Video: Apple Watch Owner Complains About Wrist Pain. Why This Can Happen with All Wearables.

By B.N. Frank

An Apple Watch owner has a theory about why his wrist hurts when wearing his watch and posted a video about it on YouTube.

These wearables emit harmful pulsing Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) also referred to as Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) or “Electrosmog.”  Cell phone radiation and WiFi are sources of Electrosmog.  Decades of research has determined that exposure to these sources can cause pain and other unpleasant symptoms.  His theory and recommendation doesn’t change that or all the other reported and documented issues associated with these types of wearables – including pain – regardless of the brand and make of the watch.

Activist Post has reported many times about owners experiencing new or increased health issues that started after they started wearing similar watches.

  • Fitbit Bummers Cause Stocks to Suffer: Burns, Explosions, Measurement Errors, Lawsuits, Rashes, Undesirable Symptoms, etc
  • Despite Various Unpleasant Symptoms Reported, Class Action Lawsuits Due to Inaccurate Heart Monitor Readings and Rashes, Fitbits Still Lauded as Beneficial
  • Shocking Fitbit Complaints: People Are Literally Being Shocked While Wearing Them. Perhaps the WiFi in Fitbits is Being Affected by Other Sources of WiFi and Electrosmog
  • Woman Claims Fitbit Alerted Her to Medical Issues. Decades of Research Confirms WiFi From The Fitbit Could Have Caused Her Medical Issues.
  • Fitbit Recalls Due to Rashes and Other Health Complaints. Video Shows How Much WiFi Radiation Is Emitted by One
  • Fitbit Recalls Due to Rashes. Reports of Dizziness, Erratic Pulse, Nausea, Pain, Headaches. Fitbits Operate Using WiFi. Whoomp! There It Is.

Symptoms from exposure may not be immediate; however, no one is immune to the cumulative harmful effects from exposure.  Some simply tolerate it better than others.  The same could be said for all toxins.

Those watches aren’t cheap either.

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