Is A Deep State Coup Underway?

By Vin Armani

In this video, Vin Armani explains how the Deep State, which is really just the State, is working to undermine the President of the US. Analysis of former Congressman Dennis Kucinich sounding the alarm on the Deep State pushing for war with Russia. And John ‘Insane’ McCain seems to be leading a coup that promises more war.

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11 Comments on "Is A Deep State Coup Underway?"

  1. No war between russia and usa will occur.
    With or without trump.

    1- usa & russia are the big guns, every one is excited about the heat between them, if they fight, the game is over. So I assure to you they will never fight ever.

    2- The name of the game is (Form a threat) usa get armed because russia forms a threat to them, russia gets armed because usa forms a threat to them.
    Like a horse, runs because of the sound of the whip not because you beat it with the whip.

    3- Any one who will say USA & Russia will fight is an amateur with no knowledge about how the game is designed and played.

    4- Russia and USA fight eachother. But not direct, in third party land.

    Now what the CIA and US Military are afraid from is the boat is already shaking and it needs a captain who is aware of how to ride this boat, last thing they need it for the shaking boat is a dancing monkey like Trump.
    Meaning that any srcrets can easily be leaked from any individual person to foreign government in the middle of an un professional behavior been taken by a president who is not aware of the deep roots of things.

    What CIA and US military are worried from is not their pockets or salaries if war with Russia did not start, what they are worried from is no more USA on the map.

    Be careful. There is a deep history and there is too many predators emotionallu driven who learned from all the past experience and they haven’t taken their eyes off a special target. These targets is the technology of US Army.
    Just to give you an idea what US Army is.
    Any technology exist and available for public is older at least 30 years from what the US Army is using currently.
    This is a rule of thumb. It is unnegotiable.

    If google uses satellites with perfect cameras resolution, US Army uses 30 years more advanced camera.

    War with Russia will not happen with or without Trump.
    However what might happen under Trump is leakes and secrets get out of the US Army to wrong hands have been thirsty for these technology.

    • There is one thing that I can see is from the west Russia is only a third world country and has a GDP less than Italy. Which gives a lot of people the perception that Russia would be a walk in the park and the US boasts of it American Exceptionalism from a position of strength. But today the do have the situation that the US with its NATO countries will actually be fighting against not just Russia but China who also has a lot of nuclear weapons plus other nuclear countries and who knows which side they will choose but it will certainly be the end of life that we all know so I do hope cool heads prevail but making an enemy instead of looking for equality among all nations seems a much safer way to me. What has Russia done to get the US so mad that the US has not done a hundred times more and worse?

      • All you said above is met by deep and pertaining respect.

        Yet I still repeat myself, any approach could be achieved with a man who knows how to run things and not make the generals of the US Army and the CIA or the FBI scramble.

        Trump is causing a noise to these guys.

        These guys we trusted them with their uniform every one of them to do a specific job. They have experience in their jobs that dictates on us to provide them with the right atmosphere.

        We can’t put a strip dancer dance in an operation room during an open heart surgery.

        Evey one will be distracted.

        So my point is whether the next phase of our life will be under the title of peace with russia or war with russia they can both be achieved easily by a president who knows how to work with different departments in the country.!!!!

        Trump is making every department in USA and outside of USA nervous, What I am saying from that is simply,

        “Be very careful because this is the time for spies to work their magic and have access to what can harm every single one on earth”

        Many things can happen during noise and dust clouds.

        The way he is running the country is dangerous and it even told us three main points

        1- Trump and all his administration is out. The question is not if or if not the question is when. And the when is been hold for only one reason.

        2- The next president (will replace trump) Can not be impeached for whether the 4 or 8 periods. That is the only reason Trump is still in the office now, Because they are looking for that person.

        3- Technology is not every thing and the USA will always need humans to do the real jobs. Where we are all in right now was due to relaying only on technology.

