How Power Created, Shaped, Manipulates and Controls Techno-Human Society: A Synthesis — Part 2 of 4: Tentacles of Power

By Peter Tocci

[Part 1 – The Power Hierarchy]

Institutionalized government has been discussed as a key Elite construct for mass herding and control. Controlling IGs in turn is the supremely powerful psychopath construct called private banking. It’s the best example of an unnecessary, enslaving development considered ‘normal/essential.’ A ringing testament to shaping the collective psyche, this Elite Death Grip on nations and people stands officially, and in many minds, as a noble institution. Orwellian.

The whole house of cards, and the control of the human race, is based on the charging of interest on money. – David Icke

A subject for its own article, the private/central banking system and subset, financial system comprise infrastructure for a rigged and crooked system of economic slavery sold as freedom. Banking is not a spontaneous development, beneficial, or even necessary, but innate crime: Crime by its very nature, regardless of legality.

What is the crime of robbing a bank compared to that of founding one? – Berthold Brecht

I am afraid the ordinary citizen will not like to be told that the banks can and do create money. And they who control the credit of the nation direct the policy of Governments and hold in the hollow of their hand the destiny of the people. – Reginald McKenna, British Chancellor of the Exchequer as Chairman of the Midland Bank, addressing stockholders in 1924

The Great Depression (resulting from the Stock Market crash) was not accidental. It was a carefully contrived occurrence…The international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so they might emerge as rulers of us all. Attributed to Louis McFadden US Congressman (R-PA) 1915-1935, Chairman of House Banking and Currency Committee. Poisoned in 1936 (stepped out of line?)

“Attributed,” because it seems to be a paraphrase (more later). McFadden apparently didn’t realize “us all” were already ‘rulered,’ and the main thrust of that Elite operation was transfer of wealth. It has that in common with another contrivance facilitating global tyranny: COVID.

Here’s a great (older) diagram by Andrew Gavin Marshall at, showing the global banking cartel’s many interconnections (via personnel, as Sutton does). Lots of Hydra heads here.

A banking impact of which many truthseekers are aware: ‘Everyone who’s anyone’ in DC knows big banks launder illegal-drug money, but no one dares make a public point or do anything about it. Who’s keeping that lid on?

One of the dirty little secrets behind the housing bubble is the long standing partnership of narcotics trafficking and mortgage fraud and the use of the two in combination to target and destroy minority and poor communities with highly profitable economic warfare. This model is global. It is operating in countries throughout the world as well as in US communities. – Catherine Austin Fitts, former HUD Assistant Secretary, Bush 1

The premiere Elite constructs – the money psyop, economic/financial system, banks and governments – are controlled from the top via the Pyramid by the cabal that created and exploited them via earlier Pyramid iterations. But these constructs are in turn controlled using a foundational Elite construct not widely discussed: a global secret society network.

Secret Societies Run Deep; Into Your Life They Will Creep

Perhaps Sutton’s (see Part 1) most important work is America’s Secret Establishment; An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones (1986). Covering about a century, circa 1850 to circa 1950, ASE documents, name by name in Sutton’s excruciatingly detailed way, the infiltration of operatives from that secret society into every key venue of American society: Finance, politics, government, military, education, entertainment, media and more. The book focuses on the US, but is a global model.

These ‘infil-traitors’ were/are pre-conditioned members of “the Order,” the Elite secret society at Yale University. It’s a major one in the global network, which Icke refers to as the “Babylonian Brotherhood.” In effect, it comprises all three levels of Sutton’s model.

There is not a crime, there is not a dodge, there is not a trick, there is not a swindle, there is not a vice, that does not live by secrecy. – Joseph Pulitzer

Those who take oaths to politically powerful secret societies cannot be depended on for loyalty to a democratic republic. – John Quincy Adams

The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings. – John F. Kennedy

‘Infiltraitoration’ is a far more effective tactic than lobbying/bribing (which is more or less a side show), because these folks are conditioned to need no more incentive (even though they get it) to betray their nations and people. They do posture and smile and look serious if they get media attention, though. Some may be mind-controlled as well (more below).

Brotherhood members can be anyone, anywhere (FDR for example). Thus, the Brotherhood network manipulates the world. Icke’s books are notable for detailing this premiere international Elite stronghold, which, as implied above, is virtually ignored by mainstream historians, professional and self-styled political analysts, social commentators/pundits, news media and so on.

