State Chinese Paper Encourages U.S. To Restrict Guns To “Protect Human Rights”

By Aaron Kesel

In light of the recent Florida shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School that killed 17 people and injured 14, the Chinese state-run newspaper Global Times has encouraged the U.S. government in a propaganda piece to “genuinely protect human rights” by restricting guns to its citizens like China does, Reuters reported.

“Washington has been pointing an accusing finger at other countries over human rights … However, more Americans have been killed by gunfire in the country than American soldiers being killed in all U.S. wars,” the Global Times wrote.

“Gun ownership in China is strictly regulated, which helps reduce gun-related crimes and deaths. The U.S. should learn from China and genuinely protect human rights,” the Global Times added.

“The U.S. has no other choice but to adopt gun control. The right of life is the most fundamental (of) human rights. The right to bear arms cannot overpower the individual’s right to live,” the Global Times concluded.

This advice comes from a communist country where they have spikes on the ground for the homeless. So tell me how spikes are a “right of life?”

Besides showing disregard for the poor, President Xi Jinping’s administration has seen a sweeping crackdown on lawyers and activists over the past few years, enacting new laws under the guise of “national security” since Xi Jinping took power in 2012.

Among those, there have been nearly 250 targeted individuals who were questioned or detained by state security agents following the unprecedented government crackdown on human rights lawyers and other activists that started in July 2015; nine were convicted of “subverting state power,” “inciting subversion of state power” or “picking quarrels and provoking trouble,” according to

In November, Donald Trump repeatedly praised Xi during his state visit to Beijing in which the U.S. president did not publicly address China’s human rights record, Stratis Times reported.

However, in December, Trump’s executive order targeted Gao Yan a Chinese public security official for alleged rights abuses. Yan is in charge of the Chaoyang Detention Centre in Beijing where a Chinese rights activist, Cao Shunli, was held and questioned prior to her death in a hospital under police custody in March 2014, Reuters reported.

Bejing responded by telling the U.S. not to be a “human rights judge.”

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Hua Chunying, expressed that China opposed the United States using sanctions to target other countries’ citizens based on their own domestic laws.

“We urge the United States to impartially and objectively look upon China’s human rights development and to stop acting as a so-called human rights judge,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said, adding that “China’s police maintain public security in accordance with law.”

Then there is China’s infamous firewall, which continues to rise and censor the Internet from Chinese citizens by suppressing social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and several others including search engines, The Economist reported.

In the gun debate, there is only one video that ever needs to be seen and that’s the Congressional hearing testimony of Suzanna Gratia Hupp, a survivor of the Luby’s shooting, also known as the Luby’s massacre.

On October 16, 1991, George Hennard drove his 1987 Ford Ranger pickup truck through the front window of a Luby’s Cafeteria at 1705 East Central Texas Expressway in Killeen, screaming “This is what Bell County has done to me!” then opened fire on the restaurant’s patrons and staff with a Glock 17 pistol and later a Ruger P89.

During the shooting, Hennard approached Suzanna Gratia Hupp and her parents. Hupp had actually brought a handgun to the Luby’s Cafeteria that day but had left it in her vehicle due to the laws enforced at the time, forbidding citizens from carrying firearms.

According to her testimony in favor of Missouri’s HB-1720 bill (a law to allow concealed carry), after she realized that her firearm was not in her purse but “a hundred feet away in her car,” her father charged at Hennard in an attempt to subdue him, only to be gunned down; a short time later, her mother was also shot and killed.

Hupp expressed regret for abiding by the law in question by leaving her firearm in her car, rather than keeping it on her person. She further stated that she didn’t blame the killer, or the gun; she blamed her legislators because she couldn’t protect herself and her family.

The U.S. government shouldn’t interfere with the Second Amendment to the Constitution, the right of citizens to bear arms. Americans don’t need human rights advice from a communist country that routinely commits human rights abuses on its own people. And given the poor human rights record of U.S. drone bombing and military invention abroad, we shouldn’t embrace any restriction of our right to self-defense at home from that government either.

The Second Amendment is a right of the people; if you ban sales from lawful citizens, you will encourage black market sales of firearms where the weapons aren’t registered. In such a case all the criminals will be armed, while forcing innocent civilians to be easy targets for a psychopath.

And in case you didn’t realize, there is already a law against murder, and that doesn’t change the reality of people still committing murder. This was demonstrated by a stabbing in China that killed 33 and injured 130 in 2014, and more recently an attack at a Beijing mall that killed 1 person and injured 12, CBS News reported.

I’ll leave you with a quote from a founding father of the U.S. Benjamin Franklin, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Someday you may be in Suzanna Gratia Hupp’s shoes wishing that you had a firearm to protect yourself or your family.

