Russia’s “No-Fly Zone” Prevents US, Israel, UK From Bombing Syria

russiaamericaBy Brandon Turbeville

It appears that, after a few weeks of Russian bombing in Syria, a new kind of “no-fly zone” seems to have been established. However, this “no-fly zone” is not focused on preventing Syrian planes and military forces from operating inside the country. Instead, it functions as a barrier to Israeli and American air forces seeking to enter Syria through the Mediterranean Sea in order to support terrorists and jihadists against the secular government of Bashar al-Assad.

This is because of Russia’s Naval presence in the port of Tartus and its new presence just off the coast of Latakia, particularly with ships like the guided missile cruiser Moscow. The ship left Crimea on September 24 and is part of what Russian media is referring to as training exercises.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has stated,

In the course of the training activity, the Russian ships will practice organization of anti-submarine, anti-ship, and air defense, as well as search-and-rescue activities and rendering assistance to distressed vessels.

During the exercise, the military seamen are to perform over 40 different combat, tasks including missile and artillery firings at surface and aerial targets.

Clearly, the ship is in the Mediterranean for more than simple maneuvers. But its presence is also being bemoaned by the obsessively pro-Israeli, pro-NATO, and pro-war crowds howling in the pages of mainstream media outlets about being prevented from being able to cross national borders at will and rain death and destruction down upon innocent civilians and the primary force fighting ISIS and other jihadists in Syria.

As pro-Israeli writer “Eli” from SOFREP wrote in an article that was reposted by Business Insider,

By positioning the Moskva, a cruiser armed with S300 missiles, west of Latakia, the Russians have endangered the IAF’s favorite corridor of flight into Syria. The IAF has no stealth capabilities to circumvent this anti-access/area denial — A2/AD — bubble, nor any other air force in the area.

Russian President Vladimir Putin managed to do in several days what US President Barack Obama failed to do in the last three years: He’s created a true no-fly zone. Putin’s actions suggest, in my opinion, that he’s willing to force the coalition and the Israel air force into reporting and coordinating their flights in the region — an act I’m sure no one is in favor of or willing to comply with.

The Moskva carries an estimated 64 S-300 missiles, according to foreign sources), and could intercept multiple targets up to 150 miles away, making it a serious threat in addition to other Russian assets in the region.

The presence of the Moskva essentially locks down British air assets in Cyprus, American F-16s in the southern part of Turkey, and the Israeli air force, which likes to use that particular flight corridor for penetration into Syria, or alternatively when flying over the western part of Lebanon. Any flights in or around the country will now be tricky for the IAF to accomplish.

“Eli” has made an astute observation. Unless the Israelis and NATO powers are truly willing to risk World War 3, the ability to simply fly in through and over the Mediterranean has been severely hampered by the Russian presence. NATO and Israel could indeed identify themselves and their intentions but they could be denied overflight permission to do so. They would then be forced with the choice between simply stepping back or risking a direct confrontation with Russian jets in the air.

Furthermore, “Eli” concludes that danger is indeed present. He writes,

So what happens to coalition surveillance flights? What about airdrops to parties in the region supported by the coalition? This will become another complicated situation which will require the precision of a surgeon and the creativity of artists. One thing is certain: The Kremlin’s recent move is dangerous and places us all in danger. It may be time to dust off the old Cold War books.

Yet, while “Eli” laments the Russian presence in the Mediterranean and Syria and attempts to suggest that Russia is simply expanding its empire, his thesis is concerning for three reasons.

First, it is perhaps the case that the United States and Israel have violated human rights and national borders for so long that neither their citizens nor their cheerleaders have any grasp of the difference between imperialism and self-defense.

Second, “Eli” is lamenting the Russian presence because he views the Western support of savages raping and beheading their way across Syria as legitimate and justified. He implicitly argues that the Israeli Air Force, along with the U.S. Air Force, has and should continue to have the divine right to cross national borders at will, drop bombs on civilians and national governments as they choose, and be free from any and all consequences of doing so. The “exceptional” people and the “chosen” people thus make a very good team, complete with the blessings of God and the rest of the world. There is one major problem, however – the fact that Israel and the United States no longer have the blessing of the world to continue their slaughter unabated. Russia has had enough and so have many other nations.

