Girl Who Filmed Cop Attack on Female Student Arrested, Student Blamed for Starting It

cop attacks sc student

By Amanda Warren

By now there is nationwide outrage over recent video footage of a school resource officer at a Columbia, South Carolina high school who appeared to fling a girl like a rag doll in a fit of rage during class. The girl’s school desk becomes a cage as she is stuck in her desk getting flung from one side and tossed across the room. The SRO then sits on her body.

There is also current baiting and nitpicking over whether the girl may have hit the officer during what the media calls an “altercation.” Is that the case people really want to make considering that this incident literally could take place at any school – and schools are supposed to have a zero-tolerance policy for violence? It looks more like hands flailing in the opinion of this writer – and commenters are increasingly pointing that out.

This strange logic, of course, insinuates that there was an organic two-way fight and that a female student deserves the kind of force normally reserved for domestic abuse, combat training or extreme cases of adult-to-adult self-defense. It implies that so much as an involuntary tap from a teen girl somehow made the first flinging rampage okay.

The other two angles actually make the incident look much worse:

What “crime” committed could ever justify such a clear act of violence? According to a Sheriff, the “disruptive student refused to leave” after a teacher told her to. This writer is not in anyway defending bad behavior toward stressed out teachers, but this writer has accidentally witnessed instances where teachers and even principals call officers for the most minor instances of student defiance – sometimes escalating the instance into an arrest with handcuffs. In the past, physical discipline has ended in tragic results such as brain injury. It only sets a criminal example for how to resolve conflicts.

The same Sheriff is blaming the girl for “starting it” – implying that if she had only behaved, she wouldn’t face physical harm. It says nothing of the extreme actions of the SRO. This attitude of trying to somehow justify physical abuse is reminiscent of the deputy who clearly implied that if women didn’t want to get raped by police they should follow the law and not get pulled over.

School resource officers are hired from local departments to work at schools and they have recently come under scrutiny for using brutal force and Skinner-esque corporal punishment tactics on children as young as elementary school age. Recent incidents highlight the utter lack of training and oversight of letting officers look for criminal trouble wherever they can find or manufacture it during school hours.

While an internal investigation should be wrapped up by tomorrow most likely bending our perception to think of what we saw as “justified” and “no wrongdoing” – they have strangely turned against the girl who originally filmed the incident. Or maybe not – the officer is on administrative leave and any further disciplinary actions (not involving physical harm) will be revealed shortly.

WLTX 19 reports on how the student who filmed the event was also arrested:

Niya Kenny, 18, is speaking out after she was taken into custody in her Spring Valley High School math class. She says she was standing up for her classmate who was being arrested by Student Resource Officer Ben Fields.

“I was crying, screaming and crying like a baby,” says Kenny. “I was in disbelief.”

“I know this girl don’t got nobody and I couldn’t believe this was happening,” Kenny explained. “I had never seen nothing like that in my life, a man use that much force on a little girl. A big man, like 300 pounds of full muscle. I was like ‘no way, no way.’ You can’t do nothing like that to a little girl. I’m talking about she’s like 5’6″.”

Kenny was charged with “disturbing schools.” Her mother remarked:

But looking at the video, who was really disturbing schools? Was it my daughter or the officer who came in to the classroom and did that to the young girl?

In this recent explosive episode, the officer is drawing both ire and defensiveness for the blue line. But how would people feel to find out that this same officer overseeing students also once emptied a can of pepper spray on a U.S. veteran?

The Columbia FBI Field Office, the Civil Rights Division, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of South Carolina have opened a civil rights investigation into the event.

It is time to stop the mental acrobatics, the nitpicking and the internal investigations and realize that some SROs have no business working with children. Only one state has been known to enact training. It is certainly not the time to punish the student who may have gotten the only piece of credible evidence for a potentially tragic incident. It is no wonder that people continue to point fingers at the school-to-prison pipeline.

Amanda Warren writes for Activist Post where this article first appeared – see her recent articles HERE

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159 Comments on "Girl Who Filmed Cop Attack on Female Student Arrested, Student Blamed for Starting It"

  1. over killed story. Bleeding hearts should work with blacks and see their attitude behavior.Since Obama hit the scene–blacks think they are above the rest.

  2. They arrested the girl that filmed … just goes to show you how the school systems are indoctrinating kids to be obedient slaves. Even though she had the right to film she was arrested. Her family should sue.

    • Actually it’s generally illegal to film anyone in a school without proper releases, it’s different from filming a cop on the street.

      • It may be a school rule but the Bill of Rights trumps school rules. Had that incident not been recorded there would be no hard evidence as to what happened.

        • True – public school is a public space – no expectation of privacy by anyone – student has every right to film as long as the filming is not disruptive.

          • Bjert Bjaeger | October 28, 2015 at 6:03 pm |

            actually neither of you are correct, schools are not considered public property like a park or public space and students are in fact accorded a certain expectation of privacy.

            here’s a hint, you can;t just walk on school property as a rule either, at least while classes are in session.

            You people should educate yourselves better.

    • That’s what schools do … indoctrination. Wake up … its always been that way. When the system sends these brats to me for a job they go into shock that I don’t allow them to possess a cell on the job/clock … leave it in your truck. If your wifes gonna have the baby … have her call me and I’ll let ya know on your next break. LOL

    • What happened to “no phones in the classrooms”? Our schools are really zoos, filled with
      unruly animals. It would be interesting to see pictures of the disobedient “small” girl. Looked hefty. in the pics I saw.

      • Yeah, I’m sure that Tampa Tom NEVER, EVER broke a rule in school. Good god, Tom, what a freaking racist hypocrite you are.

      • From Florida. That figure. If the school is afraid of my child having a phone on them, I would be afraid to let my child attend that school. But your version sure makes it nice for th emale and female happy hookers out there, bedding students.

    • She must have done something to deserve it, just like the girl who got her world rocked.

