Need to Know Basis: You Only Know What the TV Wants You to Know

Melissa Melton

Activist Post

For people who consider themselves “awake” to the nonsensical idiocy being parroted in the 24/7 mainstream mind-melting cycle, almost nothing that happens these days seems to fit the definition of “real” or “believable.” Everything needs to be double-checked. Trust but verify.

That’s not the mind of a paranoid conspiracy theorist as the talking heads in charge might claim. No, that’s called critical thinking, a skill that I like to fantasize was once prized and even encouraged in this society back in some magical day.

It means a person makes reasoned judgements based on taking a factual assessment of any given situation before deciding to allow their brain cells to accept what they are told simply because someone with a suit, a fancy backdrop and a practiced intonation said it on a screen.


Skip forward to today, when I still can’t believe people are actually taking the Sony/North Korea hack story at face value. I couldn’t even take it at ass value. Why? Because it’s total bullsh—

Ahem. Excuse me. But I digress.

People who would say they are in the “awake” category, who attempt to use critical thinking skills when presented with whatever the TV tells them instead of just readily believing whatever a talking box says will find themselves, at some point, wondering why more people aren’t doing this.

Why aren’t more people awake to the nonsense? Nonsense like CNN’s Anderson Cooper slipping up that TWA flight 800 was “shot down,” (which goes against the CIA’s retelling of events in every way), then changing his tune completely after a commercial break and backpedaling over his own admission. See for yourself. It’s hard to watch without laughing, even though the subject matter is anything but humorous.

Sadly, this kind of thing happens all the time.

Reporters, not “Journalists”

For the first time ever in the agency’s history, on the morning of 9/11 then-Vice President Dick Cheney was in charge of NORAD. Former Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta’s sworn testimony — which directly contradicts the 9/11 Commission Report (like so many other things) — lays out that Cheney gave a stand down order that morning on the supposed flight 77 which the government claims hit the Pentagon (and not the missile all the evidence supports). Cheney later admitted he gave an order to shoot down Flight 93.

All these years and the media has failed to report on these basic facts. Now think about it for a second.

Had it been widely reported and questioned in the mainstream news cycle that our Vice President gave a stand down order and allowed the Pentagon to be hit, how do you think most Americans would view 9/11 and our loss of liberty for little more than security theater since? How you do think they would feel years later when Mr. Cheney used 9/11 as an excuse to commit war crimes?

It could be something as simple as a mistress. Think about how many politicians and government officials have been destroyed by affairs in the news cycle, while others who continue to cheat are never discussed. Had the media talked about JFK’s habitual transgressions against Jackie O, would the public view him differently even today? While I think he was probably the last real president we ever had in many respects, he was far from perfect. That’s not the point, however. The point is, the media selectively builds up and destroys people to fit the agenda. It’s used as retribution. It’s used to neutralize critics and discredit (or silence) whistleblowers. It’s used to detract and distract. And it’s used to remove people from power when they’ve overstayed their welcome. The media selects and projects specific information to keep other knowledge hidden.

Quick example: the media crucified New York Governor Eliot Spitzer for patronizing an elite escort service, an action some would argue is likely ubiquitous in the upper levels of our corrupt government. Spitzer was, however, removed — death by media. While the newsbots were busy making jokes about everything from Spitzer’s choice in women to the size of his penis, no one was discussing the fact that he had been involved in suing investment banks for inflating stock prices, investigating banking crimes including “late trading” and “market timing,” and he had also charged that then Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange Dick Grasso violated his position as a chairman of a non-profit organization. Someone didn’t like what Spitzer was investigating, so the media burned him at the electronic stake.

Meanwhile when the D.C. Madam came out later and wanted to publish a list of names of her high-level clientele, well, she wound up dead. That list outed, among others, former Vice President Dick Cheney. Has the media ever given even a tenth of the focus on Cheney’s transgressions that they gave to Spitzer’s? Has anyone ever asked why that is?