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38 Comments on "State Chinese Paper Encourages U.S. To Restrict Guns To “Protect Human Rights”"

  1. Good article Aaron. Article is well written and supported with video testimony. I will pass on information that I have read previously and that information suggested that our US govt owes China so much because of the debt China has bought for years. So ,how does the US help to pay back China? By selling Federal properties and helping to acquire other choice land. Taking guns from Americans will make it easier to invade the US and enslave the population.Also, it has been suggested that dark forces in the US govt have created so many red flags by staging many many crime scenes where the victims are killed by guns. Surely, these dark forces want to disarm the people. I pray and hope not as the private use of a gun to protect lives and property are our only defense.

  2. Isn’t that nice, China thinking about the well being of Americans. Oh wait a minute did they not disarm their own people then murder 60 million plus?

    • Thats the major step in taking over a country (disarming the people) , but if you want to control something why not HEROIN? It kills about 10 times as many people a year as does guns. Even knifes kill 5 times as many as do guns!!! Think we are looking in the wrong place. For instance, look at Chicago. Do you want that in the whole country? They have the strictest GUN LAWS in the US…..

      • You are factually incorrect:
        Gun deaths in 2017: ” At least 15,549 people were killed by guns in the United States in 2017, excluding most suicides, according to data collected by Gun Violence Archive (GVA), a nonprofit organization that tracks media and law enforcement reports of shootings.”

        If we include suicides: “In 2016, there were more than 38,000 gun-related deaths in the U.S. — 4,000 more than 2015, the new CDC report on preliminary mortality data shows. Most gun-related deaths — about two-thirds —in America are suicides.

        10 time 38,000 would be 380,000 deaths, and heroin led to 8000 deaths, so you are only off by 372,000 or a factor of about 97%. Knifes kill about 1/3 as many as guns, according to FBI data.

        Chicago has reduced gun violence by 50% over the past two decades, and most guns used by criminals in Chicago are bought in Indiana, where anyone can get guns with no hassle. That is why we need universal background checks.

        • lightingstrikesthrice | February 25, 2018 at 10:16 am | Reply

          But, define criminals. How about those in government whom kill, assassinate, etc. Over 80 holistic, homeopathic doctors, nurses, chiros, etc, have been murdered in two years and the MSM and government remain completely silent on it and cover it up. So, it’s ok to have firearms if the kakistocracy says so? Look at the types the CIA, FBI, MI, employs. Look up Kay Griggs interviews on you tube. I have many saved on my channel for prosperity(John Watwood).

          • Get lost!

          • lightingstrikesthrice | February 28, 2018 at 8:31 am |

            Lost am I, in a sea of willful ignorance, a matrix of subverted reality obediently assimilated by the scores. Parents to children. Parents HAD to believe so thus the children HAVE to believe. Soak, wash, rinse, and repeat. It is not nascence we have, but will ignorance of cognitive dissonance.

          • flee flyleavemovepassprogressretiretabsconddeparthightailquitvamoose
            beat it.

        • TrumpPutin ForPeace | February 25, 2018 at 1:07 pm | Reply

          go ahead Dale give up your guns

          • I have never wanted, needed, or owned guns. Homes with guns have nearly 3 times more gun deaths than homes without. Anyone who thinks he can gamble against the odds is a fool.

    • Do they did not. That is what the CIA wants you to believe: dictatorships rule by brainwashing.
      Hitler greatly expanded gun rights for 99% of Germans and actually did cause the deaths of about 60 million people.

  3. The percentage of homeless in China is about the same as in the US, which is the richest nation in world history. I have seen spikes on many buildings, ledges, etc in the US to keep the homeless from having a place to sleep. Even in liberal cities like Santa Cruz,Ca, the homeless are banned from camping by the river or from sleeping outdoors or in their cars.

    Meanwhile, 400,000 have died by guns since 9/11………..and nothing has been done.

    • BugsBunnyPatriot | February 24, 2018 at 5:22 pm | Reply

      In 1928 China began disarming its citizens. Between 1928 and 76, Chiang Kai-Shek and Mao Zedong murdered between 45 million and 75 million Chinese Citizens. By all means lets disarm. Germany 17 – 20 million, Russia 40-62 million, Uganda 300,000, Rwanda 500,000 -1 million, North Korea 1.6 million, North Vietnam 1.7 million, Cambodia 2.4 million, Iraq 2 million.
      Yes I can go on but lets disarm.

      • “Well, the first changes made to the gun laws under the Nazi regime was in 1938. They basically kept the older system of requiring permits (and not outright banning them) but made some modifications.

