Naked? Acting Weird? On Site Execution from Cops

Amanda Warren
Activist Post

A brilliant eugenics plan is underway – paid thugs simply blast away people to see what it’s like. Not just anyone though – people who are unarmed and distressed.

All law enforcement needs is those who are more deranged than the victims they encounter. Those lacking a conscience and will say they are “scared” and fear for their lives when really there is nothing for them to fear when they can indiscriminately shoot-to-kill, hide behind badges and receive unmerited advancement.

The media is only too happy to report it to you in order to train you into submission. There is also the bonus of creating racial tension and deflecting from the root problem.

Such is the case when an Atlanta-area police officer killed a 27-year-old naked, unarmed African-American man.

Raw Story reported:

An officer with the Dekalb County police responded to a caller who said a man was “acting deranged, knocking on doors, and crawling around on the ground naked,” around 1 p.m. local time, county police chief Cedric Alexander told reporters.

The officer, who was white, encountered the man in the parking lot of the complex without any clothes on, Alexander said according to a recording of the conference published online by local broadcaster Fox5. The man ran at the officer, who backed up and ordered the person to stop before shooting him twice, Alexander said.

Yes, the officer had a Taser and Alexander mumbled the predictable statement about more training for mental health detection – yet, never before have we seen such a blatant rash of killings on the behalf of law enforcement. The real mental health detection should take place before hiring. They kill more Americans than insurgents do in occupied countries, making them officially a bigger threat than terrorism.

Last year, officers of all backgrounds killed over 1,000 Americans of all backgrounds and genders. It really does average three Americans a day. This year, police have already killed a conservative estimate of over 200 Americans. We are not allowed to know the crucial numbers of our countrymen that are killed by the very people whose wages we pay in order to enforce codes and collect revenue – in order for them to keep policing and killing. What kind of sense does that make?

Of course, one does not need to act erratically to be shot from a safe distance. Actually, proof that officers really don’t “fear” for their lives – is the way they treat naked people inside their own homes when friends report them anonymously. Like the naked bathing man grabbed and pulled by his testicles, beaten and flashbanged – all for his safety and “wellbeing” (and the officers’). Thanks, boys!

Unfortunately, for the person so traumatically manhandled, the nightmare only begins there as he must defend himself in court against their actions. In other words, because he wasn’t killed on the spot, his life becomes a waking nightmare.

How much more of this blatant murder does America want? As long as we keep simply regurgitating it and apathetically reading about it in the news, nothing will change.

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19 Comments on "Naked? Acting Weird? On Site Execution from Cops"

  1. “…train you into submission.” Well they are training me to be a better shooter and more aware of the “tells” a cop has before they shoot YOU. The biggest tell, – cops appear at the scene!

    • What is a tell?

      • I will use poker as an example: I am playing poker and I notice that everytime one specific player gets a really good hand he frowns and runs his fingers through his hair. That is a tell.

        Or every time your kid lies to you, he gets a “puppy dog” look. Hope that helps.

  2. They’re reading from the Nazi handbook.

  3. Filthy Police Puke Douche-Bags!

  4. For some reason, the cops stop shooting people when the people begin to shoot back.

  5. I believe that there is a massive programme of training of US police by the Israelis.
    They have been taught to shoot to kill as a first resort.
    You are, as they consider it, a beast, an animal, a goy, you are not human, although you might appear to be.
    This is how the IDF behaves when on holiday in Gaza.
    US troops abroad have similar views about the “ragheads” they encounter there; the results of this degrading process are well known, eg from Abu Ghraib.
    And now the infection has been brought home.
    Your usefulness is only inasmuch as you are profitable to them, as a tax slave, or as a paid assassin for their enemies at home and abroad.
    Welcome to the Thousand Year Reich of the jews.
    Soon they will begin to enforce the Noahide Laws, and you will regret that you were ever born.

  6. “…our countrymen that are killed by the very people whose wages we pay…”
    Well in this case, such as so many others, I’m willing to bet that we the taxpayers also paid for this unclothed African’s EBT card and drug habit.

    • Considering that, over the last 100 years or so, only about 1.5% of the general population uses drugs. . . chances are that the victim was not a drug user.
      The odds of the cop being strung out on dope is much higher.

  7. A population of over 330 million people and 15 to 25 million illegal aliens and millions of criminals being recycled back onto our streets everyday, I’m shocked it’s only a little over a thousand ! I say good shooting officer’s ! Keep up the good work ! If it was left up to the good citizen’s of the USA there would be millions shot dead every year !

  8. It won’t be much longer when everyone instinctually will know their lives are in danger. It will become open season on cops as they are hunted down and eliminated.

  9. “COP” is a mental disorder…

  10. The purpose of the police is to arrest criminals and protect the public. But it seems to be a sign of our degenerate times that members of the public are being killed by policemen. This seems to be happening more and more often, and it cannot be accidental. There is something wrong with the hiring and training of police officers.

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