Return To The Garden of “EDEN” Now

By Neenah Payne

Vin Armani is the author of the 2017 book Self-Ownership: The Foundation of Property and Morality. He also wrote the 2021 book Render Unto Caesar: Prophecy, Profit, and Proof Of Work in The Dim Age.

The description of his most recent book says:

“Our global culture is undergoing a massive shift. We can all feel the change taking place, but we are unable to fully grasp the nature or the significance of the change. In this book, Vin Armani takes you into the very essence of the journey that humanity, as a whole, is taking out of a material worldview and into a mystical worldview — a journey into The Dim Age.”

Are You Choosing The Light In The Dim Age? reviews Armani’s discussion of what he calls “The Dim Age” that we are in now and discusses some of the steps he has taken and recommends now. The article links to several interviews with Armani and to two of his courses on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies which he describes as essential for freedom in the growing global tyranny.

In Episode 379 – Navigating the Dim Age with Vin Armani, Armani explains that The Dim Age is an age of magical technology — like our cell phones which none of us can explain how they work. He contrasts that with the Amish who understand all their technology. Armani shows the connections between the COVID policies, the Salem Witch Trials, and Nazi Germany. He points out that genocide is the norm throughout history. He explains that censorship by Big Tech and Central Bank Digital Currencies are ominous steps in that direction. He says this is why Bitcoin is key as is a community of like-minded people who are taking steps now to become more self-sufficient. Armani explains that the community you form now will be your Ark during the coming Flood.

Armani warns that we are in dangerous times now and the crackdown on dissidents will be next — with people arrested, given indefinite detention, and disappeared. See Politicians and MSM Compare Those Who Question Vaccine Safety to “Domestic Terrorists” and Digital Trails: How the FBI Is Identifying, Tracing and rounding up Dissidents. Armani says the deterioration is going to hit everyone and he expects most people to suffer. However, people who learn now how to navigate this shift of the ages can thrive.

COVID Policies Accelerate Global Government

Naomi Wolf: We’ve Reached “Step Ten” of the 10 Steps to Fascism shows that the COVID “health” policies have finally pushed the world into fascism on the pretext of protecting humanity from a “deadly pandemic”. Decoding Davos — The Global Endgame says: “This in-depth documentary will take you on a journey of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum’s bid for total control of the planet.” The video explains that suppression of individuals for the “good of the whole” overrides both our Constitutional rights and the nation state to create a fascist one world government elected by no one.

Who Would Have Guessed “Demolition Man” Would Be the Most Prophetic Movie of the ’90s? points out:

“Do you remember back in the ’90s when we’d watch movies about self-driving cars and bizarre totalitarian futures and we’d laugh and laugh because it all seemed so far-fetched? After all, we lived in the United States of America. One might expect that the most accurate predictions of the future would be in a serious documentary or an academic work. Instead, Demolition Man, an action-adventure movie starring Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, and Sandra Bullock turned out to be right on the money. In the movie, a cop and a criminal from the ’90s were punished by being frozen. When they were reawakened in 2032, they were baffled by a pacifist society in which crime, mean words, and physical contact are all but eliminated.  Gee – sound familiar?”

The film depicts an era when most restaurants have been shut down and people have access only to fake meat. The COVID “health” policies closed the restaurants for almost a year and now allow them to re-open only to 25% capacity — with temperature taking and “contact tracing”.

Bill Gates: Rich nations should shift entirely to synthetic beef.

Super Globalization Will Lead To Super Nationalism

On April 5, 2020, Vin Armani moved to Saipan, a U.S. commonwealth — the largest of the Northern Mariana Islands in the Western Pacific. Armani, his wife, and their two young kids took the last plane from Los Angles before Saipan shut down. They left to escape the growing tyranny of Governor Gavin Newsom in California. Armani chose Saipan because, while it is part of the US, they are free to live the life they want – without masks or a mandatory vaccine. People in Saipan pay no federal income tax. Armani likens his decision to leave the US to Noah’s decision to build the Ark before the Flood!

Armani points out that there is a supra-national empire with a global culture now. He discusses the non-nation-state actors like the World Health Organization, The World Economic Forum, the drug companies, and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Vin asks why Gates who has no position in government is on the global news saying, “The lockdowns will not be lifted until we have x, y, z”? Why did he get to make that decision?