There’s a reason the people on the news are called “reporters” and not “journalists” or, Heaven forbid, “investigative journalists.” They aren’t investigating anything. They are parroting what their teleprompters tell them to using that practiced intonation they work so hard on. Back when Aaron was in film school, he said they had a special class for people in the broadcasting track where they practiced that newscaster voice, by the way. He’d walk past the door and get more than a bit creeped out listening to a whole group of people practicing how to sound like little newsbots. Just know these talking heads on TV practiced and practiced that voice for a whole semester in school for a grade. I guess the more newsbot you could sound seemingly naturally, the better your chances at getting an ‘A’ in the course.

Just take a quick look at how many well-known members of the American media belong to the Council on Foreign Relations.


The mainstream media is there to put people under a certain impression. To give them their talking points. To tell them what to think and what to think about. It’s there to sway public opinion to focus en masse on what the government wants people to focus on (and not what else of likely greater importance is actually going on). It’s a sleight of hand, a parlor trick. It’s a regularly scheduled bag of “look shiny things” and for people plugged into it like The Matrix, it works. It sells us everything from hate to wars. As long as it works, the powers that shouldn’t be will continue to wash, rinse and repeat the same tired tune, and the people who are awake and know know it’s working will continue to be frustrated by the people who don’t realize their ignorance is not bliss.

Your Mind. Controlled.

TV truly is mass mind control. Yes, literally.

Herbert Krugman, past president the Division of Consumer Psychology and the Association for Public Opinions Research at General Electric, carried out a series of experiments regarding the effect of television on a person’s brainwaves back in 1969. He found, among other wonderful factoids, that “in less than one minute of television viewing, the person’s brainwaves switched from Beta waves — brainwaves associated with active, logical thought — to primarily Alpha waves.”

‘Beta’ is considered a normal, awake state, while ‘Alpha’ waves are experienced in a deep relaxation or ‘daydreaming’ state. When in the Alpha state, a person is subjected to a passive learning experience with the right side of the brain at the wheel, leaving critical thinking skills behind.

Krugman also discovered,

  • “Internal Alpha responses can be stimulated by appropriate external rhythms or frequencies.”
  • “It is possible that the relaxed and successful character of passive learning can be enhanced by the artificial induction of Alpha rhythm, this with the aid of a flickering light.”
  • “The time may come when the mass media may create special programs to help people modify certain attitudes or behavior.”

So when I said “mind control,” I wasn’t being flippant or exaggerating for dramatic effect. I literally meant MIND CONTROL.

When we interviewed former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner in the Dept. of H.U.D. during the Bush 41 administration, Catherine Austin Fitts, she affirmed that TV is nothing more than mass mind control. Fitts was also a former managing director and member of the board of directors of Wall Street investment firm Dillon, Read & Co., and she told us one day in 1984 (of all years) she overheard some higher ups on Wall Street say something that unnerved her so badly, she threw her television out for good.

They were discussing the fact that brainwave entrainment technology was about to be introduced on television, taking the phrase “TV programming” to a whole new level.

This is back in the ’80s, mind you. In today’s digital age, who knows what’s coming out of that box.

Fitts, who now publishes and gives personal investment advice, travels around the globe for speaking engagements. She says she likes to poll the audience to see how many of them watch television on a regular basis. Interestingly, she said it’s less than 10% anywhere she goes.

Most people don’t even realize the rise of the television came with the rise of the atomic bomb. Spreading TV hardware and “programming” throughout the globe became a huge post-World War II agenda for the U.S. military-industrial complex — for a reason. Superficially, television was a linchpin in the war on communism, and again, that’s just scratching the surface. Perhaps the word “propaganda” is just used so much, people forget it is an actual thing that exists and is currently in use against them every single day.

Add that to the fact that the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) officially repealed the ban on our government using propaganda domestically — against the American people. RT reported the NDAA amendment would, “allow for the United States government to create and distribute pro-American propaganda within the country’s own borders under the alleged purpose of putting al-Qaeda’s attempts at persuading the world against Western ideals on ice.” (Not that they weren’t already using propaganda against us, but the government went and made it official and legal to do so, as if merely passing a law can make something that is inherently wrong suddenly right.)

