The News Covers For Florida Trooper That Nearly Crushed This Motorcyclist

Amanda Warren
Activist Post

Thanks to a citizen dashcam – a Florida Highway Patrol officer doesn’t get to claim any rationale for nearly killing a motorcyclist recently. However, at least one news report has eagerly swept up the bad publicity FHP received following the visual upload.

Even though highway patrol is supposedly investigating their employee, WTSP 10 News reports, “Based on preliminary review, there appeared to be no attempt to ram or to make contact with the motorcycle.” Um, really?? Really?

Watch the reckless unmarked officer vehicle for yourself and read more below:

The report attempts to blame the motorcyclist for what the trooper did by blaming the biker for breaking traffic laws! I guess if you don’t want to die….

Then it says, “FHP policy provides specific guidelines to pursuing motorcycles to ensure public safety, which is why Ross disengaged when the motorcyclist fled from the scene.” Again, really? Troopers simply disengage when citizens flee the scene for their lives?

With free PR fire fighters like that, who needs attorneys? To make matters worse, the wolves are trying to track down the victim to bestow multiple charges including…fleeing an officer!

Believe it or not, FHP has a policy about situations deeming the necessity of endangering a motorcyclist’s life while in motion. Let’s just say that the circumstance must be extreme enough to warrant the lead role of a bad guy in a Die Hard movie. Seriously.

Are cops attracted to cyclists like dogs chasing cars? Why have some rushed to create extra danger for them? Recently two Philadelphia officers were charged for removing a rider and beating him to a bloody pulp. The “blood on the highway” was created solely by their unnecessary brutalization. They falsified the report but, yet again, footage from a citizen shows a different account.

Tell Florida Highway Patrol “NO!” to this reckless behavior – no exceptions outside policy!

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