Obama Urges Congress To Renew Push For ”CISPA-style” Internet Laws After Sony Hack

John Vibes
Activist Post

This week, Obama announced a renewed push for tighter Internet regulations in Congress, citing the need for additional cyber-security in light of the recent hack on Sony.

The White House has been taking this opportunity to initiate strategies that had already been planed for years. Many Internet freedom activists actually expected these types of suggestions to be coming out of the White House after any type of Internet incident or irregularity.

At a press conference on Friday, President Obama said that he had assigned a “cyber agency team to look at everything we could do at the government level to prevent these kinds of attacks.”

During the press conference Obama also said that, “We have been correlating with the private sector but a lot more needs to be done,” and urged congress for “stronger cybersecurity laws in the new year.”

Other government representatives such as White House Economic Council Director Jeff Zients are also pushing for tighter cyber-security laws. At a Politico breakfast on Friday, Zients said that the President would take executive action to pass Internet regulations “if federal government assets were at risk.”

“In order to take this to the next level we need legislation,” Zients told Politico.

As we have been covering this week, the US government has been attempting to lay the blame on North Korea for the Sony hack, but many experts and Sony employees actually believe that it was an inside job, possibly carried out by a disgruntled employee.

While government officials are talking about how to respond to this alleged transgression from North Korea, the FBI is actually thoroughly investigating Sony’s IT department for suspects in the case.

John Vibes writes for TheAntiMedia.org. where this article first appeared. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to receive their latest articles.

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