In Just the Last Two Weeks, Dozens of Children in Iowa Have Vanished

By Rachel Blevins

A young University of Iowa student made headlines recently after she disappeared during an evening jog—but she is just one of the dozens of people who have been reported missing in Iowa in the last 10 days, and the overwhelming majority of the disappearances are children.

Mollie Tibbetts, 20, has become the latest face of the missing person database this week after she was last seen going for a jog near her boyfriend’s house on the evening of July 18, and she seemingly vanished. Dozens of people of have pitched in to help search for the college student, and as she appeared to have no motive to flee, and her closest friends and family members have cooperated with police, it raises troubling questions about whether she was abducted.

However, Tibbetts is not alone. According to the Missing Person database published by the Iowa Department of Public Safety, 48 people have gone missing in the last two weeks, and 34 of those people are children.

On the same day that Tibbets disappeared, two minors were also reported missing in Iowa—Mackenzie Lipp, 16; and David Harn, 16. In the next two days, another eight children were reported missing—Mackenzy York, 15; Malachi Vanderpool, 15; Nazario Campbell, 13; Joshua Wallace, 17; Nia Howe, 15; Madeline Francis, 15; Joesiah Armstrong, 14; and Yaritza Arita, 15.

Thomas Bishop, 16, was reported missing on July 22, and Isabelle Buckman, 14, and Yvette Avila, 17, on July 23. The numbers then increased again July 24 when five children were reported missing—Summer Williams, 17; Asa Starr, 14; Belinda James, 15; Alberta Harlan, 16; and Maydelin Guerra-Albatado, 15.

Tyron Woolery, 16; Serenity Wieman, 13; and Emagehn Champagne, 17, were all reported missing on July 24. Six people were reported missing in Iowa on July 26, and all of them were minors—Daishaney Phillips, 16; Anna Marousek, 17; Eric Magnussen, 14; and Mckenna Driver, 15.

Each one of these children has a family and friends who are heartbroken by their disappearance and who are actively looking for them, and unfortunately, they are just a few of the approximately 2,000 children who are reported missing every single day in the United States—more than 100 of which are cases of stranger abduction.

The National Crime Information Center reported that as of Dec. 31, 2017, there were 88,089 active missing person records in the U.S. More than 36 percent of those cases, or 32,121, were under the age of 18, and more than 46 percent, or 41,089, were under the age of 21.

As The Free Thought Project reported last month, disturbing statistics from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children revealed that more than 27,000 children were reported missing in 2017. Nearly 25,000 of those children were labeled as “endangered runaways,” and “one in seven were likely victims of child sex trafficking. Of those, 88 percent were in the care of social services when they went missing.”

The overwhelming number of missing children made headlines in March 2017 when more than 500 children were reported missing in Washington D.C. and a police commander who was asked about what children in the area should do to avoid becoming victims of child trafficking, responded, “Stay home, it’s as simple as that.”

When a child goes missing, there are a number of fears that run through a parent’s mind, and they often fear that the worst has happened to their loved ones. While individual cases such as the disappearance of Mollie Tibbetts do receive some national media attention, the overwhelming majority are swept under the rug and forgotten.

It raises the question—what kind of a difference could the media make if it started focusing less on Stormy Daniels and Russia hysteria, and more on the innocent children who go missing every day in the United States?

Rachel Blevins is an independent journalist from Texas, who aspires to break the false left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives. Follow Rachel on Facebook, TwitterYouTube, Steemit and Patreon. This article first appeared at The Free Thought Project.

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19 Comments on "In Just the Last Two Weeks, Dozens of Children in Iowa Have Vanished"

  1. Iowa is not a big state. Isn’t the number of missing children within such a short time a major anomaly?

    • So many missing children in such a short time frame (in a relatively low population state) should be considered “statistically significant”. Let’s just say that mainstream media won’t cover the likely cause, but it begins with “S” and ends with “-ism”! Hell awaits these twisted individuals. Let’s hope it’s coming sooner rather than later!

      • Your comment made my hair stand on end!

        • Mine as well, I know adherents of a strange practice called Spoonerism. My lexicographical self included at times. Shiver did I thinking lynch mobs would come to put me in a tall tree with a short rope.

          There’s also Sporkism of which I adhere. The horrors of being afraid of all those spoon and fork infidels kept me awake too long.

