Airbnb Lands Man In Jail… TWICE! – Your Property Rights No Longer Exist!

By World Alternative Media

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent imprisonment of a man in Nashville, Tennessee who rented his own home out through Airbnb for paying guests without a permit. Layton Jones listed his northwest Nashville home on Airbnb without a permit which apparently people are being forced to have despite them owning their property…allegedly. After a judge sentenced Jones to two days in jail, he appealed the case. Well, he was jailed for three more days by another judge. He is appealing again.

This is such a blatant example of how people no longer have any property rights. What ever happened to life, liberty and property? Then you pay property taxes which is one of the reasons that hotels got so terrible and so expensive which led to Airbnb in the first place. If an individual owns property, who is anyone else to say they cannot bring other people on their property in exchange for a voluntary payment? And who is anyone to enforce such a ridiculous, coercive action? Why are people complacent with this incredibly crooked system? In this report, we break down the absurdity of this government overreach and the true nature of this entity we call the state.

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