Kokesh Versus Armani About Immigration

Adam Kokesh debates Vin Armani on if illegal immigration is positive for more freedom.

WATCH Below:

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1 Comment on "Kokesh Versus Armani About Immigration"

  1. Do not deport immigrants.
    Reason is simple
    Foreign government will want to apply pressure on USA and force USA to sell them some of the secrets that USA consider tyem assets and strategic.

    So the plan is as followes
    Exhaust the American Economy to force them start compromise and sell strategic secrets and technology.

    Methods of exhaustion
    1- civil war between whites and blacks via black lives matter. I heared that plan in 1987. That there is one country working too hard and believing that the destruction of USA will occur by Black vs Whites. And this was main rule of Obama to found this.
    2- If USA still stubborn. Use the Native Americans in Mexico to start saying we were deported from our land and we need to go bavk to USA. Every previous president before Obama, first thing he did after he took the office wasto go to Mexico and and coordinate with them to keep those Native Americans there quiet.
    Mr. Trump was genius and told the president of Mexico if you are not willing to pay for the wall do not come here. Oh this guy talks like a valguar not any where near president of even a hole in the wall resturant.
    During that dispute the USA will be forced to let the headquarters of the UN in NewYork leavs USA. Due to conflict of interests. Once that happens USA is a history.
    3- Third method of exhaustion is via terrorist attacks to exhaust your economy and damage the tourism. This is where the FBI will want those illegal immigrants, those immigrants every one knows they are desperate for legal papers, But they have a valuable thing which is their deep knowledge with foreign language and culture, FBI will need them to analyze who is behind those crimes and solve the puzzle. Removing them only leaves the FBI to have nothing to bargain with when these attacks start.

    Please be more educated about what the CIA has been doing to other countries, Because what is happening to USA now is a repeated agenda CIA did it to others to exhaust them and force them kneel before.

    Obama+ Trump+ Hillary Clinton are one thing not opponents. Do not be fooled.

    Trump was been studied in 2005 till 2009 and they used his series of real estate episodes to study his personality.

    Obama’s job was to remove the sensitive generals from the US military, So when Trump’s administration start introducing the new ideology of selling strategic technology under the name of our economy is exhausted and we need flow of cash he finds no resistance among the military.

    Trump fight with media is a cheap method to take credit by a poor man.

    Be careful, Fall of USA in this trap means a birth of a Tyrant in different location.

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