        Gun restriction laws applied only to handguns, not to long guns or ammunition. The 1938 revisions introduced further restrictions against Jews, but made it easier German Nationalists’ acquisition and transfer of rifles and shotguns, as was the possession of ammunition. (previously Germans needed a permit for every gun).

        The legal age at which guns could be purchased was lowered from 20 to 18.

        Permits were valid for three years, rather than one year.
        The groups of people who were exempt from the acquisition permit requirement expanded. Holders of annual hunting permits, government workers, and NSDAP members were no longer subject to gun ownership restrictions. Prior to the 1938 law, only officials of the central government, the states, and employees of the German Reichsbahn Railways were exempted.

        Jews were forbidden from the manufacturing or dealing of firearms and ammunition.The Nazis killed even more and they expanded gun rights”

        Jews were 0.7% of the population and those “enemies of the state” also prohibited were locked at Dachau, where they were among the 220,000…so Hitler expanded gun rights, deregulated rifles and ammo for 99% of the population By your logic, this means arming a population leads to mass murder (It certainly does in the US which has had over 150,000 gun murders since 9/11).

        Deaths attributed to Mao are grossly exaggerated as a form of anti-Communist propaganda. One fact that we do know is that from 1945 to the 70’s, the life expectancy of the Chinese increased from 35 to 65. Those who call death by famine murder are also inclined to exaggerate the number who died. Some investigators who came up with astronomical figures were found to be working for the CIA. Don’t believe everything you read, and understand that Stalin, Mao, and Hitler did not rule by force but rather by propaganda. That is why Hitler expanded German gun rights because, like the NRA, he wanted an armed Aryan nation and despised the policy after WWI by which Germans were disarmed.

        The most effective way for a totalitarian regime to control the masses is by controlling the news, calling critical journalism fake news, and seeking to have fired those who do not toe the party line. Effective brainwashing, as history shows, means a dictatorship can restrict or expand gun rights. In Japan, which has an A rating for civil liberties and political free, guns have virtually been banned; in the US, which ranks near the bottom in terms of freedom, 1/3 to 1/2 of all the civilian guns in the world are accessible to even the mentally disturbed.

        Conclusion: effective regulation of firearms has nothing to do with Mao, who restricted guns to those loyal to him, or Hitler, who expanded gun rights for 99% of the population (in the Presidential race, he lost to HInderberg who got 53% to Hitler’s 38%). Nazi Germany and Japan (and the UK, also rated highly for freedom but where guns are rare) disprove the thesis that restricting guns is a critical part of dictatorship.

      • lightingstrikesthrice | February 25, 2018 at 10:11 am | Reply

        Word. Too many people believe the psyop designed by their kakistocracy.

        • There are at least two major ‘problems’ with the theory of disarming for takeover. The most obvious is that we are already taken over, behaving as we are programmed to do. This behavior is our participation in a system they invented and control, especially the toxic consumer orgy, income tax, and system of interest-bearing debt, designed to steal a good portion of the income and wealth produced by work and flow it to the top. The process maintains Elite power ongoingly. Worse, it comes at the cost of our source of life, which is liquidated—raped and toxified—and converted to things.

          A second problem is the difference between the weaponry available to each ‘side.’ In earlier times, the Elite has access to conventional weaponry. Now, however, with ‘exotic’ weapons, they can kill you without you ever even seeing anything to shoot at, from a range that makes the range of the arms we “bear” seem like slingshots and peashooters.

          The genocide going on now in US I call the ‘Illness/Slow-Genocide Agenda.’ Fast genocide is not nearly as profitable as the toxin-driven one that first drives you through the medical merry-go-round on the way to your grave. And now add wireless technology, which is terminally pathogenic, including mass ecocide, a siren song of seduction. People embrace it without a thought, for convenience and entertainment. Such mindlessness is an illness/death warrant. One of the greatest blows we could strike is the total rejection of ALL wireless technology, which, with the coming 5G, nanotech, Smart tech, and AI, forms the foundation and mechanism of the Elite’s surveillance/police state and human-control system, a la Orwell on techno-steroids. Talk about control, the technology exists now to read thoughts and feelings remotely and alter them for behavior control – digital push-button control.

    • Do you own a gun, Dale Ruff ?

  4. Stricter gun laws won’t cut the mustard insofar as reducing all these school shootings. Guns are already heavily regulated, as they have been for years. Regretfully, criminals and psychopaths will not adhere to ANY gun laws, now or in the future. That’s the nature of criminals. (Duh!) Other factors need to be addressed, including psychiatric medications that can cause people to “act out”. Not to mention, many of our youth, who immerse themselves in violent video games, TV and movie violence, etc. What you meditate on, you become. Let’s work to upgrade some of the content our kids are over-consuming!