  3. What about all of the vids posted over the last 12 months of black ‘students’ attacking white teachers, black teachers and white students? Not a peep except for brief mentions in their local markets. Why? Because the ‘amish’ need blacks, etc. to leverage their power while whites are really the only threat to ‘amish’ power. This situation is all over the national media – did NOT deserve to be in any media. Black children require heavy handed tactics – that’s just a fact.

    • You’re right Robbie Cheney–SINCE Obama has been in office, there have been OVER 500 instances nationwide of black on white vicious assaults including “knockout” games–blacks attacking whites without provocation–and attempting to KNOCKOUT unsuspecting whites. It has caused DEATH among elderly whites who were attacked.

  4. What happened to the girl? Is she okay or in the hospital? I’ve been reading these stories since yesterday and have not read a single word about her current condition. I know the girl that filmed it was arrested, but I know nothing about the victim.

  5. The whole thing was set up by the black girl taking the video! How else – the nasty girl who refused to put her cell phone down, punched the cop and all kinds of other things were not recorded by the rotten victims friend. The media is so biased towards Whites that they are always wrong in the Racist Media’s view – Any time a black thug, girl or boy, is involved, according to the media – it is always the white person’s fault or the cops – NEVER the rotten instigator black thugs who will do anything for publicity – To think the deputy got fired over this is just terrible – he was doing his job by getting this black , rude, obnoxious girl out of the class room per orders from the teacher and principal who couldn’t handle the witch.

  6. I hope the girl that filmed it, files multiple lawsuits, against the officer, and the department, and also the school, for allowing such heinous acts of DOMESTIC TERROR to take place on taxpayer property!
    The ‘man’ was nothing short of a child abuser, and physical assault and battery IS a CRIME…PROSECUTE ACCORDINGLY!
    You can’t allow this to occur, then stomp on others doing EXACTLY the same thing, to another adult…
    The law states: EQUAL PROTECTION of the law, there are no ‘grey’ areas here…FOLLOW IT, or GO AWAY!
    A badge does NOT grant the right or authority to abuse anybody, let alone an underage girl…SHAME!

    • So, it’s okay to strike a police officer and resist arrest..??? It’s okay to be noncompliant towards authority? SHAME ON YOU..!! Behavior has consequences….always….What did this girl think was going to happen?

      • ….go get back on your knees and suck corrupt-cop-cock somewhere else. What a coward and compliant little drone you are. Your parent’s must be so embarrassed to have to associate with someone lacking in morals, ethics or courage. Shame on you , you little weasel.
        RJ O’Guillory

        • THIS girl was WRONG and YOU ARE WRONG..!! YOU are exactly what is wrong with our country….! YOU are the one who is causing, promoting, advocating for and supporting the uncivilized behaviors like the one exhibited by this girl…! YOU have a filthy mouth that needed to be washed out by your parents probably as soon as you started talking..! YOU are the one who needs to hang you head in SHAME..!! YOUR parents are the ones who raised a heathen…!! Black lives like these don’t matter..!!! I should flag you for your language, but free speech is important to me..!

          • RJ O'Guillory | October 28, 2015 at 10:05 pm |

            …no….I was raised by a six-foot-nine-inch, 350lbs, drunken, corrupt, racist, abusive cop and a corrupt-court-clerk-mother who cursed like a sailor. But as you suggest, she used to wash our mouths out with soap…though…since we fought back…she had to resort to using Ivory Liquid Soap. So I have been exposed to the sociopathic cop-cult for a long time, and you seem to be licking away like a banshee…from what I can tell? Unlike yourself, I spent decades travelling the world and teaching others how to think, process information, communicate and interact with people of various nations and ethnic backgrounds. I have 3 adult kids who are all very successful and have a sound ethical basis. My son is a very good Sacramento Cop, a Lt. in The Army and already has a degree in physchology…at the ripe old age of 23. My other kids are very successful as well, and know to how conduct themselves ethically in a corrupt world. I was a Federally Protected Whistle Blower for over two decades with US DoD …as I wouldn’t participate in their corruption, and I have a memoir that I wrote about being raised by such corrupt animals as yourself and my parents. My book, Webster Groves is being considered for movement to a film. So let us get back to the now fired police officer’s actions…(btw…the fact that he was fired tells you right off how stupidly wrong you are). First of all…you idiot…the officer’s actions have to be viewed in the light of that person’s Constitutional Rights. Simply misbehaving or refusing to comply are not grounds for an ass-kicking by a “law-enforcement” officer…unless she was a threat to him and his safety. She was not, so your point of view is fascist and un-American. The next question you have to ask is the level of violence and force he brings to bear in a situation in which an intelligent , non-racist individual would have talked the situation down, rather than escalate it…was that force right or necessary? No. However, what you imply in your idiocy is that being beaten is good for the development of a child, and I’m here to tell you that you are clueless. When you beat or abuse a child, all you do is teach them to comply, or be abused. They really never learn to gather information, process it effectively and make good decisions. They simply learn to comply, until as an adult they find themselves in a situation where they do not know what to do, and they end up hurt, or hurting someone else.Thus, they learn to comply, until they have reached an age or physical maturity where they do not have to pay attention to idiots such as yourself. The word “discipline” means to teach…but clowns such as yourself always confuse that with…”punishment”…and being the animals that you are, you always resort to violence, because you are to stupid to learn anything differently. GFY.
            RJ O’Guillory

          • I’m happy for your successes and sorry for the abuse you experienced growing up..!

            I am not an idiot….I am a well-educated woman….an educator and a Cognitive Behavior Therapist for more than 20+ years..!

            The definition of learning is “changing behavior” and hopefully this girl’s behavior will be changed for the better by this experience. She must take responsibility for her own actions. Spend a week in a REAL classroom with the current chaotic climate, atmosphere and attitudes and then get back to me..! Thanks for your post.!

