How to Disappear an Activist (Or, Where IS Andy Ostrowski?)

By Janet Phelan

As reported here, activist attorney Andy Ostrowski was taken into custody by the Wilkes-Barre, PA police department on September 19, for a forced mental health evaluation.  Ostrowski was reached later that afternoon at General Hospital in Wilkes-Barre, where he asserted he was being held as a political prisoner.

Ostrowski, a radio talk show host and civil rights advocate, also made a run for Congress in 2014.

Per hospital protocol, Ostrowski was subsequently transferred to another facility. And now, no one can say where he is.

HIPAA—Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act—disallows hospitals from confirming if a person is at their facility, if he is on a psych unit. In the conversation on Tuesday, Ostrowski asserted he was most likely to be transferred to First Hospital, in Kingston.

First Hospital, however, will not confirm or deny his presence. As Ostrowski had expressed not only appreciation to this reporter for reaching him at General Hospital, but also asserted the necessity to follow up on his forced incarceration, the failure to reveal his whereabouts  becomes a central issue vis-à-vis his right to freedom of association.

However, the hospitals in question do not seem to honor this historical right. The behaviors by staff at both General and First Hospitals couldn’t be more alarming. Yesterday, in an effort to ascertain where he was transferred, I called General Hospital and spoke with a woman who initially identified herself at “Joanne.” Joanne refused to give information as to where Ostrowski was transferred and when asked her full name, she replied “Julia.” According to Joanne/Julia, to disclose where Ostrowski is would violate HIPAA.

When it was suggested that Ostrowski’s right to association trumped HIPAA, Joanne/Julia turned nasty, demanding my data, which I supplied her. She then trounced further on any perception that Ostrowski still has rights, telling me I was “so wrong” about his right to association overriding the hospital’s right to privacy—which is really what HIPAA is protecting here.

Well, it didn’t get much better at First Hospital. This reporter spoke with the media relations director,  who not only declined any information as to Ostrowski’s presence, but shot back, “You’ll never know if he is here or not!”

And that may be true and how scary is it….

In an effort to get assistance in determining his whereabouts, contact was made with the Luzerne County District Attorney’s office. The call was transferred to a “Marilyn,” who, after hearing that a request was being made to locate Andy Ostrowski, promised to look into this. When no call back was received, the DA’s office was repeatedly called, at which point they repeatedly hung up the phone on me. An initial request for an email contact was also refused. “We don’t give out our email addresses,” the receptionist stated.

These are public servants, folks….

Recently, yet another radio show host was psychiatrically detained. Speaking on conditions of anonymity, she told me that she was picked up this July in front of a library in a Colorado county, where she had just emerged after speaking with the librarian and others about connections between the local government and a for-profit foster care facility, which may be  self enriching through unnecessarily removing children from homes. This radio host was assaulted by a person on leaving the library and when she called 911, the deputy came, slammed her into the wall, cuffed her and brought her to a psych hospital.

She was let go four and a half hours later, and subsequently received a bill for $7300 for her unwanted detention.

Andy Ostrowski, however, may not be so fortunate. He is now “desaparecido”—missing in the gulag.

Several years back, this reporter covered the plight of a man who was under a mental health conservatorship in California. The guardian kept moving Charlie Castle from place to place, as those who were trying to help him assert his rights in fixed proceedings kept discovering his new location. When Castle died under suspicious circumstances, a request for a coroner’s inquiry was made. All that we ever discovered was that the toxicology report—which would have contained the  information concerning the suspected cause of his death—had been somehow removed from the file.

The mental health laws tilt against the rights of those under “evaluation” or “care.” They protect the privacy of the institutions which may, in fact, be abusing the individual and the matter of Andy Ostrowski well exemplifies this. When we spoke on Tuesday, he was overpouring with gratitude that I had reached him. He wanted to make sure his story was told. Until those who have a vise grip on his life and his rights decide to honor the latter, he is just one more who is missing in the system and nowhere to be found.