This supra-national empire is a global culture across nations, languages, religions, and countries. Armani says we are now headed into the last act of this supra-national empire. The central bankers who have been pulling the strings all along now feel comfortable to step out in public. There are no real laws now. Policies are being made up on the fly. When mothers are arrested because their kids are playing on a playground and people are arrested for surfing, we’re in 1984! Police will enforce this absurdity without question no matter how crazy it gets.

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Vin points out that we are moving into Central Bank Digital Currencies which are all about tracking. The goal of all the COVID “health” policies has been the creation of the Panopticon — the dream of all authoritarians. Armani discusses the growing destruction of supply chains. He sees the current push toward super globalization ultimately ending up in supra-nationalism over the next decades as people try to restore their local economies. Brexit was an attempt to do that as was Trump’s call to “Make America Great Again”.

Armani has a sweeping understanding of technology, history, economics, politics, and religion on a global and historic level going back to ancient Egypt and Biblical times that provides unique and important insights into current events. So, listening to him is an advanced, quick education and provides insights for ways to prepare for the coming shift.

How To Survive In an Age of Mysticism

In Ep. 6: Vin Armani on Magic, Mysticism, and the Holiness of Darkness, Vin says that something positive is going to come out of this period of global panic and explains how Libertarians can survive in an Age of Mysticism. The interviewer points out that many Libertarians are now becoming agorists (self-sufficient) and referred listeners to

Armani explains that in the Enlightenment, science was in opposition to magic. However, destructive policies are now being pedaled as “science” because the word is used to hide the COVID tyranny. So, when the media says “follow the science”, this is intended to invoke a form of “magic” now associated with science because the COVID policies are not based on real science.

Vin explains that mass panic is common in history. However, the internet and social media have made this era different because the internet gives people access to information that can expose what’s really going on and why. What is being revealed is that the “pandemic” was not primarily based on a virus, but on fear; and the COVID “health” policies created a situation where the spread of that fear was maximized.

Armani points out that the Enlightenment in the late 1700s was the intellectual height of the Material Age and we are now moving into a Mystical Age. The shift started around 1945 with the rise of the Nazis who adopted the swastika and other mystical symbols. Westerners have been flocking to the Amazon to drink ayahuasca with shamans to regain contact with the mystical realm that was lost in the Material Age. Armani said he has taken ayahuasca 15 times with five shamans.

The Ascendant Project

Armani describes The Ascendant Project, his 2016 18-episode video series, as “An exploration of a series of spiritual and philosophical revelations that changed the way I look at myself and the world.” He applies the 4 aspects (Worker/ Warrior/ Priest/ Merchant) of the East Indian caste system to our history starting with Biblical times. In Episodes 6-13, Vin discusses the four cycles of history to provide an understanding the period we are in now and where we are headed.

He shows that those 4 aspects show up on the Tarot cards as King of Wands, Swords, Cups and Pentacles and on modern playing cards as King of Clubs, Spades, Hearts, and Diamonds! With those insights, Vin is able to provide guidance on steps to take now to thrive through the shift.

Armani predicted in 2016 that people who make the transition in the next 5-10 years to get more independent of the system would be the ones most likely to thrive. That includes the shift to become more self-sufficient by growing your own food, going off-grid, having access to water, etc.

The GREATER Reset — Inspiring Vision For Humanity! shows that these steps are endorsed by Derrick Broze and John Bush who hosted The Greater Reset in January and will host another series in May.

Why The Back To Land Movement Is Growing! discusses other key ways to take these steps now.

History Cycles Through Four Ages

Armani uses the Indian caste system to discuss the four parts of the cycle of history that takes place in all cultures. Cultures shift through these ages in response to various needs and changes.

Vin explains that these categories should be seen as mindsets or worldviews. He points out that no person falls into just one category and no society is made up of exclusively one mindset. All four mindsets are in all of us and exist in all societies. It is just a question of degree.