Which brings us to the most concerning aspect of “Eli’s” position – that he and those he represents are willing to risk World War 3 to continue settlement and colonization of the Middle East and other “non-compliant” nations.

“Eli’s” article would not be so concerning if it were not for the fact that it represents the viewpoint of a ruling elite that is so committed to world hegemony that it very well might risk the literal destruction of the world in search of those aims. While “Eli” describes the “Kremlin’s recent moves” as “dangerous” and having placed us all in danger, the Kremlin is only acting in a way that defends its own self-interests.

If “Eli” is concerned with the danger that we all face, he would do well to warn the White House and the Knesset.

Brandon Turbeville – article archive here – is an author out of Florence, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of six books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2, The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, and The Difference it Makes: 36 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President. Turbeville has published over 500 articles dealing on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s podcast Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV. He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at)

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34 Comments on "Russia’s “No-Fly Zone” Prevents US, Israel, UK From Bombing Syria"

  1. I hope Russia establishes a no fly zone in Golan Heights too.

    • And a no fly zone in the areas of Russia where the Russian government is involved in the international geoengineering project. Doubtful that will happen, the Russian elites are making moves towards a totalitarian control grid, including a Chinese style clamp down on the internet.

      • Oh really … and what is the us/israel/nato trying to do?

        • What does your question have to do with geoengineering in Russia? Two wrongs don’t make a right. The Palestinians have been the victims of the NWO elites, the same cabal spraying the planet. The NWO created the UN, IMF, BIS, IPCC, Agenda 21, etc. Russian elites have CLOSELY tied Russia to these bodies, they believe in NWO elite rule. The conflict in Syria is a Hegelian dialectic set up to usher in global tyranny. Are you are aware of Antony Sutton’s research going back decades proving TPTB always fund and control both sides in every conflict? Why is it nearly two years ago the US and Israel were hiding the fact they were selling high tech military parts to Iran (against the sanctions) that were in turn being given to Syria to stoke the conflict? Creating a theater of chaos for Operation Cyclone 2.0 (ISIS).

      • Yours is already such and dont point baseless accusations that only yours are the “good” guys. Years of brainwashing really works… in your case.

        China esp go for peace and trade while yours go for control on others without permission.

        • Powerful entities that harm others for profit and power-tripping are the “bad guys”, it doesn’t matter what flag they carry. You clearly don’t have any knowledge of the role the global elite have played the last 100 years creating conflict in the world and thus you are incapable of understanding the point I was making about protecting ALL of humanity against the top predators that don’t believe in nation states.

          • This kind of response does not add anything to the main topic. It distracts with a totally out of the blue theory. That is much like disinformation. People are getting paid to spread disinformation. Suggest the CMRedwood is either disinformation agent or I don’t know what else – out of touch?

          • Geoengineering is not a theory and there is video footage of this taking place in Russia freely available on youtube. The IMF and UN ties are also open records. The original poster was promulgating the misconception that Russia is a nemesis of the NWO, despite ample evidence that is not the case. A careful study of the history of the US/western deep state tells us we are being played on a large geopolitical stage. When I point out uncomfortable facts to expand awareness, that is not disinformation. Political correctness was never a “Libertarian” feature. There are those in the alt media that promote Bitcoin as a way to defeat central banking that don’t question why it is the top International Bankster henchman Larry Summers is a board member of a Bitcoin startup or Goldman Sachs is investing $150 million in a Bitcoin venture. In a world of deceit, is questioning received wisdom openly and honestly a fault?

          • G. Hartwell, Please remove your head from the sand or whatever orifice it resides. We’ll wait whilst you extract it… A little research can go a long way.

      • We need a planetary no fly zone to end Geo-engineering and atmospheric tampering by the Globalist Elite.

