Second Florida Survivor Family Now Alleging CNN Scripted Narrative to Push Gun Ban

By Jack Burns

In their alleged attempt to control the narrative on the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida last week, CNN has been accused of scripting the very testimonies from survivors to propagate their agenda. While CNN denied doing this to Colton Haab yesterday, as TFTP reported, another survivor has come forward with similar claims.

Andrew Klein’s daughter survived last week’s deadly school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School. Klein came forward Thursday accusing CNN of attempting to control the narrative in favor of gun control instead of an open uncensored town hall on how such tragedies could be prevented in the future.

Klein said a CNN producer told him the day after the shooting the network some have called the “Clinton News Network” of looking for only one type of person to speak out against guns. Klein told FNC’s Laura Ingraham the network was looking for survivors and their families who would, “espouse a certain narrative which was taking the tragedy and turning it into a policy debate.”

I read that as being a gun control debate…I’m a Responsible gun owner. when we talk about gun control it’s not about taking guns away from  people like me, it’s about keeping them out of the hands of the people who should not have them, who are irresponsible who are a threat to society (such as Cruz)

But Klein said CNN’s debate was not about how the government can help to keep guns from insane people. “When Ted Deutch kept repeating his mantra that he wants to eliminate any gun that can fire 150 rounds in 6 minutes, that’s almost every gun out there. So this supposed assault weapons ban isn’t going to accomplish anything.”

Ingraham picked up on the fact the CNN producer was attempting to control the narrative and asked Klein to explain. Klein said the CNN producer did not specifically mention guns in her conversation with Klein but said the producer was, “looking for people who want to talk about the policy implications.”

As TFTP reported on Thursday, CNN was not only caught red-handed using scripted questions for its contentious town hall meeting with Senator Marco Rubio (R) and NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch but allowed members of the audience to call the guests “murderers” and other derogatory names for taking a stand in support of the Second Amendment.

Klein is the second person this week who has come forward to accuse the Cable News Network of attempting to politicize the shootings, turning the debate into an anti-gun one.

Although CNN denied it, Haab was equally vocal in his criticism of CNN’s attempts to turn the tragedy into an attack on the Second Amendment. Haab was asked to write an essay about the shooting and he complied only to find out CNN took his essay and in return, handed him a scripted question. He refused to attend the town hall saying if he couldn’t ask his own unscripted question “it would be a total waste of (his) time.”

They had taken what I had wrote and what I had briefed on and talked about, and they actually wrote the question for me.

Haab did not attend CNN’s town hall as a result but did go to his local news station where he was allowed to speak freely about what he thought could have prevented the school shooting. He also spoke with Tucker Carlson and said if his coach had his gun on him he would have been able to engage the school shooter in a firefight and possibly prevent the tragedy. That’s not the message CNN wanted Haab to deliver, evidenced by its alleged striking of all of his essay’s position substituted by the scripted question he says he was given.

CNN denied Haab’s accusation in a tweet.

It is not the first time CNN has been caught supplying scripted questions. As TFTP has reported and WikiLeaks confirmed, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) primaries were rigged against candidate Bernie Sanders. Not only did the highest-ranking members of the DNC work against Sanders bid to become the Democratic nominee but CNN worked hand in hand with the DNC to ensure Hillary Clinton won the nomination.

After DNC chair Donna Brazille resigned from her post following WikiLeaks publication of DNC emails showing DNC staff attempting to discredit Sanders by attacking his faith, she found a new home at CNN. While working as a paid staffer for CNN, she was caught passing primary debate questions to Clinton’s staff, giving Clinton’s team an edge in what should have been a free and open debate.

Clinton went on to win the primary and the nomination for the Democratic Party to run for president. But several Sanders supporters sued the DNC in court alleging bias on the part of the DNC against their candidate. The DNC was not supposed to show favoritism for one candidate over another and the plaintiffs allege fraud took place in the election.

Now it seems the DNC is at it again, except this time they’re using CNN to control the narrative following the latest school shooting massacre. Conveniently absent from the narrative is any discussion of psychotropic medicines, something TFTP has long contended is the common denominator in nearly all school shootings.

