Vin Armani

Ep. 89 – “What The Fork, Bitcoin?!” with guest Naomi Brockwell

Naomi Brockwell joins us on this week’s show.

Naomi Brockwell is a producer, director, Austrian economics evangelist, and an opera singer based in New York City. She is the founder and CEO of Rainsworth Productions and independent film production company. Naomi is a Policy Associate at the New York Bitcoin Center, Associate Producer at Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel, and a Contributor for Reason TV. She hosts her own crypto and blockchain show on YouTube.

Ep. 88 – “Byzantine Generals & Bitcoin Governance” with Chris DeRose

This week we are honored to welcome Chris DeRose back to the show.

Chris DeRose is a Bitcoin evangelist, public speaker, podcaster, and journalist. He is the host of DeRose Uncensored, a wide-ranging and insightful look at the people, projects, and culture of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Ep. 87 – Creator of BitBox, Gabriel Cardona

This week we welcome Gabriel Cardona to The Vin Armani Show

Gabriel Cardona is the creator of BitBox, an open source, a full-featured development kit for Bitcoin Cash. The project has become an integral part of the new developer platform. He is also the founder of the Cash Consortium and was involved with HTML5 standards development with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Ep. 86 – The Emperor of Bitcoin, Daniel Krawisz

This week our guest is Daniel Krawisz.

Daniel Krawisz is a software engineer, author, and commentator. He is Director of Research for the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute. Yahoo Finance called him the leading cryptocurrency philosopher. Others call him The Emperor of Bitcoin.

Ep. 85 – “Blockchain Securitization and Governance” with Bruce Fenton

This week we are honored to welcome Bruce Fenton to the show.

Bruce Fenton is an asset manager, blockchain enthusiast and investor based in New Hampshire. He is the founder and CEO of both Wealth Management firm Atlantic Financial and Chainstone Labs, a financial technology company focused on the tokenization of securities and digital assets. He is the host of the Satoshi Roundtable and sits on the Board of Directors of Medici Ventures, tZero, and The Bitcoin Foundation​. Most recently, he was instrumental in the creation of Ravencoin.