Man Doesn’t Deal With Cops, Watch His Epic Follow Through

By Amanda Warren

The American man has a right to sit in his car and eat take-out, correct?

A cop recently spotted a guy doing just that in the parking lot of a hotel. Do you have a room here? Which one is it? This could have gone on forever…

If it weren’t for this man’s cool reserve, he may have caved after the officer knock-knock-knock-knocked on the car window for literal minutes! He tapped in quick succession for what seemed like forever. [LANGUAGE]

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Silent treatment for the feds! #fuk12
Posted by Cost To Boss on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

This writer has already seen one criticism:

i wonder how many victims of crime couldn’t get police to come because they were busy with this oatmeal eating fool

Me too. Why not investigate actual crime instead of harassing someone? Why not do something productive instead of personal games and exhausting, senseless power plays? A lot of people complain that cops get there after the fact – yes, they do. Their job is not to “be there.” Harassing people for thought-crime or pre-crime is a violation regardless of preconceived notions. Yes, officer, you could have been gone by now.

We don’t recommend cussing, being rude, taunting or flipping the bird at police regardless of the law. It just isn’t helpful.

It should be noted that anyone sitting in their car is “suspect.” No doubt, many of you have been questioned for sitting in your car.

The video, uploaded to Facebook by Cost To Boss has been viewed half a million times and shared 20,000 times, not to mentioned another half million times on World Star Hip Hop.

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24 Comments on "Man Doesn’t Deal With Cops, Watch His Epic Follow Through"

  1. Yes! Cause being harassed by government is what America is all about! Says so in the constitution, and the Declaration of Independence! “We declare that all men must be harassed by their f’n traitorous government!”

    • Well I think it’s great. You “American” asshole do this to people all a round the world daily. Please get with the program and start killing each other at home. Then you will be to busy to kill people else where. Stupidity in action…America is your name.

      • William Burke | May 30, 2015 at 9:52 pm | Reply

        Sure. Here’s the deal: next time you are invaded and conquered by a nation with an actual army, don’t call us… we’ll call you.

        • The last “nation/criminal organization ” to invade Canada was the USA I expect the next one also to be the USA. I seriously doubt you slime bags will call before releasing the storm troopers.

          • William Burke | May 31, 2015 at 8:57 pm |

            On CANADIA? Seriously, why bother? You already conquered yourselves.

          • Glenn Festog | June 1, 2015 at 10:46 am |

            We invaded them in 1813 as part of the War of 1812. America is one of the most belligerant and dangerous countries in the world. 238 years of existence, we’ve been at war for over 220; killing people for American Corporations to make more money through the theft of other peoples resources.

            You expect the rest of the world to love the country that brought “home invasion” to the National level? Seriously, are you mental?

          • William Burke | June 1, 2015 at 11:18 am |

            Ah! You have already decided what I believe about things! Very good. I won’t be needing to think anymore, now that I have you to tell me what to think.

          • Glenn Festog | June 2, 2015 at 7:45 am |

            So, based upon most of your posts on Discus, you’ve decided to STOP telling other people how to think? lol

            Please explain how “next time you are invaded and conquered by a nation with an actual army, don’t call us… we’ll call you.”, (when the subject matter was American foreign policy), is any different from pro-police posts saying “next time you’re robbed or attacked don’t call the police you hate so much” (when the subject matter is criminal police actions).

            Or, perhaps, the clue for us is that you choose the name of a Irish/Scots serial killer for your avatar? Also, not so much trying to tell you WHAT to think…., more like trying to determine if thought is actually involved…….

          • William Burke | June 2, 2015 at 1:29 pm |

            My name is James William Burke, Jr., hathead. I’m named after my father. Speaking of fathers, have you ever met yours?

          • FaleRuffian | June 3, 2015 at 6:22 am |

            There’s a bridge calling you home, troll.

          • Glenn Festog | June 3, 2015 at 6:56 am |

            You seem a tad belligerent over the serial-killer lable; too much evidence buried in your backyard? Perhaps an unforseen genetic connection found through

            Does your father know that the best snark you could come up with was a tired replay of “your momma…..”? Seriously Dude, break out of your shell. Free Willy…………

            Alternatively, you could go back on your medications and continue with your struggling attempt at stand-up comedy…, as evidenced by the majority of your posts.

          • Yes he is you can tell by his reply. You asked two questions he responded with an off topic statement. Pathological liars, the delusional and the totally brainwashed all use the same “tactics” to avoid reality.

          • That’s one way to describe our politicians the others are terrorized or bought, but that would make America “look” bad if we accurately described it’s actions and their results.

  2. I think this guy has every right to do what he just did. The cop was being an
    Cops Are Cowards
    Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion (feat. Larken Rose) Warning Graphic!
    America’s Largest Street Gang(Warning Graphic!)