From ASE back cover:

 After 16 books and 25 years in basic research [going to original sources, not others’ research – pt] I thought I’d heard it all . . . the world was a confused mess, probably beyond understanding and certainly beyond salvation — and there was little I could do about it.

Back in 1968 my Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development was published by the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. In three substantial volumes I detailed how the West had built the Soviet Union. However, the work generated a seemingly insoluble puzzle — WHY have we done this? WHY did we build the Soviet Union, while we also transferred technology to Hitler’s Germany? WHY does Washington want to conceal these facts? WHY have we boosted Soviet military power?

In subsequent books, the “Wall Street” series [Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, Wall Street and the Rise of the Bolsheviks – PT] I added more questions — but no answers. I had more or less arrived at the conclusion that there was no rational answer that could be proven.

Then a year or so ago I received an eight-inch batch of documents — nothing less than the membership lists of an American secret society. Glancing through the sheets it was more than obvious — this was no ordinary group. The names spelled Power, with a capital P. As I probed each individual a pattern emerged . . . and a formerly fuzzy world became crystal clear. 

The book you will read here is a combined version of a series reporting on this research. Each volume builds on the previous volume in a logical step-by-step process.

These volumes will explain WHY the West built the Soviets and Hitler [Prescott Bush, Averell Harriman involved in both – pt]; WHY we go to war…; WHY Wall Street loves Marxists AND Nazis; … WHY the Churches have become propaganda founts; WHY historical facts are suppressed; WHY politicians LIE and a hundred other WHYs.

… If I have a Magnum Opus, this is it.

Antony C. Sutton
Phoenix, Arizona

SO, Sutton and Icke converge on the critical secret-society issue. Later we’ll visit another key author who reveals a most extraordinary impact of secret societies. Although Sutton discusses the “Illuminati,” it’s Adam Weishaupt’s Bavarian offshoot, not the ancient cabal discussed momentarily (there is often confusion about this among ‘theorists’). Thus, the ultimate “WHY” is never reached, even though the Elite MO and machine are helpfully depicted.

The Wall Street “loves” Sutton notes – Marxists and Nazis – also includes Communist regimes, Fascism and ‘Democracy’ – all Elite-controlled IG constructs or ‘fronts’. Much is made by putatively free nations about the inferiority of totalitarian socialist/communist/fascist systems and dictatorships. But those distortions are further corrupted as well.

Usually omitted is that all forms self-righteously considered ‘inferior’ could work equitably enough, strictly from the ‘management’ point of view, if run benignly and not infiltraitored. I’m not sure IGs of any kind have ever achieved that, however.

A great and rare example of success on that level was Gaddafi’s socialist dictatorship, Libya, whose social programs were putting Western democracies to shame. Martin Luther King would have swooned. It had to go (see The System: Corrupted… below).

There seems to be no term for Constitutional Republic-acy or -ism :-). Obvious is that ‘Democratic Republic’ is no guarantee of sanity. No better example than Democratic Republic of Congo, surrendered by infiltraitored leaders as absolute fodder for avaricious, murderous corporate and individual Elite servants. Once again, Keith Harmon Snow reveals.

My theory is that, beyond the obvious goal of establishing polarized opposition and international tensions, the corrupted, overtly enslaving nations serve the purpose of convincing the deceptively enslaved people in the corrupted “free” nations how good they have it.

The ‘free’ slaves will then be more than willing and happy to keep their noses to the blood-money wheel, and have the fruits of their labor stolen to finance (concocted) wars and high lifestyles of politicians and officials. And in the US, especially, to feel all Good-Guy superior.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. – Goethe

An essential corollary is that a certain group of infiltraitors/operatives comprise what is known to many in the US as the Deep State (DS). As Icke and Sutton have shown, Elite reach extends well beyond the ‘state,’ so DS is just a fraction of ‘Deep System,’ or ‘Deep Society.’ Advanced Technology: Does Society’s Obsession Reflect a Form of Collective Mental Illness? expands on this.

It’s most helpful to understand DS as the product of infiltraitoration and other aspects of control. Common to many nations, DS is subject to Power, and does not set or orchestrate policy, as is commonly thought – except as directed. Same can be said of technocrats/technocracy. The three lower levels in Sutton’s model.

To demonstrate the reach of Power via many and varied, but interlacing, entities, other powerful Elite servants deserve brief discussion. Among them, Illuminati, Freemasonry, Black Nobility, Knights Templar, Knights of Malta/Knights of St John, and the Jesuits, which latter group, with the Knights of Malta, controls the Roman Catholic Church, using it to serve the Illuminati.

