How Power Created, Shaped, Manipulates and Controls Techno-Human Society: A Synthesis – Part 3 of 4: Vibration Diet?

By Peter Tocci

[Parts: 1-The Power Hierarchy; 2-Tentacles of Power]

Shared in this section (and Part 4) is controversial information. Already understood by some people, it’s highly challenging for many, and merely dismissed out of hand by others. No one is asked to believe any of it, but to investigate open-mindedly if interested. This reportage is not endorsement necessarily. A rationale is given later, however, for presenting it.

At one time or another, most of us have felt the ‘vibes’ of another person – good or bad – even one we don’t know (bias and preconception can play into it, of course). The Prison Warders seem to be energy ‘vampires,’ feeding on the vibrations of fear, pain, violence and bloodshed. No atrocity is beneath them or their psychopathic/satanic servants in creating these vibrations, which serve in the advancement of the control-system Agenda.

For relatively ‘light’ reading, John de Camp’s book The Franklin Cover-Up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska serves well as real-life Drama. From the back cover:

What looked like a financial swindle, soon exploded into a hideous tale of drugs, Iran-Contra money-laundering, a nationwide child abuse ring, and ritual murder.

As the investigation began pointing toward the Reagan/Bush White House, the FBI stepped in and quashed it. The “nationwide” ring is a link in a global Elite operation. This should long ago have evoked mass outrage. The ostrich act, disbelief, and denial have prevailed. Child Protective Services is no help, either. See also here, here, and here.

Here are two, more intense, accounts of Elite-driven scenarios: Dr. Lori Handrahan and Ronald Bernard. And one about the outright murder, by Power/Brotherhood.controlled Church and State, of 50,000 Native children in Canada’s Indian residential schools (Video) (story here).

Technociety is stratified all the way down the line to keep a lid on the extent of child abuse and pedophilia globally, and especially its satanic element. And there is apparently something about the blood of innocents these entities thrive on. How one acquires it, of course…

Moving up the line to even more of a stretch, we come to Arizona Wilder – a so-called “Mother Goddess” programmed and allegedly forced to conduct satanic rituals for public figures.

David Icke writes about her in TBS and interviews her in Revelations Of A Mother Goddess. A video is actually still on YouTube.

An illustrated textual presentation about it produced by Icke tells us that not only is the City of London (within London) the epicenter of the global financial system, but is the center of the global web of secret societies that control the planet today.

Speaking of public figures, the reader might have seen this allegedly satanic hand gesture for mutual recognition. It’s said to represent horns. As noted, satanism is promoted in the Hierarchy downline. For a sense of the pervasiveness, here’s a collage:

Point of interest, watch here at 4:00 for the brief gesture made by an athlete in a race for Olympic selection.

Ritual sacrifice may appear in ways not thought of as such, and without traditional ceremony – as in military operations. The gasoline bombing of Dresden in WW II, for example. Lighting civilians on fire was apparently considered just deserts at the Commander-in-Chief level for being subjects of a leader assisted in many ways by Wall Street, US and other multinational corporations in the (at least) 19-year planning stage of the war – and even during it.

More recently, ritual sacrifice appeared in Iraq, no occult paraphernalia, chanting or torches (except napalm). The overall story of US-led meddling there exemplifies, and is a perfect microcosm of, how Power operates.

Stable-boy Saddam ‘did his duty’ and was later goaded into attacking Kuwait by the satanic Elite-servant James Baker State Dept. In this way, Saddam could be stabbed in the back by his ‘buddies’ (like D. Rumsfeld, who shook his hand after the Iran war) and be symbolically dethroned in a US-Marine psyop before a hired crowd of jubilant Iraqis.

Two ‘wars’ and a merciless interim sanction period punished a people for having an iron-handed dictator assisted to power in 1979 by Elite creation/servant CIA (Illuminatus GHW Bush nearby) to have a war with Iran (a ‘queen’ on the Grand Chessboard).