          • RJ O'Guillory | October 29, 2015 at 10:41 am |

            …you know what?…I travelled the world for US DoD teaching to rooms of thousands of people. I worked for a 12 billion dollar a year entity within DoD, and…I know how to teach. Once, I was in Dallas in our organization’s headquarters, and was teaching to a class of about 200 people….when the head of the agency, a Two-Star General came into the class and sat watching for a while, then he left. He returned about fifteen minutes later…and he had the entire executive staff of the agency with him, and he made them watch my class…he went on to explain… “I want every class that we teach in our Corporate University, to be taught just like this”. When the confused executives asked, “do you man this class?”…the General responded, “no, every class we teach should be taught with his level of enthusiasm, energy and effective results”. So, I have been in many classrooms, Japan, Germany, Bosnia, Hungary, Korea, The Netherlands, Croatia….all across The United States. I was also…(if I didn’t say it before)…a Federally Protected Whistle Blower for US DoD for over 20 years, as I refused to go along with their corruption. I don’t mind individual corruption so much, but systemic corruption is what I’ve been watching and fighting against my entire life. In spite of zero college or university, I managed to survive decades of abuse, from both home…(corrupt cops)…and work…(DoD). Sometimes I get too involved in arguing against the corruption and people I perceive to be tolerating and supporting it. My language, though purposeful, is often too aggressive. Be safe.

          • You be safe, too…!! God Bless ALL the Whistle Blowers…..we need more of them….!!

          • “Cognitive Behavioral Therapist” Oh no…

          • Oh yes…

          • Next you will be saying if he had a gun he would have been justified using it on this SCHOOLCHILD. I am sure you had moments at school where you copped an attitude? This is the problem you have when you are criminalising children and forcing them down a specific route. If this were your child would you readily accept them being treated like this?

          • No…I didn’t…! I was a serious student and wanted to make something of my life so I NEVER made choices like that trouble maker made for myself…!! She made herself a victim…! Behavior has consequences…!!

          • Your acting like a drama queen…! And No, I didn’t have moments where I copped an attitude….I was a serious student and wanted to make something of my life..! And I did…!!

          • Am I really, if you say so thanks. Well done you for making something of yourself, not sure what that is? Guessing you measure that in dollars? Just be thankful you had the opportunities you had, and you had the guidance and desire to take them. However it is clear that you see yourself above others less fortunate who never had the same. Nothing lasts forever…..

          • You are WRONG again….! I do not see myself above or below anyone..! I was one of those “less fortunate” ones you are talking about….from a very poor single mother family….the oldest girl of nine children….I studied hard….worked two jobs in college and graduate school….raised a child….studied/made good grades…..made my life bette…..made good choices for myself. I never wanted to go back to poverty and knew that it was in MY own hands to change my life…! THAT took me 10 years to accomplish, but I did it..! Oh, and I don’t measure my life in $$$…!!

            This black girl made herself a victim…!! Plain and simple, she is completely responsible for what happened to her. Hopefully, she will learn something from this experience and won’t end up dead or in prison by the time she’s twenty….!!! This police officer just might have saved her life….!!

          • Commendable though everyone has a story. You appear to be right about everything it seems. I will give you that the girl may not have helped her case but I don’t condone violence by police who are trained to deal with these situations. I know for a fact and his reaction was unacceptable. Why have you highlighted the girl as a black girl? Do you see this as an issue or factor?

          • The fact that the girl was black was in the story…..just like the fact that the policeman was white? What is your point? NO, I did not see race as an issue or factor until it was made an issue. THE REAL ISSUE here is a noncompliant trouble maker who was asked to leave a classroom that she was disrupting. She brought this whole thing on herself….ALL by herself..! All she had to do was leave or give the teacher her phone…! She refused on both counts…! Now, she is facing FELONY charges for resisting arrest and physically attacking a police officer. SHE made a very bad choice for herself..! NOW, she will suffer the consequences. Hopefully, she learned something from this, if not, I predict she will be DEAD or in prison by the time she is twenty..!!

          • YES, you ar right…everyone has a story..!

          • Learn something? Looks to as if she’s already learned disrespect for her school AND
            authority, something she was, no doubt, “thought” at home.

          • YES…!! It certainly appears that way, doesn’t it…? I am convinced this was not her first “offence”….!!

          • You poor brainwashed sheep, go somewhere and experience solitude and try to clear your mind. Perhaps you would benefit from some pisilocybin mushrooms or some marijuana to challenge your sad narrow brainwashed perspective.
            Luckily, as our species continues to evolve your madness will fade from the human race…

          • Okay……so, now I totally understand your altered state of mind posts…! Do me a favor….don’t waste what few brain cells you have left ….you are going to need them for simple, routine, basic daily tasks…!!

          • 128 Stanford Binet (2 points under “gifted”) and have been making in excess of $100K for nearly 10 years now managing very complex projects. (did quite well prior to that too 🙂
            Current salary/compensation package @ $120K. Not getting rich but that is not my intention, we do live comfortably close to a nice beach and I am able to take care of those whom I love.
            You ex military by any chance? Who taught you to be so obedient? Do you have children that you treat as mindless robots as well, so that they can grow up and raise sheeple of their own?
            Open your closed mind and your life will become much richer, you too can be in touch with reality if you can overcome your deep seated fear.

          • I am an educator and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist for more than 20+ years…..taught GIFTED students for 12 years…..! My daughter….my only child……was killed by a drunk driver…! I can assure you, she was a well adjusted, loved and lovely, well mannered girl…! She never gave me a minute of trouble or one ounce of attitude…..her life was good the short time she was here and I thank GOD for that….She loved and was loved…I cannot ask for more than that…!! She would have never behaved like that trouble-making girl in any of her classrooms….at home…with friends/family/strangers…!

            Fear? I don’t have fears…but I don’t like to be out on the ocean in a boat when the weather is bad..!! I live my life openly, honestly and with respect for myself and others..!! You actually seem to have some “deep seeded” fears you should probably deal with sooner rather than later…!