Not only are nearly each and every one of the school shooters medicated on psychotropics but no one is calling for a discussion about them. Instead, politicians are guiding citizens’ anger toward the object used for killing instead of the potential cause for the callous murdering of one’s classmates.

Jack Burns is an educator, journalist, investigative reporter, and advocate of natural medicine. This article first appeared at The Free Thought Project.

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24 Comments on "Second Florida Survivor Family Now Alleging CNN Scripted Narrative to Push Gun Ban"

  1. Want to start a dialogue on the role psychotropics may have played in these events? Assuming that in the majority of the cases it was just select “witnesses” who were crisis actors trying to cash in and sensationalize the story for their puppetmasters and not that the events themselves were false flags, the victims’ families and any surviving victims need to get themselves the best legal representation money can buy and band together in a class action suit against Big Pharma.

    It may be a long, hard, uphill battle. But people were once of the opinion that fighting the tobacco industry was a lost cause too, until it turned out not to be. Difficult does not mean impossible. People can fight back and win. And that is one Pandora’s Box I can well imagine that the pharmaceutical industry would do almost anything to keep closed.

    • lightingstrikesthrice | February 25, 2018 at 9:35 am |

      Yes Big Pharma will fight to keep this silent. Remember, they were bankrupt until our wonderful State gave Big Pharma, mainly vaccines, anti-suit/liability legislature to keep from being sued in the early 1980’s. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be the Big Pharma and vaccines as we have it today.

  2. Good article Jack. Article is well written and supported. It is a fact the the United States owes China so much because of the debt China has bought for years. So ,how does the US help to pay back China? By selling Federal properties and helping to acquire other choice land. Taking guns from Americans will make it easier to invade the US and enslave the population.Also, it has been suggested that dark forces in the US govt have created so many red flags by staging many many crime scenes where the victims are killed by guns. Surely, these dark forces want to disarm the people. I pray and hope not as the private use of a gun to protect lives and property are our only defense.
    It is a known fact that media giants such as CNN are control by dark forces whom wish to use them as a cesspool of lies. We are being lied to many times and your article Jack examines one way it is done. Thanks again for informing us and to some a reminder that we should not trust regular media sources especially Associate Press (AP).

  3. I’m surprised anyone watches fake news CNN.

    • Who do you know it is fake if you don’t watch it? Are you parroting the self-serving claims of your Dear Leader. BTW, it is ironic that a person freetosay using a fake name to say what he is free to say.

    • i’m still waiting for the answer as to why wolf blitzer was already in Baghdad the day before Kuwait was invaded
      here in South Africa, we had just gotten put on the good behaviour list and could watch, GASP… TV news from the rest of the world
      and what was the first thing that we saw… the Gulf War? powered by CNN and with their own correspondent already in place, some might call it magic!
      world trade towers (9/11) was the next memorable one for me
      when the towers fell as if the poepstring (eloquent Afrikaans for that part of the body that keeps the spine, the arsehole, the rest of the body in alignment and upright – i.e. more than the spinal cord, ag nee, man; just say the poepstring) had been cut and the building fell like it did, i was forced by circumstances (CNN did something good, once in its existence), to start asking questions that no one was willing to answer
      since then, i have not watched Globalist Propaganda Network (i know that that doesn’t fit CNN! or CNN doesn’t fit that!) if i can at all help it

  4. “Klein said the CNN producer did not specifically mention guns in her conversation with Klein but said the producer was, “looking for people who want to talk about the policy implications.”

    That’s exactly what the media should be doing: exploring views on policy implications to reduce gun violence.

    This comment by Klein shows a high degree of misinformation and bias: ““When Ted Deutch kept repeating his mantra that he wants to eliminate any gun that can fire 150 rounds in 6 minutes, that’s almost every gun out there. So this supposed assault weapons ban isn’t going to accomplish anything.”

    With several seconds per reload using 30 round magazines, a semi-automatic can shoot 90 rounds a minute or about 500 in 6 minutes. A semi-automatic like the Bushmaster AR-15 XM15-E2S has a maximum effective rate of fire of 45 rounds per minute, according to its manual….so that is about 230 rounds in 5 minutes.

