Police Admonish Boy for Acting Like Police

By Amanda Warren

A Rio Rancho, New Mexico teen is facing seemingly small time charges for using pepper spray on a moving school bus. A dozen students and the bus driver from Rio Rancho High felt the effects.

Freshman Trinity Martinez described the Tuesday experience:

We all started coughing and I thought it just, we like had a dry throat, and then the bus driver started coughing.

Freshman Brian Bonner said:

It makes your throat completely dry and you can’t breath and you start coughing and you don’t really know why.

From KRQE News:

Police say the teen claims he had the pepper spray to protect himself from a bully, although the bully had already gotten off the bus when he sprayed the pepper spray. He’s facing a disorderly conduct charge for spraying the pepper spray and a tampering with evidence charge for trying to hide the pepper spray in his pants.

If that’s a chastisement, it’s a light one – are they really trying to figure out if the bully is real? He is the bully! Are they eyeing him for a future position? If they had showed up and “took care of business” it might demonstrate too much revealing irony.

And what do you think of those charges? If the charges were any heavier, people might start to wonder about these non-lethal, that is, less-than-lethal weapons used on the public with as much care and concern as this little snot used his.

But think about the way the students describe the effects of pepper spray – they didn’t know what was happening, they suddenly got dry throats and coughed uncontrollably, and then they couldn’t breathe. This kid brought a weapon to school! What about zero tolerance? For as dangerous as his deliberate actions were, the situation was wrapped up with an eerie calm – almost like it’s 1990 again – even though the news anchors note that he brought a chemical (weapon) on board. Despite what Fox’s Megyn Kelly thinks, pepper spray really is a weapon.

Fortunately the teen probably obtained his pepper spray from a retail outlet and did not have a service pepper spray weapon like the UC Davis cop who was made infamous through meme. Seriously, look at the canisters that law enforcement uses – some of them look like fire extinguishers used to quell raging elephants. He might have actually been using mace and not pepper spray which can cause serious damage – it’s also referred to as tear gas.

Another reason he didn’t exactly emulate police is that he sprayed it in the air and not directly in someone’s face as cops do. He didn’t completely destroy a woman’s eye and nearly cause brain death by shooting with the nozzle directly into her eye. He didn’t terrorize the public by indiscriminately spraying in a store in order to kill a squirrel. He didn’t hose the faces of handcuffed Occupy students.

Pepper spray was intended to be a non-lethal form of personal protection from dangerous suspects; sadly cops have changed it to a practice of sadism and even a form of killing. A way to silence someone into submission. Even mall security wants in on the killing action. But, unlike the high school boy, the cops don’t get charged.

People who feel powerless but want a sense of power might emulate authorities and harm others. Such as crazy ladies who use pepper spray when they want to be first in line for Black Friday – that has nothing to do with personal protection. What someone does with their personal power or state-granted powers says volumes about their character – it tells you everything you need to know. Think about that the next time you see cops pepper spraying the face of a handcuffed victim.

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