New Article by Dr. Mercola Reminds Us to Read Safety Warnings Hidden Inside Cellphones As Well As Research on Exposure

By B.N. Frank

This new article from Dr. Mercola is more than a huge wake-up call for those who haven’t read the safety warnings in their cellphone manuals.  It also confirms that even those who do follow federal “safety” guidelines are NOT truly safe from harmful radiation.  This is because safety levels are based on outdated Standard Absorption Rate (SAR) testing which has always been VERY flawed.  Not only that – there’s already beaucoup research that has proven harm from exposure:

The testing itself was in fact devised long before cellphone usage became commonplace among toddlers and young children, whose skulls allow for far greater RF energy penetration. With the phone emitting at maximum power, a sensor is then used to measure the depth to which the RF energy is able to penetrate into the dummy head.

All the SAR rating seeks to measure is the short-term thermal effect of the radiation on your body, defined in terms of how much power is absorbed (watts) per unit of tissue (kilogram).

Different types of tissue, such as bone, brain, muscle and blood, all have differing levels of density and conductivity, which also affect the absorption rate. What this means is that a SAR rating is highly dependent on which part of your body is exposed to the radiation.

In the U.S. and Canada, the SAR limit for mobile devices used by the public is 1.6 W/kg per 1 gram of head tissue. There are several major problems with using SAR as our safety guideline.

For starters, the anthropomorphic mannequin (SAM) used to measure SAR is modeled after attributes of the heads of the top 10 percent of military recruits in 1989 — in other words, a 6-foot, 2-inch-tall, 220-pound male, which is larger than 97 percent of the American population. This means anyone smaller than SAM is more vulnerable to radiation penetration, especially children.


What’s more, the SAR of the radiation emitted by cellphones is only measured when the phone is actually on and in use, not when it’s sitting idle in your pocket (when it is still communicating with nearby cellphone towers and/or seeking the nearest Wi-Fi signal). Lastly, SAR standards haven’t been updated since 1996, despite the fact the cellphone technology has changed dramatically since then.

While many governments worldwide continue turning a blind eye to all of this, Dr. Mercola’s article provides helpful tips to everyone who wants to protect themselves and their loved ones from exposure.  Remember – legal doesn’t mean safe when it comes to RF radiation levels from cell phones and all other wireless devices and infrastructure. 

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