…but if you know that the U.S. government is merely a tool of a global secret society network – the Illuminati – and the idea is to create as much war and suffering as possible to destroy peace and freedom, you will understand that the chaos and conflict is anything but a ‘problem’. Quite the opposite, it’s all going according to plan. – David Icke

The US-Tool-and-Die edition of the System, of which We People ever had control in imagination only, was culpable in the murder of a million Iraqis. Water, electricity and sewer, infrastructure was deliberately bombed. Only feces-laced river water was available.

Many of the 5-6 hundred thousand Iraqi children included in the million died the agonizingly slow death of enteric dysentery – before their helpless parents’ eyes. Slaughter of non-combatants has become common practice since World War II with saturation bombing begun by the British.

For mind-boggling details of the satanic ‘softening up’ prelude to the ten-year sanction period, scroll down here to the section The Fire This Time. Caution: It might bring tears in the event of empathy. A sample:

In less than three weeks the U.S. press reported military calculations that the tonnage of high-explosive bombs already released had exceeded the combined allied air offense of World War II. By the end of the aerial assault, 110,000 aircraft sorties had dropped 88,500 tons of bombs on Iraq, the equivalent of seven and a half atomic bombs of the size that incinerated Hiroshima.

On concocted circumstances.

Ten years later came the satanic “Shock & Awe” ritual (on TV).

On false pretenses.

Small potatoes, however, given more than two centuries of US participation in Elite-contrived wars, within a global system wherein a primary motive for war is war. Vibrations. Blood. Money. Power. Control.

Noted in Part 2, Secret Societies… was the irony that criticisms of the ‘inferior” forms of institutionalized government (anything other than “democracy”) omit the fact that, run with good intention and not infiltraitored, they could work well enough to a point. Case in point –  Gaddafi’s socialist dictatorship in Libya was putting Western democratic forms to shame.

But G was murdered for at least one other reason Power doesn’t like: Dealing oil in other-than-USD (especially gold)/using gold as currency. The given ‘need’ for the murder? – A terrorist or supporter of terrorism. Doubtful, since he wasn’t working for the Elite tools specializing in it: Elite Axis of Evil and NATO (good Drama analysis).

No implication intended that gold/precious metal as money, or even as an investment, is sane. Gold’s alleged value is an induced belief. Demand for precious metals is one of the most environ mentally-ill pursuits going, a shining symptom of techno-human narcissism. It’s being matched lately in that regard by the surge in EV’s (especially plans for autonomous ones) and battery-dependent everything (attendant to solar and wind power pysops).

Thus, if one can induce in others the desired emanations — especially fear — it ‘feeds’ one’s own being, especially if the scenario is massive, such as war, terrorism, catastrophic events, COVID, and so on. An entire planet in fear-driven chaos in various locations and Dramas is a surfeit of ‘vibes’ to feed on, indeed.

Getting “Out There”

Icke notes that one Arthur David Horn, former professor of biological anthropology from CO State, once a died-in-the-wool Darwinian, is now convinced by the evidence that humanity was seeded here by extraterrestrials. It might make a tad more sense to some in terms of races than Adam & Eve-olution. Genetic modification is also on the table.

“Prison Warder” has been mentioned. This is a level or two of Power above Sutton’s Policy setters, overseeing and orchestrating them. It’s the term Icke uses for what he calls “Lower Fourth Dimension” intruder entities. They are either extra-terrestrial or, more likely, interdimensional. This, he says, is the influence facilitating major chaos on the planet.

Before anyone spits indignantly (probably too late for the more enthusiastic :-), know that advanced physics postulates at least 10 dimensions, possibly 11. The first chapter of TSF, The Veil of Tears, discusses ancient “religious” experiences of being “taken up to heaven” as told of Saul of Tarsus and Enoch in the Old Testament.

Such experiences coincide exactly with modern day descriptions from extraterrestrial abductees — visiting other levels and dimensions of Consciousness. p 6: Descriptions of flying discs, flying boats, and celestial chariots abound on all continents and in all [ancient] cultures. The beings descending from the heavens and those conveyances were “gods.”

