Women Laughing Alone With Vaccine Injection Sites

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What is making these women so giddy for jabs? See more below…

We took the picture above while walking into Kmart after doing a double take. How many droves of Christmas shoppers walked by and simply absorbed the impression that there’s nothing more fun than inoculation?

It reminded me of the humorous internet post called Women Laughing Alone with Salad which poked fun at all the stock photos that depict a woman. Alone. Eating salad. And usually laughing hysterically. I see no difference in absurdity when it comes to vaccine propaganda that litters our daily landscape.

Notice the complete lack of humanity by strategically cropping the woman’s eyes from the ads? People walking by will see a non-human figure and a smile above a bandage. Kmart, however isn’t the only one trying to bring sexy back to vaccines.

Walgreens is getting a lot of mileage from their Rosie the Riveter inspired ads. The moms who are laughing alone are ‘winning the war’ for their children. They write their loved ones’ names on their heart shaped bandages.

Notice the icon below the main woman is of a pregnant woman striking the Rosie Riveter pose. (Image)

They use the tagline “Arm yourself!” but vaccines are great for disarming your immune system.

I’m a cool mom who “got a flu shot for my favorite troublemakers.” (Image)

My boyfriend ruined our date night by contracting the flu and turning into a white silhouette – oh well, I can still laugh alone with my vaccine and steal his phantom drink! 

Even though a former Merck ad depicts me as a helpless waif who depends on my mother’s vaccine wisdom to ‘do the right thing,’ I am now an empowered girl who happily owns my sexual prowess with injections.
We say we are ‘armed for life’ but are all dressed like prison inmates and stand in front of a brick wall. Join us in the merriment of our simultaneous injections! Mmm are you really ‘in for life’ or just 8 years according to trials?

I show you how peace-loving I am by dutifully getting my vaccine like a good citizen! (Image)

Can’t forget the Star Wars market. This comes from an American Public Health Association post called “May the Force (of the flu shot) Be With You.” 
The petals protruding from my Cervarix injection site are no laughing matter.
I just a let a stranger at Target shoot FluMist Quadrivalent up our noses – you can tell we are protected by the Batman masks superimposed on our faces. We don’t know what they shot up there, but side effects include sore throat, runny nose, fevers over 100ºF, muscle/body aches and fatigue.

Don’t vaccinate?? 

A lot of vaccine campaigns still use scolding, heavy-handed negative reinforcement.

Uh oh, Ladies! Did you not schedule your vaccine yet?

NO EXCUSES! You are now an archaic 1950s ignoramus for not getting jabbed. (Image)
The previous two campaigns took the Pleasantville approach. You’re old, sickly, regretful, bland and colorless if you don’t vaccinate.

The following ads take the “You’re a complete D-bag if you don’t vaccinate” approach.

Unfortunately, vaccines do not protect from carrying the disease or transmissions. And the tagline for this banner explains that the girl with cancer cannot get a vaccine because her immune system wouldn’t be able to handle something which claims to be the same as immunization. 

And if you don’t get your whooping cough vaccine, Demon Baby Won’t Kiss You! This one below appeared on billboards across the nation. Yet, after the media whooping cough blame-the-refusers campaign, we find out that it was the vaccines that caused the whooping cough spike. Here too.

God forbid a non-profit informational site should try to take out a similar ad with their information:


It caused an angry flurry on the Internet with one site making their own counter-counter ad:

It’s starting to feel like coming home from the vet….
If you ever see me laughing alone from a flu shot it will be without the injection site:

Hug me! I’m Irish and unvaccinated!

All jokes aside…

Love or hate vaccines – you can see there is a lot of peer and authoritative pressure to participate in something for which we apparently have free choice over – and it’s a very personal choice. But in and out of the healthcare field, people are encouraged to engage in emotional warfare on parents.

More information:

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Catherine Frompovich’s new book: Vaccination Voodoo: What YOU Should Know About Vaccines

A wonderful concise summary for friends and family: 
7 Real Conspiracies by Brandon Turbeville
Free documentaries by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny


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