says sheriffs need to let it be known now that they will be prosecuting all who operate illegal checkpoints and illegal detention camps, and those who install 5G towers against the will of the local residents. Sheriffs will prosecute every other violation of the first 10 Amendments of the US Constitution – known collectively as The Bill of Rights. The documentary explains that sheriffs will hold the police and military fully responsible for violations of the Bill of Rights.

When Police Back The People

The documentary reports that police forces in Genoa, Italy removed their helmets with a show of solidarity with the protestors in the streets on 11/11/20, Day 18 of the anti-lockdown protest. In Austria, police went one better. They not only joined the protestors, but led the way! It explains that more and more law enforcers throughout the world are siding with the people. The documentary shows that there was a “Police For Freedom” (Policias Por La Libertad) march in Spain in December 2020. It says history shows that when the people gain the support of the police or the military, they have a 60% higher chance of dismantling a tyrannical government.

Protections By Sheriffs Are Very Limited

It’s encouraging that so many sheriffs are defending the US Constitution and the state constitutions. However, many Americans don’t have  sheriffs. For example, people in Washington, DC, the nation’s capital, don’t have a sheriff. While New York City has sheriffs most New Yorkers see only the police.

America and humanity face many challenges from which sheriffs can provide no protection including:

  1. Bank failures like the one with Silicon Bank
  2. Closure of bank accounts as happened to Joseph Mercola
  3. Rollout of a Central Bank Digital Currency
  4. The World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty next May
  5. The Great Reset by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum
  6. Massive job replacement by Artificial Intelligence
  7. More mandatory shots to work, go to school, travel, etc.

Dr. Joseph Mercola’s 9/15/23 article “Global Takeover Advances to Final Stages” links to the video BIO WARFARE EXPERT EXPOSES W.H.O. PANDEMIC TREATY THREAT. His article will be available on his paid substack after 48 hours. Humanity needs a way to stop that treaty before it is ratified in May 2024.

Neenah Payne writes for Activist Post

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