Janet Phelan is an investigative journalist and author of the groundbreaking exposé, EXILE. Her articles previously appeared in such mainstream venues as the Los Angeles Times, Orange Coast Magazine, Long Beach Press Telegram, etc. In 2004, Janet “jumped ship” and now exclusively writes for independent media. She is also the author of two collections of poetry—The Hitler Poems and Held Captive. She resides abroad.

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42 Comments on "How to Disappear an Activist (Or, Where IS Andy Ostrowski?)"

  1. Janet Phelan , thank you for covering this !!

  2. Makes me think of the Chicago police black site operations….
    I think prayers are needed here.

  3. This is reminiscent of the tactics used in the old USSR on “political troublemakers.” Throw them into mental hospitals. This discredits them, making them appear as a crazy person that should not be listened to. The Americans have learned to improve on the tactic with the legalized secrecy to disappear the “troublemaker.”

    • Ezra Pound was incarcerated in the mid 20th century in a mental hospital in Washington DC for his political views and his speaking out about them.

      • Yes, and Ex Secretary of Defense and MJ-12 member, Forestall was committed to the mental ward at Bethesda Naval Hospital after being fired by Truman. Forestall wanted to tell the public about the secret U.S. involvement with E.T.s and was “suicided” to insure his silence, as revealed in my book “Inside the Secret Space Programs”.

        This tactic has been used for a long time.

        • Yup, That Forestall incident is one of my favorites. There’s another interesting investigative book on MJ12 by a whilstleblowing professor that shows some document evididence..i’ll try to find the title on for you later and post it here.
          In Chicago there was the notorious Homan Avenue ‘disappearing’ magic show. Hosted by the local Chicago PD Gestapo to keep arrestees’ from gaining access to their attorneys before they were charged formally.

          Like the pink Floyd song, ‘…just another brick in…the (totalitarian) wall’

    • You will be happy to know that RU federation has no police state and still has a small Federal Gov. – They don’t want War – they wish to go Forward – not Backwards.

      • Yes, I know. I was recently in Saint Petersburg, Russia. I was favorably impressed with the state of their economy and the happiness of their people.

        • Great Herbert, I was up in Saint Petersburg last yr. – was an interesting and fun place. I understand your Space Program writings but when the rest of the world? Spacibo

  4. And Americans have the bloody nerve to criticize the former Soviet Union? They have done one better!

  5. This is horrifying! I will share it! Someone with political power needs to jump on this. All forms of media need to expose this particularly heinous criminal activity of government agents.

  6. Healthcare workers, attorneys and so called “family” commenting on Andy’s Facebook page in defense of the despicable actions taken against Andy. KEEP THIS STORY UP FRONT AND CENTER!

  7. This is what happens when the servant becomes the master, the system has become lawless, they don’t answer to the people, this kind of behavior will end in civil war someday.

  8. So antifa & the FACISTleft thought they were going to injure and threaten the police without consequences? antifa and leftwing THUGS set the rules —- no justice no PEACE? —– you have no idea how you will beg for PEACE ….

  9. Pennsylvania is one of the most corrupt states in the nation. He is not the first to just disappear in plain site — hard to believe that this is the USA the government is the enemy

  10. Silencing dissent amerikkkan style

  11. This is a truly alarming turn of events as the velvet glove continues to come off revealing the iron fist of an ever growing police state. When the people’s truth seekers and tellers are attacked across a broad spectrum of operations then we must all assume that a state of war exists between the people and those who would oppress them in their own interests.

  12. Good job Janet. Thanks for the update and more updates would be appreciated. I am interested to know the final outcome even though it may not be good. We certainly, as has been mentioned, need to spread this news to others. No doubt this is being done to silence the messenger.

