That ‘Thing’ Everyone’s Talking About

Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

There’s a script behind a script behind a script…

That “thing” everyone’s been talking about – it’s only a “thing” because the forces that shouldn’t be made it into a “thing.” It’s so predictable it might as well be a script. Irony at its finest – It is a script and we’re expected to play extras, and lock-step right into the role. How eagerly some of us do this. We’ve been given the “thing” to talk about and think that we the awakened are immune, remaining outside the role, but often we do not.

There is no end to the madness in being directed this way. There’s no validation, understanding, satisfaction or right or wrong answer. The “answer” is only a reaction so it matters not what’s contained therein.

Just like the owner of the World Cup doesn’t care who wins. He still owns the World Cup. The banksters who fund both sides of war care not what happens – they clean up no matter who wins or dies. Abusive people in relationships really do not care how their victims react – they are satisfied that there was a reaction.

We are given the “thing” to talk about – we’ve been given the national conversation and it doesn’t change anything except give the forces that shouldn’t be something to laugh about – they laugh because they told the masses to dance, so they did.

And why call the script-writers the powers that be – did we put them there or give them that power? I’m afraid we are prone to upkeep their usurpation because we don’t think like them….

If, after discussing this “thing” you feel satisfied, validated, or heard – I think if you look deeper you will feel that something is off. Something’s unsettled…empty. You might feel like you’ve been on a merry-go-round and were supposed to be looking at something else when an invisible finger diverted your attention. What a success! This happened yesterday during the fervent discussions.

And, if one feels heard in some way after discussing this “thing” – I think he would feel that something is terribly wrong if he stopped long enough to hear himself instead. It’s like being lulled into sleep with no rest, when you were really supposed to run.

It’s been said that both narcissism and fight or flight has been induced on the masses. A narcissist/abuser loves to divert – it’s like they are playing Whac-A-Mole with your emotions. You explain yourself thinking maybe this time they will understand – but the point was never to understand. And, the sociopath doesn’t have to face the victims – they can turn them on each other.

How to tell if you’ve been caught up in someone else’s whirlwind/script – feeling drained, off kilter, diverted, suppressed, numb, childish, living an untruth.

If you feel that you’ve been fooled or that your third eye was recently covered in black spray paint, there’s a remedy. Turn away, tune out and maybe read a book. But let’s not participate, whatever we do. We don’t need a “fix” like that.

Let us not be caught with hooks in our mouths…let’s not be wagged…and stop showing up for the auditions saying pick me, pick me. Choose yourself.

Why aren’t we guiding the conversation? Haven’t we heard enough? Wouldn’t it be great if we gave them something to talk about? What if we created and shared the topic for once…

That “thing,” the one that’s doled out en masse, never changes…tomorrow there will just be another episode.

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Image: Children watching a Punch and Judy show in a London street in 1936 © The Print Collector / Alamy

Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at and Like at Facebook.

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