There are claims that one or another of these entities is the supreme controlling influence; but it’s much more likely that collectively they all serve Power, although they will even compete. As Icke notes in his books, these histories may vary according to sources. Our purpose here, however, is not academic precision, but to convey the nature, and a sense of the extent, of this influence on humanity. Only brief sketches can be drawn.

The Illuminati hail from antiquity. P. 179-80,TSF:

It is a covert force which has created or taken over groups and organisations to manipulate the world in the desired direction. The Illuminati’s greatest weapon is … advanced esoteric knowledge … and the misuse and abuse of  that knowledge. [my emphasis]

Thus, ‘Illuminati’ – the ‘Illumined Ones’ (how they see themselves) – are possessed of knowledge which relatively few others have, and which gives them advantage.

Since Elite power stems from their misuse of esoteric knowledge and their conscious connection to their ‘gods,’ the Prison Warders, it’s no stretch to imagine that the “Black Magicians,” whose greatest weapon is advanced esoteric knowledge created the ancient “covert force,” called the Illuminati, presumably by conveying the knowledge to initiates.

[The Illuminati] … became members of other secret societies and ‘illuminised’ them – took them over and used them to destabilise nations and hasten the New World Order. They did the same with governments, banking, commerce, the military, and the media, on behalf of the Elite.

Of course, most of the above disrupted societal elements were in the first place Elite constructs. Especially banking. In other words, distortions appearing to be spontaneous, necessary, even good, but established to be part of the developing control system.

Icke makes a distinction among Masonry, Freemasonry and “Illuminised Freemasonry,” the latter means bringing in the misused esoteric knowledge. The standard history of Masonry varies depending on source, but generally, it was once a society of stonemasons who organized to protect their profession.

Freemasonry arose later, ‘aided’ by Knights Templar, after Henry VIII broke with Rome and went about looting everywhere he could, including monasteries (T. Cromwell), guilds and masonry societies. Freemasonry membership then began expanding to accept non-masons, including the monied set.

The Knights Templar were formed as the protectors and military wing of a secret society called the Order of Sion, later the Priory of Sion. Sion derives from an ancient name for the Sun. Icke says (p.137 TBS) that according to the book Holy Blood, Holy Grail, Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the later Grand Masters of the Priory of Sion. He was sponsored by the Medici banking family … of the Venetian Black Nobility. … The Templars were connected to the Knights of Malta … and these links very much continue today.

The founder of the Jesuits, the Spaniard Ignatius Loyola, formed a secret society within … initiates were called the ‘Alumbrados’ … the ‘enlightened,’ the ‘Illuminated.’ In May of 1776, a Jesuit, German Professor Adam Weishaupt, formed the Bavarian offshoot, of which Sutton speaks, of the ancient illuminati. It was controlled by the Rothschilds.

Knights of Malta is interesting in that it coordinates its covert activities with Illuminised Freemasonry, and has enormous influence within the system. It’s official head is the Pope! (p. 193, TSF). One can assume that the Knights and “Illuminised” Jesuits also coordinate. The Knights of St John are based in London and their official head is the King or Queen.

Also interesting is that two CIA directors were known to be Maltas – John McCone and William Casey. Casey was a prime mover involved in the Iran-Contra operation. Operator Oliver North – who brokered the arms deal with Iran, and, at the least, consorted with known cocaine traffickers – was represented by the law firm of Bennet Williams, a Knight of Malta. North, of course, got a suspended sentence and a TV show.

Most interesting perhaps, the man at the center of the so-called “business plot” to depose President FDR by coup (we will shortly see FDR’s Elite connections), using the famous retired Marine Smedley Butler, was Knight of Malta John J. Raskob. His name is omitted from all mainstream accounts of this operation; but here’s one off the beaten path. Odd is that all reports I found that include this detail are from Bible enthusiasts.

The latter Drama is key for two reasons: 1) it demonstrates that Elite factions can and will compete tooth and nail, the first caveats being, never thwart the Agenda or give away the game; and 2) Congressional hearings on this were long kept from public view.

The Black Nobility was and is a major force for domination and control. It arose in Italy subsequent to struggles for supremacy in what are known as the Guelf-Ghibelline conflicts in the 12th and 13th centuries. Guelfs (also Guelph) eventually prevailed to become the Black Nobility families, all connected within the Global Elite network.

