COVID Unmasked Part 3: The Big Picture

By Neenah Payne

COVID UNMASKED is a 4-part documentary. Part I: The Problem began airing on Monday 9/11. Part 2: COVID, INC. began airing on Tuesday 9/12. Part 3: The Big Picture began broadcasting on 9/13. The films are available in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Portuguese.

For reviews of Parts 1 and 2, see Film “COVID Unmasked: 2020 and Beyond” – 9/11-14 and COVID Unmasked: Part II “COVID, Inc.”

Part 3: The Big Picture

Part 3: The Big Picture

In early 2020, life as we knew it changed forever. What was sold to us as a fight against “a new and deadly virus“ soon revealed itself as merely the opening act of a Great Reset, in which we will “own nothing and be happy”. This film documents exactly who is behind it all, how long it’s been in the works, and how to stop it… before we lose our country, our liberty, and our humanity.

Part 3 shows that Ventura County in California was forcing some people to go to quarantine camps for two weeks – just like China and Australia! Were most Americans aware of that? The film shows that each location can hold up to 1,000 people.

In 2015, former NY Assemblyman Nick Perry introduced Bill A-416 to create quarantine camps, but none of the 212 legislators supported it for seven years and it never got out of committee. Perry withdrew the bill and is now the US ambassador to Jamaica.

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was illegally given legislative powers by the NY Legislature, defeating the protective separation of powers among the branches of government. He used that authority to create a directive based on Bill A416 for his health department. So, although most New Yorkers were not aware of it, they could have been forced into quarantine camps

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul reintroduced the directive for her health department although as a member of the Executive Branch, she does not have the authority to create laws. Fortunately that attempt was defeated in the courts in July 2022. However,. Hochul appealed the ruling on 9/13/23. The decision is still pending. See 9/13 Livestream Hearing on NY Governor Hochul’s Quarantine Camps!

Part 3: The Big Picture explains that CDC Quarantine Stations have been set up all across America! How many Americans know that?!

Florida couple arrested for breaking COVID-19 quarantine, declared an ‘immediate danger’ 7/31/20

TALLAHASSEE — Jose Freire Interian was walking his dog near his Key West, Fla. home when a neighbor began recording him on her cellphone. Hours later, police came knocking on his door with an arrest warrant, and whisked Freire and his wife to the county jail. The charge: violating quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19.

As a national debate swirls over masks and self-quarantines, communities are grappling over how aggressively they should enforce myriad rules meant to control the spread of the novel strain of coronavirus, which has now infected more than 460,000 in Florida and killed nearly 6,600 of its residents. “It’s a national debate up until the health department tells you to quarantine, and then there’s no more debate,” Key West City Manager Greg Veliz said Thursday. “If the law allows someone to be arrested for violating a quarantine order and they continue to thumb their nose at the law — yeah, they should be arrested,” Veliz said.

Intense debate over masks, business closures and social distancing have raged since the start of the outbreak. Arrests have been rare, but there have been occasional flare ups. In May, a Kentucky woman infected with the virus was arrested while shopping for groceries. Authorities accused her of “wanton endangerment” and “criminal mischief.”

That same month, a coronavirus patient was chased down and arrested in Nashville after being placed under quarantine by public health officials. In Hawaii last month, 21 travelers were arrested for breaking the state’s mandatory 14-day quarantine. None tested positive for the coronavirus.

Veliz said the Florida couple was arrested Wednesday after police received a complaint and a video showing a possible violation of a quarantine order imposed by state public health officials against the couple. The Keys, a chain of islands fanning westward from Florida’s southern tip, had been closed to tourists and other nonresidents for two months in the spring to keep the virus from spreading. It reopened to visitors in June. In Florida, a national hot spot for the outbreak, public health officials have urged people to wear masks and keep their distance. But they also have the authority to order those who are infected to self-quarantine.