    Conventional weapons cannot attain these rates. There is a reason why no other of the 34 advanced nations have mass murders: they all ban assault weapons, including semi-automatics and large capacity magazines.

    They all have an equal number of seriously mentally, ill but they do not allow weapons of mass detruction. Canada, Germany, Australia, Spain, Austria, et al all allow rifles, etc but they almost all do not have mass murders because the weapons designed for mass murder are banned.

    The one horrific mass murder in Norway of 68 youths was in the rare deveoped nation that does allow legal purchase of semi-automatics: “Upon returning to Norway, Breivik obtained a legal permit for a .223-caliber Ruger Mini-14 semi-automatic carbine.”

    After the horrific murder of 35 in Australia in 1996with a semi-auitomatic, such weapons were banned. There have been no such mass murders since. In the US, they seem to be happening every few months. and in 41 states anyone can buy unlimited semi-automatic assault weapons and ammo from anyone in unmonitored private sales. In these 41 states (and if you don’t live in one,, you can just drive to the next state and get your WMD), rifles do not requires background checks in “private” sales and this includes weapons like the AR-15, used in 6 of the last 10 mass murders.

    • lightingstrikesthrice | February 25, 2018 at 9:40 am |

      The Australian mass murder you speak of was a psyop. The person whom they said did it, did not, nor could not have pulled this off. Just like with any false flag, cue bono. Australia a couple years before tried to ban such firearms and failed, so problem-reaction-solution. Don’t forget the students reporting multiple shooters, and all the people that had warned ‘law enforcement’ about this guy(patsy) and they did nothing to prevent what could have been prevented. Cue bono. Now just look at the narrative rolling out, same as all the narrative roll outs after every shooting. Project Gladio has NEVER stopped.

      • There is no evidence to support your poison the well conspiracy theory which you got off the internet. provides a thorough examination of the theory, which few believe and which is based on unsupported assumptions. Who benefited? The Australian people, who have seen gun murder reduced by 60% and overall murder by 50%.

        In addition, there have been no mass shooting since. Who benefits from such a conspiracy theory? The NRA and those who see to sell more guns as well as the CIA and Deep State which use such lunatic theories to debunk all conspiracy theories, some of which are sound. has an article which traces this conspiracy theory back to the man who orginated it: “… it all seems to have stemmed from a book called Deadly Deception at Port Arthur, written by Joe Vialls…..” and now it joins the other fake psy-ops narratives that poison the well of legitmate conspiracy allegations, an operation promoted by the CIA because who ultimately benefits from promoting whacky conspiracy theories are those who seek to protect themselves from the legitimate allegations of which they are guilty.

        The utlimate beneficiaries of such absurd conspiracy theories are those who have the most reason to discredit ALL conspiracy allegations: the Deep State and the gun makers, who fear rational gun regulation will hurt their bottom line. Cui bono?: the real conspirators and the merchants of death.

        • I do not disagree with weapons manufacturers not wanting there bottom line damaged. Though, all states use false flag events, propaganda, and narratives to disarm their citizenry. For every Intelligence op, there is a counter Intelligence as well. I have watched many videos of meetings done by the victims of the Port Arthur shooting, and they are the ones saying it doesn’t add up to what the Aussie State is saying, and what was done prior and during the event. I am not basing my assessments and discernment on the book, I am basing it on the testimony of the witnesses and victims. I will say this: good catch on the cue bono spelling, I was wondering how many would. I can agree to disagree on the Port Arthur massacre. Have you ever heard of the Australian Max Igan? A person whom I find myself in agreement on many topics. tube channel if ever interested.

        • “In addition, there have been no mass shooting (sic) since”. Well of course not, paid troll. They got what they wanted via the false flag operation. But then again, you already knew that……

          • There has been not one mass shooting thus the (sic) is unnecessary. There has been no mass shooting…..and you think that proves that it was a false flag operation? Can you provide any evidence? So if a false flag shooting leads to ending mass shootings and cuts the gun murder rate by 60%, you think that would be a bad result?