The ‘black’ refers to utter lack of scruple, the sine qua non of all Power players – a badge of honor among them, actually. In short, the BN amassed a huge fortune in banking and international trade, set up major financial centers in Lombardy, moved northward to Hamburg and Amsterdam, and eventually became dominant in England.

Through a secret society called the Orange Order, BN put William of Orange (a Dutchman with a German father) on the throne in 1689, leading to the Bank of England and national debt. About a century ahead of the Rothschilds.

An interesting irony is that the royal House of Windsor, of which the Britons are so enamored, is a name-changed Illuminati bloodline – Saxe-Coburg-Gotha – from a country with which England was twice at war-no-accident: Germany.

Another major secret-society impact is that agents of one called Order of the Black Hand assassinated Archduke Ferdinand, setting off WW 1 – between cousins, as noted earlier. Almost at the same moment, an attempt was made on Rasputin (adviser to Tsar Nickolas II), who was against the war.

The process Sutton documents wasn’t new. Accounts vary wildly, but evidence suggests that it affected the American Revolution and Founding, which were laced with secret-society oath takers as Freemasons:

  • George Washington (held 200 slaves while president of the Land of the Free)
  • Thomas Jefferson (Deist with some evidence of Masonic connections – held 600 slaves while president)
  • Samuel Adams – close and principle associate of Freemasons Hancock and Revere
  • Benjamin Franklin – first Grand Master of the Pennsylvania Freemasons
  • Patrick Henry
  • William Dawes
  • Ethan Allen
  • Edmund Burke
  • John Claypoole
  • John Jay
  • John Paul Jones
  • John Brown
  • Roger Sherman
  • Robert Livingston
  • Colonel Benjamin Tupper

Sources for this list are several and varied in tone, providing a mix of accounts, including how wonderful and how terrible the Lodge is. Distrust and suspicion of it even resulted in the creation of a ‘third’ political party in 1828 called the Anti-Mason Party (pulling no punches :-).

The party arose from suspicion that a man named William Morgan, who intended to publish a book exposing secrets, mysteriously disappeared and was apparently murdered. The mission failed, and the party disbanded in 1840.

The most consistent sources for me have been Icke’s books, because he traces both membership and deeds by which to ‘know’ them. Mere membership doesn’t indicate covert villainy.

Shortly after July 4, 1776, came a possible example of secret-society influence, this time in the banking venue. George Washington, who had become a Freemason, appointed the banksters’ friend Treasury Secretary. Within two years, Alexander Hamilton realized his ambition with the creation of the Bank of the United States.

BUS was a private bank whose ultimate goal was to create interest-bearing debt. It was allowed to have branches in multiple states, and though it lacked many features of a modern central bank, it was allowed to lend money to the US Government.

Almost certainly due to Elite influence, that ‘piece of paper’ Dubya spoke of contains a fatal provision for future enslavement: Article I, Section 8, Paragraph 2: Congress shall have the power to borrow money on the credit of the United States.

There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt. – John Adams

Of course, “conquer and enslave” applies to the people as well, and private banking was allowed to roam the Land (for) Free like the buffalo. Unfortunately, the wrong roamer got wiped out.

Ironically, a true, publicly owned United States Bank, replacing the Federal Reserve and all private banks, is a major transitional element of the re-direction needed today. It could provide all monies necessary to run Government, make loans at no interest, and eliminate the neo-feudal innate crime called the income tax.

Eyebrows might rise again upon realizing that FDR also never bothered to explain that he knew well enough in advance to have warned the Pearl Harbor fleet, but left it exposed and helpless to outrage a citizenry disinclined to another war, thus dragging the US into WW II (planned from at least 1919), and allowing FDR to bail out his cousin, warmonger Winston.

Suggestive is that fleet destruction and deaths weren’t necessary. Just exposing the sneak attack, possibly avoiding it, or even defending it as well as possible, would have done it. The tale is told, again in excruciating detail, in Day of Deceit, Robert B. Stinnett (a Navy man).

In RFK Jr’s Berlin Talk, at about 8:28, his glowing words about FDR, the Depression and its effects take on new meaning when seen through the Power lens. For one thing, FDR — a 33rd degree Freemason, and a Knight of Pythias in the Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystics Shrine — ‘forgot’ to tell Americans what McFadden told Congress in 1932.

McFadden has been accused of being a Jew hater. Was it to discredit the truth he spoke? The opening words of his 1932 speech follow (a stunning read, in which the word “Jew” does not appear) It’s followed by two opposing views promoting expansion of interest-bearing debt on behalf of homeowners and the construction industry.

