Expert Testimony on 5G and Radiation Health Effects to the Michigan State House Energy Policy Committee

By B.N. Frank

Insurance companies don’t seem to be interested in covering wireless radiation exposure risks anymore.  Despite this – U.S. elected officials and government employees say it’s for Americans own good to install wireless radiation emitting infrastructure everywhere (including in front of homes) so we can win the insane “Race to 5G”.

Thanks to for including a summary as well as links to recent expert medical testimony provided in Michigan regarding harm from exposure to 5G and other sources of radiation:

Activist Post has reported many times about state and federal legislation that is now in effect which allows Telecom companies to install 5G small cell towers and related wireless infrastructure across the U.S. – above ground and below – despite

  1. Lawsuits
  2. Research proving harm from exposure to cell towers including 5G
  3. Complaints where 5G is already installed
  4. Widespread opposition, protest, and controversy

Heaven help us all.

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