  13. Janet- thanks for writing this. Over 40 years ago I was only able to get out of the psychiatric gulag where I was forced to spend 4 straight years by smuggling vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and herbs back into the last so called “hospital” I was in.
    I was forced to hide these supplements in a cavity gouged from the underside of my foam mattress and to take them secretly while mouthing the toxic so called “medications” that they tried to force me to take. Please see this condensed version of my personal story here
    and please contact me at
    If it would be possible for me to talk in real time with you about your article please let me know. I knew people like Andy when I was “behind the walls’ and I’d like to do what I can to help him, but would need to know more than what you’ve been able to say in your article.
    Who targeted Andy and why? Clearly he is a political prisoner, what BS excuse did someone use to force him into the gulag? Attempts were made against my life behind the walls. At one time I was forced to run for my life and for a time lived as a homeless person on the streets.
    There is no such thing as “mental” illness because you can’t separate the brain from all the other organs in the body. More serotonin (the “Feel Good” Neurotransmitter is manufactured in the Small Intestine than in the Brain. I have not been on ANY so called “medication” in over 40 years. I’ve been learning a lot about health and healing from a holistic perspective.
    I worked for a while in Mexico treating cancer patients in an alternative cancer hospital, and I’ve worn many hats working within the natural products industry. The approach to treatment that saved my life is massively suppressed because natural, unpatentable substances (like the ones that helped me balance my brain chemistry) cut into the sale of patented pharmaceutical drugs (which almost killed me, and which I witnessed kill and injure everyone around me the whole time I was locked up) are massively suppressed by Big Pharma and their buddies at the FDA, which is a criminal Federal Agency.

    There is so much more I could say about this. I am interviewed in this Documentary Film “We Become Silent- The Last Days of Health Freedom” Along with being interviewed in this film, a lot of the footage used in the film was footage that I shot- at a Health Freedom Demonstration in Vancouver BC Canada, and in Berlin, Germany. I was the first whistleblower in the world to start a global movement against the United Nations efforts to ban consumer access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range.
    Attempts have been made on my life for my Activism, and associates of mine have been murdered for their efforts to defend consumer access to suppressed natural products. There is a lot more I could say about all of this, and I hope you see my comment and get in touch with me. Maybe there is some way I can help Andy. Please show this to him and let me know how I can reach him. I will pray for him, and hope lots of people will join me in praying for him.I hope someone at Activist Post calls this comment of mine to your direct attention in case maybe you’re not monitoring the comments for some reason.
    Thank you for telling the world about Andy’s plight. If you have a way of getting this comment to him, please do. If he can get to a phone he can call my toll free number shown below. America can’t be allowed to become the next Soviet Union, yet in far too many ways it has been moving in that direction. I’ve experienced the American Gulag and its been getting worse! This sort of crap has to stop RIGHT NOW!!
    For Optimal Health and Healing and For Health Freedom,
    John Christopher Hammell, President
    International Advocates for Health Freedom
    Consultant to the Life Extension Foundation (and other natural products companies)
    Chapter Leader- The Weston A. Price Foundation
    Member- The Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation
    Member- Hall of Honor- Freedom Force International
    Member- National Association of Eagle Scouts
    1-800-333-2553 H&W Toll Free North America
    1-360-945-0352 H&W
    The Only Thing We Have to Fear is FEAR ITSELF.

    • Hi John, Just reading your comment now. We still do not know Andy’s whereabouts. I will try to call you later today.

    • I understand this, my friend Sheryll Alexander is now going alternative treatments including cannabis for a liver tumor. She spent a week at USC eating horrible non nutritious food (she is a vegan) and undergoing those big phFARMA cures — she got worse. then the hospital found out she had no health insurance and she was kicked out. It was the best thing, she immediately got in contact with those who offer alternatives and she is feeling much better and on the mend

  14. It isn’t the hospital that has HIPAA rights, it’s the patient. The lesson from this story is that we all need to give a close friend a HIPAA release form saying that want your friend (name) to be able to find out where you are if you should be snatched up for a psychiatric evaluation. The release form should be directed to any behavioral health, hospital or jail facility in which you might be held. Probably you should ask an attorney or legal aid for wording.

    Thank you for this article.

    • Functionally, HIPPA is being used to protect the hospital. The wording you take issue with was intended to bring that to light. Possibly you would like to take a gander at how some other ppl’s rights were violated through the invocation of HIPPA. It has become an ongoing issue. Thank you for your comment, Vicky.

