Judicial Reform Activist and Attorney Abducted by Police While Broadcasting

By Janet Phelan

Judicial reform activist and radio personality Andy Ostrowski has been taken into custody against his will and forced into a psychiatric evaluation. His abduction took place yesterday, September 19, at approximately 3 pm in Wilkes-Barre, PA, where Ostrowski resides.

Ostrowski was taken while on Facebook live and the incident was captured on video. The video is available here:

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=Ig_YZ1BgiYw&feature=youtu.be

The video reveals an obviously anxious Ostrowski stating he had just seen a Wilkes-Barre police officer climbing over his fence. He says, “I am staying on Facebook live here til someone pulls me off the air.”

“Andy Ostrowski has done nothing wrong to anyone,” he says on the video.” Andy Ostrowski has done nothing but hit enter on emails and things on Facebook.” At that juncture, Ostrowski suddenly stated that two police officers had just entered his house, wearing gloves and carrying tasers In the background, one can hear the officers ordering him to stand up while he repeatedly asks for to see the warrant. One then hears the off-camera officer saying he has a warrant to take him into custody for a mental health evaluation. The camera then goes dark.

Ostrowski was reached a couple hours later at the General Hospital crisis unit. According to Ostrowski, he was not shown a valid, signed warrant for his detention. He discussed the history of the efforts in Wilkes-Barre to deprive him of his freedom, stating that he was being held as a political prisoner.

In a wide ranging conversation, he talked about his career as a civil rights attorney and how his efforts to impact racial discrimination very likely got him suspended from the practice of law, in 2010. “I was representing minority business contractors,” he stated, “and their bids, which were really good, were being systematically rejected.” The lawsuits he filed put him in direct opposition with Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge, who later became Director of the Department of Homeland Security.

Speaking of what he uncovered as a racial agenda, Ostrowski said, “We are looking at world domination by white men.”

Ostrowski previously hosted a radio show on Twigs Cafe, which discussed issues surrounding legal corruption. He recently made what he termed a “Declaration of Independence” from the United States, which he states is occupied by a foreign power. In July of this year, he filed a federal lawsuit naming the “American System of Justice” as a primary defendant.

Ostrowski had teamed up with noted civil rights attorney Don Bailey, whose battle for his law license got national press coverage. Bailey, a former Pennsylvania Congressman, was disbarred by the US Supreme Court in 2014 for making statements that judges were corrupt, among other accusations of legal corruption.  Ostrowski recalls that he was told that “They wanted me out of the way so I couldn’t help Bailey.”

From his hospital confinement today, Ostrowski appeared emotional but lucid. “They don’t have the balls to give me due process or charge me with a crime,” he asserted, “so they are going for mental health imprisonment.”

“I am never backing down on a word I have said,” he stated.

According to Ostrowski, he was detained twice previously this year for an evaluation and was told by the assigned psychiatrist that “Next time, we are putting you into a state institution.”

Ostrowski will be evaluated by the crisis team and can be held for 72 hours. At that time, if he is still considered a “threat to himself or others,” he can be detained for a month. Pennsylvania law guarantees a hearing after the 72 hour hold expires and, should he be further detained, after the 30 days.

Wilkes Barre is located in Luzerne County, the locus of the infamous “Kids for Cash” judicial scandal.

Janet Phelan is an investigative journalist and author of the groundbreaking exposé, EXILE. Her articles previously appeared in such mainstream venues as the Los Angeles Times, Orange Coast Magazine, Long Beach Press Telegram, etc. In 2004, Janet “jumped ship” and now exclusively writes for independent media. She is also the author of two collections of poetry—The Hitler Poems and Held Captive. She resides abroad.

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53 Comments on "Judicial Reform Activist and Attorney Abducted by Police While Broadcasting"

  1. Anyone stupid enough to post anything on FaceBag/BookFace should be arrested for the crime of being dumb as fuck.

  2. WOW! The implications are huge!

  3. Being an a$$hole is now a crime. Right out of the old KGB playbook. Criticizing Government is now a thought crime.

    • ,
      Analytical opinion: It was not that Ostrowski was an asshole. Rather, it was the problems posed to the Pennsylvania Establishment’s corrpt interests and thus cash-flow that were caused by Ostrowski NOT being THEIR OWN owned+operated ASSHOLE.

      A WELL-REASONED, RIGHTFUL and DELIBERATE “misalignment” relative to a criminally-embedded establishment, on Ostrowski’s part. And that is all. 0{;-|o[

    • “Being an a$$hole is now a crime.” Well, if not maybe it should in some instances and not in others, no? …I mean, there’s “dirty rotten a$$holes” and then there’s your “plain ‘ol garden variety assholes” no $ involved with the latter being the kind we have all been every once in a while, eh?

  4. BornAMileHigh✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ | September 20, 2017 at 4:58 pm |

    We are currently in a police state. My ONLY question is, how long will the American people do nothing?

  5. Amerika land of the lawless justUS system

  6. Who is next? Alex Jones? Is this the beginning? I honestly hope the man doesn’t “suicide” while in custody. The PTB are tightening the screws. Look what they are doing to GAB and the other censorship of recent months.

