Samsung 5G Home Router Wins FCC Approval Ahead of Verizon’s 2018 Launch. Now Verizon Should Stop Installing Risky 5G Small Cell Towers in Front of Homes and Everywhere Else – But They Won’t.

By B.N. Frank

According to a May 1, 2018 Venture Beat article, a new Samsung 5G router will be available by late October 2018 and it is specifically designed for home and office use.

Also according to the article:

Samsung warns users to keep the devices at least eight inches away from people, in compliance with FCC RF exposure guidelines.

Well, well, well.  Samsung and Verizon are apparently aware of the scary-as-hell research on 5G exposure and increasing controversy about 5G small cell tower infrastructure.  Other media outlets have been reporting about harm from 5G and other various wireless WiFi radiation and electronic sources as well.

It’s actually no big deal that Samsung refers to FCC RF exposure guidelines.  They are 20+ years old and don’t apply to current wireless WiFi sources and how they are used today.

According to The Wall Street Journal in 2014, The FCC hasn’t even been upholding its own outdated regulations in regard to other cell towers.  The FCC seems to have sold out to the Telecom Industry a long time ago.

People all over the world have been trying to stop 4G and 5G small cell tower infrastructure from being installed in their communities.

In 2017, 180 scientists and doctors demanded a moratorium on the installation of 5G small cell tower infrastructure because of health risks.

Some small towers have already been up for the last few years.  Many residents don’t recognize them as cell towers.  Some are “stealth” or hidden inside other objects like light posts, crosses, fake trees, etc.

Dr. Oz had a segment about 5G small cell towers on his February 9, 2018 show.  He seemed very concerned as well.

Decades of research has already proven that we can be harmed by exposure to ALL SOURCES of cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation and from exposure to Electrical Pollution (Electrosmog).

In 2010, experts determined that up to 1/3 of us are “Sensitive” to sources of this and 3% are “HyperSensitive.”  Because there are so many symptoms, misdiagnosis is common.

Research has determined this is also affecting pets, nature and wildlife, too.

5G technology also creates privacy and cybersecurity issues.

If people want to use 5G or other WiFi routers in their homes, there seems to be no way to stop them.  If employers want to install them in their businesses, maybe they’ll remove them when enough employees get sick or their businesses gets hacked.

But installing 4G and 5G small towers in front of homes, in public rights of ways, and everywhere else is a whole other thing.  According to the article, Verizon still plans to do this anyway:

Verizon has said that it will launch pre-standards 5G in three to five cities this year, including Sacramento, California. Initially, the leading U.S. carrier will only offer “fixed 5G” — high-speed wireless service that can solely be accessed at a home or office using a cable modem-like device — which it believes will challenge cable Internet and TV providers. The company described itself last week as “full steam ahead” on the 5G deployment, hinting at plans to offer unlimited 5G data and a novel over-the-top video subscription service to customers.

Many state and federal officials, community leaders, business owners and of course, other telecom companies also want 4G and 5G small cell towers installed everywhere.  They want to create “Smart Cities.”  This involves installing hundreds of small cell towers in front of homes, in public rights of ways, in historic districts.  They want to connect everything together using “The Internet of Things (IoT)” which already has an almost 75% failure rate.  Brilliant, right?

Proponents of 4G and 5G small cell towers and “Smart Cities” ignore The Precautionary Principle.  Maybe they won’t mind profuse sweating and all the other miserable side effects that come from exposure.  But will you?  How about the privacy violations, security risks, and reduction of your property value?

On May 2, 2018, Roxana Marachi, Ph.D wrote a fantastic article about efforts to make San Jose, CA a “Smart City.”  It includes 10 questions to ask community leaders before they commit to this insanity.

These questions as well as much of the information provided by Dr. Marachi can be applied in communities everywhere. 

From Vitality Magazine:

Electrosensitivity is not like an allergy you are born with; it is an illness that builds up over increased time and radiation exposure.

Two questions:  “Do you feel lucky?  Well, do ya?”

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5 Comments on "Samsung 5G Home Router Wins FCC Approval Ahead of Verizon’s 2018 Launch. Now Verizon Should Stop Installing Risky 5G Small Cell Towers in Front of Homes and Everywhere Else – But They Won’t."

  1. on youtube, look up the movie “take back your power” for an extensive important look at this subject

  2. Whatever Version has don’t buy it. Let them know they will be history if they do this.

  3. These 5g boxes are already in some denver suburbs. Media seems hush about it?

  4. James Stamulis | May 7, 2018 at 7:07 am | Reply

    Wouldn’t it be nice if congress actually looked out for us just once in their lives? Kick backs are too good to pass up and how they all become rich shortly after taking office.

  5. Menzoberranzan | May 7, 2018 at 2:39 pm | Reply

    I would encourage home owners in this situation to put a bullet through the unit in front of their home. Fire from the street.

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