Early in TBS chapter 2, Icke says, Putting together the mass of evidence, views, research and opinions that I have read or heard almost daily these past years, I feel the Anunnaki [of the Sumerian Tablets] are a race from a reptile genetic stream.

For scholars, Icke notes early in Chapter 1 TBS, that while he agrees with general themes suggested by popular Tablets translator Zecharia Sitchin, he doubts some key literal translations – including the Nibiru-Tiamat scenario. Sitchin’s tales seem since to have been ‘debunked’ in many respects. Icke says on p. 43 TBS that Sitchin personally told him there was no evidence of a serpent race and advised him (almost warned me) to abandon such research. Icke is a ‘synthesizer’ using many sources, so didn’t heed the ‘advice.’

On pp. 32-33, he says there are full-bloods and hybrids. Full-bloods are the shapeshifter bloodlines behind global control. The Prison Warders. He says he was told by a 9-year confidant of Princess Diana that she said of the Windsors, “…in all seriousness, ‘They’re not human.’” In TBS, he quotes this confidant at length, and devotes an appendix to The Windsor-Bush Bloodline.

The hybrids are …reptile-human crossbreed bloodlines… easily overtaken and controlled by a full-blood. The ‘walk-in’ phenom is, of course, quite acceptable in some belief systems – witness, The Exorcist. One ‘explanation’ for how crossbreeding was originally done: ‘GMO.’ On p. 59, TBS, Icke equates hybrid bloodlines and Black Magicians. It all sounds bizarre, indeed.

But it may not seem quite as far-fetched if one considers the “morphogenetic field.” A quantum concept, it’s a subtle-energy field surrounding us, containing the information (blueprint) necessary to shape the exact form of living things. Psychology suggests it’s hypothetical, but other disciplines suggest it’s literal. It was proposed originally by Alexander Gurwitsch and later taken up by Rupert Sheldrake.

This brings us into the realm of spirituality, or Consciousness; thus, as you might imagine, it has been considered “pseudoscience” by the know-it-alls — of course, because it can’t be conventionally detected and measured 🙂 This is a key point we’ll revisit. Meanwhile, here’s another view worth exploring.

On p. 309 TBS, Icke notes corroboration about reptilian presence from his great friend Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa (RIP), who tells of the “Chitauri.” Icke considers him to be the most amazing person he’s ever met, and has interviewed him at length.

Thus, although it may be tempting, it’s probably wiser not, to dismiss out of hand interdimensional/‘extraterrestrial‘ possibility. Nor to dismiss spiritual understanding, which includes ‘levels of Consciousness’ as well the “hologram” Icke mentions in the video below.

We’ll come back to all this in a greater context in Dénouement. So let’s imagine for now that the shapeshifters can alter their morphogenetic field and, chameleon-like, take on human form or appearance.

The reptilians have allegedly created and ‘shape-shifted’ technociety for all manner of crises: War, genocide, eugenics, illness, tyranny, terrorism, economic slavery, financial stress – and, in the last two or three decades, the global surveillance-state/direct societal/human-control system now finalizing rapidly in the technosphere.

One turning point in facilitating domination by technology and materialism in the West, to the detriment of spirituality, is said by some to have been a fundamental change in human relationship to natural cycles by which ‘time’ was reckoned. It began with Julius Caesar in 46 BC, and was a finalized by Pope Gregory the Thirteenth in 1582 with the Gregorian Calendar, which has given us the “Thirty days has September…” and “Leap Year” program.

Prior to this change, most of the world was on unvarying ‘Natural Time’ – the thirteen moon/28-day cycle. It is said that returning to natural time would help our collective planetary consciousness shift into Cosmic Consciousness and a transition toward the spiritual and preservation of our spaceship.

The ultimate difference seems to be whether or not the planet and humanity evolve by natural processes or become detoured into ‘hive mind’ by  Artificial Intelligence.

