Who Pulled Off The COVID Plandemic?

By Neenah Payne

Dr. David Martin was featured in Plandemic I — the most-watched film in history. In the two-part video below, Dr. Martin says COVID policies were a war on humanity and asks why we are not allowed to question them.

Dr. Martin explains that SARS COV 2 was engineered by Dr. Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina in 2002. He explains  the Rockefellers’ destructive role and why the World Health Organization is a criminal organization. Yet, the WHO Pandemic Treaty threatens to rule the world if ratified this month!

THE GREAT SETUP: Dr. David Martin – How & Who Pulled off the Covid-19 Plandemic – Part I of II (video)

THE GREAT SETUP: How & Who Pulled off the Covid-19 Plandemic – Part II of II – by Dr. David Martin (video)

The Courts made unambiguous declaration that we were in a public health emergency and the WHO CDC were the ONLY arbiters of facts. If a Medical Doctor attempted to argue the facts, they were taken before the medical board and censored.

Bill Gates basically owns the WHO as his donations account for 88% of ALL the donations the WHO receives. Remember when Trump said he was cutting the WHO funding? Where did Trump send funds? To GAVI – “The Vaccine Alliance” – a Bill Gates Foundation. They were removing licenses just for telling their patients they should take more Zinc, D, and C.

The doctors are now busy treating all kinds of Blood Clots and wondering why they are increasing. They never associate illnesses with vaccines. You have DoD involved in the greatest conspiracy of all time. They were in control and ordering Big Pharma to do this. What do we do when EVERY Single Agency developed to PROTECT us is trying to KILL us and at the very least CONTROL us?

When we look at this Great Conspiracy, we need to go back to 1913 and look at what the Rockefeller Foundation and the Welcome Trust did. These are the colluding parties that authorized Allopathic Medicine. The Flexner Report came out and said that if you attempt to heal people in ANY other way than the Industrial Pharmaceutical way, you will be banned and have your license removed and be forever labeled in history as a QUACK.

In 1947, the Rockefeller Foundation put the WHO on the map. Then you had a UN CHARTER that said you cannot be prosecuted in ANY way for ANY crime as long as your actions were performed under the Umbrella of the WHO. The WHO has nothing to do with Health. It is a criminal conspiracy that was put in place by two foundations who had a commercial interest in building a criminal liability shield for themselves. It LITERALLY is a Criminal Organization.

Under the Clayton Antitrust Act and the Sherman Act and under laws of Europe — they colluded to PRICE FIX and set up a MONOPOLY but since they put it under the umbrella of Public Health, they duped EVERYONE in thinking it was for “GREATER GOOD of Humanity.”

What was the SINGULAR Focus for the WHO beginning in 1950 — 1955? The ONLY Focus was to develop VACCINES. Back then it was the Polio Vaccines which contained the Deadly Cancer Causing SV-40. Then you have Brock Chisholm, the Director-General of the World Health Organization coming out and flat out saying “This is about Population Control.”

Bill Gates is also using the WHO as a Laundering Operation. The entire WHO is constructed as a Criminal Organization FUNDED by the Rockefellers, the Wellcome Trust, and Bill Gates Foundation. The Carnegie Institute for Science is another “Depopulation front.”

Instead of working with all of us on a population plan, they took it upon themselves to make medicines and vaccines that would:

  1. cause many sudden deaths
  2. create batches with infertility drugs and disperse so connecting dots would be extremely difficult
  3. create 70% of batches with toxins that will significantly shorten lifespan
  4. create batches with graphene oxide to form computer networks with antennas and nano receivers in our body to connect to their private Internet of Things all for control and to have a KILL Switch in case we get out of control.

We are in the middle of a Depopulation Plan – a Great Reset Plan. In the Vaccine Preparedness Plan — it sounds like a good concept, but it says if “done correctly we will see about a 20% reduction of the population on Earth.”

EVERYTHING points to a Date in History few understand. Bretton Woods Conference in 1944 — if we win the war we will establish the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the League of Nations  (which became the United Nations) and we will have NO Public Oversight. So, they were preparing to take over the entire world.

Included in these LAWS is FULL Immunity from EVERY Crime they would be involved in. This was a meeting with 120 of the most powerful, most wealthy people on Earth. What authority gave them the special right to declare themselves God’s of the Planet?

As Dr. David Martin says: Why don’t we have our own Bretton Woods where we take control of the planet? They gave themselves the right to Absolve liability to all crimes they commit. If 120 people can get together to take over the world, why can’t we do the same?

Klaus Schwab of the WEF is another puppet. It is a testing organization to feel how far they can actually go. If we don’t say NO, they know what they can get away with. Turn them OFF. Do NOT listen to them. Do NOT comply for another Plandemic.

They are preparing right now for when we say NO to mandated vaccines as they want to start their own self-infecting / self-spreading vaccines. The White Coats need to Wake Up and Stand Up for themselves, their families, and their patients. We all need to wake up.

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Neenah Payne writes for Activist Post

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