Mr. Chairman, we have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever seen. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve banks. The Federal Reserve Board has cheated the Government of the United States and the people of the United States out of enough money to pay the national debt. (first page, right hand column)

Exposure in Congress of central-bankster Elite operatives and their motives is probably what got him poisoned (after two shooting attempts), although details are a bit sketchy. Instructive is that nothing came of his ‘sacrifice.’ No one listened to Smedley Butler, either. Or to the many deep criticisms of the system.

Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public disbelief. – Marshall McLuhan

(Speaking of troubling Constitution bits, Article 1, Section 9 refers to Habeas Corpus as a privilege that can be suspended if a rebellion (or invasion) is deemed to threaten public safety! I confess, I was sure this core aspect of ‘justice’ was a right. But how convenient, terrorism, eh? And never mind now – opposing COVID restrictions).

Another connection might raise eyebrows further: In Alice and Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster, David Icke tells of massive criminal operations conducted through a bank called BCCI, Bank of Credit and Commerce International (later nicknamed the Bank of Crooks and Criminals International).

It was formed and financed in the 1970s by Pakistani financier Agha Hasan Abedi, CIA, Bank of America, and a close associate of Bill Clinton’s, Jackson Stevens. It grew to 400 branches in 78 countries.

BCCI specialized in drug-money laundering, and was used by elements within the CIA, British Intelligence and the Mossad (Israeli intelligence). With this in mind, I coined a term in response to the “Axis of Evil” propaganda Dubya Bush used in his post 9/11 State of the Union address (Iran, North Korea, Iraq): the Elite Axis of Evil – US, Great Britain, Israel – three special zones of Rothschild domination.

True to Elite form, through BCCI, money was used to finance Saddam, Osama, and a terrorist group called Abu Nidal, as well as Iran-Contra operations in Nicaragua. It was also used for hiding the assets of the rich. BUT, p. 57: The involvement of the Rothschilds at the heart of the BCCI was never mentioned or investigated by the media.

Perhaps the max eyebrow-raiser: On p. 56: The Bank De Credit International (BCI), a similar operation …of the Mossad agent Rabbi Tibor Rosenbaum … was used by the British-American Intelligence network involved in the assassination of President Kennedy (see And the Truth Shall Set You Free). In TSF, however, Icke’s main focus is on the third tool in the Elite Axis of Evil – Israel/Mossad.

Icke gives credit to perhaps the best book ever written on JFK assassination Drama: Final Judgment by Michael Collins Piper. First published in 1994 at 335 pages, it’s now in 6th edition, 2005, 665 pages. Piper has been so meticulous as to cite 15 errors in previous editions which have been corrected. It also contains revelation Drama on the RFK assassination in Chapter 18: The Heir to the Throne: The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy: Israel, Iran, Lansky and the CIA.

So the ‘eyebrow series’ is a multifaceted example of how focus on Drama and ‘perps’ alone can distract us from the common denominator: Power. Those were major operations with several manipulated/controlled Elite constructs involved – infiltraitored government, intelligence and security agencies, legal system, finance, media…  and banking. All ‘pyramidally’ orchestrated.

It makes no fundamental difference which one, two, or three or more of these Elite masks carries any given day. Same ‘boss,’ making them one beast, really, with multiple arms.

Beyond Infiltration

Beyond infiltration and political lobbying/bribing, four other covert means of politics control by Power deserve mention. They rarely if ever come to light in political harangues — X factors that render most Drama analysis anything from guesswork to utter nonsense:

  • Blackmail – perhaps a traditional Elite favorite. It’s a big reason for surveillance, data mining and the drive toward “Total Information Awareness.” Any compromising fact lurking in files can be unholstered quickly should the need arise.
  • Outright threat – ‘Wouldn’t it be terrible if something happened to your wife/husband or that daughter of yours at university.’
  • Manchurian candidate syndrome – total mind control. Here, players believe everything they say. Traditional methods involved various forms of trauma. For a comprehensive view of the past, please see (brutally long) The Minds of Men – 2018. Also in the traditional vein is the book TRANCE Formation of America, by Cathy O’Brien with Mark Phillips, the story of a CIA (Elite front) mind-control slave. Videos exist online as well.

Technologically, direct, total population control by microwave is already ‘on the table.’ And here are two alleged good-for-us modalities that could be helpful, but you wouldn’t want them serving the ruthless will of Power: 1) a military lecture describing an unsettling level of brain research involving macro implants; and 2) a techno-‘wonder’ involving “neural dust” and high-frequency sound waves.

