Cop on Film Brutally Murders Ex-Wife in Car With Young Daughter in Tow

Image: CNN

By Amanda Warren

Raw footage uploaded by “Untouchable” describes an active shooter situation in Asbury Park, New Jersey, which took place Tuesday, June 16.

Turns out, the killer was Neptune Township Police Sgt. Phillip Seidle who was off-duty and instigating a car chase after his ex-wife, while their 7-year-old daughter sat helplessly in his Honda Pilot passenger seat.

Tamara Seidle, who had completed a divorce with him on May 27 after 24 years of marriage and 9 children, was trying to escape him and ended up crashing her car into a parked car on an Asbury neighborhood street, leaving her stuck.

Police who arrived at the scene taking place while residents gathered, were likely colleagues or knew of him, and allowed him to brandish his service weapon – a .40-caliber Glock handgun – and instigate threats to her through her car door for some time. They may also have been aware of the serious allegations that led to the divorce – domestic violence which required police intervention, infidelity, financial neglect, addictions, and more acts of physical, emotional and verbal abuse. In one instance, while Tamara was pregnant, he “held a loaded gun to her head, cocked the weapon in a threatening and intimidating fashion, with no regard to the torment he was causing the Plaintiff.” (source)

Then, everyone simply watches in horror as he unloaded approximately four gun shots into her, point blank, brutally and remorselessly killing her right there.

The worst part is – his attorney is entering a “not guilty” plea!

From CNN:

Seidle is charged with first-degree murder, second-degree possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and second-degree endangering the welfare of a child.

If convicted, Seidle faces a minimum of 30 years in a state prison without parole and a maximum sentence of life. 


“Your honor,” [Edward] Bertucio said, “I realize this is an initial appearance and you did not ask for the entry of a plea, but if you had, we would plead absolutely, positively not guilty.”

According to Cop Block, Seidle, instead of being swarmed, beaten, or taken down with a hail of bullets – received sympathy, hugs and reassuring pats as though a job well done had taken place in saving Seidle from the suicide portion of murder-suicide perhaps. Filming Cops noted that viewers are seriously pointing out the discrepancy of police allowing this event to unfold as it did – cops run up to the shooter, but allow him to keep shooting. They are all armed and hiding behind a vehicle, guns ready while a shirtless Seidle is out in the open in the middle of the street.

Allegedly, he had pointed the gun at his own head before using it to fire more shots, this time into the windshield. How many suicidal people get the opportunity to kill and then get rescued? Suicidal people are often killed when the police are called – which means they would have had a greater chance of survival if left to their own devices, versus a break-in with an instant spattering of bullets. (One officer was even fired for talking a college student out of suicide and getting him some water instead of tasing the daylights out of him.) Seidle got a brief stand-off and even survived surrendering. Everyone deserves a trial and on-site shootings should always be last resort – it’s just, how often has that happened in the last 15 years?

It is with great sadness and hesitation that we place the footage here, but it clearly shows that police did not act as they would in other situations. It shows a different side of the story already spun by the sickening media using the words “accused of” and “allegedly” all for police benefit. Whereas cops are taught to eliminate all threats despite consequences (“myself before all others”) – or even casualties – they not only allowed a maniacal and aggressive Seidle in the street with a weapon but did not even act after one and then two shots were leveled at her. He was allowed to finish blasting her at will.

Seidle is alive and gets all the benefits of a fair trial, albeit with a $2 million bail, but this is a disgrace to all the victims and victims’ families of the thousands of Americans who have been executed immediately on site by police without any kind of trial. And especially the victims of the code of silence – the victims who have no one to turn to for help when they are pursued by a law enforcement connection. There is even a quote that Seidle wouldn’t have been considered a cop in this situation, but a criminal and murderer – is that how he was treated here? Couldn’t Tamara have been saved?

[Warning – Fatal Brutality]

This writer would like to echo the warnings from the other cop watchdog sites that rates of domestic violence among romantic partners of police are incredibly higher than in the general population. A resource for people in such desperate situations where the abuser is the authority, can use all  resources to find the victim, and receives protection from fellow officers is Diane Wetendorf‘s book Police Domestic Violence: Handbook for Victims available at the link to her Web site.

It is also notable that Dr. George K. Simon in his bestseller In Sheep’s Clothing discusses the best way to extract oneself from less extreme circumstances when dealing with covert aggressives so that it doesn’t escalate to a homicide or murder-suicide. From his research, he found that covert aggressives (whatever you want to call them) lack conscience and want to win. They want power. If the object of their power play appears to be on top (even by escaping) then it could be an “all bets are off” situation ending in violence – an “if I can’t win, everyone loses” scenario.

Not only did the mother lose her life – especially since fellow law enforcement failed to act as they would normally – but a little girl has lost both parents and witnessed her father brutally murder her mother with repeated gun shots. One can only hope and pray she and the rest of the family find peace and healing from the unthinkable.

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13 Comments on "Cop on Film Brutally Murders Ex-Wife in Car With Young Daughter in Tow"

  1. Why does the camera (with apparent deliberateness) pan down to the side walk BOTH times the actual shooting takes place?

    • I noticed that too and have seen that in other videos I have been brave enough to sit thru – I wonder if it’s an automatic reaction when witnessing something that traumatic. Maybe more footage will surface and hopefully the killer will be behind bars

  2. Too bad someone didn’t perform a citizens arrest on him with a .44

  3. He should of been shot on sight, but his buddies i guess felt sorry for him. It figures.

  4. Why did the phone cam operator lower the camera during the shots? Who does that?

    • It’s Asbury Park. The person with the camera is probably used to hitting the deck upon hearing shots. Not joking. It’s a violent place.

  5. In cases such as these ther should be very little time between arrest and the death sentence.

  6. This story should be way bigger than it is. The Asbury Park police work in a high-crime area, these aren’t a bunch of small-town rubes here. There’s a guy who just shot his ex-wife waving a gun around in a busy residential neighborhood and they’re doing nothing but yelling. Then they actually allow the gunman to walk back over to the front of the car where he shoots her again. And even after that, they don’t shoot him. There’s no violent takedown, no boot to the neck, no assault, no tasers, just pats on the back and tearful hugs. It’s astonishing footage. Any non-cop would have been shot multiple times, no question.

  7. This piece of garbage will not be convicted. Juries will never convict a cop.

  8. Yet ANOTHER story showing why they are called PIGS.

  9. Human Garbage.

  10. Hey, let’s hear it for the boy’s in blue. Here in America we have to learn that some people, pigs and politicians are above the law.

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