State officials said Freire Interian and his wife, Yohana Anahi Gonzalez, 26, learned they were infected with the virus on July 15, after being tested five days earlier. They were advised to wear face masks at home, a three bedroom house the couple shares with at least three other tenants. And they were required to self-isolate for at least 14 days. But the Florida Department of Health determined them to “present an immediate danger of harm to others” when it was notified that the couple had gone to the grocery story on July 20 while possible still infected. A day later, the agency issued a mandatory quarantine order against the couple.

Police said they received video footage Wednesday showing a possible violation of that order and asked a judge to issue arrest warrants. Freire Interian and Gonzalez, who were released Thursday after posting bail, expressed disbelief over the misdemeanor charges. They speculated that the arrests were the result of a soured relationship with another tenant. “I didn’t do anything. I was just walking my dog,” said Freire Interian, 24, who said his pet needed to relieve herself. “It’s not as if I left the house to go shopping.”

While he was walking his dog, he said, he was being recorded by one of his neighbors. Later in the afternoon, police arrived. “They knocked on the door real loud. I opened the door. They told me ‘Come on,’ and I asked them, ‘Why?’ I was in shock,” Freire Interian said. “Why am I getting arrested for? It was unfair.”

Michael Morley, a law professor at Florida State University, said government officials may have compelling reasons to more aggressively enforce public health rules, including requiring people to wear masks in public places — as is required by some jurisdictions, including Key West. “To the extent that there’s any debate, it’s not really a constitutional and statutory debate. It’s more of a policy debate whether the public health risk is sufficient to warrant” a crackdown on those violating public health laws, Morley said. “Any general deterrence is always one goal of law enforcement,” he said, noting that the arrests could “encourage other people to comply with the law.”

The Key West couple is expected to face a judge on Aug. 10.

Kentucky couple under house arrest after refusing to sign self-quarantine agreement 7/20/20

20 Essential But Ignored COVID Facts

It’s important to remember 20 essential facts about COVID and the COVID policies:

1 – COVID — No Threat: The CDC stats showed in early 2020 that COVID threatened almost no one.

Anthony Fauci, then Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease at the National Institutes of Health, published Covid-19 – Navigating the Uncharted on March 26, 2020 in the New England Journal of Medicine. It was co-authored by Dr. H. Clifford Lane, M.D., NIAID Deputy Director for Clinical Research and Special Projects and by Dr. Robert Redfield of the CDC. The article said: “The overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a fatality rate of approximately 0.1)…rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively”.

In 2010, Bill Gates vowed to create a “Decade of Vaccines”. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and GAVI (Gates’ foundation) are top funders of the World Health Organization – more than many nations combined. Part 2: COVID, INC. explains that the WHO did not consider COVID a “pandemic” until Gates contributed an additional huge amount. Although Gates is not a doctor (never graduated from college) and was not elected by anyone, he went on national TV and said the world could not “go back to normal” until almost 7+ billion people got the rushed, poorly-tested, gene-altering vaccines (with which he had a huge conflict of interest). Gates has since bragged that his investment in vaccines was the highest return is the best he’s had.

2 – Treatments Available: Several inexpensive treatments for COVID including HCQ/zinc, vitamin D3, vitamin C, Ivermectin, and budesonide were widely known since early 2020. Since Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) can be issued only if there are no treatments, the EUAs for the COVID shots were illegal. See Do Senate Hearings Show COVID-19 Vaccine Use Illegal?

3 – Myth of Asymptomatic Carrier: The belief that people who had no symptoms could be sick with COVID and spread it was the basis for the promoting rampant fear used to justify almost all of the COVID policies including the self-quarantines, masks, social distancing, PCR tests, contact tracing, lockdowns, school closures, hand sanitizers, etc.

German virologist Christian Drosten created the myth that COVID-19 can be spread by “asymptomatic carriers”. That theory was used to create an army of “sick people walking”, Western politicos and the legacy media instilled a widespread willingness to accept injections of a rushed experimental substance — despite the virus being no more dangerous than a flu.

In January 2021, German attorney Reiner Fuellmich issued a Cease and Desist Order to Drosten: Cease & Desist Order to Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten, Creator of SARS-CoV-2 PCR test.

