Amazon’s Plan to Help Police Identify Citizens in Real-Time and Predict Crimes

By MassPrivateI

Two days ago NPR revealed that the Orlando Police Department is using Amazon’s facial recognition to identify peoples’ faces.

Earlier this year, the ACLU sent an FOI request to the police department asking for more information about Amazon Rekognition.

The title the police gave to the ACLU’s FOI request is both telling and disturbing it is called, ‘Conserving The Peace Through Values Driven Service’.

Because nothing says ‘values driven service’ like spying on the public.

Amazon Rekognition performs real-time recognition of persons of interest from camera live streams against your private database of face metadata… (Source)

A private database of face metadata is just a fancy way of saying private watch lists.

Amazon’s facial recognition program is being sold to police departments for as little as $6.00 a month. The above video confirms what I have been warning people about, ‘smart cities’ are really police cam-share programs in disguise.

How are police ‘conserving the peace’ by creating a network of 10,000 spying neighbors and installing DHS’s, I.R.I.S. surveillance cameras everywhere?

Police and Amazon work together to track citizens

According to their website, Amazon will work with law enforcement to spy on and track citizens.

You can run real-time analysis on video from Amazon Kinesis Video Streams or analyze images as they are uploaded to Amazon S3. For large jobs, Amazon Rekognition can work together with AWS Batch process and analyze thousands of images or videos stored in Amazon S3. (Source)

Amazon boasts that police can track people even if they can’t see their faces.

When using Rekognition to analyze video, you can track people through a video even when their faces are not visible, or as they go in and out of the scene. You can also identify their movements in the frame to tell things like whether someone was entering or exiting a building. (Source)

Rekognition also claims to be able to detect a person’s sentiments, like whether they are happy, sad or surprised.

Think about that for a moment; police could use Rekognition to stop a person because they looked angry or because they are wearing an anti-government t-shirt.

This is the reality of real-time spying.

Amazon to use drones to increase police surveillance

According to the ACLU’s documents, police departments are signing non-disclosure agreements (NDA) with Amazon and agreeing not to disclose their relationship to the public (pages 15, 16).

Law enforcement has a disturbing history of signing NDAs with companies like Stingray and Axon formerly known as Taser.

The documents also reveal Amazon’s plans to increase police surveillance cameras and install predictive analysis software in cities across the country. (page 28)

The increase in the utilization of video footage from City and Partner’s systems are embedded in many if not all aspects of the City operation.

Pages 143 and 144 reveals that the Anaheim police department is also interested in using Rekognition to identify citizens.

Amazon joins a long list of companies that are helping law enforcement circumvent our Constitution.

You can read more at the MassPrivateI blog, where this article first appeared.

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5 Comments on "Amazon’s Plan to Help Police Identify Citizens in Real-Time and Predict Crimes"

  1. Laurence Almand | May 24, 2018 at 12:58 pm | Reply

    This Big Brother scheme is only the beginning. It is only a matter of time until the police start spying on people in their homes. And just who is going to police the police spies? And what happens when a corrupt police official (there are plenty of those) gets his hands on this information and uses it for corrupt purposes?

  2. truthseeker53 | May 24, 2018 at 6:08 pm | Reply

    Jackboot thugs and Amazon. Lucifer’s team.

  3. What were Americans doing when all these laws were being passed ?
    What were Americans thinking when this was very obvious to those of us you laughingly and derisively called “Conspiracy Kooks” ?
    Why did you insult us and berate us for so many years when people like me tried to tell you that Fascism and Global Enslavement was creeping closer and closer to all of us?
    Most of you laughed and made fun of me and others like me.
    Yet still we carried on trying to wake people up.
    I now consider this a thankless task that I must undertake regardless of whether I am recognized or even if people continue to insult me as they always have.
    Please note that I am not complaining here about being laughed at for years and years about conspiracy theories (Rothschild family worth TRILLIONS, Apollo 11 Moon landing fake, 9/11 Inside Job).
    All I am really trying to say is this:
    Please wake up people. You can now see for yourself that many of the past conspiracy theories that people talked about (Global Enslavement through technocratic fascist regime, Marxist Idealogy spread by TRILLIONAIRE Rothschilds, Spying 24/7, 2nd Amendment constantly under fire) are becoming true.

    What about the other stories ?
    Please don’t laugh at them like you did in the past.
    You should please try to learn from your past. Don’t feel bad. I was once exactly like you as well.
    Thankfully I woke up, you will too.
    The only question is will it be soon enough? or too late?

    • Chelsea Poole | June 2, 2018 at 10:01 pm | Reply

      I’m sorry you feel so persecuted. Perhaps people are disinclined to listen to you because you appear to lack a certain sense of discernment — the typical conspiracy theory is designed to tuck a smigeon of truth, so to speak, within a larger series of exaggerated fabrications which can be easily dismissed/discredited by reasonable people and scientists/educated professionals within the applicable field of inquiry. Thus you come off sounding like a loon, and any true bits of information sandwiched within the surrounding nonsense of the overall CT gets ignored by most folks. Pretty simple stuff, really.

      Also, might I add that most people I know don’t like being told that it’s THEIR fault that a world they are largely impotent to affect is going to [email protected] around them. I’m curious to know just what you think people at the bottom of the political-economic food chain could have really changed, for good, in the face of the overwhelming corporate money/patience that has been steadily whittling away the people’s illusions of freedom and limited privacy since long before any of us were born? Pray tell?

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