  2. WW3 started a long time ago and in Syria, not only the fate of WW3 is at stake but also the fate of this planet.
    If the current shwerpunkt area, the Idlib/Hama/Aleppo pocket is not reduced soon, quagmire or worse will happen. Time is vital in warfare and the recapture if far too slow. The Russian air force should have taken action earlier last year. Now, Putin will have to fight on two fronts : Syria and Ukraine.It was a strategic mistake to postpone military action. Mr Putin is timorous : the bear is strong but slow. It is Russia that is now the real superpower and therefore should not lose the initiative.

    • You have no concept of the levels of deception on which you are being played – n-dimensional apex elite “chess”. In your commentary elsewhere you predict the US will be “a giant glass radiating parking lot. For ever(sic).” by 2016. You quote Adolf Hitler about the the Jews destroying mankind and at least 10 times on various websites use the same John Kaminski quote about Jews running everything. You make no distinction between the Zionist philosophy of the international banksters (held by Jews and non-Jews) and peaceful freedom supporting Jews – both groups of which are in every nation and Russia is just as captured by the Zionist banksters as the US, middle east, and rest of the planet are. Time to wake up. The battle is an awake and free humanity against oligarchies that go back several centuries. WW3 is the final war against our minds.

      • How can the “peaceful, freedom-loving Jews” be discerned from the dual-citizens who pledge 1st allegiance to Israel, instead of the nations in which they reside?
        Are you contributing to the deception ?

        • The late great Aaron Russo and Aaron Swartz are two Jewish American heroes who waged fierce battles for truth and freedom, and may have been murdered for doing so, esp. Swartz. Of course, here in the US there are many NWO minions of Jewish extraction and just as many are “WASPs”. I recognize Zionist Jews may be disproportionately represented in the top tiers of the NWO, however, we should always measure a person by their actions not their ethnicity. That’s important.

          • Coincidentally, I mentioned Swartz whose work was pivotal in pushing back the elites’ designs to censor the internet in the US and in my comment to spirittoo (above) I provided a link to a recent article describing Russia making preparations to close off internet access from other parts of the world, much like China is already doing. The bars and chains of the prison planet are being put in place while the masses are distracted with grand theater, using a meme from Orwell’s 1984 faux rival superstates.

          • Certainly accurate. Patterns of prejudice among Jews that reflect ethnicity may not be disregarded. The hate word, “Goyim” is not limited to zionist Jews. Nor is the Apartheid that Judaism practices. Mordecai Vanunu is an outstanding example of the idea you mention, and he will never be free of Judaism.

          • Finally got around to researching Vanunu, he’s an inspiration, very courageous man of principle. Thank you for the reference, much appreciated.

  3. Thank you for the tip, I am familiar with VT, I will look at the article. VT does good work for sure, although, they seem to have some blind spots. Gordon Duff is apparently a proponent of world socialism, so he is coming from a pro-statist position that I believe goes against human freedom – he is using a different lens than Libertarian-minded beliefs of absolute freedom. In a recorded interview, I heard Duff admit about 40% of VT articles are disinfo and he said if he didn’t allow that he believed his life would be in danger. This is true of all significant alt media websites, we have to learn how to sort the wheat from the chaff. Russian elites are definitely NWO and there are recent articles in The Economist and Wall Street Journal floating the plans for both the US and Russia to be broken up and reorganized into the Regional Governance systems that are (as Putin calls it) necessary bricks for the new international order. There is much to resist in the totalitarian Technocracy that is being constructed, it’s frankly terrifying. Please consider checking out Patrick Wood’s interviews on youtube and his websites, including his new (no dot com).

