Why Does George Soros Fund Riots?

By Vin Armani

Many are reporting that Trump protests appear to be professionally organized. Paid participants are found using Craigslist ads and they are showing up on chartered buses. Someone is paying for all the signs, buses, and actors. All indications point to Soros. In this segment, Vin Armani explains why Soros frequently funds upheaval.

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10 Comments on "Why Does George Soros Fund Riots?"


  2. Soros is a megalomaniac who toys with peoples lives for his own warped amusement. He is still working feverishly to steal the election for Hillary, so that she can finish the takedown of the United States republic.
    Just a few hours ago, I found a link to a Facebook site called Hamilton Electors who are trying to subvert the Electoral College to take away Trump’s presidency. I made numerous replies to some of the various posters.
    I would bet that this group is yet another Soros funded front.
    I wouldn’t usually advocate infiltrating a group such a Hamilton Electors in order to cause confusion but the very life of our nation is now on the line. If I knew more about computers or Facebook I would attempt it. As it is, I never even commented online until these past few days & only signed up on Facebook so I could see that group’s page. I’m very computer illiterate. Could any of you help with this?

  3. Why does Geo.Soros fund riots?….that’s easy……Because the Rothschild’s told him to.

  4. Trump is on the verge of doing a LOT of damage to the New World Order bunch of gangsters. They’ve spent $hundreds of millions, subverted the schools, created the PC thought and speech control, they effected the racist/bigot assaults on anyone not going along with the takeover of America.

  5. @fredfreud:disqus since you’ve commented here those who need to know, do know and will likely go about the doing something needed.

  6. Paid actors for the fake press.
    Turn the boob tube off.
    He is wanted dead or alive in Russia.
    Deport the goat.
    Drain the Swamp.
    It’s a movement.

    BTW: JosephC you are the one sounding racists and ignorant.

  7. I hope the Engineers pushes those commies right out of the way and finishes the pipe line anybody caught destroying the pipeline will be shot dead on sight.

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