          • Greg, maybe you could spare a little of your stash, just to get us through?

          • No stash, have not smoked in some time, even longer since the mushrooms but I do recommend both as a way to change a persons limited perspective

      • So if that was your daughter in that video, you would reprimand her and say she deserved it? I agree that she should have went to the office our whatever, when the teacher told her too, but she didn’t deserve that “man-handling” by no shape or form.
        Any man that lays hands on my child like that will bleed.

        • My daughter would NEVER have been in that position in the first place…!! So, now you are saying we should blame this girl’s parents? This girl is old enough to assume responsibility for her OWN behavior…!! Your attitude is a huge part of what is wrong with our country….! We live in a civilized society and when people behave like this girl did, that is classified as uncivilized behavior….!! What did this disruptive girl think was going to happen…? She was told before hand that she was going to be arrested…!! She got arrested…! She made herself a victim by her own actions….just like Michael Brown…! What pat of resisting arrest and you don’t hit a policeman don’t you understand…? Let’s say YOU behaved this way…..what would happen to you….? YOU would GO TO JAIL….! WE HAVE LAWS….!!

          • Michael Scott | October 29, 2015 at 7:54 am |

            I never said that she was right in her behavior, I said HE was WRONG in his!
            My attitude is NOT what’s wrong with this country, it’s the lack of empathy that people display that has our rights trampled and reformed into thinking that ANY of this is ok.

          • Agree with you that our rights are being trampled on. That is not ok…However, neither is the behavior of the girl who disrupted the classroom….Look at ALL the rights she trampled on…All of her classmates…the teacher….the administrator…..the policeman…! SHE and SHE ALONE brought this on herself. If she had made a better choice for herself, NONE of this would have happened…! AND we wonder why there are so many blacks in prison..! THIS is a perfect example..! She shamed herself…..her family and her race…!!

          • Michael Scott | October 29, 2015 at 9:26 am |

            I’m pretty sure that I agreed that she was wrong. My point is so was he! Her actions won’t be talked about in the weeks to come, her actions will be chalked up to ignorant youth rebellion. He as the adult, authoritative figure, should have handled it better! There is NOT any argument that justifies either of their actions, but SHE will fall under the “youth” umbrella.

            P.S. she only ashamed herself, her family probably taught her better then that, and I’m Black and she didn’t shame me at all.

      • The cop wrongfully grabbed and put her in a chokehold before she ever touched him-in videos I saw from several angles. And the point is that a cop should never have been called in the first place over misbehavior that isn’t criminal. Shame on YOU for being such a coward that you advocate hiring armed thugs to brutalize children over cell phone use.

        • You need to spend a week in a real classroom and get back with me….!!

          • Yeah, I’m sure that the children are far more dangerous than the prisoners and drug addicts I’ve spent lots of time with over a few decades. You’re a coward lacking in common sense, and think that force is a substitute for building respect and relationship with people. No wonder you’re an “educator.” Edit: and you might try learning to write something without multiple usages of multiple exclamation points to try to look like you have something to say other than fear mongering.

          • I am not a coward and have more common sense than you any day of the week…pick a day…!!….! Prisoners and drug addicts started with these SAME behaviors didn’t they…??You seems to be one of those “bleeding heart” types…! You should contact a doctor…!!

          • Most likely prisoners and drug addicts did start with these behaviors. And what helps them, just like what helps all humans with problems, is not being brutalized, marginalized, and stuffed in a cell (think recidivism rate). It’s being shown that they have worth and value and that they should respect themselves and can do something good with themselves. That requires people to work with them who don’t view them as animals to be beaten and forced to comply solely due to fear (which control is only effective so long as the threat of violence is in their face). But that also requires people whose dealings with them aren’t ruled by fear (cowards like you), but genuine caring. And you should also contact a doctor and see if they can’t transplant in a heart so that you can begin to treat people like humans. In the meantime, you should really stay away from all children, lest you teach them your own utter lack of compassion, or your unfortunate habit of using multiple exclamation points like a twelve year old girl.

          • i am NOT saying this girl does not have value…! We ALL have value..! Those are your words….NOT mine..! This girl devalued and disrespected herself by the choice she made to have herself arrested..! Now, she is paying the price, isn’t she? I would rather have the good heart I have than to have your “bleeding heart”…!! To make excuses for this girl’s bad behavior shows me exactly who you are…!! People like you enable people like her to STAY RIGHT WHERE THEY ARE IN LIFE….a very bad place…! It’s left to be seen what this girl will do with her life, but enabling bad behaviors is not the answer, is it?

          • I have not made excuses for her behavior (using her phone in class), which was inappropriate, not criminal. I also didn’t say she shouldn’t face consequences for it–only that she shouldn’t face violence for it. But, typical of most control-freak fascist establishment types, you think that anyone who believes in a solution other than violence is a “bleeding heart.” Congratulations on that Good German award!

          • Using her phone was not the criminal part. Did you miss that? She brought this upon herself….nobody else did that…..only her..! I am not a fascist, establishment type….FAR from it..! It did not have to escalate to that level if she had done what she was asked to do. THAT is all she had to do…!!! For you to defend her in her choice shows me that you think children who disrespect authority are justified. THEY are NOT…!

        • YOU are acting like a blind drama queen….I’m sure it’s not the first time, right…?? Chokehold….? Hahahahaha..! Kids are NOT in school to use their cell phones in class….they are there to learn…! Teachers cannot teach students who are disruptive..! Period….!

          • Someone like you can’t teach anyone anything.

          • So, what you’re really telling me is that you are too old to learn anything new?

          • No, what I’m telling you is that people who think that a teenage girl should experience violence because of texting in class and copping an attitude is better suited to a career as a prison guard for an authoritarian regime than an educator. You and those like you are why I homeschooled my daughter.

          • The girl made the choice for herself…! Hopefully, she learned something….! Policemen don’t tell you they are going to arrest you and don’t follow through..!! What about that didn’t she understand…..?