  4. Thanks, I am familiar with those references. However, the concept of Russia and China as opposition to the NWO is a priority psychological operation that is being promoted by controlled opposition in the alternative media along with some people who are getting caught up in the disinformation campaign. The apex globalists operate on long timescales using complex layers of deception. If they have a setback and lose a round, they come back again in a different guise until they have secured their position. They sometimes have to sacrifice an asset or assets to maintain the illusion the masses have some control and to keep down any true rebellions. It doesn’t matter to them, they keeping moving forward in their long game. Sutton’s protege Patrick Wood has provided ample evidence China is a complete NWO construct, starting in the Carter administration, China is the Globalists’ model of a totalitarian Technocracy, everyone monitored 24/7 and punished for not thinking correctly as obedient citizens. Russia is half-way there. Smart Grid is a major pillar of the new order that is coming and China and Russia are heavily engaged in Smart Grid and Agenda 21 – both are closely tied to the UN and the IMF, BIS, (core of BRICS), as is the rest of the world. Superficially “multipolar” that simultaneously converts to totalitarian global governance. There is much much more to this equation. Humanity needs to fully engage in educating each other, esp. westerners since we still have unfettered access to the internet which won’t last long. Please research Patrick Wood’s interviews (youtube) and papers on Technocracy. BTW, I know about the history of the Zionists controlling Russia (both within Russia and from the outside). Are you aware the famous Russian author Alexander Solhenistyn of Gulag Archipelago fame wrote a book about the Zionist influence, it’s been censored around the world.

  5. China is an absolute totalitarian state and has persecuted Christians. The elite created China as a NWO construct, that’s why the US manufacturing sector was sent to China. There is zero freedom in China, everyone is constantly monitored 24/7 and now they are being rated by a Social Credit Scoring System that rates them on what they buy, where they go, their jobs, what websites they visit, and how “right thinking” they are as obedient socialists. This is exactly the “scientific society” envisioned by the scum who control the US government – it’s Brzezinski’s “technotronic era” and Brzezinski is the same person who spearheaded the Trilateral Commission’s transformation of China during the Carter administration. China will not help free the world, they enslave their own people and their government is even more corrupt than ours. We are being played on international levels EXACTLY as we have been played for decades in domestic politics. China and Russian elites are tied to the UN Agendas (21 and 2030). Russia is more totalitarian than the US with fewer civil liberties. Americans have to stop sitting on the sidelines and STOP the UN mandates and global governance moves including international treaties TTP, TTIP, etc.

  6. You have good points and thank you for the references. The impasses we have are not easily settled due to the limitations of the amount of information that can be reasonably exchanged on a comment thread. I guess you know the central banks of both Russia and China are Rothschild banks, as a quick search on the internet will confirm. You probably saw my comments about China and Russia adopting the NWO plans as laid out in UN Agendas (21, 2030, etc.) and they are collaborating on sharing information on citizens for global tracking and global taxation. China is very totalitarian, the “model technocracy” envisioned by Brzezinski who worked behind the scenes to bring China into the western Capitalist fold during the Carter administration. By all appearances, it does look like the original global elite plan to phase out US hegemony and erect a system of global governance is taking place now and quickly. Even Iran formerly signed onto the 2030 Agenda and has been liberalizing its economy for a few years now opening it up to global integration, this is well before the international media coverage of a softening in relations with Iran. I have no personal dislike of Russia or China, I see them as victims of the same parasites who have infected and captured the US government. I just don’t want the community of awake people to let their guard down when it comes to fighting for our civil liberties here at home. The battles are complex and chaotic by design, thus few can fathom the game plan, that’s why I refer to it as n-dimensional chess and I have observed the elites backing down to allow the masses small victories (e.g. Monsanto vilification or backing down on huge amnesties to promote an open border policy) only to come back again and again in different guises until they get what they need to move forward. Russia has fewer civil liberties than the US and Putin has a sordid history and is in close contact with Kissinger, and more. I only urge extreme caution, the programs being used to drive us towards totalitarian world government are profound. Thanks again for the information, I will check it out.

  7. BTW, lower in the comments, I mentioned a friend who passed not long ago, he fought the battle against the NWO for close to 4 decades. He was a genius and a dedicated man. In the link to his blog you’ll find a hyperlink to a map of the US created by the elites in the 1940s showing how they would break up the US into regional superstates for global governance. Recently, Peggy Noonan, a prominent Wall Street Journal columnist, wrote about an unnamed powerful person who told her the US could be broken up in the not to distant future. This past June, the Rothschild owned Economist described the fragility of Russia and the inevitable fracturing. Putin is on record supporting regional governance as being essential bricks for the new world order. It really does seem like humanity is being driven hard to the new paradigm, all of us.

