The Missing Liberty Movement and the Post-Election Blues

By Melissa Dykes

So it took me a few weeks, watching all of this unfold, to actually finally force myself to make this video. And this, this right here, is why the focus of this channel has to change. We will be shifting to the deep, historical conspiracy-related research we’ve been working on for more than a year now and some of the other things going on in the background while they want everyone to focus on manufactured crises and “Hey look! Shiny things!”

Time to look at how we got here, who put us in this box, and why. We just can’t keep talking about ridiculous election rituals and daily news “programming” for the same reason we don’t sit around banging our heads against a brick wall all day long or rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. It’s. Ultimately. Pointless. Time to move on now. Come with us.

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8 Comments on "The Missing Liberty Movement and the Post-Election Blues"

  1. At the end of the Wizard of Oz, the Good Witch tells Dorothy – “My dear, you also had the power to go home”, just click your heels. The answer was not finding the wizard – the man behind the curtain, was it?

    I voted. Couldn’t bring myself not to, even though I threatened to not vote this time. I voted for the Constitution Party candidate. Florida had about 7 people running for President – not two or four. Why did I choose that candidate? Because right on their front page of the website it said they wanted to get us out of the UN! I liked that. But there is no guarantee that the Constitution Party is not “controlled opposition”, correct?

    Forget about all this 3 ring circus of draining the swamp by putting the establishment into all these cabinet and strategic positions. I love this last minute infrastructure deal. How perfect. Spend 18 months talking about bad trade deals, factories and jobs moving overseas and how you are going to make America Great Again and bring jobs back to America. One would come to the conclusion that it means factory jobs, no?

    And then in your acceptance speech, you don’t say a word about securing the border, you announce what? A page out of Obama’s handlers playbook. Meet Trillion dollar Stimulus 2.0!! Somehow our “infrastructure” is a mess and in the FDR tradition, Trump will spend money we don’t have and give everyone a government job fixing the roads. Brilliant!

    Remember the outrage of the right when Obama announced Stimulus 1.0? We were $9 T in “national debt” then. Now we are $20T in debt, but it is a good plan this infrastructure thing they say. Enter the twilight zone.

    Obama stimulus 1.0 jump-started the “smart grid” by providing the funds to lay the infrastructure for control and surveillance – smart meters and their network. Trump stimulus 2.0 will further that grid by jump-starting what is need to get “smart cities” and “connected cars” in motion.

    And as the 1984 or Minority report or Matrix World surveillance gets built out, the people cheer! They are not afraid because they have been led to believe that their AR-15’s will keep them safe. They never heard of directed energy weapons (far superior to their Glock’s).

    Personally, this nation won’t heal until we understand and accept that WE are the problem. We are also corrupt. We don’t value honesty, integrity and truth. We can be bought and sold too and we have been.

    My mother always said – if it is free you cannot afford it. I miss her. She didn’t have a college degree, but lots of street smarts.

    You do not like the media? How much do you pay for it?
    You do not like the loss of privacy with facebook, et al? How much do you pay for it?

    They buy us everyday. Its called free stuff.

  2. An extremely clear concise delineation of the obvious, in the land of the blind where pandering to
    hope and ideologies has no upper limit.

  3. I remain optimistic and willing to give him a couple of years to get the engine steaming.
    Bring back the roaring 20’s.
    Give Trump a chance.
    He will Drain the Swamp.
    It’s a movement.

    • For me, Trump is an ‘Arm’s Length” transaction. Wait and see just what transpires. It’s issue for issue for me. Trump is no ideologue from what I can see. He may well end up doing the right thing. He’s a self-absorbed Narcissist worried about his perceived image. He is subject to the changes in wind direction if it improves his self image. I voted for Ron White for Pres and I’m a Registered Republican. He has a great Drug Policy for starters…..

  4. WELL DONE. The liberty movement was a scam and the sheeple fell for the bull dren. I would like to share but I will be condemned by the sheeple that believe that Tramp, Sorry Trump, is some what like a G-D, just like when Reagan was elected. If you said anything against Reagan, the sheeple would would be all over you like white on rice. I do not fear for myself, I fear for my children, my grandson and those I hold close in their 20/30. If there is a G_D, G-D help us

  5. Amen. Somebody please forward this video to Jon Rappaport.

  6. In case you didn’t get the email, THERE ISN’T ANY LIBERTY MOVMENT, NEVER WAS. I was around for what passed as the “left” in the 60 and 70’s, and what you have today is just just the middle class yuppies concerned about getting jobs and paying off their school loans.
    Was a videographer when all that anti Wall Street nonsense came down. That was a hoax, much like all the similar NGO money came in and bankrolled the movement’s.
    Where is ABBIE HOFFMAN when you really need him. You don’t have the luxury of a time and place that is missing. You had to be there…..

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