Aussie Cops Bring Dogs To Concerts, Check Testicles For Drugs

By Amanda Warren

Do you have any drugs on your possession?


[Leads the young man to a makeshift tent with temporary cubicles.]

Drop your daks…

Pick up your balls and move them to one side…now the other… *peers searchingly*

The words above might sound like they were pulled from homoerotica, a bad porn script or a black market sado-masochistic screen play. In actuality, it’s been a common occurrence at Australian music festivals since cops have swept through with drug-sniffing dogs.

America has yet another foreign export – sexual assault from law enforcement with drug-sniffing dogs.

Should Police Sniffer Dogs Be Banned From Music Festivals? a BuzzFeed report asks. The now global and failed so-called “War on Drugs” has somehow twisted naive or lazy minds into allowing traumatic sexual assault on young men from deviant law enforcement who “do their duty” on young men’s privates while they are trying to enjoy a concert. In other words, the average person is not even allowed to enjoy a day of entertainment that he was fortunate enough to afford. Not without molestation from an officer pretending to look for drugs, which is what happened to Jordan, the 23-year-old med student above at last year’s Defqon. While he was being exploited and ogled at, he could hear other guys being subjected to the same thing in nearby cubicles.

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Believe it or not, it is the Greens that speak out the most about police violence in Australia. Particularly, the NSW Greens (New South Whales). Drug-sniffing dogs are the foot-in-the-door to personal violations. They threw a “Sniff-Off” party (flyer pictured above) as a statement that police and their menacing dogs were not allowed. They say the above encounter happens to hundreds of people and drugs aren’t even found two out of three times.

From BuzzFeed:

according to the NSW Greens, drug dogs are wrong 64-72% of the time.

And they say when they do find drugs they’re often not busting dealers, just people who have small amounts for personal use. 

“We’ve been compiling statistics and they paint a clear picture of a program that’s a comprehensive failure and an assault on civil liberties,” says Greens MP and justice spokesperson David Shoebridge. 

“In the last year of figures there were more than 17,000 occasions where police searched people and in more than 11,000 cases the dogs got it wrong and the people had no drugs,” he told BuzzFeed News.

Law enforcement there vehemently denies that, saying “Over 70% of indications by the dogs result in either drugs being located or the person admitting recent contact with illegal drugs. Any suggestion otherwise is incorrect.” They say it’s about “safety” because the presence of dogs makes people throw their illegal substances out. Did you think that was BS too? You are correct because the first thing you probably thought of was a young person choking down their drugs in a panic and not seeking help during an emergency because “help” is the last thing offered by the same authorities who assume guilt and sexually assault the victims they claim to keep safe.

The Greens responded:

“Police now pepper suspects with questions while they are searching them, demanding information like ‘have you ever been in contacts with drugs?’ and if they get any positive response they record that as a success for the dog,” says Shoebridge. 

So even if you’re not carrying drugs but you admit to using them in the last month, police will chalk that up as a win.

The Greens have introduced a bill to ban drug detection dogs in public places. The Law Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Amendment (Sniffer Dogs—Repeal of Powers) Bill 2015 wants an end to the practice at festivals, bars and public transport. Yeah, it’s fully expected to be shot down which really tells you the state of things in 2015.

Even more unfortunate is the call for a coalescence of police and health officials to foster “harm-minimization” – a safer way to do drugs. It sounds fluffy and kind, but this would extend authority over the individual and the criminalization of drugs would still be there. It sounds like a way to nab more people. The Greens are not making a real demand here – someone needs to.

In the U.S., people are catching on that drug-sniffing dogs are trained with treats and are a way to “tap” everyone. Don’t agree to having your vehicle searched and destroyed? Your money confiscated? You might get a threat to have all your kids taken by CPS. How’s that for “safety” and keeping the peace…

It should definitely give pause to everyone, everywhere that the draconian police state practices of the U.S. are simultaneously installed globally. To what purpose – to whose benefit?

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