    • AJ is controlled op. He won’t be going anywhere.

      • I notice AJ stopped taking about Israel, Masons and Bohemian Grove quite a while ago…

        • You got it. And he gleefully parrots the Zionist/Neocon anti-Islam propaganda, when he know’s damn well that 99.9% of terror attacks are run by intelligence services using Arab looking people, who may or may not be Muslim, or are just outright fake non-events. As for Bohemian Grove, seeing him for what he is now has me even questioning if he really did sneak in for that video he made, or if even that was a major psy-op. Whatever good he once was, and I am certain he was legit early in his career, he is no more.

          • AJ will not be the voluntary “sacrificial lamb” and disappear in ….? Like Jimmy Hoffa? Dogs loved that special blend of Alpo.

          • Oh I can absolutely see him participate in a hoax like that in attempt to get alt-media figures to self-censor, or shut down. It would also be the grandest of ironies. After he opened millions of eyes to the reality of false flags, he becomes the false flag.

          • Good post. I am now also wondering if he was LET into BG. Some have wondered if AJ’s purpose is to put some truth out there so the Illumai-naughty can identify and monitor those breaking their minds out of the matrix…like us..

          • BornAMileHigh✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ | September 25, 2017 at 9:34 am |

            I LOVE Illumai-naughty made me smile REALLY BIG!

          • BornAMileHigh✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ | September 25, 2017 at 9:35 am |

            I’m definitely a red-pill girl, but OMG IT SUX!!!!

          • Sounds like a reasonable assumption to me. Would not surprise me one bit if 100% of infoWhores’ traffic is not merely monitored, but funneled directly to NSA/FBI/CIA servers.

          • Sounds like a reasonable assumption to me. Would not surprise me one bit if 100% of infowars’ traffic is not merely monitored, but funneled directly to NSA/FBI/CIA servers.

    • The pedophile shock troops have warned the Health Ranger that if he didn’t play their lying game, he would be ruined… perhaps he’s their next target. This unconscionable abuse of natural rights MUST be stopped!

  7. Welcome to the USSA…
    As a lawyer, I’m sure that he has already filed the complaints which should include punitive damage awards, slander, defamation of character, false arrest, etc.
    The list just keeps growing, like the damage awards!

    • They would rather have some low-level thugs take the rap and get sued for this illegal BS(payment will just come out of tax money anyway), than let Andy expose their corruption.

  8. Read the “full story” linked below this kind gentleman’s video and must state, wish I had a nickel for every kind person such as he that I’ve known and/or known of who’s been threatened with much of the same. My best friend was terrorized for beating out a nearby IL town’s city/county govt many times in court pro se. A petite,headstrong German lady whose bark was much worse than her bite unless you were pickin on someone littler than you. <3 Please let us know what we might be able to do for this man. Sounds like he needs a good attorney and some character witnesses to his nature and sanity, eh?

  9. What he put out and what happened are two different stories. He was the responsible for destroying the hidden valley groups. Read my articles on that, his family decided to have him committed. He has made the
    advocate of hidden valley’s life a living hell. I am pursuing legal charges against him for the crimes he committed and I have proof of. Threats against me and attempted extortion, as well as other things. His
    portrayal of what is going on is false as well as his stories. I’ll be writing about it soon. He is not what he wants everyone to think he is, and he will reap what he sowed. Attacking the hidden valley advocates
    the day John Sebastian who was one of the advocates died is reprehensible. I had the pages shut down to save all the work they did that he destroyed. I will be releasing more information on hidden valley
    soon as I take care of this matter.

  10. I also have proof of his crimes and am pursuing legal means against him now that I know where he is. What everyone is putting out about him is false. He’s not what he appears to be.

    • WTF? On the one hand you claim to hold concerns for his well being and “mental health”. On the other you are “pursuing legal means against him”?

      Well sir, innocent until proven guilty is the democratic right of all sentient beings and besides showing signs of being a inhumane fascist pig, you have have also succeded in showing yourself to have ZERO integrity!

      This seems like pure and and utter abuse, If his family are so concerned for his well being then, in Love I am sure the path to healing could be found by all concerned without the use of force. Any other method will not do!

    • Glen, what crimes?

  11. Regarding Andrew J. Ostrowski:

    From Andy’s sister: To
    “friends” of Andy Ostrowski and others, from the Ostrowski Family:
    Yesterday, at our request, the police removed
    Andy from his apartment and took him to a local hospital for a
    psychiatric evaluation and treatment. We are grateful to the police and
    the mental health professionals at the hospital for their
    professionalism and cooperation with our request. We made this difficult
    decision out of care and love for our brother and son, Andy. His
    history of problems and his increasingly erratic and irrational behavior
    over several months had us gravely concerned for his well-being. There
    is much more to this situation than what has been posted on social
    media. This action was done by his family and is in no way whatsoever a
    part of a “conspiracy” to silence, imprison, drug or murder him. Any
    such conspiracy is utter nonsense. We ask those of you who are
    continuing to encourage his behavior by propagating these conspiracy
    theories to stop at once. Any of you planning to disrupt his treatment
    are wrong and must stop. Your actions will only serve to prolong or
    prevent his recovery. We hope and pray that someday our brother and son
    will be well and ask you to honor these wishes.