  15. Janet, You are a true hero of liberty and justice. Thank you.

  16. So far Janet has not contacted me regarding my long previous comment in this thread. Makes me wonder if she saw it. Could someone at Activist Post please call it to her attn?As someone who has been in Andy’s shoes from my own exp with the psychiatric gulag, I can do more than most to help. Please scroll down to see my previous mssg in this thread!

  17. I went to jail, malicious prosecution for cover up of a Fraudclosure, and wrongful jail incarceration for 72 hours. It was to get me fearful and to go away, but it didn’t work. (Wells Fargo, fake account, fabricated Fannie Mae mortgage note for a fake address and my late husband’s signature (forgery) in 2005 HUSBAND DIED IN 1999. Let me be clear — the gubbermint is the enemy of the people, They lie, they steal (homes, children thur DYFS/CPS and old people seniors. Social Security is full of graft !!

  18. Send a clergy in to see him. They cannot deny that right. Even if the patient did not request it. At any time the must let clergy in.

  19. Declarations of mental illness for the purpose of defeating political opponents is a tried-and-true method of despots everywhere.

  20. Not the first time this has happened. It happened to person who authored a book on the illegality of the IRS and personal income tax.

  21. Have Andy fill this form out, that should get him released. It has a 100% success rate.

    Andy Ostrowski can ask the hospital to release him after the 72 hour hold is over, and the hospital must comply. He can also act as his own attorney, pro se, and file a lawsuit against the hospital. He can name anyone he wants to act as his secretary, where that secretary will have the right to make phonecalls on Andy’s behalf to get him released. It may be, that Andy already told someone on the outside they can act as his legal secretary, which means that person can make phonecalls and file papers to get Andy released.

    If they have Andy in heavy drugs that make him drool and unable to talk, tell his psychiatrist to give Andy lithium carbonate. That’s the mildest, safest medication which quickly helps the person get back to normal. Lithium is actually a salt, not a drug, and it works wonders. Anyone who Andy appointed to be his legal secretary can order Andy’s psychiatrist to take Andy off the other drugs and to give Andy only lithium carbonate.

    It is illegal for any hospital to keep holding someone unless that person is a violent threat to himself or others, and a court orders it. They cannot simply say they don’t like his views or his lawful speech, because that’s a violation of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution. Andy may be looking at a big lawsuit here that he can file, and will win. Anyone being wrongfully held, or wrongfully accused, over a psychiatric accusation can fill out this Statement of Competency form. Make copies of it and give it to the lawyers and any mental health workers involved, and give one to the judge. It has an extremely high success rate (100% so far).

  22. National Association of Target | September 27, 2017 at 6:55 am |

    Hi, Please help us find the family, you have to find a next of kin. Do you know where his parents, grand parents or sibling are? They can get the information necessary to find him and get him out. FIND THEM NOW! They will be drugging him and implanting him with the Medical Body Area Network, a deep brain implant to control behavior and emotions, cochlear implant, eye implants, nasal implants, and voice box implant and neurostimulators throughout the body to cause pain.


    Everyone needs to be aware that the New World Order will implant everyone with what Targeted Individuals have been implanted with, look it up Wireless Medical Body Area Network, of Sensor Nework. People will be part of the Internet of Things, they want to know your location, state of mind, body monitor, EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU. It is totally illegal, but that does not matter to the NWO.

    Here’s the klinker: IT ALL WORKS ON BLUETOOTH on the Wireless Network. In order to stop the V2K, you have to jam the bluetooth signals. Zigbee is also another kind of Bluetooth they use. STOP THE BLUETOOTH!

  23. IN NYS which may be the same as PA you must write down you want a hearing otherwise they will not give you one, if they are drugging him it would be his right to refuse medication until such a hearing, if he has family they should be called & notified to take whatever action they can.

  24. Contact John Whitehead at the Rutherford Foundation for some focus and legal advice. He’s a champion of liberty and Justice and an intense foe of the totalitarian police state.

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