To ‘explain’ the ‘evil’ manifesting on Earth, terrible figures have been conjured up in most ancient cultures and belief systems: Satan/Lucifer, Set, Abaddon, Apollyon, Baʿl-zabūl and many others. But we will see shortly that the scenario is entirely mythical.

The sense of some form of external,’ or meta-influence on human societal development is evidenced, for example, by recent discoveries suggesting a wider swath of early “civilization” than the traditional Mesopotamian “cradle.” …the area between Mesopotamia and India spawned a host of cities and cultures between 3000 B.C.E. and 2000 B.C.E. — elaborate urban areas focused on wealth and technological innovation.

For me, obsession with materialism as way of life is a condition that, if not induced for the purpose of control, can create a ‘vulnerability’ to being controlled – like an addiction does. Such an influence was later visited upon Western Civilization, which leaned on ancient Greece, thus getting us back to Plato, then much later John Ruskin at Oxford, who favored centralized power following Plato’s concept of imposing a top-down societal structure – wealthy at the top.

Here’s a short video offering some insight into the mind trap working against emancipation from the programming that is Western Technociety, and remarking that solid bodies aren’t, really. It’s a sensory illusion. David Icke: The shapeshifter bloodlines behind global control, produced by a YouTube channel, “Becoming Supernatural.” Errors in some of the (unnecessary) video subtitles can be quite amusing, like “Pete Ophelia” for pedophilia 🙂

Shapeshifting hasn’t been demonstrated before my eyes, but I don’t think it impossible, either, and wouldn’t want to assume the arrogance required to insist I know better. It has long been part of indigenous shamanic traditions, but is ‘alien’ to thought processes conditioned in that perceptual bubble Icke speaks of. The idea of solid matter as illusion is tossed about here: Polarity, Yes … Matter? Not So Sure, getting down to the sub-atomic level.

Those who do dismiss might wish to consult an inspiring book, Shape Shifting: Shamanic Techniques for Global and Personal Transformation, by John Perkins. Quote: Amazon warriors become jaguars to soundlessly travel the jungle.

Perkins priorly wrote Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, itself a highly recommended Drama analysis of how Elite constructs are used to exploit, dominate, and enslave less-developed nations – and the role he played. He’s a great example of a majorly transformed person.

A Third Author on Secret-Society Impact

Here we come back to more detail on “perceptual bubble.” At this juncture we have two unique authors describing the momentous impact of Elite secret societies. A third involves perhaps the most significant, and the most ‘delicate,’ subject to broach.

The following is a review quote from the back cover of The Christ Conspiracy, a book by perhaps the most knowledgeable and remarkable Biblical scholar of all time: Archaeologist D.M. Murdock, also an expert in ancient languages, mythicism and astrotheology:

…archaeologist, linguist and mythologist D.M. Murdock (aka Acharya S)… marshals an enormous amount of startling evidence to demonstrate that Christianity and the story of Jesus Christ were created by members of various secret societies, mystery schools, and religions to unify the Roman Empire under one state religion. Through such fabrication, this multinational cabal drew on a multitude of myths and rituals that existed long before the Christian era, reworking them over centuries into the story and religion passed down today.

There is no intended suggestion that people should relinquish/change beliefs. Rather than deal directly with very compelling facts, however, the faithful might forgo investigation, replying that Acharya’s books are blasphemy, the work of Satan, Set, Abaddon, Apollyon, Baal (as enemy of Yahweh), Baʿl-zabūl…

Various secret societies. Multinational cabal. Meaning widespread influence and control? Also, there were at once mystery schools in Egypt, Babylon (Iraq), and Greece.

And it’s not only Christianity – Judaism, Hinduism, and Islam too. Chapter 4 in TBS, The Suns of God, discusses the connections among occultism, numerology, astrology, pagan religions, sun worship, and the “mystery schools” of Babylon and Egypt on one hand and the creation of mainstream religions on the other. One major significance of religions is an indoctrinated perception of the Nature of Being.

