After 8 Cancer Diagnoses and 2 Years of Protest, Sprint Finally Agrees to Remove Cell Tower from California School Property

By B.N. Frank

Congratulations for Ripon, California parents who finally convinced Sprint to remove a cell tower from school property.

From Fox40

Parents in Ripon have been fighting for a Sprint cell tower to come down for roughly two years and they’re calling the company’s latest decision a major win.


(Kellie) Prime and Monica Ferrulli have been fighting for this since their sons, Kyle and Mason, were diagnosed with cancer.

“Talking to specialists in the field, scientists, our own doctors,” Ferrulli explained. “All the information that we gathered indicated that that tower could be a factor in their illness.”


They say a total of eight were diagnosed in the past couple of years.

“Having so many at one school in the district, with that tower being the one thing that sets Weston apart from the other schools, it’s the only thing we had to look into,” Prime said.

After holding protests, and taking their concerns to the school board, Sprint now says it plans to move the cell tower.

Regardless of what Sprint has to say about their tower, telecom companies have been warning shareholders for many years already that they may eventually be held liable for harm caused by their products and infrastructure.  Insurance companies haven’t been doing business with telecoms either because it’s too risky.

Not only that – no “safe” level of wireless radiation exposure has been scientifically determined for children or pregnant women.

Activist Post reported about this situation twice already (See 1, 2).  In January, Activist Post also reported about cancer clusters near cell towers in other U.S locations.

Cancer clusters near cell towers have been reported at locations all over the world.  People everywhere (including elected officials) are trying to keep them from being installed on school property (See 1, 2) and elsewhere for good reason.

The International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) has opposed the use of their stations for cell towers and antennas since 2004 because of health risks from exposure.  If firefighters don’t want to be exposed to cell tower radiation for long periods of time – then why would anyone else want this for themselves or their loved ones?

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