Ex-Officer Lets Rip a Twitter Rant About Witnessed Baltimore Cop Corruption

By Amanda Warren

Something must have kept Michael Wood Jr. up at night – perhaps what he witnessed when he was a part of the Baltimore Police Department.

Was his Twitter tirade more of a confession or blowing the whistle on corruption he witnessed in the department? He blew the lid on illegal searches, beatings and even more sordid things like defecating and urinating on suspects’ beds.

And now that he has let it all rip, will any of the victims of such corruption get any resolution?

According to Huffington Post, a current Baltimore Police Department spokesperson confirmed that Wood left the force in 2014. Wood places the responsibility for the Baltimore riots following April’s brutal killing of Freddie Grey, solely on the BPD.

His Tweets are of the “screw it-here goes….” variety and as you might imagine, have garnered him some big-time interviews of his choosing – not so much with local stations. He is not too unlike the newscaster from Network who has nothing left to lose by honest conversation.

As for the “brave” outlets clamoring him for interviews – either the mainstream is desperate to get viewers back or it is just so rare to see someone chuck caution to the wind and do the right thing. But of course, his account has also been blown up with heavy criticism and viciousness.

What do you think? He doesn’t show signs of stopping.

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