    • Indeed! Add to this the use of wireless technology, which is having a deleterious and pathogenic effect, including, among many other things, breaking down the blood-brain barrier thus facilitating toxic brains. This cannot lead anywhere but to disaster. And it’s no accident.

    • Banning assault weapons, used in all school and other mass murders, may not stop attack but it ill reduce the number killed. In nations which have virtually banned guns, like the UK and Japan, gun violence is virtually eliminated as well. It took Japan 50 years to bring its gun murder rate down from higher than the US to 99.9% lower, at a clip of 2% a year, as guns broke down, were confiscated in crimes, and were otherwise eliminated. Blaming drugs or lack of mental health for the lethal scale afforded by assault weapons is criminal distraction

      We can do all this, as all other 34 advanced nations have:
      1. universal background checks for all sales
      2. ban assault weapons
      3 universal healthcare, including comprehensive mental health
      4. regulate drugs

      The first step is to end the denial of the role of assault weapons as the weapon of choice of mass murders and the second is to end the stranglehold of the NRA, representing the gun makers, over legislation and policy.

    • No, banning assault weapons will reduce the scale of murder. You can buy assault rifles in 41 states in private sales with no regulations or background checks whatsoever; and in the other 9 states, you just drive to an adjoining state to to get your assault rifles and ammo. 2/3 of Americans support banning assault weapons. All other of the 34 advanced nations have banned them and they do NOT have mass murders as we do……………and all other nations have universal background checks (which are not required in most states for “private” sales and they have a lower gun murder rate from 85% (Canada) to 99% (UK and Japan). The cure has been found. It’s just that preventing the cure results in higher profits for the gun makers.

      As for violent video games, “A new study — presented last month at the inaugural seminar sponsored by Iowa State University’s Center for the Study of Violence — showed effects of violent video games on aggression over a 3-6 month period in children from Japan as well as the United States.”

      However, Japan, which is a virtually gun-free zone, has a 99.9% lower gun murder rate than the US and an overall 80% lower murder rate. Clearly, it is more than video games that makes the US the advanced world’s most dangerous nation and Japan the safest.

      One of the co-authors of the study stated: “”The culture is so different and their overall violence rate is so much lower than in the U.S.,” Anderson said. “The argument has been made — it’s not a very good argument, but it’s been made by the video game industry — that all our research on violent video game effects must be wrong because Japanese kids play a lot of violent video games and Japan has a low violence rate.

      “By gathering data from Japan, we can test that hypothesis directly and ask, ‘Is it the case that Japanese kids are totally unaffected by playing violent video games?’ And of course, they aren’t,” he said. “They’re affected pretty much the same way American kids are.”

      There is a great difference between violence manifested as fights and verbal aggression (the Japanese version) and murder, the US version.

      “”It is important to realize that violent video games do not create schools shooters,” Gentile said. “They create opportunities to be vigilant for enemies, to practice aggressive ways of responding to conflict and to see aggression as acceptable. In practical terms, that means that when bumped in the hallway, children begin to see it as hostile and react more aggressively in response to it.”

  5. Sandy Hook and Valentines Day Shooting at stoneman were State Sponsored False Flags. Where Have You Been? – FREE ONLINE BOOK: The first of 2 editions is published for FREE online in PDF format providing proof beyond a reasonable doubt. “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook It Was a FEMA drill to Promote Gun Control”

  6. BugsBunnyPatriot | February 24, 2018 at 5:11 pm | Reply

    Yes China the foremost protector of human rights. In 1928 China began disarming its citizens. Between 1928 and 76, Chiang Kai-Shek and Mao Zedong murdered between 45 million and 75 million Chinese Citizens. By all means lets disarm.

  7. Conclusive Evidence of False Flag Shooting at Stoneman High School in Florida

  8. China doesn’t tell America what to do. Their people are basically slaves.

  9. lightingstrikesthrice | February 25, 2018 at 10:08 am | Reply

    Ah, just as expressed by Max Igan: China will lead the way! China will be victorious and heroic in diverting WW3 and nuclear catastrophe/annihilation. With that, the world will adopt China’s labor and economic and social ‘policies’ and give the yes for China to be the front runners for the NSR initiative. Nothing frightens the ‘elites’ more than an angry, fed up, informed, disgusted, and ARMED citizenry. “March all you want, as long as you pay your taxes. (Mine)And don’t come armed!”

