Pro-Tech Website Slams 5G Proponents for the “Race for 5G” and Installing Small Cell Towers Everywhere

By B.N. Frank

Droid Life recently published an article, “5G Is Really Starting to Sound Awful” and 5G opponents couldn’t agree more with these excerpts:

The thing is, mmW doesn’t travel that far, is easily blocked, and is typically thought of as a high-traffic coverage product. In other words, we’re going to need a lot of mmW small cell cites installed in cities on every damn corner of the block, so that you almost always have a direct line of sight to it.

After blanketing cities, carriers will use other 5G spectrum to branch out. T-Mobile plans to first use their 600MHz spectrum to reach further than mmW networks. That network won’t be that fast compared to 4G LTE, so I’ll let you decide if you want to be excited or not.


The current carrier-friendly FCC thinks we need to be faster to win a made-up race to 5G. That if we don’t get innovation in this country from 5G before the rest of the world, life will stop and we’ll all fail, or something.


But yeah, with a new wave of cellular towers about to enter your town, the concerns are back. We probably need someone to do a 5G health study pretty damn soon, one that isn’t just on rats.

Droid Life is incorrect, though, in declaring that someone needs to do a 5G health study pretty damn soon.  Studies (plural) have already been done.  1, 2

It also has already been reported that people and animals have already been suffering from exposure to 5G.  Residents in Gateshead, England even won a court case against their city council for installing it. 

Droid Life also featured a podcast called “5G Hater”  Ha!  For real.

Some elected officials are trying to protect citizens from 5G.  Are yours?

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