            I am completely sure that your daughter or my daughter would have never behaved this way under any circumstances. And you were right to homeschool you children. The state’s indoctrination and propaganda institutions are EVIL…!! .

          • You seem absolutely determined to miss the point that the cops should never have been involved in the first place. What the kid was doing before the cop arrived was not criminal. Using a phone in class is a discipline issue, not a crime. Cops are law enforcement officers, and should never be involved in a non-criminal matter. Had the teacher and administrator done their jobs in administering discipline, the whole issue would have been avoided. The kid would have gotten detention, suspension, or expulsion. The parents or guardians would have been inconvenienced to come and pick her up. The whole class wouldn’t have been put in danger by having the potential for armed conflict in the classroom. The kid wouldn’t have been brutalized. The other kid who protested her treatment wouldn’t have been arrested. And the cop wouldn’t have been fired. It’s amazing the good that occurs when people who signed up to do a job actually DO it. The girl in this case was being a dumb kid–no excuses for her, but also no surprise. The adults–all of them–were the ultimate cause of the bad outcome.

          • I did not miss the point….! IT was NOT a criminal matter when that policeman walked into that classroom…!!!

            Armed conflict? Are you kidding me? NO….the adults were not the ultimate cause of this bad outcome…!!!

            Unfortunately, in this day and age, police officers must be involved in the schools…!! The chaos, drug dealing, disrespect and complete lack of order in the school system demands this. It has gotten worse over the years…and you and I both know this, or your would have never made the choice to homeschool.

            I am not saying the police officers was correct in his actions….there were many other ways this could have been carried out. What I am saying is that this girl ALONE made her choice and it was not a good one..! YOU have completely missed the point that the girl herself escalated this incident…SHE turned this into a criminal offense by resisting arrest, and physically striking a law enforcement officer……all she had to do was make a good choice in the moment. Many young people don’t do this and must be taught to make better choices for themselves in EVERY situation. By making a poor choice, she turned it into a FELONY charge against herself..! ….IT did not have to go that way…!! There are many examples out there which support and prove my point.

          • 1. You’re finally right about something. It wasn’t a criminal matter when the officer walked in. Therefore, he should not have been there. Cops are not counselors, school disciplinarians, social workers, or parents. Their job is to enforce laws, and they should have no involvement unless a law has been or is being broken.

            2. Yes, armed conflict. Once an armed police officer is involved, there is–every single time–the potential for the use of armed force, whether by mace, baton, taser, or gun. The examples of this are ubiquitous, all over the media. And even in cases where arms are not used, violence is the standard when police are involved.

            3. I did not make the choice to homeschool my daughter because of drugs or student violence or any behavior of students. I did so because of the utter lack of competence in many of the school staff, teachers and administration,, and the tendency to treat students like inmates to cover for their own lack of knowledge, creativity, teaching ability, and professionalism. In short, I did it because I didn’t want her treated like a criminal or a mindless sheep.

            4. And finally, yes the girl made a bad decision. It should have been handled as a school discipline matter, by the school teachers and administration, until or unless the girl broke a law or posed a physical threat to someone. Only then should an officer have been involved at all, and had that not occurred due to the incompetence of the school officials, the chances are extremely good that everyone, including the cop, would have been better off.

          • A police officer was called in because the girl had already broken the law…! The girl BROKE THE LAW by disturbing the classroom.! That is against the law…! Look it up…! THEN, by resisting arrest and physically striking a law enforcement officer, she herself took it to another level. Period.

            Okay, now I see why you homeschooled…YOUR own daughter had problems in school, didn’t she? Now, I get it..!

            Guess what? Policemen carry guns…that’s what they do. You are trying to make it seem like because the officer had a gun that it was an armed conflict…give me a break…!!! In no way, shape or form was it an armed conflict, so you should stop making stuff up…! Now, we are just not going to agree on this.! I am for following rules and laws and you are not. I am not for people illegally resisting arrest….!! Look at the stats on resisting arrest…it never ends well..!!

            Now, let’s just suppose that there was an armed sniper in the school roaming the halls looking for students to kill, would you be glad then that there was at least one armed law enforcement officer standing at the ready?

          • I see. In your last comment, you said that it wasn’t a criminal matter when the cop entered. Guess what? That means there was no law broken. Making stuff up as you go, I see.

            Yeah, my daughter had so many problems in school that when we took her out, she was No. 1 in her class, with no discipline, top underclassman on her debate team, and is now a National Merit Scholar getting paid to go to college. Real troublemaker that one.

            As for the part about the armed conflict, you have reading comprehension difficulties, which doesn’t surprise me in the least.

            And finally, for the “sniper” nonsense–How many schools have cops in them now? How many of those cops have injured or killed a student? And how many “snipers” have been taken out by a school resource officer. Answers in order: A lot. Way too freaking many. None.

          • The girl…BY HER OWN ACTIONS….escalated the incident to a FELONY CHARGE…Disturbing school in South Carolina is a misdemeanor….look it up…!! I am not making up anything..!

            So, I guess you homeschooled the whole time your daughter was being educated from Pre-K on or did you have some help from the school system with your daughter before you removed her from school or do you take sole credit for all your daughter’s successes and the school didn’t help her at all…?? Or was the school as bad as you say so that’s why you pulled her out in the first place….You are full of a lot of doublespeak..! If schools are as bad as you say, then we need police in them…!! They serve an important function..!!

            Based on your own post and the the stats you quote, then there are actually no problems having police officers in school then…! How many cops have killed or injured students…? How many snipers have been taken out? So, what’s the problem?

            We live in a violent society and it gets more violent each day…..Have you ever spent any REAL time in a REAL school these days and I don’t mean volunteering for a hour a week…..I mean spend a week in a REAL MIDDLE SCHOOL or HIGH SCHOOL? I would much rather have police officers with guns for protection in every school..! Obviously, this teacher and this administrator felt the same way, because they BOTH called on a law enforcement officer for help….Which by the way, MOST PEOPLE do….including you..!! We guard our money in banks….what is more important our children or our money?? We will never agree on this one..!