Religion adherents believe their holy books are divinely inspired (Bible and Koran, for example), and, again, that right is respected. One issue, however, is that the books are self-defining, while there exist mounds of external evidence seriously questioning that self-opinion. Here’s a short article showing the Bible’s composition much later than claimed.

As Murdock’s excruciating detail shows (a trait of our two other main authors), there is no external historical evidence for the existence of the Bible’s principle figures. Abraham, Moses, David, Benjamin and the rest. She also shows the clear connection to pagan and occult traditions – for example, the 12 Apostles representing the signs of the Zodiac. Icke does same.

After several pages of eye-opening detail, Icke says on p. 84 TBS, The Cabala (usual spelling Kabbalah – pt) is the esoteric stream of what is called Judaism, which in fact is a front for the Babylonian Brotherhood, as is the Vatican. The Cabala is the secret knowledge [esoteric/occult – pt] hidden within codes in the Old Testament… On p. 85, The Bible is the word of God? No, it is written in the esoteric code of the mystery schools.

Thus we have another manifestation of major societal conditioning by secret societies: Displacing occult and religiously ’forbidden’ ancient esoteric knowledge with religious dogma – for advantage and control.

Bible prophecies are cited as proof of its authenticity (only “God” could know the future); while the Bible strongly condemns spiritism, mediums, the occult, and psychics. No competition allowed? No deviation from dogma? Perceptual bubble maintained?

The Bible obviously contains wisdom and truths, intended to establish credibility; but as noted, the literal history shows there is no figure called Satan – or most likely any other single figure to whom myriad cultures have attributed evil. ‘Human nature’ has been said to be enough, but doesn’t cover the early, wide ranging network that evolved into what Woodrow Wilson described — a power “… so organized, so subtle, so watchful (All-Seeing Eye?), so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive…”

Thus, reportage here on Icke’s Prison Warder hypothesis, which, after all, is not much more fantastic than aspects of religious dogma people seem to have little trouble accepting on faith. And that is the perceptual bubble, reproduced generationally.

It’s important also to remember that occult/esoteric per se is not evil. As noted, the word means secret or ‘hidden’ — hidden knowledge of the forces, energies and Nature of Being. Satanism is a part of occultism, but is a choice: To use energies for domination, sadistic thrill and enhancing Power.

One source of great satisfaction for the cabal is the irony of displaying their symbols openly in society, but deceptively, like an inside joke. Examples abound. An obvious one is the Eye on the dollar bill. Another interesting one concerns the figures Nimrod and his wife Queen Semiramis – from ancient legends. Nimrod is presented in the Bible’s Book of Genesis.

On p. 52 TBS, Icke says the names Nimrod/Semiramis represented beings …from the reptile bloodlines which also became known as Titans… The irony here concerns the symbol of freedom for the US. The Statue of Liberty was provided by French Freemasons.

First, the eternal flame is a Brotherhood symbol, while the crown is that of Semiramis, representing the rays of the sun around her head. She’s a Babylonian religious figure and Brotherhood deity. For the Brotherhood, it means ‘We control this country you believe is yours.’

Oh, what the heck, one more (speaking of Titans): The economic/market/psychological value of gold? An Illuminati program. An induced belief. It’s the solar metal of the gods. A gold statue of a major symbol of the Watchers, legendary Greek god Prometheus — suffered ‘for the people’ chained (‘crucified’) to a rock, stabbed — stands at Rockefeller Center in New York.

The interlopers seem to have favored the white race as ‘home office,’ explaining the ‘whiteness’ of advancing technology, and maybe the ultimate source white supremacy? Again, history is laced with examples, continuing today, of white people bringing technology to bear on lower-tech, darker skinned ones globally.

The “System”: Corrupted, or Itself a Corruption?

Both, actually. Deep Society – Power’s spawn, comprising a bucket list of Elite constructs popularly considered normal, which came to define technociety — is itself the problem. It began with induced beliefs in the perceptual bubble, then became technociety via rigged and crooked economic systems under the distortion/construct institutionalized government, the fundamental societal organ too easily ‘toxified,’ thus in Power’s pocket.