    • Agree totally, they are all playing us like fools, unfortunately most of the world is sound asleep either watching reality TV, sport, or gawking into their phone at cat videos, or worshipping made up celebrities. Where to from here?

      • Yeah, exactly, feels like the movies Dark City or The Matrix. Can’t give up, though. Maybe we’ll get some help in the form of Mother Nature blow back, Divine intervention, chaos “butterfly effects”, or an asteroid strike – as some of us have pondered.

  8. Yes, I know about the “alternative” or parallel financial systems being put together by the BRICS nations and these things fit perfectly with the Hegelian dialectic tactic, very often used on grand scales to achieve a pre-designed “synthesis”. These actions you are describing have been fully expected by the awake and astute people who began exposing the plans for a NWO order decades ago, using extensive research into globalist foundations, white papers, and the far reaching works of Establishment insiders such as Carroll Quigley, a powerhouse academic who spilled the beans, as you probably know. Again, all of what you describe has been FULLY expected by highly informed researchers often networking together. My sense is you may not have a complete grasp of the true power of the apex global elite and do not have a strong sense of how useful the Hegelian dialectic has been as a tool of control. We should never underestimate our enemy and that is clearly a very common problem when you develop a grasp of the magnitude of “limited hangouts” and misconceptions promulgated in the alternative media. We lose nothing by hoping by some miracle other nations can slip free of the globalist Technocratic paradigm. In contrast, we lose a lot by not learning from history and then extrapolating those patterns and countless clues into a defensive position of skepticism of the narrative being fed to us, both mainstream and alternative media which is heavily co-opted, the “left” and “right”. As far as China goes, I believe you are mistaken about the totalitarian nature of China. Two of my former colleagues including one I am still close friends with, are highly educated physician scientists from China and for several years we spoke at length about the totalitarian system in China and I can tell you is it very draconian and dehumanizing, especially for anyone with who can think for themselves. That system has steadily become more controlling in the last 5 to 10 years as electronic tracking technologies advanced. Russia is more difficult to get information from given the lower levels of trade and the language barrier. I don’t believe it is reasonable to rationalize totalitarian treatment of citizens in China or Russia due to “outside threats”, that is the kind of “the end justifies the means” crazy thinking that TPTB used to undermine our civil liberties after the 9/11 false flag attack. Do you know there is strong evidence Russia/Putin has done false flag attacks? Also, the Russians knew about Gladio operations and had solid proof in the form of Turkish generals who fled to Russia for asylum and were fully debriefed. If the Russians had allowed this information to be leaked it would have shaken the political foundations of the US and Europe and the whole world would have learned about the long history of false flag attacks, never to be fooled again. Remember, long after WWII, the western oligarchs were still supporting the Soviets with funding and technology transfers, including Kissinger as the National Security Adviser in the Nixon administration spearheading the transfer of highly advanced military technology to the Soviets. The Soviet leadership had long known the game at that point. On the financial front, it was top International Bankster henchman Zionist Larry Summers who went to Russia after its economy was deliberately imploded in the mid 90s to advise on the privatization of the Russian peoples’ state owned assets. That was the inflection point of the deep financial integration of Russia into the dominant Globalist paradigm and we can trace the explosion of interdependence from that point forward. Yes, of course, the US Federal Reserve will be neutered to transition to a Global Bankster authority. These plans have been known to many scholars and I myself became fully aware of this 12-13 years ago. A global currency system is not even the final cage for us, it’s another step towards a full global Technocracy run by the banksters using a rationed system of energy credits. Of course, I would love for you to be “right” and me to be “wrong”, but I doubt that is the case only because I am super well read on this to a degree few who have normal busy lives could ever match and I am “standing on the shoulders of giants”, those brilliant dedicated researchers who sacrificed so much to give us insight. I’m also lucky to have a gift at decoding patterns and my extensive professional background in neuroscience helps too. Thanks again.

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