Forget Dress Colors – Police Department Nitpicks Over Entitled Cop in Handicap Parking Spot

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Amanda Warren
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An able-bodied officer allegedly takes a handicap parking spot – which would be illegal to mere citizenry. Or did he? It’s a turn of the screw… or for modern tastes it’s – and I say this sarcastically – an issue of black and blue or white and gold. Whichever way the dress blows…

It might not seem like a big deal at all until you catch wind of the roots of the officer’s attitude when a citizen points out that he’s illegally parked in a handicap parking spot. Sure, he could just be really angry at a rubber-necker, but both actions and words speak loudly during the following episode.

What’s even more unfortunate is the Massachusetts Webster Police Department’s callous response to the residents and where they shift blame. Not only that, but yet another smug attitude in regards to solidarity. It appears to be a deliberate obfuscation and a way to deflect the public. They want people to shut up, move on and blame the video recorder.

Whereas they blame the video recorder as some kind of annoying, impolite and heartless nitpicker they then get people to nitpick over the parking space and not the original problem…

First, see for yourself what happened. The officer may or may not have been illegally parked but please don’t get sucked up in the he said, he said….

The point is that the officer is using intimidation and authority to push someone around for questioning his actions. He openly states his belief that he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants. Both his actions and words demonstrate his entitled, “above the law” attitude. Then, he attempts to “catch” the citizen recorder on something by demanding his identification for which the video recorder is right for refusing.

The video is vague as far as the parking spot goes. Facebook users and the department argue over who’s right and who’s wrong. Parking there did not harm anyone, but that is not what is really riling people up. (Please always get back to the meat of the problem if you ever find yourself in one of these arguments, which are meant to be an infuriating synthesis.)

Sadly, the department slaps up a photo to try to shut people up instead of acknowledging why people are actually upset. They are trying to argue people out of their rationale, which shows that they are not there to serve the citizens who pay their salaries.

Post by Webster Police Department Massachusetts.

A resident attempts to correct their claim because the department’s claim does not solve anything:

By Eran R.

But look where they shift the focus and the blame before that. Previously, they wrote:

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Post by Webster Police Department Massachusetts.

A “concerned citizen”…. in quote marks. Lovely.

Sadly, they have shifted the blame and tried to silence people. They have dusted off their hands and continue on, laughing about “popularity.” This is how narcissists and verbal abusers “solve” things after first escalating the situation to begin with in infuriatingly unnecessary ways. Then, if you try to press the real issue, they roll their eyes and say “will you give it a break already?? It’s not a big deal.”

The top commenter on the YouTube upload said:

Park in all the handicap spots you want, just stop murdering innocent civilians. 

Agreed. Except for the part where citizens get tickets, and officers have no repercussions, essentially making them parents over citizens. And the part where intimidation and authority are used when an officer doesn’t like a question and he attempts to take information to see if he can make an arrest.

But other than that, agreed. Who wouldn’t make a trade like that if that were a real offer?

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