For lack of better opportunity, I’ll mention here an exemplary, nasty global operation rarely if ever discussed, even in ‘alternative’ or activist outlets (but it is at Activist Post – Ed.): Codex Alimentarius, aka food imperialism. Codex was established in 1963 (!) by UN (part of Round Table secret society) Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (yikes) to set global food, beverage and supplement standards.

WTO joined up after its creation in 1995 as the enforcement arm, to ensure that all signatories adhered to CODEX standards. Despite its high-sounding purpose, CODEX is fundamentally a codification of illness/slow genocide (now accelerating), as its goal is to allow only preposterously low-potency and expensive supplements to be marketed.

The need for supplements, in turn, was created by the introduction of toxic agriculture, chemicalized food processing, spewing Industrial Revolution poison into the environment, and the dominance of the iatrogenic disease-management construct called conventional medicine.

For a time, it appeared that global overhaul (NWO) would be implemented via the WTO’s trade regions (unions), which agreements are powerful instruments unelected bureaucrat ‘enforcers’ at WTO can use to intimidate governments. Huge fines can be imposed on any nation that prevents even potential profit by, say, protecting environment and human rights.

A major reason the “US” hated Venezuela/Chavez was that he (and Evo Morales of Bolivia) refused to join the American Union, which was to be a massive zone from Canada through S. America. This threw a big wrench.

Miraculously, we avoided the Trans Pacific Partnership Elite-servant Obamanation worked so tirelessly to promote. It was purely a corporate feeding-trough give-away to Power, and dire threat to labor, environment and social justice. Maybe, it was ‘called off’ as it became more apparent that total control was coming in the technosphere, with the advent of wireless tech?

Materialism as Way of Life: Economic Slavery Sold as Freedom

The central theme of Advanced Technology… is that “Nature-alienated” masses have (literally) bought their own enslavement by indulging seductions ‘sold’ as the essence of freedom: wealth, materialistic obsession and unbridled technology predicated on violent and toxic extractivism.

This Earth-liquidating ‘WesternCiv’ way of life (politely called the “developed world”) is an intentional, inherently pathological, ultimately suicidal assault on the planet for flowing wealth to the top. Crises arising from relentless Earth liquidation for profit, ‘thing-happiness’ and convenience can then be exploited to advance the control Agenda.

Nor does a crisis even have to be based in fact. A blatant example is the CO2-based climate-change fairy tale, an Elite operation (Problem) creating fear of disaster (Reaction), and acceptance of sweeping change requiring ‘global management – Agenda 21/30 and Great Reset (Solution).

This paper shows that the Kings of OilCo created the IPCC, a central mechanism to sell the climate psyop. In concert with politicized science, of course. In Sutton’s terms, we have Power Holders handing off transformed Policy to Technicians and Propagandists. Hut! 2, 3… Most ‘victims’ of this cultural tragedy heartily embrace and defend it — the kind of cruel irony the Elite thrive on. Another unquestioned, normalized ’winner’ for technociety: ‘Permanent’ toxic infrastructure on ocean shorelines and river flood plains. This requires intelligence and skill and is called progress. A testament to Elite programming for profit, slavery and self-destruction.

The “Idiotized Society”: Conditioned dependence for ‘prosperity’ and even survival upon artificial, self-destructive, ultimately suicidal, ways and means — the Grand Oxymoron. Broader society embraces a life of normalized insanity unrecognized as such. Thus, way of life seems to precede population level as threat to survival.

A major hallmark of the Idiotized Society, the Holy of Holies and a Power construct: The economic (slavery) system. Rigged, crooked, self-devouring, with poverty structured in; held up by a money psyop and economics propaganda, it’s a discussion for another article.