Secret file on Christian Drosten – the German virologist who is responsible for the PCR protocol1/29/21

W.H.O Now Says Asymptomatic COVID Transmission Rare? A Doctor Weighs In

TIME: Unpacking the New WHO Controversy Over Asymptomatic COVID-19 Transmission 6/9/20

For months, researchers have warnedthat people without any COVID-19 symptoms could still be silent carriers of the disease, making it that much harder to get the pandemic under control—and that much more important to take precautions like social distancing and wearing a mask, even if you feel fine.

So, it came as a surprise when Maria Van Kerkhove, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) technical lead for COVID-19, said at a press briefing on June 8 that asymptomatic transmission appears to be “very rare.” Her statement came just days after the organization directed healthy people living in areas with widespread community transmission to wear fabric face masks in public to help contain the advance of the disease.

In an interview with TIME following the press briefing, Van Kerkhove said she did not mean to suggest that asymptomatic people cannot spread COVID-19. “I did not say that asymptomatic cases cannot transmit; they can,” Van Kerkhove says. “The question is, do they? And if they do, how often is that happening?”

Van Kerkhove says there’s not yet a clear answer, but the WHO’s analyses suggest symptomatic individuals are responsible for most coronavirus transmission. (She also clarified during a June 9 briefing that her comments were in response to a journalist’s question, and did not constitute official WHO policy.) The WHO laid out its thinking in its latest guidance on face masks, which was circulated on June 5, and was based on a number of reports that examined COVID-19 community spread and transmission dynamics, as well as not-yet-published findings from contact-tracing reports from multiple WHO member states.

Few of the cited papers explicitly examined population-level asymptomatic transmission rates. One, a preprint (i.e., not-yet peer-reviewed) research review posted to the site MedRxiv on June 4, analyzed four previous studies (two published and two preprint) that estimated asymptomatic transmission rates. The highest estimate was a transmission rate of 2.2%, suggesting “asymptomatic spread is unlikely to be a major driver of clusters or community transmission of infection.”

The WHO’s guidance also notes that some studies that have found evidence for asymptomatic transmission had small sample sizes, which would make their findings less statistically relevant. In addition, the WHO said, some of these studies did not rule out alternative explanations for how some patients may have contracted the virus, like touching a contaminated surface.


World Health Organization finally admits ……. an “asymptomatic carrier” is in fact just a healthy person. Who knew? What a masquerade! Still there are millions of healthy people out there scammed into reducing their oxygen and their health with these foolish masks at the direction of their health departments through the marketing branch of the pharmaceutical company….. the Mainstream Mews.


Faulty PCR Tests: Dr Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize winner for the invention of the PCR test, said it cannot be used to detect a virus. It has been well-known since early 2020 that the PCR test gives many false positives. Dr. Mulls conveniently died on August 7, 2019. Had he been alive during the COVID era, he would have spoken out about the misuse of his PCR test.

Dr. Mullis was very open about the great contempt he had for Dr. Anthony Fauci. Yet, Fauci says he represents “science”! Fauci Is Not The Science. However, the corporate media fauns over Fauci to such a degree that he became seen as some kind of saint, complete with votive candles!



Now even the CDC admits the PCR test cannot distinguish between COVID and the flu. Yet, many people were required to get (and sometimes pay for) the tests repeatedly. The tests were used to drive the “casedemic” that kept many people terrified in 2021. That convinced some people to get the COVID shots. The nasal swabs for the PCR tests were not only useless, but harmful.

5 – COVID Narrative — Marking Campaign For Big Pharma and The Great Reset: The COVI D policies had nothing to do with protecting anyone from a “deadly pandemic”. They were a marketing campaign to sell Big Pharma’s expensive vaccines for which they have no liability and from which Gates and Fauci profited massively. It was also to introduce The Great Reset. We were told “Two weeks to flatten the curve” Now, we are told we can never go back to normal.


Del Bigtree, host of The Highwire and producer of Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe explains that the concept of “Asymptomatic Carriers” and the PCR test led to the quarantining of healthy people for the first time in world history and the lockdown of the world.