          • I had my daughter in a small charter school, followed by a small-town k-12 where they didn’t enjoy the police state quite as much as the average burb school, and she did well. When we moved, she went briefly to a public school–the supposed top high school in the state where the officials were a lot like you–scared spitless of their students and more interested in control and conformity than in educating children. So we took her out.

            As for my stats: once again, you can’t read. That you are allowed within 100 yards of any child, much less “educating” them, terrifies me.

            And you’re right. We won’t ever agree. I’m not afraid of my own shadow and I don’t believe that violence solves problems–especially with children.

          • You are a very insulting and verbally violent person..violence takes many forms…but so what…free speech, right? I am not scared spitless of students and I do not like the police state…YOU are assuming a lot..!

            I am interested in students getting educated in an organized classroom…not a constantly chaotic and disruptive classroom…! And you obviously are as well or you would have never pulled your own child out of so many schools…! FYI….try teaching ANYTHING in a chaotic classroom..!!

            You appear to be a person who is a chronic complainer and never satisfied…! But, I’ll bet you have heard that before, right? There are many more REAL things in this life to be “terrified” of than me..! Good luck with your daughter’s education. Oh, and one more thing….I read just fine.!

          • I pulled my daughter out of ONE school. The other changes were due to moving to different states. And as I said, I didn’t pull her out of that ONE school because of “chaotic” or “disruptive” classrooms, which I never saw in any of the schools my daughter went to, but because of incompetent school officials who treated kids like inmates.

            If you could read, you’d have understood that my “stats” referenced a situation where most schools have cops; they’ve abused, hurt or killed quite a number of students, some for little to no reason, and they’ve NEVER stopped a “sniper.”

            And I’m insulting because I mean to be, as I have nothing but contempt for people who believe kids should be subjected to violence for for the sake of “order,” simply because they themselves lack the skills to maintain discipline without hired thugs.

          • Sounds like you have your life totally under control…Good Luck..!

          • Sounds like you have your life totally under CONTROL..!! Good Luck..!

          • Sounds like you have your life totally under CONTROL..!! Good Luck.!

          • I don’t know why my comment is not showing up….I have written it four times…. Here it is again:

            Sound like you have your life all under CONTROL…! Good Luck..!!


        She was doing absolutely not one single thing to be ARRESTED for. Moron.

  7. This is exactly what happens when a people let themselves be dominated by authority. Now it’s gotten to the point where the children are not safe and are under attack. The sad and sickening thing is knowing this will not be stopped. The people didn’t care when their children’s minds were being systematically attacked and neither will they care the children are no longer physically safe. If you need further examples just look at how the food supply has openly and catastrophically been contaminated which is detrimental to both mental and physical health. It is highly probable there will be more false flag shooting attacks this halloween therefor most likely children will be targeted and yet still the masses will gladly send their children out and into danger without a second thought.

  8. This was ALL a pre-planned event, inspired by the “black lives matter” bunch, she deliberately provoked this event. The officer had NO choice but remove her–she ASSAULTED him, ANY IDIOT who has eyes can SEE the girl struck the officer at least once in the face or neck and the desk tipped over as she resisted him removing her from it. His FIRST duty is to control the situation–that means RESTRAINT, the girl was fighting him until he dragged her away from the overturned desk and potential injury for both by falling against it, and cuffed her. You strike an officer—you PAY the price–that means rough handling, SHE got what she asked for.

    • You’re out of your mind.

    • You forgot to mention him throwing her across the room. Or did you omit that little detail for a reason?

      • I wouldn’t call slinging her a few feet into a clear area to cuff her, “throwing” anybody. She was not more than inches off the floor, no injuries were reported but I can imagine she’s already got a ACLU or Black Lives matter attorney for a planned lawsuit. This was all planned, you can bet this was NOT something that occurred out of the blue. The officer MUST control the situation, period, taking down the perp is the first move. P.S., this girl is 16 YEARS old, she’s NOT a child!

        • I would like to know WHY this black teacher could not remove this black girl himself? The teacher was black….the assistant principal was black and they could not get this black girl out…?? They called the WHITE police officer? That’s fishy…!! I think you are right…they called the white guy….!! BINGO…Planned…!! Barack Insane Obama tactics…!!

        • Think again, by LAW, she IS a CHILD…she is not an adult UNTIL 18!
          Since NOBODY knows if the girl has any kind of mental health issues either, and if so, the cop is looking at some serious prison time for assaulting a disabled person.
          But then again, cops can beat and kill whomever they please, and the SHEEP will gladly look the other way.
          These roaches are NOT ‘heroes’ to look up to, but to hunt down and eliminate!

          • B.S., she passed from being a ‘child’ when she graduated to TEENAGER, she’s a young adult now. The next time your life is threatened out in public or your car is damaged in an accident or somebody robs you–call black lives matter–you’ve shown your bias against LAW AND ORDER in this country.

          • “Hunt down and eliminate”? Now I know you’re nuts. Tell me a 16 year old can’t do you in, and I’ll politely call you a liar. I don’t advocate police brutality. It exists and it’s wrong. But there has to be a line drawn somewhere. And we need police, like it or not. Take a look at what’s going on in Chicago, and other Metropolitan areas, and tell me it “ain’t” so. Your avatar just may have you fooled. Just you.

    • YES, SHE made herself a victim…!! ALL she had to do was comply with her teacher, the assistant principal and the school police..!! She didn’t….!!! HER behavior was responsible for exactly what happened to her. If she is this lawless at 15, imagine what she will be like when she is 20….She will be in prison before she’s twenty..!!