Though the ‘direct’ cause of environmental and health threats may be regarded, for example, as ElectroMagneticFields and toxins, the deeper cause is the Nature-alienated, dissociated techno-human psyche. Although that has been much facilitated, taking some responsibility as enablers might serve us better than the finger-pointing approach. More on this in Part 4.ß

Only by the most outrageous violation of ourselves do we come into conformity with a society bent on its own destruction. – R.D. Laing

By contrast, Native Americans who were Nature-tuned, understanding that harm to their Mother Earth was harm to self, refused even to implement the wheel for transportation (the Maya used them for children’s toys). Interesting is evidence that Native S. Americans were instrumental in creating the Amazon rainforest.

Ancient Hawaiians walked the forest for as long as it took to find a tree ready to become a canoe. Under Elite influence, however, technohumans have leveled old-growth forests without a second thought, murdering the web of life within, to meet the ‘needs’ – of the most important species on earth, of course.

Please note, Native cultures inhabited the Americas for as long as 20,000 -30,000 years before Whitey began his systematic rape. One major indigenous change made in North America was burning the plains of what became the US to increase buffalo population. That turned out to be wise.

One notable ‘Native’ exception, in my opinion, was the Inca civilization of Peru (a ‘cradle’), whose history of conquest and wealth obsession suggests Elite influence. They exhibited technological ability reminiscent of pyramid construction. They had ‘royalty’ (emperors chosen by bloodline), class grouping (lowest were farmers :-). And they were sun worshipers.

Another exception seems to be the ancient Maya. In TBS, Icke explains in detail the value of blood, especially young, to the reptilians, as a potent source of nourishment and for the ability to hold the ‘shift.’ For the Maya (“cradle” of Mexico?), the sacrifice of a young person was a powerful blood offering to feed their ‘deities,’ suggesting reptilian influence.

It’s worth re-stating that operators infiltrate and influence all sides in the contrived left/right/center, left-center/right-center, neo-liberal yada yada political Drama continuum. Thus, presidential elections are Drama in which Go-Fers are dangled before voters, presenting opposing views about running things, while working for the same ‘boss.’ Appearances.

Thus, talk about rigged elections is mostly a waste of time, since it makes no fundamental difference. The ship of state may tack this way and that, but the port of call remains. Yes, ‘tacks’ can be ‘good’ or ‘bad’ on significant levels, but to ‘settle’ for it (e.g., FDR New Deal) or for protest Drama is ultimately fatal. Should a ‘rogue’ somehow make it to the puppet seat, the limitation cited by Sutton would still be in effect – if the individual survived.

Mentioned earlier is the misguided notion that Trump was/is the Savior. Instead, he did a masterful job of serving Power by remarkably intensifying divisiveness among system believers who don’t even know they’re on the same team. The reality is beyond anything Trump or any of his champions ever mention. And in the popular field of perception, people bicker in vain over political ‘wings’ and ‘isms.’

But if you believe in the System, here’s a suggested Pledge of Allegiance:

I pledge a grievance to the thieves of the United States of America,
And mourn the Republic that almost was…
One Nation under-informed, easily divisible, with privilege and impunity for the few.

Read Part 4: Dénouement

Peter Tocci is a retired massage therapist/wellness consultant and conspiracy ‘factualist’ with an abiding interest in exploring ‘managed’ and hidden history, nefarious covert agendas, and mainstream/mainstream-alternative news-media dereliction, distortion and suppression. He has written for Health Freedom News, Trends Journal, and New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine. He wrote for, and was for a time, assistant editor of, Health Consciousness Magazine, Roy B Kupsinel, MD editor and publisher.

He has edited/prepared manuscripts of four books for submission to publishers: His father, Nilo Tocci’s self-published (1,000 copies) 1979 account of the life and times of first and second-generation Italian immigrants from the 1920s – 1979, Italian Life Lincoln Terrace Style – Ninety-six families, 432 people, as one great one, living on one street in Leominster, MA; Kevin Trudeau’s 1995 Mega Memory; Mike Scott’s Equine Massage/Muscle Therapy (1997, original spiral bound version); Robert O. Young’s 2001 Sick and Tired? (co-authored, actually).

© 2021, Peter G Tocci. All Rights Reserved

Top image: Pixabay

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