What the Media Is Allowed to Cover

A few weeks back, retired ABC News journalist and White House correspondent Ann Compton, made a statement in a C-SPAN interview that was not just ignored, but buried. Compton worked for ABC for over 40 years, so she certainly saw a lot during her career on the inside of that machine.

During her C-SPAN chat, she talked about how she had seen a few of Obama’s profanity-laced tirades, as if that is something the media would’ve even been allowed to report on back when he was running for president or during his first term while he was being lauded as the savior who would bring America hope and change.

Now that Obama has one foot out the door and it’s time for him to get thrown under the bus to make way for our next puppet pres, the media who did cover Compton’s interview chose to focus on that fact. Why? Because what she said next is actually the more important point.

We cover what we’re allowed to cover.

Yep. That pretty much sums it up.

She was speaking in the context of Obama getting angry that the press was attempting to focus on scandals he didn’t think were important scandals. She was speaking about government policies and presidents who refuse to hold press conferences, refuse to be transparent but she admitted it. They cover what they’re allowed to cover. The statement was left off of stories about the interview and the focus was put solely on Obama — the “shiny thing” they want people to be enamored with so they don’t focus on the other part.

Turning People into Bots

So we talk in terms of people being controlled by their television sets, and to some extent I think (or hope) most people realize this is true (I see a cheeseburger commercial, so I go buy a cheeseburger). Obviously it works at even the most basic level, or there would be no multi-billion-dollar advertising business.

It wasn’t until the Ferguson riots, however, that I realized the level we’re at now — that the television is turning people into actual programmed robots. See for yourself:

The Ferguson grand jury announcement proved, once and for all, that predictive programming works. The television had been baiting a race war for months after the Michael Brown shooting, hyping the fact that there would be violence after the jury’s decision to the point that no matter whether the grand jury indicted Officer Darren Wilson or not, violence would ensue in the streets. And ensue it did.

Mind you, most everyone knew exactly what this decision was going to be well before it was ever announced, and yet, people were so outraged about police killings and brutality, the increased militarization of cops and the growing police state, so angry at the severe injustice of our broken, corrupt system they got mad and did something about it … at exactly 8 p.m. CST on November 24, 2014 as programmed.

They turned on each other and burned down their own neighborhoods, actions that only help to justify the burgeoning police state they were supposedly protesting against in the first place.

The TV told people to be violent and they were.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how it works.

The media was right there in lockstep to wag the dog the whole time, of course.


The government has been stoking World War III with Russia in the background for quite a while now. Most people haven’t got a clue that Obama quietly approved sanctions on Russia’s Crimea the same day the FBI declared North Korea was behind the Sony hack. Hardly any mainstream sources reported on the sanctions because they were too busy knee-deep in their agenda to scare everyone with the spectre of Kim Jong-un. The mainstream media isn’t reporting on the cold war gone hot with Russia at all because our government is starting it (seemingly due to Putin’s stance on Syria which our government has been dead set on bombing since last year and keeps inventing reasons to do so).

The average viewer doesn’t know what they don’t bother to take the time to look into. They only know what they’re told. Most people are just excited that gas is cheap right now.

The Bottom (Head)Line

If you aren’t seeking out actual information and looking into things critically … If you aren’t doing your own research to verify what you think you know, then the bottom line is, you don’t really know anything.

You are merely digesting and regurgitating a prepackaged agenda, which essentially makes you a programmed robot.

While headlines might look all shiny and neat when they’re presented on the TV news, shiny doesn’t mean real and being on a television doesn’t make something true.

These same people tend to complain that the world sucks and they wish things would change. Well, nothing is going to change until you start thinking for yourself.

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And Now for Your Regularly Scheduled Brainwashing…

Melissa Melton is a co-founder of, where this first appeared. She is an experienced researcher, graphic artist and investigative journalist with a passion for liberty and a dedication to truth. Her aim is to expose the New World Order for what it is — a prison for the human soul from which we must break free.

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