          All in I’m glad I don’t follow exactly agree fully with Socialism. Yes I might benefit a little presently from it. To me that is kind of admitting a necessary evil, much as I loathe feeling a victim. Sometimes we can only accept what lies beyond our control and do the best we’re able to roll with the punches. Life is what it is and will be.

          There was another -ism or few I thought I had but they elude me. 🙂 Oh well, Chuck Norris doesn’t dodge bullets they dodge him. Excuse me, this current affairs, politics, social reform stuff is too heady. I’m off to rack out.

      • Not all Satanists adhere to proper ethics or uphold proper Satanic moral values. Many I knew of as Satanists were dead set against bringing any harm to children, the elderly, the infirm. Acting in such a manner implied weakness of a Satanist. They had to go after such low hanging fruit? Weakness is not a trait valued among Satanists. But yes, it is possible some that do not hold to proper ethics and morality, might harm children.

        On the other hand though, there are some Christians which also stray from ethical and moral behavior. I would hazard positing you’ll find evil in all races, creeds, genders, sexual orientations. Evil does not have to be named Lucifer, Satan. In fact it could be named David , the person behind the handle, tossing out false witness and making blanket statements regarding their fellow brothers and sisters.

        Please note, this is not a personal attack. I am aiming to show you a huge flaw in your argument, idea, ideas, belief. The hope on my end is that we can agree to remain civil and both of us step back a pace. My point is evil doesn’t need a name, neither does goodness. My view is agnostic but spiritual. Been down a long road to get here and it has narrowed out quite a bit to an even narrower path. I know I follow a Light. If it’s the same as you, well, glad to meet and more power to you.

        Please though do check out some of these. I recall some having gone to Mennonite Bible Summer Camp in childhood.

        Exodus 23:1
        Deuteronomy 19:21
        Proverbs 6:16-19
        Proverbs 14:5
        Proverbs 14:25

        Apologies if it seems I’m fitting the stereotype of a devil quoting scripture. I’m not doing so save with intent to further show you, I’m not attacking you personally but the ideas you posted.

  2. If you don’t print my comment – you are in on this pedophile ring !

  3. How many musims in Iowa? That might be a clue a sto where to search.

    • I kind of doubt it; it might be the case, though. It should be looked into. Sexual trafficking tends to follow well-established organized crime networks. Middle Eastern people are the most obvious suspects. The most obvious suspects are generally used as decoys.

      At the higher levels, Childrens’ Services and Family Services are the usual culprits. The foxes are always sent to guard the hen house! Child and Family Services units are absolutely RIDDLED with sexual perverts at the highest levels. SEXUALLY TRAFFICKED CHILDREN are a multi-TRILLION dollar enterprise, and, as such, their networks are established well before modern investigators. WHATEVER YOU GLIMPSE is a highly-crafted false positive….

  4. I think you’re right on the money here. I just have to disagree about the “polar shift” nonsense. I don’t know what you believe, but I have noticed that many people assume this means the planet turning upside down. 180 degrees.

    It’s not the case; in a pole reversal magnetic north becomes magnetic south, and vice-versa. There is no physical flip-flop of the planet. Magnets can be induced to reverse polarity, north/south, but we don’t need to explain that here.

    Just realize that pole reversals have occurred many, many times in the past; it’s not a rare event, statistically. That fancy compass you just bought is not 180 degrees wrong, and navigational systems that use magnetic north/south may be useless. But it’s far from the end of civilization as we know it.

    I’m not sure what happens to planes if the reversal happens while they’re aloft; I think most systems are based on GPS (satellites) and not magnetic compasses, do I kinda doubt it would be tragic.

    • I first found out about the shift in 2nd year Geology but we didn’t cover it a whole lot – When I read Zach Stitchken in the 80s I was looking at one huge dense planet coming so close to our solar system that its interrupted/trashed many of our planets – The evidence is here – volcanic eruptions are happening on other planets plus ours and the plate shifting etc is unprecedented – if the Earth stops moving for more than a day – there’s definitely a huge influence – and think of me – Spacibo WB.

  5. “The federal government has passed laws that directly contradict the
    language of the Bill of Rights articles of the constitution. Every
    legislator that voted to pass these laws, and the presidents that signed
    them committed a felony; that of perjury in swearing to their oath of

    That act may warrant being charged as treason. Under the U.C.M.J in
    some cases it may warrant charged as high treason which entails a death
    sentence. Try calling them to account for it, though. Let’s see how well
    that fares, huh?