        4- USA must immediately after the impeachment of Trump to start a program of handling power, Meaning in the event of old people with experience dies or get placed on the shelves, colonized younger ones must be there. I think we have all seen by now the price we all pay when we lose a well experienced person in ANY department. Those military generals whom Obama has put them aside are worth Billions, have we made sure already that there is at least one replica of each one of them in the same department where he left?
        Can you guarantee that to me?
        Can Trump or Obama guarantee that?
        Did you see the list of the US genrals whom Obama has sided them?
        What is the plan for Mr. Trump to use and restore those generals?
        There are valuable people I am so sure in DHS, CIA, FBI, NSA, even in the white house or attorney’s general’s office that have been asided?

        Do you know what I used to hear from other countries? I used to hear that USA invest a lot of money and resources on their people, how much do the US Army spent on each of those asided generals?

        Be Careful the boat is shaking, All I assure to you is two things.
        1- Certainly strategic leaks will come out during this cloud of dust.
        2- Not all consequences have been calculated nor secured not even by those other countries who are after these leaks.

        The white house is the place for the chief executive of the whole country of the USA. His job is to Manage, Fire and Hire any one in the country. If his actions and the choice of the candidates didn’t indicate the balance of accepting those already in their offices and he starts criticizing every one the people will start raising flags. And once that happen they will give him the last chance, that will be you said every one is wrong so it is time to teach us the right, Once that happen Trump then has placed himself in either a genius or a death wish.

        If he succeded to provide a better & right method to every behavior he has criticized then he will be a genius, ofcorse that must be associated with better results.

        If not, Then he sent himself to the Gallow.

        The only downside of this is the time, during his fight with the different departments of the country/world there will be too many distraction (dust cloud). And as I said only regrets will occur then.

        No one, no sane person ever say the whole media is lying, That sentence sounded volumes about his personality.

  2. Outfits like CIA – with more money than they know what to do with, the belief that they can do almost everything, and with almost no genuine accountability – are always a threat.

    It should never have been allowed to grow into the monster it is.

    Now, the only way to stop what I’m sure is constant abuse is to put an end to it.

    Remember what Lord Acton said about power and absolute power?

    • They have been going at this since WWII! They have Cold War minds and can’t change that! If there are no wars, then they no longer have a reason to exist! Thus, the war mongers/military industrial complex are chomping at the bit to start a Cold War again with Russia…only this time the American people fear our government more than Putin, a REAL statesman! Otherwise, if our main focus is on improving ourselves internally, who are they going to fight! Also, follow the $$$!

    • Their method is Recycle Drugs Op. Double round trip from Columbia, Costa Rica and San Diego.
      That’s all my Costa Rican police captain friend told me. They rig in hundred of millions.

  3. NJguy - Proudly Deplorable | February 23, 2017 at 1:25 pm |

    Of course it is. That’s pretty obvious.

  4. TRUE! They are so desperate that they no longer try to hide it! These Townhall meetings are deliberately set up by Obama’s organization to create upheaval and make congressmen feel insecure about their constituents! What they don’t realize it that no matter how things appear, I don’t think the masses will vote Dem again, ever! After all, their own party betrayed them with the sabotaging of Bernie!

  5. Trump was not supposed to win the election and now those who manage such things for society mean to rectify that mistake or turn the Trump presidency into a controlled and controllable entity. The later depends much on Trump and Bannon as to whether or not they can be brought to heel. If not Mr. Pence will replace the current head(s) of this administration and the globalist agenda will move forward with barely a hitch with a new cold war de rigueur and the war on cash advancing unabated.

  6. US cannot afford WW3 due to the absolute Yellowstone volcano disaster alone; hence, with just one nuke in the area, the entire nation will be filled with radiation, poison ash. Nine to ten point earthquakes will split the San Andrea Fault, California will become a giant land surfboard if it doesn’t slide to the bottom of the pacific.

  7. This is why we have the Second Amendment…so that Citizens can protect their President from rogue elements within government!

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