South Africans Threatening to Camp Until Cell Tower Was Removed Led to Its Removal from School Property

By B.N. Frank

There seems to be no shortage of people in the U.S. and around the world protesting cell towers on school property.  It’s hard to blame them considering there is still no “safe” level of wireless radiation exposure that has been scientifically determined for children or pregnant women.

Hats off to these South Africans who were willing to take off work and camp out overnight in bad weather to protect their children:

Residents of Arena Park mobilised and marched to Crestview Primary School on Human Rights Day after receiving messages that the cell mast, which was initially objected to, was reinstalled.


After the residents objected strongly to the construction of the tower and threatened to camp at the site where the mast was erected until it is taken down, all workers and equipment were removed from the school.


“Finally, the principal instructed the contractor to stop work and to bring down the mast. The message from parents to the principal was very clear: that they will not leave until the mast comes down. Preparations for parents to camp overnight were well on the way. Residents united and in a show of strength, have exercised their democratic right on Human Rights Day and have sent a very strong message that the school belongs to the community and they need to be consulted on matters that affect them,” he said.

Residents braved the inclement weather and sacrificed their day off from work, to take a stand and show that they are committed and mean business.

Cancer clusters near cell towers have been reported at locations all over the world.  People everywhere (including elected officials) are trying to keep them from being installed on school property (See 1. 2).

Since 2004, The International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) has opposed the use of their stations for cell towers and antennas because of health risks from exposure.  The information posted on their website provides plenty of horrifying research that justifies not installing cell towers close to anywhere that people (or animals) of any age spend long periods of time.

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