    “The government IS THE PROBLEM, not the solution. The drug “problem” is
    CAUSED BY the GOVERNMENT. The government used our military to invade
    Afghanistan to control and increase opium production by 37 times what is
    was under the Taliban in just nine years.”

    Knew a bud of mine that had been in country a bit prior to everything
    being under way. He worked as a special operator and often wore one of
    those funny green hats. We talked some and lots of what he didn’t say
    regarded some of his work baking cakes.

    He explained that at the bakery his boss told him that rice flour could
    not be used. His boss wanted him using a heavy gluten based wheat flour
    instead. If Johnny’s bakery next door used flour made from oats, it
    didn’t matter. Johnny was not teaching his bakers correctly. His boss
    told him to go shut Johnny down and give Johnny’s bakers the heavy wheat
    gluten flour to use. That way his boss got more cakes for his customers.

    I think you’re smart enough to gather what that inferred. My bud could
    not quite believe his ears at first. Here’s a fellow trying to teach his
    folks how to fish, and my bud had to go break their fishing gear and get
    them back to raising ferns. It just didn’t track yet that was how it
    played. My bud decided upon taking an early out, “forgot” to re-up.

  6. Organ harvesting comes to mind. Never thought organs should be commercialized to begin with.

    • An article in a major newspaper last week stated that “the demand for organs is not being met.”
      A photo was shown of a transplant receiver who stated, “We should all donate our organs.” His emphasis suggested immediately, rather than at death. Nothing was mentioned about healthy life-style and self-responsibility for ones health.

      Niki Lauda, of Austria, of Formula 1 racing fame was reported to have 4 kidneys, 2 original and 2 transplants. Recently he had a lung illness, received a lung transplant and is in serious condition. To prevent organ rejection, transplants are accompanied by a strict, medication regimen – which sometimes still does not work.

      Whatever happened to a healthy way of life that physicians of years ago emphasized ?

      Why has the practice of “medicine” so drastically altered ?

      • My own health was a bizarre horror story. I happened to survive. After the last round of hideous failure with allopathic medicine, I am now doctoring myself through the internet with a naturopath approach. I stopped all commercial chemical synthetic cleaning products, cosmetic products, hygeine products to a tune of about ninety nine percent. The rest will come, you are not suppose to make drastic change to avoid a healing crisis. I am weaning off of animal products and going raw organic plant life. I have also increased my oxygen and sun. Logical common sense.

  7. Bullseye.
    John DeCamp stated that research for his book, “The Franklin Cover-Up, Child Abuse, Satanism and Murder in Nebraska”, repeatedly traced to the White House. The headline of the Washington Times, 29 June 1989, provides only a glimpse of the “tip of the iceberg”.
    The article at this link,
    provides a more recent overview of US leadership´s role in paedophilia. The banned documentary that is mentioned is also an example.
    Interestingly, when the “Second Mile” of the Penn State debachery was closed down, its remaining funds were transferred to a similar organization in Texas that was associated with George HW Bush of the “call boy” revelation of 29 June 1989, by the Washington Times. Researching “The Finders” is revealing.
    What happened to the international paedophilia investigation that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police of Canada pursued for a couple of years? Jon Benet Ramsey (1990-1996) of Boulder, Colorado, was dressed as a beauty queen and placed in a
    chair “for viewing” at FBI social events. Twenty years later, the case remains “unsolved”.

    • That’s interesting; I too thought about The Finders when reading this.

      The Finders “cult” based itself mainly out of my old home town, Culpeper, VA, after the DC bust and all the unwanted publicity. They owned some property out in the county – I never found out where – and they bought the old movie theater on Main Street, as well as the old Medical Arts Building. Two places I spent time at in my childhood – watching horror movies and getting my teeth worked on, respectively.
      The theater was a “hangout” and I heard there was a switchboard set up in the Medical Arts Building.

      It was generally thought their activities shrank as the nineties drew to a close, and reports of leader Marion Pettie’s death are sparse and sketchy; some say 2003, some 2004.

      The group’s interactions with townspeople were quite limited, it’s safe to say.

  8. I read Rife was using radio frequency to cure cancer decades ago and was run out of business. I took an inventory of the sickness surrounding my own life(outside of my own health) and it was quite frightening. Sad that people can’t wake up or are just evil.

    • “We” tend to overlook symptoms until an event appears that interferes with our daily habit. At which point, “modern medicine” has trained lazy folk to run to the “doctor´s” office.
      Naturopath, Dr. Hulda Clark authored useful books.

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