    • BugsBunnyPatriot | February 26, 2018 at 10:54 am | Reply

      I agree LightingStrikesThrice. They feed us BS from every angle to keep us busy and at each others throat. All the while perpetuating their own agenda towards a single world government, a world divided between drones and elitists. Of key importance is disarming America and I believe that the Florida school shooting is the beginning of their final push.

    • In the 1938 German Weapons Act, the Nazis expanded, liberalized, and deregulated guns and ammo for 99% of the German citizens. Hitler did not rule with force but with propaganda. He wanted an “armed Aryan nation,” since the Nazis hated the fact that after losing WWI, they were disarmed.

      The Constitution says nothing about the right of armed revolution (that is in the Declaration of Independence, signed by a very different group of “Founding Fathers.” Article 1, Section 8 gives Congress the power to call forth, organize, arm, and discipline the militia for 3 specific purposes:
      1. to enforce the laws
      2. to put down foreign invasions (in the absence of a much-feared standing army)
      3. to put down insurrections.

      The Constitution transferred control of the militia from local/state authority to the central government precisely to give it the power to put down armed rebellions. The slave owners wrote the Constitution were terrified of the prospect of slave rebellions and one of the primary jobs of the militia had been slave patrols to confiscate weapons and punish slaves found with weapons.

      “So, did African-American slaves rebel? Of course they did. As early as 1934, our old friend Joel A. Rogers identified 33 slave revolts, including Nat Turner’s, in his 100 Amazing Facts. And nine years later, the historian Herbert Aptheker published his pioneering study, American Negro Slave Revolts, to set the record straight. Aptheker defined a slave revolt as an action involving 10 or more slaves, with “freedom as the apparent aim [and] contemporary references labeling the event as an uprising, plot, insurrection, or the equivalent of these.” In all, Aptheker says, he “has found records of approximately two hundred and fifty revolts and conspiracies in the history of American Negro slavery.” Other scholars have found as many as 313.”

      They were also afraid of white working class and farmer’s rebellions as well as revolts involving blacks and whites rebelling together against their common oppressor. Ben Jealous relates an early biracial rebellion which shows the origins of the kind of deliberate racial divide and conquer strategy that has defined and defiled American history: “One of the forgotten landmarks of civil rights history occurred 350 years ago Sunday: Sept. 1, 1663. This day marks the first recorded instance of African slaves and European indentured servants standing together for justice against the ruling elite.

      The Gloucester County Conspiracy took place at a time when Virginia tobacco growers relied on both slaves and indentured servants to farm tobacco. Management treated their workers with cruel abandon, regardless of color.

      Unwilling to accept their fate, a group of black and white workers met in secret to plan a revolt. After securing weapons and a drum, they would “march from house to house” until they reached the mansion of Royal Governor Sir William Berkeley. They would demand their freedom, and resort to force if necessary.

      Though the plot failed, the landowners recognized the power that the Gloucester rebels possessed when banded together. Over the next several decades, they sought to breed racial contempt between the white and black members of the underclass.”

      This is the strategy that Nixon used (the Southern Strategy) and which Trump used, scapegoating Mexicans and refugees and Muslims, tto pander to the white racists and and further divide groups that have much more in common than divides them. This is the ancient strategy of empire and domination: divide, conquer, and loot.

      An armed German citizenry did not challenge Hitler and in the great example of taking down tyrannical regimes, unarmed protesters and strikers took down 9 Eastern European totalitarian regimes without violence (with the one exception of Romania).

      The myth of the right to armed rebellion goes back to the Declaration, which also says government not based on equality and majority consent (both Bush and Trump lost the popular vote and are, under the standards of the Declaration, “unjust and illegitimate”) is not legitimate. Those who wrote the Constitution included half slave owners (who rejected equality) and war profiteers and some who had opposed the American Revolution. They reversed the principles on which our nation’s independene was founded. The classic documenting this counter-revolution is Jensen’s New Nation.

      The militarized police would welcome an armed rebellion which would give them the justification to mow down the rebels. Non-violent protests do not give this pretext and that is why they were successful in Eastern Europe in 1989. Communism was overthrown there and in the Soviet Union by unarmed people.

      The armed Germans followed Hitler to hell……………..because it is not guns that rule but propaganda and the power of ideas and beliefs. And as Orwell wrote, most great evil arises from false ideas, among the lie that mass murder has nothing to do with weapons designed for mass killing.

  10. TrumpPutin ForPeace | February 25, 2018 at 1:11 pm | Reply

    Communist China the great great human rights violator wants our guns cause they think they can takeover the USA as long as we are disarmed.
    What we need to do ASAP is Arm all teachers. Gun training for all. The best response to a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun. FBI did not do their job. This shooter was allowed to commit the crime. Appears to be all part of the plan to take away gun rights.

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