  3. So what happened after he went into the hotel? Looks like they were still pursuing him.

  4. Great stuff, the guy having oatmeal is my hero for today

  5. Excellent! The cops were more childish than Mr. Williams. What is wrong with sitting in your car eating? Guilty until proven innocent. Mr. Williams was lucky they didn’t do the old smash, grab, ground and pound

  6. James Bennett | May 29, 2015 at 1:24 pm | Reply

    When the cat runs…
    the dog knows what to do.
    Ever see the cat just stand it’s ground with the dog?
    Changes the whole dynamic.

  7. I just don’t get it, why are cops targeting the black community all the time ?
    it’s as if they trying to go back to the days of Martin Luther King,

    That time has come and gone, we can’t go back, for god sake there president is
    an African American, more African than American but Barry is still president.

  8. keepyourpower | May 29, 2015 at 7:31 pm | Reply

    He would say it was sitting in the car…Black….and he probably would be correct. Officer was probably working overtime, on a second job, and told to patrol the parking lot. He has the right to check ID’s etc, on the private property, if he is employed there, or has been called there. I cannot see the video. Says it is not available. I am going on the text, I read.

  9. I went through something like this years ago, (back in my “scoff-law” days) with a California Highway Patrol officer near Victorville, California. I was quite literally pulled off the state highway in Apple Valley, east of Victorville- about 150 feet, and squatting in the weeds taking a dump when along came “the Man” to check out my Fiero. Apparently, it had an expired registration tag. He was walking all around my car (at night) looking inside it with his flashlight. About the time I thought he might try breaking into it, I called out to him just to let him know I was in the bushes relieving myself. (I was miles from the nearest gas station toilet when nature put in a big time call.) But instead of showing me a little courtesy and turning the light away once he saw what I was in the process of doing, he held the light on me as cars continued to pass the location. It seemed obvious his whole deal was about humiliating me.

    But once I was done, buttoned up the trousers and came back to my car, I recognized immediately that this was one of those 98 pound twerps from high school who had always been picked on, so he decided to become a cop just so he could throw his (miniscule) weight around. And boy, did this guy have an attitude. Even said, that if it wasn’t for the fact that I was so “polite” he would have been perfectly happy to pummel me with his nightstick and throw me in the back of his cruiser. Right about then, I demanded he call out a shift supervisor- which they are required to do if the request is made- and because I happened to be parked under some high voltage power lines, his radio wouldn’t work. He had to drive about a half mile down the road to use a roadside call box.

    Now what this cop didn’t know, and what could have made the outcome headline news, was that I had my Sig Sauer 9MM automatic in the trunk and lots of ammo. I did some target practicing with a friend I visited earlier in the day. When his radio wouldn’t work, and if I truly had been the criminal he was treating me like- I could have plugged him right there. No one would have known. But once the supervisor showed up, I declared the firearm as they initiated a warrant-less search of my vehicle. They wound up seizing my car, my gun and then drove me to the nearest hotel, where I spent the night (in Victorville) until the next morning when I walked to the local CHP station and lodged a formal complaint with their Public Affairs Officer. They interviewed me on tape for about an hour and a half.

    They said the patrolman’s ticket was valid and refused to release my car or my gun. So I caught a bus home them put in some hours at the local law library. I straightened out the registration, got my car and gun back, then fought the ticket in court. It was obvious the court had a very cozy and profitable relationship with the CHP, and the same pip-squeak officer had established himself as a prolific ticket writer. Once my turn came up, I laid out all the improprieties of the patrolman’s behavior and immediately pointed out how he repeatedly and overtly lied in his testimony, saying he had “observed me for quite some time from a distance and thought I was staging a drug deal” when in fact I had been taking photographs of an impressive lightning storm prior to our first encounter.

    The judge was so casual in his procedural operations, we had already gotten into the meat of the case before I pointed out that he had never asked me whether I chose to plead “guilty” or “not guilty”, so the entire proceedings had to start all over again. And this is just scratching the surface of irregularities I saw in the processing of my case. In the end, I think the judge was so embarrassed yet at the same time convinced not only of my innocence but of the deplorable actions of the CHP officer, that he reduced my fine to one quarter of what it might have been.

    The CHP held an inquest regarding my formal complaint, didn’t allow me to appear on my own behalf, and would not release the text of the proceedings at my request. They whitewashed to whole thing. But I told the last supervisor I spoke with in very candid language, “You need to know this officer is a bad apple and sooner or later, he’s going to do something that will bring a big lawsuit down on your department.” See:

  10. Hahaha, he handled it well. I love how the cop wasted so much time with him, when his partner could have easily verified his story just by walking into the hotel and asking “Is mr staying here? Ok, thank you.” once they had his name, which was pretty early on.

    Nope, more fun for them to try and intimidate him rather than actually learn facts. And why? because he defied their order to talk to him.

    Gee, wonder why they don’t have respect anymore?

  11. To be fair, that guy sure looked and sounded stoned, another good and typical reason to eat food in the parking lot of a hotel you’re staying at (as opposed to just leaving your car and going to your room and eating).

    They probably just really really wanted to have a good smell of him to arrest him for drugs. His refusal to talk to them while barely awake probably just confirmed those suspicions to them.

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