Gov’t Considers Allowing Utilities to Use “Smart” Meters to Remotely Turn Off Central Heating, etc. without Warning (U.K.)

By B.N. Frank

People worldwide DO NOT WANT utility “Smart” Meters – electric, gas, and water. Tens of millions have been installed and millions more are planned despite all their problems – fires, explosions, higher bills, serious cybersecurity risks (see 1, 2), and more.

UK “Smart” Meter complaints and utility shenanigans continue to be published by Telegraph U.K. (see 1, 2) and other sources.

From This is

Government mulls emergency measures that would enable networks to SWITCH OFF your electricity without warning or compensation

  • Ofgem reviewing plans to give energy networks the ability to shut down domestic electricity supplies
  • A new sort of smart meter would need to be installed in every home in the UK
  • Would have the ability to switch off high usage devices such as electric vehicle chargers and central heating systems
  • Sources close to discussions told us that government is ‘open’ to proposing legislation to support these powers

The Government is considering giving energy networks the power to switch off a household’s energy supply without warning or compensation for those affected.

A series of ‘modifications’ to the Smart Energy Code have been proposed by officials and look set to pass into law by next spring.

These include giving networks the right to decide when they consider the grid to be in a state of ’emergency’ and the power to switch off high usage electrical devices such as electric vehicle chargers and central heating systems in British homes.

Under the plans all homes would need to have a third generation smart meter installed, to include a function that allows meters in the home to receive and carry out orders made by the energy networks.

This would dramatically alter the role of smart meters, which are currently capable only of sending data on energy use to energy networks.

If passed unchallenged, these ‘modifications’ to the law would mean that electric vehicle owners could plug in at the end of the day and wake up without sufficient charge to travel the next morning.

Similarly, central heating systems could be turned off in homes across a whole area if too many electric vehicles are plugged in to charge at once, for example.

Currently, consumers are entitled to compensation if their power supply is cut off, but under these plans, this recompense would likely be scrapped.

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“Smart” Meters are NOT beneficial to customers or eco-friendly. They DO NOT save meaningful amounts of energy and customer bills are usually increased for their installation (see 1, 2, 3). They emit high levels of harmful electromagnetic radiation that can and have made people and animals sick (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). Unlike original analog meters, they need to be replaced frequently. Who knows how many obsolete or burned-up “Smart” Meters end up in landfills.

In addition to utilities being able to ration energy and remotely turn off power via “Smart” Meters, these devices collect customer usage data 24/7, whereas original analog meters DO NOT (see 1, 2). Utilities collect and analyze usage data so they can market more products and services to customers and/or sell data to 3rd parties. Documentary – Take Back Your Power – reveals more awful details. If any of the above concerns you, contact your utility providers and ask to “opt out.”

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