Elite Preparing to “Insulate From Revolution, Rebellion, Anarchy” After an Economic Collapse

By Mac Slavo

It is no secret that the world is teetering dangerously close to disaster.

Saving the system may be impossible, even if the powers that be delay or defuse the worst of it for some time to come.

Most people have no idea what to expect if it comes crashing down.

But others have been prepping for years to make sure they can survive if the power, the food supply, or the entire society ceases to be functional.

An increasing number of the rich – and especially the super rich – are prepping, too, and investing serious money for a survival bunker that includes comforts and upscale security with the basic amenities.

Pulse.com profiled one company that is marketing “end of the world” shelters to those who can afford it, and who see a breakdown coming that includes potential revolution and civil unrest:

Vicino warns that the rich need to be ready for a scenario that will “turn Suzy Homemaker into a gun-wielding predator.” As he asked me, without any apparent irony, “Do you really want to fight off all the zombies, the predators, the gangs, the militias, whatever else is roaming the streets to get what you got?”


At the last annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, observers noticed elites growing more alarmed about the possibility of social unrest.


This matches what Vicino hears. “They’re going to Patagonia, they’re going to remote locations of the world,” he says. “Their reasoning is more to be insulated from a revolution, rebellion, anarchy, or whatever, following an economic collapse.”


Vicino’s properties include the recently launched Vivos Europa One, an invitation-only nuclear blast–proof subterranean complex tucked into a former Cold War munitions storage facility in Germany. It was purchased by Vicino and his partner, a German developer, for $2.25 million [£1.47 million] and unveiled this past summer. The property, now valued at over abillion dollars and boasting 227,904 square feet of “secure, blast proof living areas” is big enough for 34 “high net-worth families” to inhabit for a full year, says Vicino.

They can enjoy swimming pools, a wine cellar, and living quarters they are encouraged to customize with fittings created by their favorite yacht designers. Worried about the collapse of the rule of law? After the end of society, each Vivos properties will be governed by its own bylaws and the various bunkers will have their own tribunals to handle conflicts between wealthy residents, who may well get twitchy during their confinement. An armed security force employed by the company will handle threats from above—presumably the have-nots who want in.

There’s no telling when exactly the SHTF may happen, but it is clear that those in power see a breakdown coming… and they are prepared.

Are you?

You can read more from Mac Slavo at his site SHTFplan.com

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9 Comments on "Elite Preparing to “Insulate From Revolution, Rebellion, Anarchy” After an Economic Collapse"

  1. Only artificial things will “collapse”.
    No buildings nor bridges will, and no ships will sink.
    All of this fearmongering is a mind game. Our brains are the intended targets.

    Our human shepherds are controlling us through Fear.
    We should refuse to be controlled.

    What’s the answer ? First, get yourself out of the state of Fear. In order to be able to think you need to be able to use the other parts of your brain. If you are having difficulty getting out of fear, here are a few things you can do :

    – Turn OFF your TV ! Especially the news.
    – Don’t hang around negative people or people who are being negative at the time. You don’t need to absorb their fear any more than you need to absorb the fear from the news on TV.

    As you begin to emerge from the state of fear and can once again think rationally and creatively, look at how you can create unity in your life instead of the polarity caused by fear.

    • That would include denying the math of unfunded liabilities and the debt around $255 trillion? When SHTF and just in time inventory breaks down … trucks don’t run on air alone and drivers needl to be paid to risk their lives and load … it won’t matter what’s on a TV that doesn’t work.

  2. bring it on – it will be the down fall of the house of red.
    I’m ready – and anyone reading this should be as well – we need all the patriots that will stand up.

  3. Those surveillance systems need operators an analyst. Those stop light cameras will be easy targets and just for fun the kids will learn how to use sling shots. Any popo responding to kids throwing rocks might be led into a well prepared ambush for their weapons and uniforms. And any underground bunker is just a tomb. Worked out for hitler … right?

  4. Which Jones ?
    It’s a common name, and I don’t know what clip I have to look for. Do you have a link for me ?

    • Alex Jones from Infowars. Sorry, I did add a link to Joy Camp’s Dial P for Paranoia skit on youtube, however, it appears Activist Post moderators didn’t allow it. You should be able to find it without much trouble doing a youtube search. You’re lucky if you haven’t been exposed to Jones, he’s an over the top showman. Infowars is probably still the biggest “conspiracy” website on the net and it’s essential to sort the wheat from the chaff – true with most alt media sites to one degree or another.

      • Thank you.
        True, it was easy to find on Youtube.
        Yes, I did listen to Alex Jones for a while but after gaining more knowledge I stoped listening. He is mixing truth with lies, and this is not what I want.
        Yes, the so-called alternative sites seem to be just tools of propaganda to me. I can recommend Fixthisnation as a great example of it. But I like Activist Post. Here you can read good news. I’m just sceptical about articles where fear is promoted. Fear is absolutely the tool of the human shepherds trying to control us.

  5. The “elite” don’t have a prayer. Historically, in situation like that, the people with arms will call the shots, and those are the “hired” guards. The “elite” will be slaughtered within a short period of time – except the young females and women – and take their supplies, shelters and wealth for their own survival and to ride the bad times out.

    • Yep, very true, that’s why the elite bunker scenario is absurd (a distraction) and why TPTB are going for the electronic surveillance prison gambit. It’s disgusting. Hope the whole thing unravels.

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