    • Opinion: It appears from this statement that Mr. Ostrowski’s immediate family is by no means willing to allow him to BE HIS OWN MAN.

      Fact: Something is rotten in Pennsylvania. All the way from the old Carlyle Indian (“De-Indianization”) School on through Coach Jerry Sandusky’s abject befondlings of his teenage team members on through the equally insufferable “cash-for-kids” judicial travesty. (Maybe there is a good reason for those old-school characterizations such as “Philadelphia Bankroll” and “Philadelphia Lawyer”, HM.)

      Reality: Where there is THIS much smoke, those who deny there is any fire to be found – and moreover pounce on public interest-spirited “Firemen” such as Ostrowski, tearing the hoses from their heroic hands and hauling them off willy-nilly to the crazyhouse after all other less-than-legal recourse fails, ARE THE PROBLEM.

      Disclosure: Someone who is and has been Experienced in this matter (only it was the Greater Boston Khazarian Medical Mafia, thank’ee) KNOWS. And these days, so do those organ-thievin’ Khazarim as well. Federally audited back to their own Talmudic hell and gone… Not for their attempt at organ theft from my own abdominal cavity, mind you, but rather their billing and bookkeeping practices.

      Not dissimilar to the fate of old Al Capone… Not MY problem any more, thank’ee very much!

      Advice: Just ask in ALL such cases: “Who Gets PAID from this state of affairs?” Or in Latin: “Qui Buono?” Follow the MONEY. And that is all. 0{:-|o[

    • Excuse me, who are you? Why are you publicly trying to sway opinion on this case? I don’t believe you and you are misrepresenting your self.

      • Glen must be among the pedophile shock troops which help to distract, bury and intimidate away the awful truth that innocent children are being horrifically abused every day at the hands of those who have come to hold the reins of power in the former republic of the united States of America. RIP, USA

    • That was actually from his Scientologist brother.

  12. judges have been doing this for the last few years with defendants that challenge jurisdiction and demand the prosecution prove jurisdiction with evidence and a witness with first hand knowledge of asserted jurisdiction “which by the way they cannot prove because no such evidence exist or has ever existed, and no one has any first hand knowledge of something that never existed in the first place, because it’s all fraud”

  13. Fist Amendment trashed! Police State anyone?

  14. Acts of intimidation and judicial threats used to scare people into total submission. Live in FEAR – cower – piss your pants – be a slave – in a free country? Dude, they are there because you have ZERO ways to protect your civil rights!! Well, you do – use them. Make them fear you! “When the people fear the government – you have a tyranny. When the government fears the people – you have a democracy.”

  15. Sorry – Andy has snowed everyone with his BS. He puts on a show on FB. I have personally received aggressive emails from him regarding his insertion into a friends divorce trauma after the friends unstable wife was allowed on his radio show spouting Parent Alienation. Andy totally accepted everything she said without any investigation whatsoever. Never even confirmed a single thing. But went on to support her claims and attack many good people who had been her friends, suggesting she sue us all for interfering with her rights or something. He does this regularly – there are 100s of people out there with similar stories of Andy’s interference and attacks. He does plenty via email and other methods that are not seen on FB. I have known Andy since he was 6 years old. This person that rants and raves all the day long and has isolated himself with little contact with his family and actual friends, who has no actual job, and in many other avenues that anyone can Google has acknowledged that his own addiction and personal issues were what got his law license suspended in 2010 and was due to a conspiracy against him….. He needs help! Not 100s or 1000s of additionally unstable kooks out there enabling him to basically have no real life while accomplishing pretty much nothing with all these videos and FB rants and lawsuits. I find it hysterical that the one outlet he has used and is where this recent episode all started to get his message out is FB while at the same time he is suing Mark Zuckerberg. Andy simply jumps on board with any and all forms of apparent corruption and conspiracy whether it is true or not because he is unwell. You can appear completely intelligent and coherent and be unwell –
    DUH…..which is sad because what he is doing is really undermining the exposure and true resolution to any real corruption that is out there with all his untruthful and misleading antics. What a joke this article is – investigative journalist “who lives abroad” – you haven’t investigated a single thing. Shame on you.

    • Andy makes perfect sense. He is RIGHT. And as far as your “kook” comments (Ron Paul was constantly labeled a kook): Declarations of mental illness for the purpose of defeating political opponents is a tried-and-true method of despots everywhere.

  16. When are they going to take the Jewish banksters away?

  17. Mental health used as repression of liberty is nothing new in PA courts. See, http:fnd.us/c/4zdjf.

  18. Thursdays nights show where we talk about Andrew J Ostrowski and an
    interview with the person that was there. the pdf is provided of the
    interview and also how this ties in to the hidden valley story.


  19. Declarations of mental illness for the purpose of defeating political opponents is a tried-and-true method of despots everywhere.

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