Fitbit Bummers Cause Stock to Suffer: Burns, Explosions, Measurement Errors, Lawsuits, Rashes, Undesirable Symptoms, etc.

By B.N. Frank

Activist Post has covered issues reported and litigated in re Fitbits and other activity trackers MANY TIMES already.  Since they still remain so popular – despite all the problems – and because they are also being marketed for children – despite all the problems – and they are being forced to be worn by some insurance companies – despite all the problems – and they are being recommended by some health professionals – despite all the problems – we feel compelled to share when we learn something new about them.

An April 24, 2017 article in The Motley Fool reported that Fitbit stock had suffered huge losses.  It’s worth noting that writer Rick Munarriz is identified as owning shares of Fitbit and The Motley Fool, is also identified as owning shares of and recommending Fitbit.  Perhaps this is why the article didn’t acknowledge all the issues that had already been reported by Fitbit wearers before April 24, 2017 – not even by a long shot.

That’s why we’re only including the LAST paragraph which discusses Fitbit stock values:

Sales were already a challenge for Fitbit. Revenue fell 19% in last year’s fourth quarter, and Fitbit’s outlook calls for a 22% to 31% slide this year. Fitbit reports quarterly results next week, and naturally it will be asked about this if it doesn’t conclude its investigation before then. The irony of fitness trackers being potentially bad for your health is cruel.

Irony, indeed, Motley Fool stock holders.

Fitbits and activity trackers operate by using WiFi, Bluetooth, and LED lights.

Research says exposure to all of these sources is harmful.  As we all are aware, just because something is harmful to us doesn’t mean it’s necessarily going to be illegal to manufacture, market, and sell.  Hello tobacco, artificial sweeteners, etc.

Additional articles published by Activist Post in re Fitbits and activity trackers’ issues include:

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