            Of course, it was not a false flag shooting…that is NRA propaganda.

          • It’s interesting how you debate everything I said, except the paid troll part. Therefore, it seems you must…. at least be…an honest paid troll, which deserves some recognition.

            Now, false flags can always be up for debate, until they’re admitted to, and we both know that won’t be happening any time soon. So, it’s up to logical people to decipher fact from fiction. This becomes obvious as you watch (collectively) the shootings play out, always with the same narrative. Always the same game plan, always the same results. You just have to step back and look to see how obvious it is, as you well know. Next, you’ll be telling me that building #7 fell down all by itself, or from “office fires”, right Dale ?? Come on…you can do it….I know you can….

          • I ignore total bullshit which exposes itself.

            I accept the reality of conspiracies but do you understand that the CIA and others with an interest in discrediting legitimate conspiracy allegations promotes lunatic theories like yours to poison the well. JFK’s assassination, The Gulf of Tonkin, Bldg 7, Saddam’s active WMD program—–all bullshit but if you lump them with obvious nutjob conspiracies, they all become jokes. This is how the conspiracy experts discredit conspiracy allegations, by using useful idiots like you.

          • *Note to fellow readers: When Dale Ruff is cornered, he thinks he can play “rough”. Amusing, isn’t it ?

            No, Dale, you can’t limp away from this one by painting everything with a great big brush. I’m not the guy to try that one on.

            Let’s just stay focused on Building #7, so you can eat the whole thing at one time, ok big boy?

            I need you to tell me how that building just fell down all by itself. Now understand, you’re talking to someone with extensive experience in the industry. I’m also joined by approximately 20k architects, engineers, and DEMOLITION EXPERTS AND CONTRACTORS ( who know (not SAY, know) that this building was imploded by anything other than the results of the two aircraft inclusions. They’ve run extensive tests using computer models and calculations, among other things to reach these conclusions. (You really should visit their organization…very informative, even for paid trolls such as yourself). And YET, it’s a conspiracy because Dale Ruff says so ? Because Dale Ruff lumps it in with “all the obvious nutjob conspiracies”….. which are all jokes according to Dale Ruff?

            So, again, I’m asking Dale Ruff to tell me how it’s possible for that building to fall down all by itself. (Be aware that if it in fact did fall down all by itself…or from office fires…it would be the FIRST steel framed sky scraper WORLD WIDE to succumb to this fate).

            I know this is a “ruff” question, and a “ruff” position to be put in, but big boy Dale Ruff should be able to navigate this just fine, with his usual poetic dodgeball tactics, right DALE RUFF ?? So go ahead…we’re all waiting now… Tell us how this is possible, Dale Ruff ?? SPEAK Dale….RUFF RUFF !!!

        • you actually believe vice, bill maher, an already discredited turd?

    • unfortunately the above drivel means that you are going to have to hand in the keys for your dodge, ford, chevy… even porsche, ferrari or lamborghini, whichever. it doesn’t matter.
      the fact that a van or a small (pickup or up to 3-ton) truck was involved in the last five mow-downs of tourists and other pedestrians, worldwide, prove that motor vehicles are unsafe
      a four mile per hour speed limit (faster will scare the horses) and a red flag-wielding person walking in front (where the 4mph comes from) should be adequate
      and if you wish to go faster, you will have to get a special government permit (name your price, but not less than $1,000,000.00) and only use it on designated track days at an authorised track day event, which if you are lucky may occur at least once every twelve months, dependent on your locality – oh, yes, this also means that your favourite sports including NASCAR are forever cancelled (well, none of the teams is willing to pay the fees for nothing), so you’ll be able to spend more time in church, no need to rush home anymore

  5. @disqus_maum8bjWxI:disqus “Thanks again for informing us and to some a reminder that we should not
    trust regular media sources especially Associate Press (AP).”

    Reuters news service owns AP and has for quite a while and this links back to Rothschild up the chain. I think CNN is owned by Turner, which comes in under the auspice of a Rockefeller somewhere up the chain, that then too goes right to Rothschild as well.