      • AMEN, you can bet she’s from a broken family or one without any supervision or authority over her. Allow this type of behavior in school and you’ll have schools in violence shortly. This was not some small “child” as the media would portray her, just as Trayvon Martin was no “child”, he was a head taller with a ‘thug’ attitude that he proudly posted on Facebook before he confronted George Zimmerman and Michael Brown being bigger, heavier than the officer in Ferguson that he attacked and tried to take the officer’s gun after assaulting and robbing a convenience store clerk before being killed.

  9. Oh look, another liberal monkey. Next time I suggest the sheriff tell the teachers to deal with their own problems.

    Maybe they can just cancel class and let the student do whatever they want, when it’s someone with a gun, I’m sure all the liberals will be able to calmly reason with them with out too many kids getting killed…

  10. wouldn’t apply in this case, do some research on the law before quoting without understanding it.

    • Where is your citation that circumvents: Section 242 of Title 18 makes it a crime for a person acting under color
      of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege
      protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.

      • Simple filming in school is not a “protected right” and there is no SCOTUS ruling to support the idea that it is. You can of course disagree and provide a ruling to the contrary. I’ll wait while you do you research.

        • I am still awaiting your citation, not your personal position, that circumvents USC Section 242 of Title 18. I’ll accept any legal published citation.

        • …of course the SC has ruled on topics such as this. They have ruled that in “Public Places” you have a right to film “Public Officials” going about their duties. This a public official, acting under the color of law, in a publicly financed building. You lose.
          RJ O’Guillory

      • Forget it, people, IE SHEEP, do not want to be ‘bothered’ with those pesky ‘rights’ things, they defer to a badge to tell them what their rights are, and are happily living an ignorant life.
        People should also study Title 42 of the USC and read about the Anti Peonage act as well.
        Tell me jury duty demands are not a violation of this as well.
        Forcing people to serve against their will for the benefit of others, without ‘just’ compensation. And those pennies you get, is not ‘just’ compensation at all.
        Beside fraud, forcing people to stand as a jury by way of threat or intimidation is also illegal.

    • Her civil rights were violated were they not !

  11. Hey! That happen in the # 1 country, for freedom, democracy and my A…

  12. Is there any good in the USA my word you ppl have it so bad

  13. It’s not about race. A 19 year old white boy was just shot twice in the back by police in SC. Police have killed over 900 Americans so far this year. There have been over 300 mass shootings across america so far this year. They want you to be afraid. They want your guns. They want CONTROL. IT’S ALL ABOUT CONTROL.

  14. THIS black girl was given every opportunity to comply with her teacher, the assistant principal and the school resource officer…!! She DID NOT COMPLY…!! What did she think was going to happen?? THIS black girl resisted arrest as well as physically attacked a police officer..! Plain and simple….!! She broke the law….BIG TIME..!! Those are felonies..!!

    When are these people going to learn to obey the law…!! We can trace her behavior right back to Barack Insane Obama…Eric Race Baiting Holder….and the Black Lives Matter movement..!! Their grubby little paws are all over this…!! This policeman should not have lost his job…this sends an anarchy message to every criminal thug out there…!! THESE types of black lives DO NOT matter..!! Put her in prison…!

    • Anarchy is the LACK of a CENTRAL control structure, NOT a free-for-all war zone…DAMN people…KNOW what words MEAN!

      • i am FULLY aware of what anarchy means….You should educate yourself instead of concerning yourself with people who are SMARTER than you…!!

        • Obviously, YOU are not that person!
          Try using words in the proper context, just once.
          If you wish to have a battle of wits, I will happily engage you, once you have gone back to school.
          Good day!

          • I can guarantee you that I am much more educated than you….but that is neither her nor there…! You need better reading comprehension skills..! Good day to you, too..!

  15. After reading this link, I suggest someone go straight to the WHITE HOUSE and arrest Barack Insane Obama..!!!

  16. “It is time to stop the mental acrobatics, the nitpicking and the
    internal investigations and realize that some SROs have no business
    working with children.”

    No. It’s time to stop having cops stationed in schools AT ALL. All it does is criminalize childhood misbehavior and invite abuses. Meanwhile, and sorry if this offends anyone, but if you are a teacher or school administrator, and you and your colleagues can’t handle minor disciplinary matters in your classroom without the aid of armed mercenaries, GET THE HELL OUT of teaching. You’ve got no business there.

    • You make no sense. People like you really piss me off. People become teachers to teach. They go to work to teach kids. They don’t get paid(enough) to deal with “kids” and teens that can be bigger than an adult. My mother happens to be a teacher has to deal with badass kids every day and she is still amazing at her job.
      Surveillance cameras showed that the girl swung punches at the officer before he even touched her. Some Childhood misbehavior SHOULD be criminalized. The kid in high school who disrespected authority is 9/10 to grow up to be a douche bag that goes in and out of jail.

      • I watched several angles of the videos and saw no “punches.” And if a teacher doesn’t believe him or herself (and colleagues if necessary) capable of handling a discipline issue with the kids they’re teaching, then they’re unqualified to teach that size/type/age of kid. Discipline issues occur. They shouldn’t be criminalized unless the kid is close to adulthood and violence is involved. This girl wouldn’t stop using her phone–not a criminal act–and if the teacher couldn’t handle such a basic issue, she needs to find a different job.

        • LOL-she stopped using it. She simply refused to relinquish custody of the thing. And given what they cost these days, I certainly do not blame her one bit. Moreover, perhaps she had a pressing need to use it, for lord knows what reason.

        • Also, you just basically proved my point. You said “They shouldn’t be criminalized unless the kid is close to adulthood..”. Last time I checked the girl is a 5’6 18 year old.

          • First, the kid was a 16 year old sophomore. Second, nice that you stopped reading (or went past your ability level) before the AND. I said AND “violence was involved,” which it wasn’t until the cop started it.

          • 1. I saw that. I can read. That’s what “…” in a quote means in basic grammar.

