The New Face of Freedom

By Laki Skouras

This journal entry for July 4th 2020 finds no reason to celebrate freedom, even if we were allowed to, because it is gone. The people have sacrificed Freedom and willingly gave back the tyrants’ rule over every aspect of their lives that the Founders of this country had sacrificed theirs to release themselves from.

Our Liberty has been arrested, as a sailor or Marine awaits the time he is granted Liberty by the Admiralty that rules over him. Isolated from the world, not knowing when the bell of Liberty will toll, we sit and wait. If and when we are granted Liberty we’ll have to don a mask that shields us from vital oxygen and a fundamental human interaction – facial expressions. During our Liberty we may or may not be allowed to congregate or assemble in neither church (any place of worship), nor tavern, leaving no opportunity to exchange opinions and ideas.

The Marine Corps was born in a sweaty tavern where they exchanged opinions and ideas based on their circumstances and reality they faced. While most others were busy with everyday life, it took only a few to see through the rhetoric and proclaim they had enough of an oppressive ruler. It was then and there they found that which fomented the blood in their hearts to seek Freedom.

Today, most people submit to and willingly give up all ability to make even the most fundamental choices, but refuse to see a correlation between banking and the other private interests it finances, which left them without a choice to begin with. Of course, we are inundated with rhetoric – especially with the instantaneous nature of technology – but with that free flow of information, more are beginning to see through the lies. There are growing numbers of people who understand the truth in what is happening currently because they don’t have to wait on a printed word that was tainted before being published or for a pre-scripted broadcast. Independent voices have shined a light on the darkness that can only be associated with evil.

This is why our rights are being taken away and we are being censored for talking about it. They’ve exposed themselves with their imposed restrictions and censorship. So while we find ourselves in the next phase of a controlled lockdown, on the day we are supposed to be celebrating Freedom, people should reflect on how far from it we’ve been led and what it will take to get it back.

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