6 – Inflation of COVID Death Count: The documentary above explains that hospitals were paid to inflate the number of people who died from COVID by putting COVID as the cause of death for people who just died with COVID (based on the fake PCR test). Deborah Birx of the White House Coronavirus Task Force admitted this inflation of the COVID death count.

7 – Destructions of First Amendment Rights: Freedom of speech even for many top doctors and scientists was threatened by the US government and Big Tech. Freedom of the press and freedom of assembly even for places of worship were violated. See Growing Censorship of Questions About COVID Narrative

8 – Destruction of Fourth Amendment Rights: The Fourth Amendment, protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures by the government. Yet, the government set up quarantine camps across the country to which Americans could be forced to go.

9 – Violation of the Fifth Amendment: During the lockdown, businesses designated as “non-essential” were closed without due process or just compensation. The Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution declares that “no person shall…be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

10 – Impacts of Lockdown: While “non-essential” businesses were shut down, big box stores, liquor stores, and strip joints were allowed to stay open. Massive transfer of wealth to billionaires. The documentary above reports that out-of-work workers lost $3.7 trillion in missed earnings in 2020 while the wealth of the rich grew by $5 trillion with one new billionaire created every 17 hours throughout 2020. Increase in child abuse and suicides. Cancellation of graduations, proms, weddings, holiday gatherings, outdoor activities, vacations, funerals.

11 – War Against Early Treatments: Several inexpensive early treatments were known early in 2020 including HCQ/Zinc, vitamin D3, vitamin C, Ivermectin, and budesonide. However, instead of telling people to take those, the government advised people to do nothing until they had to be hospitalized. Ignoring those early treatments allowed the hospitals to profit and Bigi Pharma to profit from the rushed, poorly-tested COVID shots.

12 – Putting COVID Patients in Nursing Homes: Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York forced nursing homes to take COVID patients although he had already said that would be like a fire in dry leaves. It is estimated that killed about 18,000 elderly whom the COVID policies were supposed to protect. Cuomo ignored the hospital ship and the Jacob Javits Center which were available for COVID patients but stood largely empty. See NY Gov Cuomo’s Nursing Home Scandal! (Updated).

13 – Hospital Standard of Care: Anthony Fauci mandated that the standard of care in hospitals would be to give all COVID patients remdesivir which results in kidney failure for 40%. The other standard of care is to put COVID patients on respirators which were known in early 2020 to kill 80-90% of patients. People were often not allowed to have ivermectin even if they requested it. See Documentary: How Hospitals Are Making A Killing and How To Survive COVID Hospital Protocols

14 – The Cares Act: See Peterson Pierre – Covid Payouts to the Hospitals from the Cares Act.

15 – Massive injuries and deaths of people who got the shots including military, pilots, bus drivers, doctors, nurses, athletes, Millennials: See Ed Dowd Reports on 2023 Disability Pandemic

16 – National Security Issue: Army Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long warns that we may not have a standing army in five years. See How COVID Shots Pose National Security Issues

17 – Government/media ignoring injuries and deaths from COVID shots: The government and media are pushing for more shots this Fall. See Excess Mortality Just Got Worse: Alarming New Data!

18 – Bill Deagle’s Predictions: He predicted in 2017 that a pandemic and economic collapse would be used to depopulate Western nations. See COVID-19: Western Depopulation Agenda?

19 – Remedies For Those Who Got COVID Shots: See Got COVID Shots? Why You MUST Detox Now! and Peter McCullough’s Protocol For COVID/COVID Shots.

20 – COVID Policies Hide Economic Collapse: Former Black Rock executive Ed Dowd warns that COVID policies masked inevitable Sovereign Debt Bubble collapse. See The Next Wave Is Not a Covid-19 Wave: Debt Sustainability in Developing Countries. Tiago Fernando Henriques explains that what we are witnessing is not a health issue but a global central bank issue. He says the central banks run the world and presidents or prime ministers are like McDonald’s franchise owners who simply follow the company’s dictates. He says the health issue is just a symptom of the central bank issue.

COVID Unmasked: Part 3 points out: “The Nazis had a phrase which covered all abuses by the state: ‘It’s for your safety’.” Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World, saw this coming years ago.

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