            2. The point is, if she were to put her phone up, the wouldn’t be any problems. Of course the police officer went too far, but it all goes back to:
            -No phones in class/No texting in class
            -Follow basic directions
            -Pick a simple choice. She was asked to either put up/give up the phone or leave. She chose neither and had to face consequences.
            Also, notice how the other kids didn’t really react. I’m sure the wouldn’t be so calm if she didn’t do anything. If he was not needed and randomly dragged her, there would most likely be a slight more of panic.

          • No sweetie. What “it all goes back to” is cops aren’t schoolteachers. They aren’t therapists. They aren’t mediators. They are LAW ENFORCEMENT. So you call them when a law has been broken. Not when someone is annoying.

      • You’re the one who makes no sense, and people like YOU piss off every single person with a functioning brain. They get paid more than enough, and if they do not like it, then they ought to find another venue of employ.

        You morons, and your make-believe videos claiming that the girl swung punches are just a bunch of lying, redneck apes. And it is not illegal to “disrespect” so-called “authority, and certainly absolutely no more disrespectful of them DISRESPECTING us, and WE are the actual authority, thank you very f’n much.

        As far as your mother goes, all she would have to do to be amazing at her job, is to be a wee bit brighter than you are.

    • You should spend a week in a real classroom and get back with us…!

    • Minor disciplinary problems? You must be black.

    • THANK YOU!!!

  17. Kids go to school to LEARN. Teachers are there to TEACH. When that formula breaks down and others must be called in to remove a disruptive student from the classroom, there will be consequences..! By this girl’s noncompliance, she turned herself into a trouble maker…Trouble makers are ALWAYS removed from the classroom…!! ALWAYS….!! NOW, she will be facing felony charges for resisting arrest and hitting a police officer..!!

  18. Go spend a week in a real school and get back with me..!!

  19. Resource Officer? yea right!!! Is that what pigs are called today? Have this swine tested for drugs, meth & steriods.

  20. Surveillance cameras showed that the girl swung punches at the officer before he even touched her. Stop trying to make EVERYTHING about race/gender. Yes, there are issues but sometimes it doesn’t matter what race the person was, it’s about how disrespectful they were to authorities.

  21. Update on this story, the “cop” did get fired

  22. Source link?

  23. It is LEGAL to record ANYBODY when in public, and a school is PUBLIC property, owned by the people, and used by same.
    Filming is protected, the cop is powerless to stop it, and damn good he can’t!

    • What’s going to have to change is what happens _after_ the information is recorded. They are using it for fishing expeditions for coincidences to railroad and harass innocent people. Judges allow the evidence, thus they keep gathering it. 1st, 4th, 6th, and 9th amendment need an update regarding this issue. Hmm, articles 3, 6, 11, and 12 of the original bill of rights are interesting. Ratifying said update/s will not exactly be easy.

  24. The 18 year old is a full grown adult old enough to vote. If the officer doesn’t have the authority to pick the girl up and remove her, then he shouldn’t have been called. If she fights that fiercely then of course she is going to hit the floor. The consensus is that the girl needed her behind kicked, and the officer didn’t have the authority to do it. So only resort was for the teacher to clear the room, put the students in another class room, and leave the girl alone to show off alone and think it over. The girl obviously needs counseling or psychiatric help.

  25. Not public employees at a public place.

  26. She was in a public place and had the right to film a public servant … the courts have rule on it time and time again.

  27. Talk radio has been going around and around on this, and no-one has even mentioned the elephant in the room. The second arrest is the giveaway. The reason the school is so incensed is that they got CAUGHT. According to other students, this crap happens all the time (the cop was nicknamed captain slam) over there.

    THAT is why the school had a zero tolerance for camera phones. The same reason so many other organizations prohibit cameras or camera phones for “security purposes”. Yeah right. The ONLY reason they are banned is admin is afraid of something like THIS.

  28. Could it be the wifi inside the room was turned up to ‘radicalize’ those inside the ‘closed box’ classroom as guinea pigs? Pulsed frequency devices stimulate certain parts of brain and dull other parts. Is the whole country been taken over by whomever controls the frequencies? Please buy meters to evaluate your living spaces..

  29. You’re out of your mind. Only in some backward place like pennsylvania is it illegal, and then, it is only applicable to audio recording.

  30. I think you had better well wake up, and educate herself. It IS her right, in more than one way. It is a public servant, in a public setting, doing a job paid for BY the public. The Supreme Court has ruled that it is totally legally, and that the police have absolutely no right in interfering with a person doing so. It is common knowledge law, and I suggest you google just a bit, and get yourself up to speed on the matter, before you make yourself look any more foolish.

  31. NOTHING that little Child could have done could justify a big huge bulky heavy cop slam her to the ground!

    Just imagine if it was a Black Cop and a White kid?

  32. Enjoy your $50000/day in fines for all the unenforced/new things that will be enforced if “enough happens”. As it is, they’re well on way to “enough” happening. I thought Demolition Man was not supposed to be a dark comedy.

  33. She either flailed or tried to grab onto the cop, hard to tell which, ONCE, and only violence had been initiated by the cop. Which is exactly why it should never have been started in the first place.

  34. No, cops aren’t needed in schools. They are an invitation to violence and abuse against children. There were always ‘bad’ kids who did violence in schools, before there were ever cops stationed in schools. And there still are. In this instance, they could have called the police, just like everyone else does, and the police would have responded from the police station or the nearest patrol car. The many students who have been abused by cops in schools FAR FAR outweigh the very few incidents like this when there is real criminal or violent activity. You might also notice that in the article you cite, the on campus cop was nowhere to be found when the event took place, and the school didn’t even call 911–so the risks of having the cop stationed there weren’t even overcome in the one sort of instance where a cop should have been called to deal with a student.

  35. I don’t think there are ONLY minor disciplinary problems in schools. But school cops are usually called in for only minor disciplinary problems. When there is an actual crime–like this–they can call the cops just like everyone else in America does.

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