  1. The Sudra (Worker) Mindset accepts the status quo. That results in a static society in which there is little change from generation to generation. This mindset accepts that “Things have always been this way”. This is the Mythological Age — the time before the concept of time (change). People’s lives are rewarded with freedom from the stress of massive changes.
  2. The Warrior Mindset (Episode 7) has a vision of a different future. This mindset says, “I’m going to use my courage, creativity, intelligence, etc. to improve things.” This is the Historical Age — a chronicle of changes. Warriors create centralized government, kingship — exertion of monopoly of force in a geographic area. So, the first history is that of kings and battles. Warriors/Kings use fear to control the Peasants/Workers. Warriors/Kings are rewarded with power.
  3. The Thinker Mindset (Episode 8) includes priests, intellectuals, and scientists because the Warrior/King needs technologists/advisors to provide means to win battles, increase crops, handle floods, etc. and historians (griots) to record his deeds in song or writing. Intellectuals/ Priests/ Politicians use rules/religion/laws to control the Warriors/Kings. Priests/Thinkers are rewarded with honor.
  4. The Merchant Mindset (Episode 9) is focused on profit and introduces trade. Merchants create the concept of money — a store of value universally accepted in a geographic area. Banks were created by this mindset. Merchants use money to control Intellectuals/Priests/Politicians. Merchants are rewarded with wealth.

The chart below shows some of the many roles of these four Mindsets.

Prepare Now For Increasing Automation

In Episode 12, Armani explains how the confluence of debt and automation is bringing about the shift from the era in which Merchants (banks) have dominated to an era in which there is a competitive advantage for the Worker (self-sufficient farmer). He predicts that people who understand this shift and change their lifestyles by 2021-2016 will thrive in the coming age.

In Episode 15, Vin says automation will eliminate whole classes of jobs. He predicted that by 2017, five million jobs in the transportation industry in the US will be affected because of Tesla driverless cars and trucks. Armani says electric cars will put gas stations out of business. He explains that automation is going to push most people out of the job market. That is what the Industrial Revolution did. We can see this trend greatly accelerating right now, see: The Great Transformation: Robots Will Displace 20 Million Jobs By 2030 and Meet “Digit,” A Humanoid Robot Testing Package Delivery From Curb To Doorstep.

Armani explains that understanding this shift now allows people to acquire information to prepare. He says, “Each new skill, each new understanding is a diamond — and you can’t be broke with a pocket full of diamonds. Fill your mind with knowledge and you are going to fill your heart with confidence.”

Return To The (Automated) Garden of “EDEN”

In Episode 16, Armani explains how to thrive when the marketplace is gone. He says the coming world is a wonderful opportunity with many ways to thrive as we move from the Merchant Age to the Worker Age. Vin’s plan is to return to The Garden of Eden, but with advanced technology — by creating an automated aquaponics garden. He plans to live for one month from the vegetables and fish from his Garden of “EDEN” (Efficient Distribution of Energy and Nutrition) and one month with no human input. Armani says he will make the automation open source to allow other people to contribute.

In Vin Armani On NFTs, Crypto, and Living Life as a Nomad Entrepreneur in Search of Freedom, he explains that he left California in April 2020 to escape the tyranny of Governor Gavin Newsom during COVID. He moved to Saipan in part because Alex Ugorji, founder of CryptoFrontier, has a crypto community there to provide a home base for cryptos — the equivalent of Silicon Valley for high tech or Wall Street for banking. Vin is now one of the advisors for CryptoFrontier.

The Hero’s Journey: Rediscovering Our Humanity

In Episode 17, Armani points out that 500 years ago, just about everyone grew everything they ate or got their foods from their community. We don’t have that level of security now. We are spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically broken. As a species, we are lost. Because we are at the height of the Merchant Age, it’s hard to think outside money. Since we’ve been cogs in the wheel since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, we now see ourselves as machines.

However, Vin says we have a chance to recover now what we lost. He points out that this cycle through history is like the Hero’s Journey, the basis for every myth, story, and film throughout history as Joseph Campbell described in his book The Hero With a Thousand Faces. Armani advises people to adopt Apple’s slogan to “Think Different”. He says it’s time to be human again — to rediscover who we are and our dependence on Mother Earth for our survival.

In Episode 18, Armani discusses what will happen to people who take no action now. The Age of Automation means that millions of people will lose their jobs. That will further fuel personal and national debt as we’ve already seen happening in Greece and Venezuela. More people will depend on the government for Unemployment Insurance, Social Security, as well as food and medical assistance.

So, while millions of people will no longer be paying into the system, millions will be dependent on the system for survival; it becomes a negative equation since there will be fewer resources to distribute. Armani says that 11% of Americans are already on antidepressants.

Note: The lockdown of the economy justified by the COVID “health” policies has allowed automation to accelerate. Millions of people were put out of work and depended on Unemployment Insurance and the two very meager “stimulus checks”. Talks of a Universal Basic Income have accelerated.

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