    @ruffsoft:disqus ” There is a reason why no other of the 34 advanced nations have mass
    murders: they all ban assault weapons, including semi-automatics and
    large capacity magazines.”

    This misses the point that criminals being criminal have no problem not obeying legal policies that forbid semi-automatic, or automatic weapons. If someone is determined enough to have one they will have one, legal, lawful or not it doesn’t matter. Criminals will be criminals after all. For example, look at the owners of media and if they’re not outright criminals themselves they are at the least in collusion with those what are so.

    This goes back to the Three M strategy Rothschild’s have used for centuries, Money, Media, Military. Once they have a toe hold in any of the three of these, forget it, they’ve got it won or so they like you thinking.

    Doubt that, take a look at the operations manual of the C.I.A. They strike out to seize and control media right away. Firstly, it allows them free hand to stifle any dissent. Secondly, once they control the flow of narrative they can take over the banks and so have money. Third, it brings up a payroll for the armed thugs, you got the military then and checkmate.

    One could suggest though I’ve drank too much Kool Aid ergo hold such a crackpot opinion of the media in general and of Rothschild’s. Perhaps I have although others might suggest I need far more Kool Aid. I think it’s all relative genuinely. Take or leave from my view/s as you are wont to do. Recall “Everything you read on the InterWebs must be true!” 🙂

    • lightingstrikesthrice | February 25, 2018 at 9:32 am |

      Excellent assessments and observations and insight here Ben. Right on brother, right on.

      • *chuckling* I humbly thank you, sir. Try not to do too bad for a dumb Appalachian ‘country boy/hillbilly’. I can admit there’s a lot I have yet to know. Some of it I’m alright with not knowing. Can further admit that I being human can stumble. If I do so, I try to learn from it and avoid doing so again and it is indeed an honest error on my part.

        I noticed today, 03/03/2018, that female Clinton unit has patented ‘wetware’. Oh boy! I’m looking forward to being hooked up to Big Blue’s Watson. Then, I will replicate clones of myself using ancient wisdom located in the first sardine tin. Not bad enough I clone myself ala Philip K. Dick’s Man With A Golden Arm (I believe it to be), split Space-Time to work faster than machines, oh no I’ll clone my persona as well. Muhaha!!! *manic evil genius laughter echoing and fading as I too fade away* 😉 🙂 :p

        Crumble shall Rothschild’s, … so it’ll made be.

        • lightingstrikesthrice | March 4, 2018 at 8:53 am |

          *laughing* Brilliant! As said in those old Guiness Beer commercials. I’d clone myself as well, but being Use First Confluence Learning Pattern, I’d probably forget about most of ’em and lose control and having ‘myself’ running around doing all kinds of havoc and nonsense. And I’d be blamed! Stupid clones. I’ve made mistakes, but also have learned from them and become better for it. Plus, new info is always coming to light, so one has to change their purview and perspective. That sucks because the info should have been forthright in the first place*frowns, and sulks*. I enjoy reading your comments and replies, so please keep them coming Ben. I like the last two sentences or the last paragraph with the maniac laughter. Fading into the background a great touch*laughing*. I hope so with that last sentence: but hope/wish in one hand and… the old adage goes.

  6. lightingstrikesthrice | February 25, 2018 at 9:31 am |

    Sanders was in on the scam, come on. He played his part. Truthstream Media( done a video a few weeks ago, and last year, with Sanders and his wife on stage, caught on microphone and camera with his wife reiterating to him that he could still run for president without the DNC nomination. And he would have gotten the majority votes. Not saying the ECV would have put him in, unless he was all in with the kakistocracy. Don’t forget their brand new 400k beach house courteous of the DNC and CEC. THEN the Sanders set up a Foundation where most of his believers on staff of Foundation left for the people he brought in to operate it. No coincidences, just connections. But, CNN was an MIC(military intelligence corporation/complex) baby from the get go. Just one of the media arm corps of the kakistocracy. No surprises here; cue bono and Delphi Methodology and Hegelian Dialectic at play here.

  7. it is a pity that Haab did not attend the cnn town hall farce
    he should have stood up and asked the real questions, and then waited to be escorted from the venue, NOT in shame, head held high

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