I’m thinking for nearly three years now, for two-way control, brain nanobots to smart phone to AI and back again. Nanotech spinach can send emails about soil conditions. Why not brain/mind conditions?

  • Elimination – self explanatory.

Drama virtually defines D.C. politics – a Dog-and-Pony Show running a Good-Cop/Bad-Cop routine, good or bad depending on which set of political dogma one has chosen to embrace. It’s designed to keep people, ‘pundits’ and would-be’s at each others’ throats while the beat goes on in the background (but becoming more ‘audible’ by the day).

While political Drama provides divisive effect, it can sometimes also result in beneficial outcomes, not that anything fundamental changes. No better example than FDR’s New Deal, a bone thrown to economic slaves to salve Depression wounds deliberately inflicted, and to prevent literal uprising. It’s like most drug-treated illness: Drugs force the body to relinquish symptoms, while underlying conditions persist, appearing later as ‘something else.’

Above the Law

If anyone thinks the law or regulation will mitigate or stop technological assaults, I applaud the optimism, but suggest naiveté. It’s not if/when total enslavement will come – absent a mass awakening – but by what means or combination of means. We’re ‘halfway’ there already.

The law (Roman legal system) is an Elite construct designed to manage the many while the relative few operate above it. The legal system will bring only expendables to justice. ‘Busting’ players, even by Common Law, is also analogous to the medical drug approach, attacking symptoms instead of underlying disease. Once more:

There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root. – Henry David Thoreau

Substitute expendables wait ‘in the wings.’ They’re not very timid about consequences if they can get their ‘shot,’ nor, when visible, do they look like the obedient go-fers they are, and may even play the savior role.

Two great examples, Bill Gates and Elon Musk: Go-Fers. So much focus on Gates without putting him in context amounts to distraction. Not even a Power Holder, he does what he’s told. Propagandist fits, but he also Operates by means of investments and partnerships, visible here. I believe that’s Daddy G looking on:

For example, it’s known that Gates has acquired 242,000 acres of US farmland (looking a bit jowled and worn in the pic, though). The Elite want total control of food via toxic industrial ag managed by AI, a serious hacking issue (genuine or staged).

I read somewhere recently that Gates has expressed shock that people are saying terrible things about him. Two possibilities: He’s putting us on, or, can the reader guess? A victim of Mind Control. Wouldn’t all his haters be surprised to discover someday that compassion was more appropriate. This can apply also to the expendables waiting in the wings for their ‘shot’ at the brass ring.

In deference to those who still wish to make Gates the piñata, here’s one reason: He created a foundation in Switzerland, the land of corruption, called GAVI — Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations — which has major influence with the WHO, and which has total immunity (transcript) from legal investigation . He’s even tried to get himself on the WHO Executive Board, making him a one-person nation!

In my view, however, Musk is more dangerous by very far.

I suspect that few expendables are major ‘bloodliners,’ but may still be groomed for ‘service’. Tsar Nicholas II must have been, given his relations. The most recent major self-styled savior in the great Drama wherein this principle applies is, of course, ‘Trumpy Bear’. It’s actually an ongoing farce, with the preposterous suggestion that he was scuttled to protect the guilty, and that, like the Terminator, he’ll be back. This keeps a sizable Audience distracted. Hero Player.

Read Part 3: Vibration Diet?

Read Part 4: Dénouement

Peter Tocci is a retired massage therapist/wellness consultant and conspiracy ‘factualist’ with an abiding interest in exploring ‘managed’ and hidden history, nefarious covert agendas, and mainstream/mainstream-alternative news-media dereliction, distortion and suppression. He has written for Health Freedom News, Trends Journal, and New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine. He wrote for, and was for a time, assistant editor of, Health Consciousness Magazine, Roy B Kupsinel, MD editor and publisher.

He has edited/prepared manuscripts of four books for submission to publishers: His father, Nilo Tocci’s self-published (1,000 copies) 1979 account of the life and times of first and second-generation Italian immigrants from the 1920s – 1979, Italian Life Lincoln Terrace Style – Ninety-six families, 432 people, as one great one, living on one street in Leominster, MA; Kevin Trudeau’s 1995 Mega Memory; Mike Scott’s Equine Massage/Muscle Therapy (1997, original spiral bound version); Robert O. Young’s 2001 Sick and Tired? (co-authored, actually).

© 2021, Peter G Tocci. All Rights Reserved

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